• Fri 30th Apr 2010 A lazy day in the park? | Behind the Scenes

    To be honest, I'm not too sure what this is all about... Apparently encouraging some kind of strange behavior... Or exercise...

  • Fri 30th Apr 2010 Any excuse'll do | Behind the Scenes

    What's this I see? Lots of light equipment? Hmmmm... I wonder what that could possibly mean? ... ... Oh and Giselle being Giselle she just had to get in on the action! Did you know she got hit by a car the other day?! Seriously! Not cool...

  • Thu 29th Apr 2010 A pleasant surprise! | Behind the Scenes

    Smoking hot Katherine F is once again gracing us with her presence... Unbelievably we were yet to see her pleasure herself, until today! We love you Katherine as do all our members xo

  • Thu 29th Apr 2010 The Three Musketeers | Behind the Scenes

    Natalie F, Lailie and Florence getting close and cuddly before some cuddling with themselves. These three ladies are so hot and so comfortable with their bodies! An absolute pleasure to work with :)

  • Wed 28th Apr 2010 Kasey F comtemplating?? | Behind the Scenes

    I wonder? Maybe she is contemplating masturbating to orgasm, in which she did about 5 minutes after this backstage picture was taken.

  • Tue 27th Apr 2010 I can sing a rainbow... | Behind the Scenes

    I love my rainbow socks and that's final! Dana B telling Patience how it is. Truth be told I think we all like the rainbow socks... and Dana...

  • Sun 25th Apr 2010 Who dat? | Behind the Scenes

    Can anyone recognise those lovely pert breasts? Give up? Ok, it's Sarah B impersonating a creature from Dr. Who... or something... I don't know, she reminded me of a dalek ok! Sometimes it's best not to ask questions.

  • Sun 25th Apr 2010 Ummmm? | Behind the Scenes

    New model Natasha C disguised as a MAN, I wonder if you would still pay to watch her masturbate with the mo??? No actually I would live to know. Hope ya'll had a great weekend.

  • Sat 24th Apr 2010 I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride bike | Behind the Scenes

    BICYCLE!! BICYCLE!!! We want you to ride your bicycle too Kasey but only if we can watch.

  • Sat 24th Apr 2010 Fast women! | Behind the Scenes

    Not really much to say about this, it all seems too obvious. I think you should just sit back and enjoy, well, the ride I guess! Vroooom, vrooom...

  • Fri 23rd Apr 2010 Jump on! | Behind the Scenes

    Seriously, I hate my job. CLEARLY I'm joking folks. Sometimes I think we work in lala land... Oh you know... Super sexy chick just drops by on her motorbike to say hey... We of course say hey right back and share the moment with you :)

  • Fri 23rd Apr 2010 Optical illusion? | Behind the Scenes

    No your eyes don't deceive you, it's Chloe doing a split up the wall! Hooray for that! How does it go... Hip, hip... HOORAY!

  • Thu 22nd Apr 2010 Birthday bonus! | Behind the Scenes

    So this one is a big, huge, massive HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tom2c7777!! Hope you have a wonderful day :D

  • Thu 22nd Apr 2010 And there she goes again | Behind the Scenes

    Dana B and Ren did some awesome single intimate Moments shoots yesterday. The lighting was beautiful and they fill the frame like a sunset in Broome.

  • Thu 22nd Apr 2010 Party Trix | Behind the Scenes

    Dana B and her foot phone. Flexible hey????Imagine the possibilites.

  • Thu 22nd Apr 2010 Cutie Ren | Behind the Scenes

    I love Ren, she is a sexy super nerd, that we all adore. Now she is holding up an iphone cover of an ice-cream with a face on it...

  • Thu 22nd Apr 2010 Ain't she cute? | Behind the Scenes

    It may be devasting for some to hear that Dana B has cut off her beautiful curls, though don't fret as she stills looks as cute as ever!

  • Wed 21st Apr 2010 Ariane showsing us cool stuff | Behind the Scenes

    I forget the name of the type of tent thing she was telling us about, but soon enough she whipped her laptop out and was telling us fun stories. I like Ariane she cool. Unfortunatly she off home again, but I'm sure we will see her again.

  • Wed 21st Apr 2010 Samantha L and her first ever shoot | Behind the Scenes

    Samantha L jumped straight into it today, smashing out 2 hot hot hot solo Intimate Moments shoots. Don't worry she is booked in very soon for her solo shoot as well.

