• Sun 01st Jul 2007 Krystin and Charli | Behind the Scenes

    We had a great day shooting with Krystin and her incredible vintage clothes and striking good looks. She has a lot of style and has beautiful blue eyes, pale, pale skin and blazing red hair.

  • Sun 01st Jul 2007 Caitlyn, Emmalee and Toby | Behind the Scenes

    Well I just stood back and watched today, while Carlee and Emmalee shot the stunning Caitlyn. Despite forgetting her leg warmers and wrap around cardigan Caitlyn did a great shoot in her ballet gear, we were amazed by her ability to stand on her toes and her general flexability. Carlee finally got to do a shoot (we've had a bit of a model shortage recently and she has got the rough end of the stick) and Emmalee got some great stuff with Caitlyn taking over! All in all a great day with an amazing model, thanks Caitlyn!

  • Sat 30th Jun 2007 Meagan | Behind the Scenes

    Well here's another shot from yesterdays shoot to get you through the weekend, the lovely Meagan!

  • Fri 29th Jun 2007 Janel and Patience | Behind the Scenes

    I was lucky enough to be camera assistant today, and I couldn't have asked for a better team and models (or job). Janel and Meagen were great to work with and found especially Janel to be really confident and open on and off camera. She provided us with shall we say 'half time entertainment'. Both models were happy to chat about themselves and their lives, I think they enjoyed the experience, lots of laughs.

  • Thu 28th Jun 2007 Tricia And Emmalee | Behind the Scenes

    I'd been looking forward to shooting Tricia for a while now, so I was really pleased it worked out today. Tricia was up for anything I suggested, including rolling around on the floor and hanging out upside down for a while. I put a flash head outside to complement the daylight through the window and it looked great. Good work Tricia!

  • Wed 27th Jun 2007 Esha and Emmalee | Behind the Scenes

    Esha has an amazing body, beautiful shining dark skin and not to mention a very sharp mind. Not to mention one of the best butt's in the world! Big call but true...It was great to shoot her today as she lotioned her body in the warmth while it was pouring with rain outside. Cosy!

  • Tue 26th Jun 2007 Bela and Tricia M | Behind the Scenes

    Do you like surfing, then Tricia M is the chick for you. She was lovely and full of energy. I had lots of fun shooting and lighting this. Look out for the sexy back lighting through the blinds very film noir.

  • Tue 26th Jun 2007 Patience Keeps Warm | Behind the Scenes

    Sometimes winter makes it a bit chilly to shoot, so here is a picture from yesterday of Patience setting up and keeping warm by the portable heater we bring along to shoots!

  • Mon 25th Jun 2007 Brandy and Toby | Behind the Scenes

    What a day! everyone was sick! I was going to head out to shoot on my own with the lovely Brandy, but then Patience mentioned how much she was DYING to get out of the office, I figured I could use a hand, so we all went together. The shoot looks lovely, there was a lovely orange tree in the background, that leant a really autumn feel to the shoot, and even though its the middle of winter the day was sunny and mild enough, that with the help of a heater Brandy was able to stay nice and warm. Its shame I didnt get a picture of the two of them!

  • Fri 22nd Jun 2007 Charli & Bela | Behind the Scenes

    It was a fantastic day in Sydney with the lovely German Vassie, she was shy at first but then warmed up to the shoot, she is back to Germany next week so we are lucky we got to do a shoot with her.

  • Fri 22nd Jun 2007 Jasper and Toby | Behind the Scenes

    Another cold one today, Another day of keeping the heater far enough out of shot so as not to cameo in my shoot, and close enough to keep the model warm while she is nudie. Jasper was great, sometimes a model will just go for her life and hang from the branches (so to speak) in a shoot, other times they need a bit more directing, a bit unsure as to whether they are looking good for the camera. Jasper looked lovely, but my favourite shots are the positions she got into on her own, and the lovely daylight that came through towards the end of the shoot.

  • Thu 21st Jun 2007 Caitlyn and Emmalee | Behind the Scenes

    Wow, this girl is so flexible! Graceful and elegant! Really nice to work with Caitlyn today while she showed us how she stretches and does a few simple moves! She looked awesome and was very relaxed. Good work and a great shoot.

  • Wed 20th Jun 2007 Charli & Luka | Behind the Scenes

    We had a pretty cool day today we shot for the first time without Abby..... Which was exciting I was a little nervy about the lighting because I am still learning. Luca did a great job and it was her first time doing an Abby Winters shoot. She did a very good job and is as sweet as a button.

  • Tue 19th Jun 2007 Darya and Toby | Behind the Scenes

    I was so excited about this shoot! When we shot Darya in her first solo I knew she would be perfect for this idea. So I told her all about it, expecting her to say she didn't want to be seen, would be cold, nervous, ect, but she had no problem being naked in the middle of the street! This morning she was running a bit late, and I said to myself "well it is 11 degrees outside, I dont blame her for staying in bed" but again I was wrong and she rocked up ready to go! I gave her an out, I told her how cold it was, to which she replied "Well its not getting any warmer" true that. The shoot went really well, she was amazing, I couldn't stop smiling! I'll have think up some other wacky idea just to shoot her again!

  • Mon 18th Jun 2007 Narida Warms Up | Behind the Scenes

    Narida is such a goddess, her beauty come easily just like out shoot today. What an pleasure to video and photograph. Toby and Sky did a wonderful job capturing this goddess....not that they needed much help cause she came with lots of charm and stunning looks....this shoot will blow your mind!

  • Sun 17th Jun 2007 Kiya and Sue-Ann | Behind the Scenes

    Sue-Ann has an amazing body and knows how to use it. She has a sensual personality and even i was overwhelmed. Sue -Ann has this awesome smile to capture your eyes. And quite a long tongue!

  • Sat 16th Jun 2007 Bela and Petria | Behind the Scenes

    Petria the sexy latina. We made a sexy lotion shoot. Look out for the Lamp that is lighting her luscious body. It actually has a special light globe. It's a Photocrescenta globe (150w). See girls can be nerds too.

  • Fri 15th Jun 2007 Bela shooting Julia B | Behind the Scenes

    Had an awesome day with Julia B, she flew up to Sydney and was an absolute delight to work with. Very bendy. We are still in training and working hard to improve our skills, every day is a new challenge and very exciting.

  • Thu 14th Jun 2007 Toby & Marigold | Behind the Scenes

    Carlee and I were in luck today, we had a guy come and show us a few tricky lighting tips. It was fantastic, he showed us some stuff that will speed up our lighting setups and make things just a bit more versatile for the models to move around the space. The lovely Marigold was our stand-in, she was fantastic as always and it was really good to see her again. We went to this great house that we had all to ourselves, and I swear the top room is haunted. Creepy.

  • Tue 12th Jun 2007 Sky, Julia B & Emmalee | Behind the Scenes

    Today was another wet Melbourne day. Adora & Emmalee came out & helped me shoot the Video Newsletter with one of my favourite Abbywinters\'s models, Julia B. It was great to have assistance for a change I could really get used to it! Adora & Emmalee were a great help. Julia B did a fabulous job today & came across as very professional. By the end she was knocking it over & didn\'t complain about the cold once!

  • Fri 08th Jun 2007 Charli and Gabrielle | Behind the Scenes

    Hey guys Gabrielle is an amazing Model to work with. She made the shoot so interesting and fun. You might notice that the lighting changed a bit half way through. Sorry guys, it was a raining day in Sydney and our daylight disappeared. However I hope you still enjoy Gabrielle orgasming not once but twice.

  • Thu 07th Jun 2007 Model - Rosanna. Our first shoot in Sydney | Behind the Scenes

    Wow! This was my first shoot here in Sydney. Abby of course helped me out a bit. I believe I have lots to learn, however Rosanna was really lovely and sweet.

