• Thu 31st Dec 2009 Insane | Behind the Scenes

    Yep there is nothing else to say we are nuts happy new year!

  • Thu 31st Dec 2009 Jelly prep | Behind the Scenes

    The girls are preparing the jelly for the very sexy, Jelly Wrestling Girls. I wasn't there on the day but I wish I had been, the lighting and color in this shoot looks ace!

  • Tue 29th Dec 2009 memory lane | Behind the Scenes

    I am hiding in the other room waiting for the video to finish the squeals are deafening. Yep Kitchen Girls this shoot really was ridiculously fun. Totally check it out if you are into hot bodies and squealing girls.

  • Tue 29th Dec 2009 jilly is divine | Behind the Scenes

    Jilly looking so unbelievably sexy it's a crime. I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady a couple of months ago, what a darling. She is an absolute treasure. She is checking out the angles on the incredible Yoga Girls.

  • Mon 28th Dec 2009 Creamy goodness | Behind the Scenes

    Iveta, Hayley F and Chloe B sharing some creamy goodness... Finger licking good! Don't we wish we'd been there!

  • Mon 28th Dec 2009 Gone bush! | Behind the Scenes

    Now everyone loves a girl who knows what she's doing... Charlotte E showing the lasses how to erect a... tent...

  • Sun 27th Dec 2009 Santa visits Chloe B | Behind the Scenes

    Sexy red head Chloe B opening Chrissy presents from a secret santa ;)

  • Sat 26th Dec 2009 Nudey lineup! | Behind the Scenes

    Step Aerobics Girls, a massive shoot with the most girls we have ever shot at once. Crazy.

  • Fri 25th Dec 2009 Not so Patience | Behind the Scenes

    If you are anything like me you are missing my dreadful playmate. Her anecdotes and cheekiness, here is a pic of her I snapped on DIY Girls cleaning her lens. (Good Patience!)

  • Thu 24th Dec 2009 Peekaboo! | Behind the Scenes

    One of the most fun girls to shoot ever, the very sexy Rebecca D. she is like the Tasmanian devil, a whirlwind of energy bouncing around the room. I love this shoot of hers, it has an amazing vibe of playful and sexy all shot in lush reds and chocolates.

  • Thu 24th Dec 2009 Hmmm gorgeous light | Behind the Scenes

    Sahara does an incredible job on a training day.Ten production staff members were here as Toby and I shot her. She was amazing, not to mention completely stunning. Thanks Sahara.

  • Wed 23rd Dec 2009 Charli and Jacki wrestle it out | Behind the Scenes

    Ahhh the memories, I had not long moved down from the Sydney office, Jacki and I thought a good way to get to know each other is to wrestle it out. Skip all the office politics with a good old fashioned smack down. It may appear that Jacki has the better of me here but I assure you it's not true.

  • Tue 22nd Dec 2009 Boobs! | Behind the Scenes

    Any excuse for Angie and Chloe B to get naked and rub their boobs together. It's a phenomena! An early christmas pressie don't say I don't look after you.

  • Tue 22nd Dec 2009 The girls | Behind the Scenes

    Flashback, here we are just hanging out at work shooting the breeze having a laugh.

  • Mon 21st Dec 2009 Christen and Zasha cuddle up | Behind the Scenes

    It was a stormy rainy old day when this shot was taken of Zasha and Christen. Zashas shoot from this is yet to come up on the site, Max shot Zasha in front of some frosted windows. The light was sensational and here just afterwards the girls snuggle up.

  • Sun 20th Dec 2009 Behind closed doors... | Behind the Scenes

    In the lead up to Christmas what better gift can I give than Jacki and Patience snuggling before a shoot? (Kara D and Maria S' shoot may I add! Hawt!)

  • Sun 20th Dec 2009 sue-ann and cleo checking the shots | Behind the Scenes

    Blast out the past with some hot aw favorites, our very own Cleo & Sue-Ann checking out some of the shots from their GG together. Check out the archives and find some great shoots

  • Sun 20th Dec 2009 Lottie's first shoot! | Behind the Scenes

    It is our Xmas holidays so I thought I would spoil you all with an old-school (to me) backstage picture from my very first shoot. I was young and geeky and innocent... oh how things have changed! Courtney C was very sweet and attentive, when I shot her I knew I was home! :)

  • Fri 18th Dec 2009 More pool-side backstage | Behind the Scenes

    Don't say we don't spoil you, models and sunshine and water AND MORE BIKINIS galore! (No dropping the camera in the water Lottie...!)

  • Thu 17th Dec 2009 Pool side stills shoot | Behind the Scenes

    Here is a shot of sexy sexy Charli figuring out her lighting for the gorgeous pool-side shoot. Warm weather and swimming pools and bikinis - is there anything better???

  • Thu 17th Dec 2009 back when I was blonde | Behind the Scenes

    Flash back to the start of the year I had the pleasure of shooting first time model Bronte. Check out this shoot I love it, Bronte is so shy and beautiful it is gorgeous.

  • Wed 16th Dec 2009 Pool-side set up | Behind the Scenes

    Here's a sneaky peak of what Charli and I look like setting up the lastolite and a flash head by a pool.

  • Wed 16th Dec 2009 No techno-phobes here! | Behind the Scenes

    New model Laila and beloved photographer Charli get down and dirty in the DVD player cabinet. Need to record a program? Can't work out how to fix the colours on your TV? These are your girls to do it!

  • Wed 16th Dec 2009 You look how I feel! | Behind the Scenes

    It is the end of a shoot day on one of the hottest days we've had so far this year - needless to say everyone is pooped! Best friends Calypso and Ravenna decided to take a well deserved sit-down break before loading themselves in the hot car for the long trip back to HQ.

