• Sun 30th May 2010 Danielle Y | Behind the Scenes

    We can't get enough of Danielle Y. She did her first Girl Girl the other daya nd let me tell you, that girl knows how to fuck! Good times, keep an eye out for this one.

  • Sat 29th May 2010 The lolly bag! | Behind the Scenes

    The way Jacki and I explained how the days shooting was gong to go was 'like a mixed lolly bag'. It's hard to explain, but basically you can expect the unexpected and its going to leave you wanting more...

  • Fri 28th May 2010 Lailie just being awesome! | Behind the Scenes

    There are some models you can never get sick of shooting. Lailie is one of those models. Every single time the camera is on her she does something amazing, sexy and intelligent! I love her.

  • Fri 28th May 2010 and here they go.... | Behind the Scenes

    Danielle Y and Anna L had been flirting ever since they met at the Fitball Girl Girl shoot. Both very excited this morning about getting it on.

  • Thu 27th May 2010 The girls listening to a Girl-Girl brief | Behind the Scenes

    Danielle Y, Anna L and Lailie are about to embark on their first Girl Girl hardcore adventures. They are listening closely while Jacki and I give the run down.

  • Wed 26th May 2010 Danielle Y gettin' wet! | Behind the Scenes

    For Danielle Y's solo today we threw her under the shower (not literally)!

  • Mon 24th May 2010 Today today | Behind the Scenes

    Today we are shooting Kelly M. I took this shot of Jacki shooting her stills about 5 minutes ago - just to keep you well and truly updated of what is going on in abbyland this very second.

  • Mon 24th May 2010 Miss Demure! | Behind the Scenes

    Well lookey lookey! I turn my back for one second and Patience goes and gets all smarty pant on me! Are those my glasses missy!?!? Hm...you can wear em', me thinks you look a little adorable!

  • Mon 24th May 2010 How's that for size? | Behind the Scenes

    Anna L trying on some brand new underwear it would seem. Her first shoot is killer, Jacki and I have been really trying hard to make sure each shoot is far different from the last.

  • Sun 23rd May 2010 Esra ready for camera! | Behind the Scenes

    Esra's first shoot! She's about to start her IM, and is ready for camera!

  • Sat 22nd May 2010 Catching the rays | Behind the Scenes

    Esra and Lauren A on location catching the rays of the sun , warm on the inside!

  • Sat 22nd May 2010 Aw Claire! | Behind the Scenes

    Awww I remember this day. What a treat it was to shoot Claire C. Outdoors, swinging beautifully on a swing with her hair flowing...memories!!

  • Fri 21st May 2010 Toby at her best! | Behind the Scenes

    The gorgeous Toby setting up for yet another stella shoot. I've seen the set from this shoot, and new model Michelle N is beautiful.

  • Fri 21st May 2010 Rock 'n roll... | Behind the Scenes

    I felt like posting another pic of me rocking out with Patience's guitar... I can play you know :D

  • Fri 21st May 2010 Warm the cockles of your heart | Behind the Scenes

    Just thought I'd reheat your interest in this little shoot we did back in summer... Oh, it's a good one!

  • Thu 20th May 2010 Ridin in the back! | Behind the Scenes

    Anna L, smiley Tegan and Lacey ridin in the back! Tegan was so blissed out from the shoot, she forgot her boots!

  • Wed 19th May 2010 Its Autumn | Behind the Scenes

    Nicole D knows its Autumn, the leaves just keep falling!

  • Wed 19th May 2010 Darina is ready to go! | Behind the Scenes

    Just cant wait to do that Intimate moment! Model Darina is full power and ready to go!

  • Wed 19th May 2010 And again... | Behind the Scenes

    New model Poppa and Jacki...This is another happy snap from yesterday's shoot!

  • Tue 18th May 2010 Jacki and Poppa! | Behind the Scenes

    Sweet and as pretty as a flower. Very gentle energy and subtle sass, makes Poppa's first solo a delight to indulge in.

  • Sat 15th May 2010 Tayla and her foccacia | Behind the Scenes

    Tayla kept going on about how great her snadwich was. It does look damn tasty!! mmm

  • Fri 14th May 2010 hanging out | Behind the Scenes

    Tayla and Jacki hanging out on set...

  • Thu 13th May 2010 Eden looking hot | Behind the Scenes

    Eden is smoking! Throughout ehr video she told an erotic story as she tripped down to nothing then masturbates. EPIC.