    I really enjoyed shooting this lotion shoot. I think it is great. I hope you all like my shooting style. There will be lots more to come.

    Have fun in AW land:)))

  • Wed 06th Jun 2007 Toby, Rei, Prue, Emmalee and Adora | Behind the Scenes

    Wow what a day!! All us Abbywinters ladies got a special treat today! A female comedian & a magician! They both were very entertaining & inspiring. I think we all got a lot of laughs out of it. It's great to see powerful women in male dominated industries and hear of their struggles. Not unlike us ladies here. Not many women shoot erotica. Day of girl power!! Go ladies!! Power to us!

  • Tue 05th Jun 2007 Dominica | Behind the Scenes

    On the way to the shoot today we passed some sculptures of flowers with bums and legs and had to stop for a quick photo. Just a little pre-shoot posing practice for Dominica. At the house I shot Dominica on a beautiful old chair next to a painting of a nude model. Seemed appropriate. She looked great and even decided half way through the shoot to up her posing level to explicit. Great news for all the members!

  • Mon 04th Jun 2007 Judi and her dog Matilda | Behind the Scenes

    This is the second time I have shot Judi, the first time was a bit of a disaster, but this time went much better. Judi had a great patterned mattress in her hallway, with great red and orange flowers all over it. We pulled it a little closer to the door and that was our set. Judi's dog, Matilda was a bit frightened having myself and Prue in the house, so Judi put her in the bedroom for the shoot, until the end when Prue let Matilda out and the dog barged in on our shoot, it made for some really cute shots towards the end.

  • Fri 01st Jun 2007 Prue and Toby with Ginny | Behind the Scenes

    What a simple day tody was, I knew exactly where to shoot Ginny, and exactly how I was going to shoot her, what I didn't predict though, was how she had a very come hither look, that made her fantastic to photograph. The shoot went really well, and although it was a bit chilly this morning she never complained once. Prue suggested getting a heater, went out to grab one, and came back with some cute little name bands. Just for something different!

  • Thu 31st May 2007 Sky with Estella | Behind the Scenes

    Estella is a cool candidate. Scottish accent and lovely eyes. We all had a great day, keeping warm in the cold weather. Sky came and helped me set up and gave me a few tips, much appreciated. And thanks Estella, you looked hot in that kilt!

  • Wed 30th May 2007 Prue and Jamie-Lee | Behind the Scenes

    Prue was such a big help at today's shoot with Jamie-Lee. This is the second time Prue has dyed a model's hair on the day of the shoot. And when I was taking too long deciding the best way for Jamie-Lee to take her shorts off, Prue sped up the process by pulling them off for her. That left me time to focus on lighting the unicorn-esque glass dildo Jamie-Lee got from the Dildo Drive. Now that's teamwork.

  • Tue 29th May 2007 Melita | Behind the Scenes

    Today I shot the Video Newsletter at the Melbourne Museum. Poor Melita!! What cold miserable weather!! Between the rain, wind, traffic, and babbling school kids we had a great challenge on our hands! I nearly bailed on my idea altogether whern it started to pour, but we were halfway through! So Melita pushed on frozen and shaking. I felt so evil. Some guy walking past said "Are you torturing this girl or what?!!" But Melita is forever the beautiful professional. She had her lines down and soldiered on. Thank you lovely lady!! And our post shoot hot chocolates were well deserved.

  • Mon 28th May 2007 Sky shooting Alexiah | Behind the Scenes

    Alexiah did a really good job today. It was lovely to meet her, she was our standby model for today. And just as well!! Its a typical Monday riddled with Monday chaos! The two models booked today cancelled, so thanks Alexiah for being our standby and coming through with the goods. Toby, Alexiah, and I were all a little sleepy after a big weekend. But after comparing stories we decided Alexiah had had the most adventurous, physical weekend and she is certainly paying for it today. You'll find out why after you watch her video. In the video Alexiah will tell you all the fun you can get up to in a hotel room with 3 hot guys. No pain no gain hey baby!

  • Fri 25th May 2007 Cynthia and Maddy | Behind the Scenes

    Today we shot Cynthia and Maddy. This was Cynthia's second shoot with us today, the first one didn't go so well. It was all my fault, I just couldnt find a good spot to shoot her and couldnt make the lights work, Gah! it was a bit of a disaster. So I really wanted to make the shoot great for Cynthia today, she has a such a cool look and I badly wanted to do her justice. We decided to shoot her in the closet, a great closet, busting with clothes, hats and shoes. She suited it perfectly, Although it was a bit of a challenge for me to light. I got some lovely back light coming in over her shoulders by bouncing a flash head off the ceiling.

  • Thu 24th May 2007 Sharna | Behind the Scenes

    Sharna has legs that go forever... stairway to heaven? Well, you just have to check out the fantastic stills and fun filled video. This beauty has great full breasts and piercing blue eyes that will captivate you. This young lady wants to be a Physical Education teacher. She will whip you into shape!

  • Wed 23rd May 2007 Emmalee shooting Dominica | Behind the Scenes

    Dominica is really a latin goddess. Although she hasn't had much experience with men, she certainly has a strong sense of herself and her sexuality. She danced some salsa and did some yoga. She can't help it, she is really just gorgeous and has a bubbly personality. Great to shoot her today!

  • Tue 22nd May 2007 Toni B and Cristina | Behind the Scenes

    My shoots with Cristina and Toni B went really well today. I did my first ever shower shoot, and thanks to Toni it came out beautifully. Soapy boobs never looked so good. And I got to practice my lighting skills and my Spanish skills again with Cristina, the Guatemalan beauty. Even a blown fuse in my flash pack couldn't ruin the day.

  • Mon 21st May 2007 Sky with Dulcie and Darya | Behind the Scenes

    Today we shot friends, Darya and Dulcie! Darya is a giant godess. Toby and I had sooooooo much trouble today just trying to keep those long long legs all in shot and her head at the same time. Phew!! What a challenge! I'm tall myself so I always love working with tall modelesque types. They have a real sense of dominance and sensuality. I cant wait to work with this girl again. She was so sexy and so fun. Thank you Darya

  • Sun 20th May 2007 Valerie | Behind the Scenes

    What's Valerie so happy about? Why she and Jo are in our new Sydney office for the first time! Woohoo! Exciting. And maybe give the neighbours a show!

  • Sat 19th May 2007 Yukari | Behind the Scenes

    Why is it that working on a Saturday is such a breeze? Today was a walk in the park, both Yukari and Ellyn got here early, so we were able to get out to the house nice and early too. We picked up lunch on our way and everything seemed that it was on rails. Even though we had to get Yukari back to the office to get on plane by 5, it was no problem. Yukari certainly made me wish we got to shoot Japanese girls more often, she just "got it" and did an awesome job. Nice work everyone!

  • Fri 18th May 2007 Tiff with Prue | Behind the Scenes

    What's better than a hot blonde rolling around in your bed?? Nothing!! We shot at my place today and it was so much fun. Tiff and I did a few bed scenes and then she got down to business with a double ended dildo....woohooo...

  • Thu 17th May 2007 Toby with Jude, Carolyne, Rosanna, Ollie, and Jamie-Lee | Behind the Scenes

    What a Day!!! After quite a bit of wrangling, a few cosume reshuffles, everyone looked amazing and we were ready to head off!. At Abby Winters we spare no expense, and on recomendation from myself at the rest of the shoot team Rosanna, Ollie, Jude, Carolyne, and Jamie-Lee all drank Passion Pop, the cheapest sparkling white we could find (its yummy I promise). After downing a few glasses over a girly breakfast everyone was quite tipsy in the car, trying to get all the models attention was near impossible! But we got some great shots, especially down by the water. Abby got to stretch her shooting legs again, and we hired a ring flash which was quite the event and gave the shoot a certain magazine style feel to it.