  • Tue 20th Apr 2010 Claire C and Kyle hanging out | Behind the Scenes

    There are always interesting and kinda random discussions going on on an aw.com set. Today we made the most of it in the car while we waited for Erin M and Kasey F to do their solo intimate moment shoots. To hear some of this funny stuff you should check out the backstage section of the Girl-Girl site.

  • Tue 20th Apr 2010 Erin M doing the gardening?? | Behind the Scenes

    So gardnening had nothing to do with todays shoots as Erin M was actually doing solo intimate moments shoots - and she really did DO them.

  • Mon 19th Apr 2010 Work shopping it! | Behind the Scenes

    Michelle N workshopping it! She is a bombshell!

  • Sat 17th Apr 2010 Satine and Sarah B | Behind the Scenes

    These two got along really well, it's a shame we couldnt do a Girl Girl really. Never mind plenty of that coming up.

  • Sat 17th Apr 2010 Sarah B sprung! | Behind the Scenes

    Sometimes I feel really annoying to the models. They must get sick of me pointing all sorts of cameras at them. This is new model Sarah B getting her clothes out for her first ever solo. She's a cutie.

  • Fri 16th Apr 2010 Jealous much? | Behind the Scenes

    Oh what I would give to be lounging around in bed with a beautiful woman...wait, by the time this picture is up I may just well be. Hope you all have a magnficent Saturday too!

  • Fri 16th Apr 2010 Ladies in waiting... | Behind the Scenes

    waiting to get it on. This was both Satine and Laria's first Girl Girl, (Laria had never been with a woman before). Luckily Satine was there to show her the ropes, though I think Satine may have learnt a few things herself.

  • Thu 15th Apr 2010 Birdy num nums | Behind the Scenes

    I think you'll all agree that new model Misha is rather yummy, her salad doesn't look half bad either :P

  • Thu 15th Apr 2010 Snuggle pot and cuddle pie | Behind the Scenes

    We all love it when Angie decides to pop by the office! Wouldn't you? Naaawww, they look so cute together!

  • Thu 15th Apr 2010 Ummm? | Behind the Scenes

    Not so sunny inside, but hey Laria can pull off any look...

  • Thu 15th Apr 2010 Sneaky snapshot | Behind the Scenes

    Toby has been on fire this week. Yes, it pains me to say it. Don't Satine and Laria look perfect together? What a beautiful shoot this was.

  • Thu 15th Apr 2010 The Gang | Behind the Scenes

    From left: Laila, Blossom, Laria and Toby. All in a days work.

  • Thu 15th Apr 2010 Checking out the stills | Behind the Scenes

    Blssom and Laria prepare for their Girl Girl video by checking out the stills that Toby just took. They seem pretty impressed, which is a good sign. The video was hot stuff, they made use of the room and ended by scrubbing each otehr down in the shower. HOT!

  • Wed 14th Apr 2010 Girl Girl happiness | Behind the Scenes

    I think all you members at aw.com are damn spoilt. Look at the awesome shoots we give you day after day, week after week. Todays instalment comes from Blossom and Laila in their epic Girl Girl hardcore shoot.

  • Tue 13th Apr 2010 Our jungle girl! | Behind the Scenes

    Our jungle girl is alive!!

  • Tue 13th Apr 2010 Satine flashing wooo! | Behind the Scenes

    Satine has so far shot a double Intimate Moment shoot plus a new solo for aw.com. Coming up she has 2 x Girl - Girl shoots plus anotehr solo. Be rest assured you will not be getting sick of Satine anytime soon.

  • Tue 13th Apr 2010 Battle of the vehicles! | Behind the Scenes

    It was the battle of the brunettes today on set, as I Jacki took on the stunning Claire C. A good way to introduce a new model into the swing of things. Ha. So maaaaaybe I cheated a little!

  • Mon 12th Apr 2010 Nicole and her Guns | Behind the Scenes

    I was so happy when I saw Nicole D this morning. She is such a cool chick I could just hang out with her all the time. Here she is flexing her muscles and showing us her hot body. LOVE!!

  • Mon 12th Apr 2010 Can't get enough of Kylie H | Behind the Scenes

    Yaaaaay! Kylie H was ever so kind to share her presence with us again, this time for Initmate Moments. How lucky are we!! One of the spunkiest ladies out there.

  • Mon 12th Apr 2010 Newbie! | Behind the Scenes

    Look at what gorgeousness I found in the model lounge today. New model Chere. So stunning. Look at those eyes. Felt very privilaged to shoot her.

