• Sun 13th Jan 2008 Jody | Solo

    Jody has raven black hair, counterbalanced by brilliantly white teeth and a winning smile. She has sexy pointy nipples and she has a smooth and hairless crotch. All together she's a striking-looking, well toned model.

  • Sat 12th Jan 2008 Violet & Jamie-Lee | Girl-Girl

    Violet & Jamie-Lee have some great sex in their girl-girl videos - five orgasms between them. Lots of tribbing was going on (rubbing their body parts against their partner's pussy). This is a very steamy set of videos.

  • Sat 12th Jan 2008 Chloe B | Solo

    Adult Entertainment Expo model for abbywinters.com, Chloe B poses outdoors in far north Queensland. Extra-large images are available as an option on her page.

    For more of Chloe B, have a look at our Video Newsletter. It's hosted this week by Chloe. She'll tell you (and show you) about all the great models coming up next week. Somewhere in the video she'll give you a coupon code to get a discount when joining, so now's the time to subscribe.

  • Sat 12th Jan 2008 Violet & Jamie-Lee | Girl-Girl

    Violet & Jamie-Lee look sweet together. Not innocent, just sweet. They both know what they're doing. They zero right in on the erotic parts - the tits and the twat. With all the licking going on, they must really like the delicious taste of each other.

    You can talk to some of our models directly by posting on our forums. The box on the left side of this News page will give you an idea who has been talking to members lately, although there are even more models who come and go from time to time.

  • Fri 11th Jan 2008 Backstage 182 | Behind the scenes

    Backstage sets bring back old friends - like Christiana, and Gracie. Backstage 182 is full of girls such as these, doing their jobs of modeling and photographing, all the while having a good time.

  • Fri 11th Jan 2008 Jacki | Solo

    AEE (Adult Entertainment Expo) model for abbywinters.com, Jacki poses outdoors in far north Queensland. Extra-large images are available as an option on her page.

    You can make a List of your favourite photos or videos and store it on the site for others to see. Perhaps something like longest nipples, prettiest feet, or biggest pussy lips.

  • Fri 11th Jan 2008 Elyse | Solo

    Elyse wears colourful and exotic clothes most of the time. She likes to be naked outdoors and feel the freedom of it, especially when skinny-dipping. Elyse fantasizes about having sex in the bush with someone strong who can take control.

    We have many DVD's available at abbywinters.com, with more arriving monthly. There are Girl-Girl DVD's and Intimate Moments DVD's where there are incredible scenes with girls getting themselves off for real. There's no distracting camera operator, no "acting" - Just a real girl (or two) in her own bedroom, getting to orgasm in front of a rolling camera. To watch video trailers of the most recent DVD's, please visit our DVD page.

  • Thu 10th Jan 2008 Sammie | Solo

    Sammie's a wild girl who likes to be naked all the time. She's quite a talker, but she stops to give a demonstration of sex, doggie style. Sammie has even got a name for each tit, and a name for her pussy. She lies back on the couch and gives us all an explicit view of her bits with 3 fingers shoved inside.

  • Thu 10th Jan 2008 Julietta | Solo

    AEE (Adult Entertainment Expo) model for abbywinters.com, Julietta poses outdoors in far north Queensland. Extra-large images are available as an option on her page.

    If you need help with anything site related, head on over to our Feedback page and ask a question. We often can give you an email reply in under an hour. There's an AW Live Support button to talk to someone right away.

  • Thu 10th Jan 2008 Carys | Solo

    Another model with stunning eyes - Carys has it goin' on. Her body is right up there with the best too. Carys will climb the spiral staircase right into your heart. 

  • Wed 09th Jan 2008 Dominica | Solo

    Dominica tells us in her video how much she likes doing these videos and working for abbywinters.com. She spreads lotion, first on her arms and breasts, then on her pubic hair and pussy. Finally Dominica spreads her pussy lips so you can see inside.

  • Wed 09th Jan 2008 Nude girl: Petria (Stills) | Solo

    AEE (Adult Entertainment Expo) model for abbywinters.com, Petria poses outdoors in far north Queensland. Extra-large images are available as an option on her page.

    Check out the AW Today photos on the left side of this page for a great photo of the models posing outdoors in Las Vegas. If you're in town, stop by our booth and see them in person.

  • Wed 09th Jan 2008 Sienna | Solo

    Sienna has a good pair of big breasts underneath her pretty dress. She uses the vibrator that she got from the Dildo Drive on her nipples before she transfers the toy down to its more common location. There are lots of explicit in and out photos from down there. Thanks Frans for donating Sienna's vibrator.

    To search the site for a model, click on Content at the top of any page, then select one of the Galleries. Enter the name of the model you're looking for in the Search box or go to Advanced Search and you'll have your girl!

  • Tue 08th Jan 2008 Melinda & Cleo | Intimate Moments

    Melinda & Cleo are together in an Intimate Moments video. They start off talking about experiences with girls, then tentatively touch each other's boobs. Melinda asks Cleo if she can kiss her. Cleo readily agrees. After kissing, the girls vigorously rub themselves until they both come.

  • Tue 08th Jan 2008 Sue-Ann | Solo

    AEE (Adult Entertainment Expo) model for abbywinters.com, Sue-Ann poses outdoors in far north Queensland. Extra-large images are available as an option on her page.