  • Wed 16th May 2007 Carlee shooting Rita M | Behind the Scenes

    I had a great time today with Blair and Rita M. We shot Rita in the kitchen, where she made full use of the enormous wood-slab bench. And Blair showed me around the garden, where I took advantage of natural light and lots of greenery. The girls are old friends so the day was fun and relaxed for everyone.

  • Tue 15th May 2007 Drew R and Nyree | Behind the Scenes

    Drew is definitely a character. She has a damned fine voice and a talent for playing guitar. Not to mention a love of women and sex... this girl knows what she likes! It was fun to work with Drew and I was stunned at the natural talent of her music... Hope you get some gigs, girl! Play hard!

  • Mon 14th May 2007 Nadine and Sienna | Behind the Scenes

    Sienna and Nadine did a great job today. Poor Nadine was allergic to the candles. I really like these two girls. I have worked with both of them before and they are both stars in my eyes. They said it was very blissful cumming all day. And by the sounds of it they had a ball. Sienna enjoy your travels and Nadine, I hope you're not sneezing at work tonight.

  • Fri 11th May 2007 Lunchtime with Toby, Sky, Sienna, and Dani | Behind the Scenes

    I love working with Sienna!! She is super sexy and super professional. She has the best bod and is a dream for me to shoot. I really enjoyed seeing her again. In Sienna's first video she made us pancakes today we got to see her bedroom and her new stainless steel vibe. Sienna is so hot it was great to film her cum as I know you all want to see it!!

  • Thu 10th May 2007 Tiff | Behind the Scenes

    Well it was good to see Adora again and she did a top job like usual. Tiff was her usual perky self and was ready and willing for some one on one good times! We set up the camera and let her go but when we came back the tape had chewed up in the video camera, so we had to do it again. Tiff took it all in her stride with a big grin and laid back on the couch for a new tape. You go girl!!

  • Wed 09th May 2007 Emmalee shooting Shasta | Behind the Scenes

    Shasta is such a sweet person and is pretty switched on! She was great to work with today. Her personality is very real and genuine... She shared with us a little, well big secret.. she's still a virgin! But well has done lots of other... things. She also surfs and plays soccer and is athletic. It was awesome to shoot such a fresh and caring young woman!

  • Tue 08th May 2007 Carlee shooting Em | Behind the Scenes

    Em is a bright spark and is serious when it comes to self pleasure. Boy, does this girl know what she needs!... Working with Em was very enjoyable and she made my job easy, always willing and laughing and very into her body. She got it on with a purple dildo spontaneously named 'Harry'!? Em is ease with sweet sensuality..!

  • Mon 07th May 2007 Giselle and Patience | Behind the Scenes

    Hottest Tier 3 ever!!! I was really nervous about this shoot. Last night I had a nightmare that I went to the wrong location. I had spoken to Giselle over the weekend and then spoken to Patience in the office over the last week about the shoot and they were both hanging out to get it happening. I knew they would do an amazing job, and when two girls are that excited I know its gonna be great and its up to me to make it work tech-wise. After trying two different lighting setups (natural light with a soft box and then with flash heads) I went for the flash heads, they let me take full advantage of the beautiful bush outside as a backdrop. Good thing I did too, because the girls spent much of the shoot rolling around on the floor, and the natural light wasn't great down there.

  • Fri 04th May 2007 Prue and Carlee with Deborah | Behind the Scenes

    Deborah is tops! we had her outside in the garden playing around in the trees and mucking around with a giant leaf in front of her bits... gotta love that. I even caught Deb on her phone in the nude on a break... She just never stops working. It was a great day!! Good on you team! Plus on the way home Sky and I stopped into a little store for a spot of shopping!

  • Thu 03rd May 2007 Toby with Jude | Behind the Scenes

    Today I tried something really different, it was an idea I saw in a film and I thought at the time "I could totally make that work for a shoot!". I really wanted to shoot Jude from the point of view of a lover, like the way you roll around having a wrestle under the sheets on a sunday morning. From under the sheet Jude was essentially being lit by a massive soft box. I used an aperture of 6.3 and 7.1 so I could get the crisp folds of the sheet in. with her dark hair all messed up under the sheet I really captured the feeling I was after. Thanks Jude, I had a ball today.

  • Wed 02nd May 2007 Carlee with Babette | Behind the Scenes

    Babette and I hit it off right away, bouncing on the bed together, twirling around the room together, and even ordering the same thing for lunch. A beautiful day with a beautiful girl. And good lighting to boot. What more could I ask?

  • Tue 01st May 2007 Toby shooting Giselle | Behind the Scenes

    I went on today's shoot to observe Toby at work and see what tricks of the trade I could pick up. I wanted to learn how better to direct models, but alas, Giselle didn't need much direction. She's a natural beauty and a fantastic model. So I shot backstage photos and watched Toby, Emmalee, and Giselle create an awesome shoot.

  • Mon 30th Apr 2007 Toby shooting Judi | Behind the Scenes

    Today was the lighting day from hell... when will I learn that on cloudy days I need to shoot indoors!!! It wasnt just overcast it was the fact that we had about 50% clouds (big ones) and 50% sun (bright stuff). We ended up finding a great little cubby house and shooting in that, but even then the roof of it was transparent green and casting a green light onto Judi's adorable face... yeesh what a day. At least I got to spend it with the lovely Judi, who did a great job, and didn't complain once.

  • Thu 26th Apr 2007 Sky with Giselle and Liz | Behind the Scenes

    Giselle and Liz put in a fabulous effort today! These two are true masturbation professionals. They really got off together and came twice each. Great job girls. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and each other.

  • Tue 24th Apr 2007 Emmalee shooting Erinn | Behind the Scenes

    Erinn just doesn't stop... She is a cute little chatterbox. We did a great shoot today in the sun with Toby, rolling around all over a comfy couch. Then we cooled things down to a relaxed pace when Erinn slipped on some cream for a lotion video. Nice!

  • Mon 23rd Apr 2007 Marlee | Behind the Scenes

    Marlee is a sweet French hottie that decided to grace us with her presence. We decided to shoot her out in the backyard. We made her work pretty hard on the trampoline but she loved it! She is travelling around this grand country and enjoying every step of the way, especially Abby land. Great day!

  • Fri 20th Apr 2007 Sky with Briony | Behind the Scenes

    Briony is a princess. Super sweet, sexy, and a very nice person. I can't believe she doesnt realise how sexy she is! I really enjoyed our shoot today and Prue was a great help too. Briony said she'd like to do some more work with us. We hope so cause this lovely lady is a real professional, a lot of fun, and very beautiful! Its lovely to end the week on a high. A great shoot.

  • Thu 19th Apr 2007 Toby shooting Tammy B and Abigail | Behind the Scenes

    I was a bit concerned the girls might get a bit chilly this morning, but as soon as they got going there was no thought of the weather. Abigail and Tammy did a great job, both were a bit giggly so even in mid-passion there was always time for a smile. Sky and Prue bought some fantastic rolls for lunch, which were the best chicken wraps I had ever had, and we all told stories about testicles. Ahh, the hilarity.

  • Wed 18th Apr 2007 Emmalee shooting Tifanie | Behind the Scenes

    Shooting Tifanie today was great. It was hard to get a bad angle of her! I would have to say that it was due to her natural beauty and very charming french accent. She's also been riding horses all her life and gave us a breakdown lesson in how to ride and become 'one' with the horse. She's fresh, very photogenic and was a delight to shoot! Go the natural sexiness!