  • Thu 13th May 2010 Sloan getting changed | Behind the Scenes

    I walked around the corner and bumped into Sloan while she was getting dressed into her clothes for her intimate moment shoot. She is a cool chick, this was her first shoot for aw.com but I don't think it will be the last.

  • Wed 12th May 2010 Making the perfect choice | Behind the Scenes

    New model Eden brought such a great selection of clothes, it was hard to pick exactly what she would wear. Lucky for me Jacki is all over the clothes thing and picked out some really flattering and sexy outfits.

  • Tue 11th May 2010 Jaiden | Behind the Scenes

    New model Jaiden is adorable. She has awesome red hair, braces and a smoking hot body. She did really well today in her first ever shoot!

  • Mon 10th May 2010 I know where I'd rather be | Behind the Scenes

    Blossom and Laila relaxing after some hot Girl-Girl action a few weeks back. So cute :)

  • Sat 08th May 2010 Thinking face | Behind the Scenes

    I'm thinking 'why is Jacki wearing a tutu?'. Great shoots this week people. Poor Rachel E must have thought the circus came to town.

  • Sat 08th May 2010 Aint she purrty? | Behind the Scenes

    Ahh Jacki is the prettiest thing in the whole wide world! especially when she rocks the curly blonde locks and tutu! HOT!

  • Fri 07th May 2010 Paperwork time! | Behind the Scenes

    New models Danielle Y and Samantha L get down to work on their bios so you know exactly how they are feeling before and after their solo shoots. Check out Danielle Y in the new Fitball Fun Shoot!

  • Thu 06th May 2010 Making Magic | Behind the Scenes

    ...one shoot at a time. Those lovelly legs belong to Samantha L. She's a spunky new model who has now also done a series of Intimate Moments shoots. God! abbywinters.com is the place to be, tell your friends!

  • Thu 06th May 2010 Danielle Y | Behind the Scenes

    So I may have gotten some goss out of Danielle Y that you are all going to love to hear. She is extremely keen to do Girl-Girl shoots, and not just the 'Fun' kind either, the 'hardcore' kind. My kinda girl!

  • Wed 05th May 2010 Nicole D looking smoking! | Behind the Scenes

    Some models would have begged us not to shoot them in 10 degrees outside, not Nicole D. She begged us to do it! I was trying to talk her out of it but when she wants something that girl wants it. She was right, it was an awesome idea and she looked smokin'!

  • Wed 05th May 2010 Who the hell?? | Behind the Scenes

    I don't think new model Rachel E really knew what she was getting herself into today. One minute Jacki is there, the next, well, jesus I don't even know how that is, it kinda looks like Jacki...

  • Tue 04th May 2010 Riley getting to work | Behind the Scenes

    Ah model bios are so much fun for everyone. Introducing new model Riley! She is a beautiful down-to-earth Canadian chick you are going to fall in love with.

  • Mon 03rd May 2010 Jacki once again capturing the magic! | Behind the Scenes

    Some hot bodies rubbed up against each otehr there... Mykala and Lailie did not only do another solo shoot each they also masturabated to orgasm next to each other!! HOT

  • Mon 03rd May 2010 Mykala and Lailie chat | Behind the Scenes

    While Jacki was setting up the lighting for Lailie's second solo shoot, mykala thought she'd come in and have a chat. Both girls did excellent shoots today, Jacki and I both pushed the boundaries and I think you are going to like what you see.

  • Mon 03rd May 2010 Post shoot preview... Take two... | Behind the Scenes

    So you've no doubt figured out what this is all about by now BUT there is one other interesting tid bit of information regarding this shoot that we won't be letting out of the bag until the shoot goes live... Fun, fun, fun!

  • Mon 03rd May 2010 Post shoot preview... | Behind the Scenes

    And this is just a back stage shot! We hope you are waiting with breath that is bated :)

  • Sun 02nd May 2010 Fun for all! | Behind the Scenes

    I leave it up to you, the lovely members, to speculate what this pic is all about. All I can say is WHAT A DAY! Lotsa ladies, lotsa fun, lotsa tired cast and crew today. SO worth it!

  • Sat 01st May 2010 Urban muff diver | Behind the Scenes

    You can get it ridin', you can get it slidin', you can feel it comin' on about four... A hard earned thirst, needs a big warm muff... Or a graffiti muff apparently... This is Audrey signing off for Audrey... abbywinters.com... P.S Audrey knows WAAAAY more about the vagina than Patience...

  • Sat 01st May 2010 Iveta | Behind the Scenes

    I miss Iveta, it seems I haven't seen her in so long. If you have not yet been introduced to this beautiful woman be sure to check out her shoots ASAP!

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