• Sun 31st Jan 2010 Camera set-up | Behind the Scenes

    Cheeky AW videographer Patience gives her arms a rest with the help of her 3-legged friend the tripod. The tripod is in aid of shooting Calypso and Patty's Double Intimate Moments video which, as you know, is where the models are left completely to their own devices.

  • Sun 31st Jan 2010 Smiling Calypso | Behind the Scenes

    Calypso can handle a good few orgasms in one day. Today she did a single Intimate Moment and a Double Intimate Moment shoot with hot model Patty.

  • Wed 27th Jan 2010 It's Daria! | Behind the Scenes

    The gorgeous girl with silky legs and a waterfall up-do! This shoot was lots of fun and I learned a lot about Daria's thrilling sex life. Shouldn't be too long hopefully...

  • Wed 27th Jan 2010 Whose skirt are we looking up...? | Behind the Scenes

    I was just going through the POTD from the past few months and found Patience's game from November 11th last year to be lots of fun, so even though this shoot has not gone live yet, try and guess whose skirt we are looking up.

  • Wed 27th Jan 2010 More memories... | Behind the Scenes

    Such happy, pretty models and staffers we have at AW... this picture was taken a while ago, if you haven't seen Kara D and Keilyn's steamy girl-girl you should check it out and if you have, re-visit it!

    Speaking of Kara D, guess who popped into the office today - it made for fun times a la mode!

  • Tue 26th Jan 2010 One year ago, on this very day... | Behind the Scenes

    ... Carly T and Silvie were sharing with us their very intimate girl girl experience (a first for Silvie!), stills shot by Jacki and video shot by Amber... AND JACKI! What a day, oh to have been a part of it. Memories......

  • Sun 24th Jan 2010 Cuddles | Behind the Scenes

    I actually wasn't on set this day, though from all reports Sahara and Julia B's Girl Girl shoot was smokin' hot. If I had to guess, I reckon this backstagie was taken after they finished the stills and were hanging out together waiting to do the video. go look go look!

  • Sun 24th Jan 2010 Oh Marigoldy! | Behind the Scenes

    Hands up who loves Marigold? well my hand is certainly up, she is such a beautiful creature, inside and out. If you are new here, trust me you would be doing yourself a favour by going and checking out some of her shoots.

  • Thu 21st Jan 2010 The many sides of Rachel S | Behind the Scenes

    We've seen a lot of drastic changes in Rachel S' hair since she first started modeling for us. She started off with long blonde ringletted tresses, then she became a raven haired beauty with curls cascading, and Wednesday you can see she arrived with a straight black waterfall falling down her back. I just can't keep up! I hear talk of another change about to happen...

  • Thu 21st Jan 2010 Wowzers! | Behind the Scenes

    Oh lordy is all I have to say about this sassy miss! Katherine F I'm almost speechless at your flexiness!

  • Wed 20th Jan 2010 Guest photographer! | Behind the Scenes

    As you know, we love it when the models get involved with the run of the day. Here Iveta is beautifully enthusiastic about capturing the days events. I'm very glad she kept herself in shot. Such a pretty young lady.

  • Wed 20th Jan 2010 Keeping guard! | Behind the Scenes

    My beautiful lovely Leiko, is doing a fine job at protecting me while I have a little power nap. Long day of shooting, and this little pumpkin needed a quick zzz

  • Tue 19th Jan 2010 Our very own video game girl | Behind the Scenes

    Video game girls: a big day but well worth the effort. We used Jacki as our video game guinea pig as we set up FIVE different cameras to capture the athletes from all angles. Jacki: so lithe, so sportive. If she weren't such a damn good photographer I'd say she had another calling...

  • Mon 18th Jan 2010 Lottie sits in | Behind the Scenes

    Lottie sits in as we discuss the upcoming shoot. It all looks very serious, and yes it is. Smoke, mirrors and lighting to bring back some spanking good shoots.

  • Mon 18th Jan 2010 Gorgeous Freja | Behind the Scenes

    Sometimes being on set can be like an obstacle course. Freja seems to be coping fine though, it actually looks like she's kinda flexible ;)

  • Mon 18th Jan 2010 Sealed with a kiss | Behind the Scenes

    Angie was so infatuated with her special and magical sexy shoot today that she made out with her 'After the Shoot' bio. Jealous?

  • Mon 18th Jan 2010 Smiling ladies | Behind the Scenes

    I wonder what Chloe B and Lottie are smiling about now? Maybe it's because they get to meet and shoot tonnes of beautiful women every week. Well, thats what keeps a smile on my face anyway.