  • Tue 17th Apr 2007 Greta with Toby | Behind the Scenes

    Well Greta greeted me with a big finger sign, so I knew it was going to be a good afternoon. Shooting her today reminded me how much fun it is shooting models that we have already done lots of work with, not that I don't get all excited about the new ones too! But it's a pretty odd thing getting to know someone so intimately a few times and then never seeing them again.

  • Mon 16th Apr 2007 Patience and Abigail | Behind the Scenes

    Today I shot Patience and Abigail as they did two Intimate Moments each. One on their stomach and one each on their back. Today was the first time I shot and directed Intimate Moments on my own. It was great fun and a new experience. I look forward to many more of these shoots. Both Patience and Abigail said they had a lovely satisfying day.

  • Fri 13th Apr 2007 Sky shooting Melita | Behind the Scenes

    Melita is a fantastic model not only does she have a hot bod but she is a great talker. We were doing some cheeky gymnastic moves in her backyard and she ended up getting bitten by ants off the dirt... poor thing... but she did great and its going to be an AWESOME shoot!

  • Thu 12th Apr 2007 Carlee with Felicia | Behind the Scenes

    I picked out a gorgeous white dress for Felica to wear and she told me her mother designed and made it. It fit her perfectly and she looked really pretty in it. We did the shoot along the side of the house with natural light. Natural light is my favorite light to photograph, and it's the first time I've been able to do it on an Abbywinters shoot so I was quite happy.

  • Wed 11th Apr 2007 Romy with Prue | Behind the Scenes

    Romy is one cool girl she is into all things fast! horses and cars... but before we could start i had to dye her hair a beautiful blonde colour. I turned into a hair dresser pretty quick and was quiet scared that i was going to make a mess of Romy's hair....but it all turned out great. There is some great back stage pics too! Romy was wonderful and has sexy small boobs and a fit body! thanks Romy for a great day!

  • Tue 10th Apr 2007 Bella with Carlee | Behind the Scenes

    Bella and I were having a great shoot in her kitchen. Good light on a good model will do that. All was going well and then... my memory card totally screwed up. No images on card. So we got to do the whole thing again! Bella put her clothes back on, then took them off for me again. What a cooperative model.

  • Thu 05th Apr 2007 Toby with Yvette | Behind the Scenes

    French delight! Yvette french for yum! We had a great day with Yvette, Toby started shooting her out in the backyard. I looked out the window and thought it sure is getting dark out there and then within a minute it started poring down with rain. Yvette quiet naked ran frantically into the house for shelter while I grabbed her gear and Toby looked after her precious camera. Yvette was a good sport and continued her shoot under the porch, I set up a cute little heater to keep my team warm. Toby ended up getting some fantastic nipple shots with water droplets running over them.

  • Wed 04th Apr 2007 Sixteen models! | Behind the Scenes

    And with this shoot I say goodbye! Only temporarily, but off I go on a new adventure in a new land. Kinda. Sixteen models we had in today for this shoot - sixteen! It's a corker. Abby, Prue, Toby, Sky and I are all EXHAUSTED but stoked, this shoot is gunna go down in history as one of the best shoots in the history of AW (and the biggest Tier 1 so far!). Thanks for today, all you beautiful models, you did an amazing job. Team A!

  • Tue 03rd Apr 2007 Toby shooting Viera | Behind the Scenes

    Viera made today a breeze, and she was the best part of today by far. We got the lighting in the bedroom set up and went a bit nuts. Viera is certainly not shy, and she twisted and distorted her body into a billion different positions, all of which were captured by my trusty Canon. We headed out the back for a drink and some sunshine, where I picked up the camera again, and shot off a few, I just couldnt help it! She is so pretty!

  • Mon 02nd Apr 2007 Toby shooting Jilly and Nadine | Behind the Scenes

    Hmmm a new lighting technique today and a rather nervous Toby... I struggled with the white balance in this shoot somewhat, even though I set it to tungsten light it has still come up rather yellow... I paid special attention to making sure there was always a nice blue sheen coming in from the window in this shoot, and there are some shots which really nicely separate Jilly and Nadine from each other. Today was my first experimentation with consistent light in a Tier 3 and provided I can get that white balance problem down pat, it'll be a great new technique to add to my box of tricks!

  • Fri 30th Mar 2007 Susie with Patience and Jilly | Behind the Scenes

    What a day! My little sister finally gets together with her dream woman Jilly. She's been going on and on about this for ages, it was great to see them finally get it over with! Although I was there setting up and making sure things run smoothly, I really have no idea how the shoot went. Though, judging by the smiles on the girls' faces this afternoon - I'd say it went swimmingly!

  • Thu 29th Mar 2007 Toby shooting Giselle | Behind the Scenes

    Today I got to shoot my BEST FRIEND!!! thats right, Giselle and I have been friends for a few years and so I really put a big effort into making her shoot look amazing today (not that I dont with every other girl I shoot) Giselle collects underware and so we made a bit of a big deal of that, she was also up for quite a high level of posing that I don't often get to shoot... Her shoot came up last minute and she had spent the night at my house last night so it was such a surprise to see her rock up up this morning at work!!!

  • Wed 28th Mar 2007 Sky shooting Lisa-Marie | Behind the Scenes

    This German girl knows how to move! Lisa-Marie is sexy, sensual and curvacous. She is in Australia to learn more about sex from experienced older men! So far she says she has learnt a lot about taking it slowly and enjoying every minute. And she is not afraid of the odd one night stand. Sexual liberation bring it on!

  • Tue 27th Mar 2007 Deborah with Prue and Emmalee | Behind the Scenes

    Deborah is a nature girl! It was great to shoot her outside in her element, in the sun. She told her of her love of nature and animals as she got naked in the backyard! Her personality is very sassy, honest and down to earth. A true beauty and really nice to work with!

  • Mon 26th Mar 2007 Sky with Paula | Behind the Scenes

    Paula is a sex kitten. Was great to film the Video newsletter with her last week. And now an IM. I just love women who are super sexy and super comfy in their own skin. Go Paula!

  • Sat 24th Mar 2007 Annette P and Greta | Behind the Scenes

    What a wonderful Saturday we had! Everything ran to time and we got to see Greta again. Greta is from Perth like me and Toby so we can gossip lots. Annette was stoked to get amongst it with her second Tier 3 shoot in less than a week, and they did an awesome job. The light looked pretty, lunch was good - what more could a girl want?

  • Fri 23rd Mar 2007 Melinda | Behind the Scenes

    Well today I met someone who loves stripes as much as I do! As soon as I had chosen a fantastic little spot with an awesome stripey bean bag, Melinda shows me her clothes and they were all stripes! We couldn't have clashing stripes so I had to pick something plain. Melinda is one of these girls who buys a few of the same thing, if she finds one top she likes she'll get it in about 3 different colors. That kind of shopping is a sign of an organized mind (Says me!).

  • Thu 22nd Mar 2007 Carolyne | Behind the Scenes

    Some steps posed an interesting and exciting shoot prospect for me and Carolyne today. The spot worked perfectly for the dildo shots, and got Carolyne into some interesting up-skirt type positions... which is always a good thing! The lighting was pretty neat too, a window that I kept out of shot provided some neat blue highlights on railings and some boobs!

  • Wed 21st Mar 2007 Annette P with Gale | Behind the Scenes

    Annette, the best the women can get! What a hottie. She tells us all about her good time on a Tier 3 with Lacey and how she thought she went with her first time at munching the ruby rug. Annette also lets her fingers do the walking all the way to a mind exploding orgasm. Sky and I had a great day filming this little joy. Thanks Annette!!