    Be sure to look for Sue-Ann in Las Vegas. She declares in her thread in our forums, "I'm going to jump on, kiss, cuddle, smooch and smother every member who presents himself/herself to our green and white stand!"

  • Tue 08th Jan 2008 Dennie | Solo

    Our Girl-Girl shoots are classified into Tiers so you know just what you're getting before you download. Tier One is fully naked but no sexual contact. Tier Two adds kissing, and breast and bum contact. Tier Three takes all the above and adds genital penetration with fingers, and oral sex.

    Dennie has a long hard treat to suck on and lick seductively - and she won't share at all. She's been travelling around Australia and is having a great time. Dennie then lies back on the rug and shows us the way she likes to masturbate, and she achieves a powerful orgasm.

  • Mon 07th Jan 2008 Viera | Solo

    Viera's looking hot (as always) in black legwarmers and black underwear under her ballet costume. When her gear comes fully off, Viera shows off her wonderful physique and beautiful pussy. Bet you always wanted to see under a ballerina's dress!

  • Mon 07th Jan 2008 Marigold | Solo

    AEE (Adult Entertainment Expo) model for abbywinters.com, Marigold poses outdoors in far north Queensland. Extra-large images are available as an option on her page.

    See who's coming up on the schedule later in January by clicking on the Coming Attractions thumbnails on this page. Hover over a thumbnail to see its ETA.

  • Mon 07th Jan 2008 Niki | Solo

    Natural girl Niki removes her pretty blue bra and knickers, letting her boobs be free. Then she hikes up one leg, spreading her pussy lips and lets you get a really good look. Extra-large images and a Dressing Room set round out this fine model's presentation.

  • Sun 06th Jan 2008 Greta | Intimate Moments

    In this Intimate Moments video, Greta peels off her skin-tight shirt and shorts and begins to caress her breasts. She bends over the back of the couch and grinds her clit on her upturned fingers until she has a sweet orgasm.

  • Sun 06th Jan 2008 Elyse | Solo

    At the very bottom left of this page, there's a classic model that you may not have seen before, or is worth seeing again. Click on the photo to go to a page that shows all of this model's appearances on the site.

    Elyse is a flamboyant, fun, and very colourful girl. She strips her rainbow of colours off and displays her soft, very kissable boobs. Down below, Elyse has hairy pubes and an exotic tattoo. A Dressing Room set is included and you can watch Elyse slowly putting her clothes back on.

  • Sat 05th Jan 2008 Chloe B & Sue-Ann | Girl-Girl

    These videos are smokin' hot. Just amazing. Chloe B & Sue-Ann are on a tropical island and it's making them super horny. They both have orgasms, Chloe amazingly enough has one while standing up. Very intense, but they'll put a smile on your face.

  • Sat 05th Jan 2008 Chloe B & Sue-Ann | Girl-Girl

    All the AEE Models (Adult Entertainment Expo) have some new photos up in the forums. Violet's getting her hair washed, Melita gets her hair styled, Chloe B needs a shower after web surfing, Julietta from a new angle, Sue-Ann gets a touch of blue, Gabrielle rides a truck, Petria flashes her boobs on the street, Marigold really enjoys her work, Jacki at the hairdresser's, and Anneke looking cute and showing some skin.

    Chloe B & Sue-Ann are spending the afternoon at the shore. They only have one small blanket, so they'll just have to share. In the shadow of the cliff-face, they pull each other's bikinis off. Before long they're making love on the beach - grabbing boobs, and giving each other head.

  • Thu 03rd Jan 2008 Sammie | Solo

    Sammie's a really engaging and fun girl, messing around in the middle of the river. But this fun-loving girl is a cutie-pie and very sexy. She undresses in the river, then sits on a log, spreads her legs wide and shows you everything she's got.

  • Wed 02nd Jan 2008 Evangeline | Solo

    Evangeline dances around the backyard and gives you a tour of her body - what she likes and doesn't really like about it. Evangeline revels in the warm Australian sunshine, and tries to forget about cold icy winds and winter snows. She'll let you watch her apply lotion to her soft boobs and other body parts.

  • Wed 02nd Jan 2008 Dominica | Solo

    The models really do contribute to the forums and talk with site members. Chloe B wrote a really long post replying to many, many people. Julietta just posted a photo from Tasmania during her Christmas break.

    Dominica looks very attractive in her white dress with a black silhouette of trees. Underneath she's wearing a pretty purple bra and underwear set. Go farther in and you'll find her dark nipples and dark pussy lips. She'll give you a close-up look.

  • Tue 01st Jan 2008 Mandy M & Kiki | Intimate Moments

    A planned Intimate Moments video with Mandy M & Kiki was expected to be good, but it was steaming hot. Practically a girl-girl shoot, the girls really mix it up and touch and climb all over each other. Needless to say, two good orgasms were a surety.

  • Tue 01st Jan 2008 Theona | Solo

    Happy New Years from abbywinters.com. Let 2008 bring you joy and prosperity. Much joy will be had from this site for sure.

    Theona says in her video that it's so hot in the room that she just has to strip off. That's fine with us. Listen to her arousing story about the time she was in Africa and had sex in the Indian Ocean, which made her come for the first time.

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