  • Wed 13th Jan 2010 Laila just gorgeous | Behind the Scenes

    For today's single intimate moment Laila was up to the challenge for something a little different. She managed a really sexy orgasm on her knees! I know it's just not easy to do that.

  • Tue 12th Jan 2010 Angie sexed up | Behind the Scenes

    Magnificent Angie really turns it on. It was a stinking hot day and she was totally sweet about it. The big love goes out to sex goddess Angie. Oh and the shoot was smokin.

  • Tue 12th Jan 2010 Refreshing moment! | Behind the Scenes

    Don't you love it when you're shooting models, the sprinklers come on and everything gets wet. The girls and I just went with it, and used the hose as part of the shoot. Couldn't have planned it better.

  • Tue 12th Jan 2010 Runaway letters | Behind the Scenes

    What is one to do when all the models are set to go, the location is sparkly and pretty, but the letters have a mind of their own. Luckily superstar Chloe B is on set to save the day.

  • Sat 09th Jan 2010 Calypso is all smiles! | Behind the Scenes

    and why wouldn't you be? Getting to shoot with Lottie and Charli and getting naked and having fun and doing all those things that you love doing. ahh sigh.

  • Sat 09th Jan 2010 Laila escaping the sun | Behind the Scenes

    As it heats up here in Melbourne, some people cry, some people sweat, and some people just look damn cool - as Laila demonstrates here...

  • Fri 08th Jan 2010 Alice is gorgeous! | Behind the Scenes

    Bundle of energy and extrovert Alice Y keeps me on my toes. She is one of the happiest people I know to get nude and run around. No hesitation or shyness, just complete delight and joy. It was an absolute pleasure to have shot her.

  • Fri 08th Jan 2010 Bless her | Behind the Scenes

    Aren't the colour of Navah's toes all pretty!! (Oh and her knickers too tehe)

  • Fri 08th Jan 2010 Laila takes cover | Behind the Scenes

    Beautiful Laila takes cover under a lovely parasol. It is an absolute scorcher here in Melbourne and it's only going to get hotter. She is coming back for another shoot next week, I cant wait to shoot her again. it's gonna be fun!

  • Fri 08th Jan 2010 Studious Patience | Behind the Scenes

    "A little lower, a little lower... That's right!" Capturing a nice angle of Patience.

  • Thu 07th Jan 2010 Warm ups | Behind the Scenes

    Warming up for a tasty treat for you members thats for sure. Today we shot Video Game Girls, a T1 or Fun shoot with models, Angie, Lynley, Hayley F, Leiko and Hayden. This consisted of a lot of laughs, a lot of bouncing body parts and some of aw.com's finest to put it all together.

  • Wed 06th Jan 2010 Heroic Lottie | Behind the Scenes

    Lottie does a heroic job in the scorching sun holding the Lastolite up. Poor petal, what a trooper we love you Lottie.

  • Wed 06th Jan 2010 The grassy abbywinters.com | Behind the Scenes

    Melbourne is dead so we had to drive far and wide in search of green green grass! and it was well worth the effort. check out the girls' hair blowing in the wind.

  • Tue 05th Jan 2010 Farmyard fun | Behind the Scenes

    Jette nearly had kittens when she saw this little baby goat. I can't tell which is cuter the little goat or all those gorgeous girls!

  • Mon 04th Jan 2010 Balancing act! | Behind the Scenes

    Kate C comes back for more naked fun! This is her balancing on a tree stump. Check out her sexy toned back, nice!

  • Mon 04th Jan 2010 Say 'cheese'...! | Behind the Scenes

    Here is a depiction of my favourite part of the day - lunch time! On today's menu, chicken wraps with avocado, cherry tomatoes and swiss cheese (which is no match for Kate C's 'cheeeeese' face!) Hawt!

  • Sun 03rd Jan 2010 Dana and katia relaxing at last | Behind the Scenes

    Sneak peek at how gorgeous these two looked together when I shot them for their girl-girl. It was a very romantic and passionate shoot. It really was very exciting for me, I shot video on this one as well as the stills. Go me with the multitasking. Dana B and Katia were amazing on their very first girl girl shoots.

  • Sat 02nd Jan 2010 Patience flat out like a lizard drinking | Behind the Scenes

    She won't have much more time to kickback let me tell you. She comes back to me tomorrow and I can't wait! Is it wrong to love the ones you work with that much?

  • Fri 01st Jan 2010 dance | Behind the Scenes

    Petria does a little dance and I thought this would be cute for you guys on the first day of 2010.

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