  • Tue 20th Mar 2007 Annette P and Lacey, with Sky | Behind the Scenes

    It was Annette's first time making a woman cum. Its easy to see she really enjoyed eating Lacey's pussy. Annette certainly took to pussy like a duck to water! This was Lacey's third girl girl experience so both made sure they experimented and were sensual and gentle with each other.

  • Sat 17th Mar 2007 Darcy | Behind the Scenes

    Today Darcy locked us out of her house. It was an accident, she came running out to meet us and the door slammed behind her. She said "ohhh, was that...?" and then ran back inside the foyer. We followed her in and she stood sheepishly against the door saying "heh, uhhh, the keys are inside" and we were like "Oh sure Darcy, cut the joking around, we've got to shoot your Tier 3 with Lacey!" Alas, it was no joke. So, we called a locksmith. Half an hour and 140 bucks later we were inside and ready to shoot! Poor Lacey. We promised her that if she came in on a Saturday everything would run smoothly...

  • Fri 16th Mar 2007 Toby shooting Eileen | Behind the Scenes

    Today was great, we had a hot model that could chat away and move like a goddess. After a while I could see that she had a striking resemblance to Angelina Jolie, with those wild eyes and pouting lips. She is petite but tough as you can see from her scar on her leg. If she wasn't hopping around on her crutch then she was spurting out shakespeare... a must see!

  • Thu 15th Mar 2007 Toby shooting Sienna | Behind the Scenes

    As soon as I saw the massive arch dividing the kitchen from the lounge I knew I just had to do Sienna's shoot beneath it. We set up a light back lighting her quite nicely and then she set to work weaving and crunching her body into some crazy positions. Sienna has the most amazing breasts! I've seen a lot of boobies in my time but I was pretty mesmerized by these ones. I think I went a bit nuts on the boob shots but meh, they were worth it.

  • Wed 14th Mar 2007 Sky shooting Kathryn | Behind the Scenes

    What an awesome sexy lady! I just loved my shoot with Kathryn. She is one hot minx who knows how to be sexy and fun all at the same time! A dream to shoot. Kathryn is so self aware and confident to me there is nothing better. A great day.

  • Tue 13th Mar 2007 Jamie-Lee | Behind the Scenes

    Jamie-Lee and I had a great day on our own today, no video shooters!!! We got off to a slow start this morning, but quickly got moving and shot a great set. Jamie is traveling round Australia and is raising cash to go to WA, which is my and Susie's home town. Jamie-Lee's blue eyes really stood out on camera and I got some really stunning photos. Then back to the office where I saw Jamie-Lee off in the direction of the bagel store. yummy.

  • Sat 10th Mar 2007 Sharee and Lacey | Behind the Scenes

    A first Double IM for both Sharee and Lacey today, who tell me they are now off to spend their hard-earned money on some clothes. Good work girls! This is the first IM I have shot in a long while, so it was great to get back into the sinwg of things. Especially with these two ladies, who just may be up for some Girl-Girl action together after a morning spent naked on a couch together...fingers crossed people!

  • Fri 09th Mar 2007 Trudy | Behind the Scenes

    Trudy is super sexy! Sky filmed her in the bedroom and she showed us how she gives a sensual massage. She puts baby oil all over her hot body. She has a slim build but large breasts that just look so full and juicy! She seems naughty too cause she loves dressing up in a cop out fit and her fav one is a nurse outfit... she can restart my heart anytime!

  • Thu 08th Mar 2007 Emmalee shooting Lee | Behind the Scenes

    Today I shot Lee who is a traveller from Germany. She looks like what I would call a typical Berliner. You should see the colour of her hair! It looks great and she gets away with it!! Such a sensual model with natural flow and confidence. A pleasure to shoot!

  • Wed 07th Mar 2007 Emmalee and Toby, with Edith, and Lucie | Behind the Scenes

    Lucie rocks! Even Courtney Love (who I worship!) would be envious of this cool rock chick. We had her strumming her bass on the porch. Fantastic boobs, so full and ripe. WOW... I couldn't keep my eyes off them. She showed us how they wobbled and bounced around when she entertains a crowd. Then Toby got her in this fab tree house for some great photos... this girl

  • Tue 06th Mar 2007 Toby with Marissa | Behind the Scenes

    Today I was trying out a new lens, which is pretty exciting for me, but it did pose a few challenges. I shot the stunning Marissa up against a window on a table. It looked really pretty. She has the most lovely freckles and the shoot turned out quite well, it had a lovely whimsical feeling to it. The paper cranes in the background also added a lovely touch of blue, all in all I'm pretty happy with the shoot and very impressed with the job Marissa did.

  • Mon 05th Mar 2007 Theresa and Nadine again | Behind the Scenes

    Well, we aren't doing any shoots today, so I thought I'd better send through another pic of our lovely weekend with Theresa and Nadine. They look so sweet and innocent in this one, but trust me, its all a trick!

  • Sat 03rd Mar 2007 Theresa and Nadine | Behind the Scenes

    Wooo! I have missed Theresa, its great to see her back again. Both of our darlings had a wonderful afternoon together, and Toby and I had a tops time too. We also shot a brand spankin' newbie today, so it was a busy one. Keep an eye out for this Tier 3 and also our spunky new girl Vivian!

  • Fri 02nd Mar 2007 Nadine with Prue | Behind the Scenes

    Aww, look at these two. As usual Nadine put in a massive effort on todays shoot. Especially since she had a big night the night before and shooting her on such a snuggly bed was just too much temptation. She was pretty excited about her impending Tier 3 we are shooting tomorrow. I'm certainly looking forward to it too. The room being so blue provided a bit of a white balance challenge for me, but I think I made the right decision. I hope Abby agrees when she reviews my shoot later... Eek!

  • Thu 01st Mar 2007 Sky and Prue | Behind the Scenes

    After shooting Peggy, Prue and I got a bit silly on the bed. Time for a pillow fight! And what would a pillow fight be without a bit of boob grabbing and raunchiness. Sexy fun!! Prue and I get a little rowdy sumtimes after shooting hot ladies all day. And we were waiting for our transport to arrive so we had to have a play!

  • Wed 28th Feb 2007 Sky, Roberta G, and Estella | Behind the Scenes

    Estella is a lovely girl to work with! Great at taking direction and a lot of fun! Wearing reading glasses and tartan panties this Scottish lass is horny and cheeky!

  • Tue 27th Feb 2007 Toni B | Behind the Scenes

    Toni and I go way back, well kinda. So it was nice to see her again and shoot together. She has such a vibrancy in front of the camera and really hams it up. So the shoot was a lot of fun, lighting was easy, keeping her happy was easy, finding a great spot in the house was easy. Toni just did her stuff. I love it when models really get it and show a funny, kooky, alter ego during a shoot.

  • Mon 26th Feb 2007 Toby shooting Nadine and Tiff | Behind the Scenes

    These two together, Nadine and Tiff, what a beautiful combination! Not one but two sexy blondes! What more could you want?! Hot tanned bodies intertwined. If you thought girl on girl action wasnt your thing you will dig it now! These two are spunkalicious and so into each other.

  • Fri 23rd Feb 2007 Toby shooting Roslyn | Behind the Scenes

    Today was full of surprises. Toby was driving today and we got a tad lost due to my lack of map skills... Hey I'm a girl, I cant read maps... but I can drive. So Toby and I changed seats and we got there in no time. When we got to the location Toby decided that her dress was the prettiest and that Roslyn should wear it... but what is Toby going to wear? We thought of Toby shooting in a bra and undies... which I thought would make fab backstage pics! Then Roslyn said that Toby could wear her clothes. Damn! After that was sorted Roslyn did a great job and loved hanging from the green house. She has great boobs and a fit body. You guys are going to love her!