  • Thu 08th Apr 2010 Janie's Back! | Behind the Scenes

    Today we shot wonderful Janie. She has previously done a couple of shoots with us already including a Sunset Girl Girl Fun shoot. She was nice and relaxed and we all had a laugh and a jolly old day.

  • Thu 08th Apr 2010 and then... | Behind the Scenes

    There was the Double Intimate Moments shoot. This is the hottest one I have seen for a while. Lots of kissing and groping, just the way we like it!

  • Thu 08th Apr 2010 Kasey and Erin | Behind the Scenes

    Best buddies Kasey F and Erin M shot with us yesterday and I'll let you in on a little secret, they are more than just best buds. You'll have to wait for Erin's first solo to find out all the juicy details...

  • Thu 08th Apr 2010 Jacki getting ALL the shots | Behind the Scenes

    She has the moves doesn't she? Here is our Jacki shooting gorgeous Kasey F for the second time. The girl just gets better and better!

  • Thu 08th Apr 2010 Scrub a dubdub | Behind the Scenes

    As Dildo Drive Mistress I take sanitising of the toys that are sent in VERY serious. What I take even more serious, is not getting splashes of cleaning products on my clothes. Hence, my uber fashionable garbage bag poncho. Abbywinters HQ, never a dull moment :)

  • Wed 07th Apr 2010 Message from afar... | Behind the Scenes

    There was a little lady on set today that was thinking ever so lovely thoughts about a special someone far away. We were lucky enough to share in this delicious bright idea: a slightly different way to share a message. Here was the result, and the special message one lady wanted to share with another lady who has been in her thoughts lot's and lot's...see you soon.

  • Tue 06th Apr 2010 Bum! | Behind the Scenes

    We all love a good bum. Edie's bum is quite a sight isn't it?

  • Tue 06th Apr 2010 Jacki and Edie | Behind the Scenes

    Wowsers what a day! Edie has already shot an Intimate Moment with us so she was pretty damn relaxed about the whole solo thing. She had some interesting group sex stories to tell as well.

  • Tue 06th Apr 2010 Hot red tights | Behind the Scenes

    Who is this? Hottie in red tights!

  • Sun 04th Apr 2010 Paperwork! | Behind the Scenes

    Aren't they cute? Jaclyn and Tricia L. Jaclyn was practically our AW assistant this week, helping us with all sorts of little jobs. Thanks Jaclyn you are a star!

  • Sun 04th Apr 2010 Lunch time! | Behind the Scenes

    I'm not sure what Charli and Tricia L are looking at, but it seems to be holding their attention. It's fun being in an environment where there are scantily clad women everywhere.

  • Sat 03rd Apr 2010 Double Intimate Momento! | Behind the Scenes

    Edie and Kylie H look like they are having a great old time while Jacki and Emmalee set up the lights and camera for their double Intimate Moment session together. I am curious as to how this one turned out. I remember Kylie H admitting to me in her solo video (which is amazing btw) that she is really into women, so we may get more bang for our buck with this one.

  • Sat 03rd Apr 2010 Ladies getting some fresh air | Behind the Scenes

    Ok so little did I know that there was actually a HUGE snake crawling around outside! The girls were cool with it but I was less than impressed, they are tough I am a massive wimp.

  • Sat 03rd Apr 2010 Um yeees | Behind the Scenes

    Kylie H... Peaceful and hydrated... Amongst other things

  • Sat 03rd Apr 2010 What to say about that?! | Behind the Scenes

    Viola at a loss for words after an incredibly hot Girl Girl with Jaclyn.

  • Fri 02nd Apr 2010 Sneaker Freaker | Behind the Scenes

    Yes folks, it's me Audrey in velour track-pant. Not a site one will behold often. After locking my house mate Giselle and I out of the house this morning and standing (yes, standing) on an unknown man's shoulders to clamber in a second story window we had just 15 minutes to get ready and out the door for work... So track-pants it was... At least I have awesome trainers on hahaha! I'm not sure if Patience really loved them or if she was just trying to make me feel better about the whole trackie-dacks thing!

  • Thu 01st Apr 2010 In da house! | Behind the Scenes

    Uuuuuummmm, not quite sure what do say about this one. Audrey going a little cookoo before the Easter break me thinks. One guess what she's trying to spell out all gangster style!! :)

  • Thu 01st Apr 2010 Hisssss! | Behind the Scenes

    Giselle thought she was being sneaky, taking this snap of me when I was hard at work. But she doesn't know about the photographers radar. We aaaalways know!

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