  • Thu 22nd Feb 2007 Alex T and Nadine | Behind the Scenes

    Alex T and Nadine were on fire today! Hot weather, hot ladies, Someone give me a long cold shower, these 2 spunks got me all riled up!

  • Tue 20th Feb 2007 Toby shooting Addison | Behind the Scenes

    Addison did a fantastic job today, not only is she beautiful she is also flexible. That always makes my heart beat quicker. She showed us some great moves and the splits every way possible. I hope we can shoot her again but I think she will be jetting back over to England very soon. All the best Addison!

  • Mon 19th Feb 2007 Patience and Nadine | Behind the Scenes

    Another Tier 3 for my sister, isn't she just shagging her way through every model eh? (And she's not complaining, let me tell you!) Today was Nadine's turn, and they had a grand old time by the looks of things. This is a Tier 3 with a difference, with one stationary camera and one camera held by the models themelves. No actual operator today, so should be an interesting one! By all reports, and by the state of that bedroom, I'm sure it will suffice...

  • Fri 16th Feb 2007 Susie shooting Katy and Lacey | Behind the Scenes

    When two nannies get together there is gonna be trouble! Today we shot the lovely Katy, and cutie Lacey, in Lacey's unit which is like a mini menagerie! She had a budgie (which helped me hide out in the dressing room section of the shoot), a cat, who tried to join in on the action, and a bunny! Which Susie and I both went nuts over but whose fur sent Susie into a near wheezing fit. Lucky Katy was there with the puffer like a white knight with her sword...

  • Thu 15th Feb 2007 Toby shooting Melinda | Behind the Scenes

    Melinda is such a sweetie, her house was great. We shot her in an awesome yellow chair and she had all these mirrors laying around, so we used a couple to bounce the light around. She was very patient with me while I fiddled around with the lights and then the mirrors, and then the lights again. I love patient models.

  • Wed 14th Feb 2007 Ada with Toby | Behind the Scenes

    Well its not often I have to come back from a shoot with a change of undies on, but Ada was that good. We had her frolicking in the sunshine and playing with the hose, which was a bit naughty of her I guess, what with our water restrictions, but this was a special occasion. All the ground around us was wet, and in pursuit of a great shot I sat in a puddle and soaked my bum.

  • Tue 13th Feb 2007 Tell me more, tell me more | Behind the Scenes

    With Toby around, you don't even notice there are carloads of hot naked chicks just hanging out around you! You'll recognise models Shelly and Katy, who today did their Tier 3. In the middle there is new model Cameron, who just may have been roped into hosting the newsletter with the other two! And of course, there's Prue, Sky and Christiana (with me taking the photo too!) and oh, yeah, I think that's Toby in the back there...

  • Mon 12th Feb 2007 Gilian and Patience with Sky | Behind the Scenes

    Well I just had to stand back with this one. Gilian and Patience certainly made for the hottest Tier 3 I have ever shot. Susie dropped me off before high-tailing it out of there quicker than I had ever seen her move (even from the office on a Friday afternoon!). Patience and Susie being sisters may have made this a little weird if she had stuck around. The girls got along amazingly right from the start to the end. I certainly hope I was able to translate their passion onto film.

  • Fri 09th Feb 2007 Tiff shooting Toby? | Behind the Scenes

    Ahhh, Toby, what the heck is going on here? I thought YOU were the photographer? Interesting. Everyone, meet Tiff, our new naked photographer. Isn't she pretty? You might even be lucky enough to spy a shoot of hers coming up very soon, that is, if Toby gets back to work!

  • Thu 08th Feb 2007 Phoenix and Shelly B | Behind the Scenes

    I was a very lucky again today to be able to do a shoot with Phoenix, and this time we were shooting with the lovely Shelly who just happens to be (nearly) as big a fan of dumb british comedy as I am. Her video collection was amazing! As I'm sure you'll see in the photos, she had piles of DVDs, toys and videos that reached the roof. Phoenix, Susie and Myself had a great time rumaging around her shelves, which Shelly was cool with as long as we didn't take anything out of its box. Ha! Hot, slightly nerdy girls are my favourites.

  • Wed 07th Feb 2007 Everybody | Behind the Scenes

    Count the pretty ladies! One, two, three...one million! Aren't they lovely, all smiles and bright eyes. I am sure you'll recognise most of those faces, and as for the rest it'll just have to be a mystery! Two of these ladies did a Tier 3 together today also, but I'll leave that one secret too - maybe you can guess?

  • Tue 06th Feb 2007 Evette | Behind the Scenes

    Evette is one hot girl...and what should hot girls have, the best. So we gave her the best dildo ever, I and the girls oooohed and ahhhhed over this shiny metal looking delight. It came out of a black box lined with silk... It was swanky. Evette was so excited by the toy that she gave us a great performance. Thanks Evette.

  • Mon 05th Feb 2007 Adora shooting Kylee | Behind the Scenes

    Bend and stretch, reach for the stars... Oh yes, Kylee's done the odd forward bend or two in her time. Ballet has infiltrated many a youngster's life; great for developing future party tricks though. Kylee was a great host, showing us around her posy in the lounge and showing off her great body. Cheers!

  • Fri 02nd Feb 2007 Toby with Crystal | Behind the Scenes

    Crystal was so much fun. I was trying very hard to concentrate on shooting and not making stupid jokes with her today. It turns out she is quite musical and looked stunning playing a bit of guitar (pronounced Gee-Tarrr). The light looked great as well, and we even improvised a shampoo commercial with a cute vintage fan. So there are some very interesting shots in today's set. Nice work Crystal, hope you all enjoy looking at her as much as I enjoyed shooting her.

  • Thu 01st Feb 2007 Aydee | Behind the Scenes

    Aydee has the most stunning blue eyes I have ever seen, they are so clear and pretty. I tried very hard to focus on them today in her shoot. She actually had a scar on her face also, that I thought was a lovely contrast to her eyes, I debated whether to ask her about it, as I didn't want to make her self conscious (I thought the scar was pretty damn cool) but when I did ask her about it, she was totally proud of it! Telling me how the scar was her "war wound". Neat!

  • Wed 31st Jan 2007 Toby shooting Kylee | Behind the Scenes

    Toby and I had such a lovely afternoon hanging out with newbie Kylee! She's a pocket dynamo (she's actually shorter than Toby and I didn't think that was possible, heh!) with gorgeous skin and flame coloured hair! And behind that cheeky grin is a smart and fun lady, I am sure you'll all agree...

  • Tue 30th Jan 2007 Toby shooting Primrose | Behind the Scenes

    We were shooting down by the water today, which is always a bit exciting. Today didn't let us down either! Primrose was fantastic while we dealt with some pesky teenage boys, and some woodchoppers. She really suits her name too, all peaches and cream complexion. She looks great on film, which is awesome for me, I can hardly put a foot wrong!

  • Mon 29th Jan 2007 Adora shooting Abigail | Behind the Scenes

    What a gorgeous accent, what a gorgeous smile, what a gorgeous personality. Abigail has the works. She's got a lot of stuff hanging about her room that needs sorting, so she tidies up a tad. Great bit you find with that is things you'd forgotten about get a play with again. Hmmm, a

  • Thu 25th Jan 2007 Ali, Toby, Adora, & Frances | Behind the Scenes

    Look at this spunky lot! I had the pleasure of going out on shoot today as our newbie Prue is home sick, the poor love. I fear I have totally forgotten how to look after the shoot team after nearly a month of being behind a desk and doing other non-shooting stuff! Luckily Toby and Adora are old hands now. So it's a beautiful day and we have two gorgeous models Ali and Frances being shot just for you. By the looks of the smiles on everybody's faces in this pic I think they are going to be some awesome shoots!

  • Wed 24th Jan 2007 Adora shooting Janey | Behind the Scenes

    Janey has a fascination with Dusty Springfield, her whole room is set up like a shrine to her! Its pretty neat, I love cluttered rooms, so much fun to shoot in. I nearly killed Janey though, when I tripped on a power cord sending her tape player and a bunch of her tapes falling onto the bed beside her head, I also knocked a speaker into the ground. A bad day for audio equipment, a good day for the rest of us.

  • Tue 23rd Jan 2007 Leah V | Behind the Scenes

    Non-verbal communication is where it's at. Yep, who needs chit-chat when you've got the kind of body that could spell out a Shakespearian sonnet! Leah has got the goods. In spades. Watch and learn...

  • Mon 22nd Jan 2007 Toby shooting Katy | Behind the Scenes

    Today, Katy, Pru and Myself fought off ants and flies and spiders to bring you another Abby shoot straight from the Australian bush. Thats right, parrots squawking in the trees, ants working hard to ferry dropped food into their hollow tree and Katy, laying out her pretty sun dress and having a good time wanking under the shade of a Coolibah tree.

  • Fri 19th Jan 2007 Toby shooting Caroline | Behind the Scenes

    It's all drizzly and rainy here today, which was a real shame because I really wanted an outdoors shoot. When we rocked up to shoot Caroline, we discovered a great back porch and realized that we didn't have to abandon our grand plans to shoot outside after all. She settled in with a book while we set up, and then she did a great job. Looking quite comfortable sitting back watching me shoot her, and the summer rain.

  • Thu 18th Jan 2007 Toby shooting Eryn | Behind the Scenes

    When a model comes alive in front of the camera its so rewarding, and today Eryn just beamed. Even though the heat and flies were driving us all crazy she looked fantastic. We had quite a few passers by today, but Eryn was cool with all the stopping and starting, even though she had just come home from working the night shift. I wish I looked that good with no sleep.

  • Wed 17th Jan 2007 Toby shooting Axelle | Behind the Scenes

    Being faced with 3 flights of stairs on a 40+ degree day, was not the best way to start the morning. The fact that we couldnt get the car down the tiny allyway that led to her appartment building was kinda shit too. Thank goodness when we finally got up there, we were greeted by the adorable Axelle. She really made the day worthwhile, and did a fantastic shoot in her

  • Tue 16th Jan 2007 Adora shooting Emma R | Behind the Scenes

    Emma, Emma, Emma, what a sweetheart you are. I bet you had a wonderful time, particularly at the 'explosive' ending to the shoot. As the final moments came, Prue and I respectfully let you get busy whilst we stayed quiet in another room. Judging by your groans I gather you had a smashing time - looking forward to reviewing the footage!

  • Fri 12th Jan 2007 Toby shooting Tamika | Behind the Scenes

    Tamika looks like heaven and sings like an angel. Wow what a great day of filming. Adora got some wickered shots of Tamika's booty, cause it is a fine behind! Even I got in there myself to get a piece of the action. So watch out to see some struts from me and Tamika. Two girls just shaking their thang!

  • Thu 11th Jan 2007 Erinn | Behind the Scenes

    Erinn greeted us with a warm smile and a cool home, much to our relief cos it's a scorcher outside. After some umming & ahhing about locations, by the fine young Toby and myself, we chose her funky kitchen. Ooooohhhh the possibilities are endless - low cupboards to rummage in, high shelves to seek out goodies, and many sweet/gooey treats to eat. Prue was a wonderful addition to our team. She's got some nifty ideas and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Yay team.

  • Wed 10th Jan 2007 Toby shooting Nadine | Behind the Scenes

    Nadine did a fantastic job today, especially when the power went out halfway through my shoot, damn it! It seems I have had a few lighting dramas lately, if its not one thing it's another. I was just shaking my head, Pru was on it though, she fixed the problem quick-smart (I'm not very handy). Nadine didn't bat an eyelid though, she was cool calm and collected the whole way though, until I asked her to do the hoola and a bunch of other silly things in her tropical paradise themed bedroom, then she lost it laughing...

  • Tue 09th Jan 2007 Maya | Behind the Scenes

    This is Maya's final shoot with us before she packs up and heads home to New York, She has been such a great model and I totally enjoyed shooting her, hopefully I will get a chance to visit her! Today's shoot got off to a bit of a slow start, as I had some problems with the lighting setup, but Maya was really paitent and we got her backpack packed up in no time! She had better save some clothes for the plane!

  • Mon 08th Jan 2007 Petria and Maya | Behind the Scenes

    Here is our first shoot back for 2007, and we have certainly kicked it off to a good start with Petria and Maya. The girls did a fantastic job. Petria brought a bright pink lipstick and wanted me to do the shoot wearing it. I did of course, but totally forgot I had it on after the shoot when I was heading out to lunch. What a fright I got when I saw myself in the mirror later, I looked like a clown!

  • Tue 19th Dec 2006 Toby with Annette | Behind the Scenes

    Well we were talking about it in the car, and I'm gonna write about it... we saw a snake today. Actually Annette saw it. While Adora and I were discussing something we hear a voice call out "Guys, are snakes in Australia dangerous?". Adora and I just looked at each other and ran over, just in time to see a big tiger snake slithering away. Annette was so cool about it, telling us how close it came to her. I was just glad we were with a model who is so relaxed about the outdoors, it certainly shows in her shoot too!

  • Mon 18th Dec 2006 Chloe B and Shelly B (no relation) | Behind the Scenes

    Well, ok, we are tricking you - this shoot didn't happen today! But seeing as though we didn't shoot today I thought I should still give you a sneak peek of what happened a few days ago. Aren't they cute?! And, they did a well hot Tier 3 too. Good work ladies!

  • Sat 16th Dec 2006 Adora shooting Alex T and Jilly | Behind the Scenes

    This was a challenging but great shoot. Poor Susie has a sore wrist so I was on my lonesome today, yikes! Thankfully, Alex and Jilly were absolutely fab together; they seemed to instinctively know how best to please each other, and the tenderness between them was palpable. Here's hoping I managed to keep the camera work nice and smooth, it can be tricky at times, especially when the lens fogs up ;-)

  • Fri 15th Dec 2006 Jilly and Shelly B and Gabrielle and Chloe B | Behind the Scenes

    Today was Shelly & Chloe's Tier 3, but our little rascals Gabrielle and Jilly couldn't resist joining in the action for a few pics! I think it was Gabrielle's idea that everyone get naked - not like her at all :) Having already done a Tier 3 with Jilly yesterday those two were quite comfortable with each other - and they couldn't help themselves when they heard Chloe and Shelly were in the other room! Chloe's boobs are of course the stuff of legend, and Gabrielle was stoked to get a hold of them! Maybe we should throw four models on a bed together more often...

  • Thu 14th Dec 2006 Toby and Nico shooting Jilly with Gabrielle | Behind the Scenes

    This is about my third tier 3 now, and I must say I really enjoy them. I felt like a bit of a perve but today was great fun they are both such fun girls and its good to see such an intimate moment in the flesh. Jilly and Gabrielle had a great time mucking around at the start of the shoot, so much so that I lost my reflector board holder, (as you will see) but I think it was worth it.

  • Wed 13th Dec 2006 Marie M | Behind the Scenes

    Marie is 5 and a half months pregnant here as hard as it may be to believe. She is so tiny in real life. Her partner kept ringing to check up on her, which I thought was cute. She is so excited to become a mother and you can really see it in her face.

  • Tue 12th Dec 2006 Tammy B and Jilly | Behind the Scenes

    I don't think we have ever had a better pairing then these two lovely hippie goddesses. Between the stills and video we had about an hour wait out in the bush. Susie and I being the city girls we are were getting a bit impatient, but Tammy and Jilly were loving it. Just chilling out and relaxing in the bush, splashing around in the creek...or what's left of it. Don't get me wrong, I love the outdoors, but not when there's a drought and every fly in the world seems to want to land on you while your shooting!

  • Mon 11th Dec 2006 Nico with Jilly and Mollie | Behind the Scenes

    Whats that Nico is showing our lovelies on that bed? Thats right, you guessed it, its a copy of the famous Kama Sutra. Do they put any of the moves into practise? Does it work? Are there any Girl-Girl positions in the book? You'll just have to check out their shoot to find out!

  • Sat 09th Dec 2006 Adora shooting Priscilla | Behind the Scenes

    Golly, where to start? Priscilla would have to be one of the sweetest girls I've ever had the good fortune to meet - and, phwoooaaawwww, she's a sexy lady too! I'm itching to tell you what ditties we have in store for you in the video, but that'd spoil the surprise. Suffice to say, it involves plenty of pink, and pleasure...

  • Fri 08th Dec 2006 Maya | Behind the Scenes

    It's always a good day when I'm shooting a fellow American. The shoot went fantastic. Right now Maya is down the road getting some lunch while we wait for the young Ms. Adora to arrive and shoot her video. I'm sure they are both looking forward to it!

  • Thu 07th Dec 2006 Johanna with Adora | Behind the Scenes

    Nico hogged the camera most of this shoot, so I had to stand by the side pointing the reflector board at Johanna. But from where I was standing she looked lovely. Johanna really shines in front of the camera, shooting her was a breeze, Nico knocked it over in less than an hour. At the end of the shoot we found a fantastic cactus that would have been ideal to put in the shoot, so we used it in the dressing room, look out for it!

  • Wed 06th Dec 2006 Emily A | Behind the Scenes

    Sheeesh, buzz off you pesky flies. I can understand you wanna get close to the lovely Emily A, but this is ridiculous! Just as well she has a fighting spirit and make-shift fly-swat to wave about. You get'em girl. Anyway, once the battle was won, it was time to get down to business. Emily A showed us, amongst other glorious things, her #1 top position... An oldie but a goody ;-)

  • Tue 05th Dec 2006 Toby, Celina, and Rosalie | Behind the Scenes

    I do love being out in the sun on a lovely day! Rosalie and Celina certainly put in a big effort today, hanging out with eachother and messing around in some cool little barns. This was Rosalie's first girl on girl experience, so she was both nervous and excited, Celina really took control which was fantastic. I shot quite a lot of this set, which was cool, as I hadn't really had much experience shooting the girl on girl stuff.

  • Mon 04th Dec 2006 Adora with Nathalie | Behind the Scenes

    Ahhhh, the joys of a good boogie. Nathalie can certainly strut her stuff - I've got a few new moves to try out now :-) She managed to avoid any major blisters or friction burns, thankfully, although I reckon her muscles may ache a tad tomorrow. Never mind Nathalie, your rippa physique will be great compo!

  • Fri 01st Dec 2006 Adora, Toby, Denae, and Celina | Behind the Scenes

    Wowzers, watch out, Denae's got some feisty moves up her sleeves. Wouldn't want to get on her bad side eh. Funny thing is she's actually a total sweetie, wouldn't hurt a fly. Denae ran and jumped about, played a tonne of sports and generally just enjoyed mucking about au naturale. Who's gunna argue with that?!

  • Thu 30th Nov 2006 May G | Behind the Scenes

    Today I had the pleasure of shooting our lovely little lass May. She's going home for good in a few days, but I'm hoping she'll post on the boards every now and then to let us know how she's going! She's been such a pleasure to shoot for the last year and it's always sad saying goodbye to lovely models like her! Today was her IM, and I reckon you are going to enjoy it thoroughly.

  • Wed 29th Nov 2006 Toby shooting Nathalie | Behind the Scenes

    Oh, What a day...What a day. Went a little something like...planned to shoot on the beach...overcast in the morning...found a new location...too noisy for video...sun comes out...back to original plan...off to the beach we go...model has to be at dance class by 4pm...no shooting video then...shoot going fantastic...annoying men keep walking by...back and forth...same 2 guys...again and again..."No sir you cannot stay and watch!" In the end it all worked out...which always seems to be the case. Just another day here in Abbyland.

  • Tue 28th Nov 2006 Approaching the location | Behind the Scenes

    Sometimes, the best laid plans don't turn out the way they are meant to. Sometimes, everything goes off without a hitch, but today was one of those days where nothing seemed to go right! But, what can you do? It's a beautiful day and we had an amazing location to shoot a stills-only Tier 2.9 of our lovelies Portia & Alex T, and they looked gorgeous as per usual of course! The backstage pics from this set are awesome, and there might even be some backstage video lurking around somewhere too...

  • Mon 27th Nov 2006 Toby shooting Leesa | Behind the Scenes

    Leesa has low blood sugar and about halfway through the shoot she started to get a bit sluggish. We couldn't have that happen so off I went to the milk bar for some lollies. Whilst I was there I started to feel a bit sluggish myself. Nothing a bar of chocolate couldn't fix though.

  • Thu 23rd Nov 2006 Toby with Katy | Behind the Scenes

    Today I felt like I was a bit more on top of things, I kept checking the light, I got Katy into a bunch of different positions and all in all I think it went well. Katy did a good job she was a bit chilly to start off with, but she sooned warmed up. Nico had a pretty relaxing shoot, leaving me alone to do my thing while she chilled in a lilo, nice work if you get it.

  • Wed 22nd Nov 2006 Toby with Katy | Behind the Scenes

    I really want to get more practice shooting on my own, I tend to rely on Nico too much to give me tips and help me out of potential problems, today was not much different. Katy did well, I ran into a few problems with light going flat, but all in all it was a pretty good shoot. We are shooting Katy again tomorrow, so I hope things go a bit better then. I think I'm getting impatient with myself, hopefully all these things will click into place soon.

  • Tue 21st Nov 2006 Nico shooting Maya | Behind the Scenes

    Maya was a complete legend. In fact, combined with my trusty assistant Toby, we made a super team (can I be Wonderwoman then?). After alot of running around, climbing trees and gathering branches for a camp-fire demo, Maya got all puffed out. And in 37 degree heat too - phew!

  • Fri 17th Nov 2006 Adora shooting Kaitlin & Petria | Behind the Scenes

    I think it would have been impossible to go wrong today with these two models. The only thing that did go wrong was Petria's dog barking during the middle of the video. Once he started I quickly grabbed him and locked him inside...or at least thought I did. About 10 seconds later I could hear him again. He managaed to make his way up the stairs and out the doggy door. Sneaky little bastard.

  • Thu 16th Nov 2006 Toby with Kaitlin | Behind the Scenes

    Kaitlin is hot, like really hot. She is pretty flexible too, shooting her was a total breeze, all I had to do was aim and try and keep up with her! I did this shoot all on my own, without Nico's help, but I think I did pretty well and a big chunk of that was thanks to Kaitlin.

  • Wed 15th Nov 2006 Nico shooting Sue-Ann & Kaitlin | Behind the Scenes

    These two lovely ladies had a trick up their sleeves, which explains their request for paper... Ahhhh, nothin' like a roaring fire to get you in the mood. Kaitlin & Sue-Ann were all cosy in front of the fireplace when I arrived, complete with mischievious grins. Susie was her usual fabulous self and had the scene good-to-go on my arrival; hope I didn't get my butt in the way of your cool shots! S-A & K couldn't have picked a better day for some snuggling action - it was chilly out. Even a thunderbolt boomed out during the shoot! Quite apt really as it matched the fireworks that was going on inside ;-)

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