  • Tue 15th Dec 2009 Get ya noodle on! | Behind the Scenes

    So Laila wasn't the best at floating. What of it? She managed to use her noodle and find some help. For those sneaky shots of Laila's hips poking out of the water nothing helps better than a fun-time poolside flotation device under her bum!!

  • Tue 15th Dec 2009 Feet get wet | Behind the Scenes

    Lottie and I had to take a break while the lawnmowers mowed. They were ruining the sound for the video, outrageous! So we forced ourselves in 32 degree heat to take time out and you know...relax.

  • Mon 14th Dec 2009 kitty and HMI | Behind the Scenes

    Something very interesting is going on behind that scrim. I can't tell you exactly what because it would ruin it, but there is definitely nudity.

  • Sun 13th Dec 2009 Chloe's been fishing! | Behind the Scenes

    And caught a lobster and what looks like a mermaid! She truly is getting in the Christmas spirit - nothing like a seafood lunch as a prelude to a Christmas roast for dinner! Not long now...

    (I think she's been cooped up in her office for too long :P )

    Hope you had a good weekend!

  • Sat 12th Dec 2009 Look at the camera! | Behind the Scenes

    Stunning new model Freja tries to give the location's dog a few tips about being in front of the camera. It always helps by looking towards the camera, puppy!

  • Sat 12th Dec 2009 So much luuurve! | Behind the Scenes

    Can you see the connection that model Freja has made with her little pug buddy? There's no breaking the bond between a dog and the person who scratches her belly... I think the pug is actually smiling!

  • Sat 12th Dec 2009 Sprung! | Behind the Scenes

    You may be able to see Jacki and new model Freja through the reflection of the particularly saucy lady taking the picture... ;) Kidding, it was certainly a good shoot though, the mixture of Jacki's creativity and expertise paired with Freja's gorgeous stare and body to die for will leave you spellbound!

  • Fri 11th Dec 2009 Jacki doing what she does best | Behind the Scenes

    Here is Jacki setting up some lights for today's shoot. It takes a lot of effort to make the lighting look as natural as possible (more so than you'd think!) and Jacki has certainly perfected the art!

  • Fri 11th Dec 2009 Whoa! | Behind the Scenes

    Athletic new model Freja showed off her hurdles skills with the obstacle course we created in the backyard. Nothing like some strategically placed cables to make things interesting... in the safest way possible! :)

  • Thu 10th Dec 2009 Horny | Behind the Scenes

    But not in the way that you'd think! The models may come across as serious and sultry through and through but I pulled this out of Joannie's latest stills set. I thought it deserved to be the picture of the day :)

  • Wed 09th Dec 2009 leafy goodness | Behind the Scenes

    Amber took this amazing shot of me shooting, I just love it . She is a talented little bunny.

  • Wed 09th Dec 2009 Joannie and her big cars... | Behind the Scenes

    What can I say, the two just go together! Here is Joannie enjoying the sunshine before changing her outfit in the confines of the van. What will she wear? Will it be suitable for the great outdoors? Will she have to take it off? Stay tuned!

  • Tue 08th Dec 2009 Peace out! | Behind the Scenes

    Tinsley takes a moment to take in the serenity on set! Groovy models like this lovely lady, are why this job is peach-err-ific!

  • Tue 08th Dec 2009 On route! | Behind the Scenes

    There's always lots of giggles and laughs in the back of the van when driving out to location. Now we know why! Look at these two cheeky monkeys, taking over the backstage camera. Here Jorja and Tinsley strike a pose.

  • Mon 07th Dec 2009 Flora and fauna! | Behind the Scenes

    Look at this lovely creature that I found in the garden. "Oh what big eyes you have!" Miss Hayden is a funny little thing. You're going to lover her!

  • Mon 07th Dec 2009 Oh Jenni, why so sad? | Behind the Scenes

    Juuust kidding, Jenni isn't sad, this is just a stills shot taken from her last solo. It involved trampolining on the bed, jumping from the window sill to the mattress, pulling silly faces and getting naked of course! Is there anything cuter?

  • Sat 05th Dec 2009 Bombshells | Behind the Scenes

    Who could resist 2 sexy readheads in their sexy sexy sunglasses... here's Chloe B and Anabela hugging it out after a shoot. Don't they just look stunning!

  • Sat 05th Dec 2009 Movie night! | Behind the Scenes

    I think you can tell that nothing makes Daria happier than a night in front of the television with chocolate and blankies and her favourite nerdy DVDs! What a shoot!

  • Fri 04th Dec 2009 katia takes a break | Behind the Scenes

    Some divine daylight filters through, and Katia takes a break and stretches like a kitten. It's not all work, work, work here.

  • Fri 04th Dec 2009 Wa-pow! | Behind the Scenes

    Here is videographer Patience and photographer Toby letting off a bit of early morning steam. Nothing like a bit of biffo in the workplace!

  • Thu 03rd Dec 2009 Grrrrrrrrrrrr | Behind the Scenes

    Lottie makes a terrifying silhouette behind the scrim, Isadora cowers effectively. Jokes!

  • Thu 03rd Dec 2009 Munchies! | Behind the Scenes

    New model Hayden jumped straight into IM's today, without having ever done a shoot for us before. What a gorgeous little go getter! No wonder she needed to stock up on energy. Here she takes advantage of some down time. Yum!

  • Thu 03rd Dec 2009 So close... | Behind the Scenes

    I tried with all my might (in the position that I was in) to get a down-top shot of Roxy's lurvly boobs but I guess my arms just aren't long enough! No nip slips today! You gotta love the tease though... ;)

  • Wed 02nd Dec 2009 Sunshine! | Behind the Scenes

    Well on the second day of summer, the weather did not disappoint. The rays were shining and we all wanted a piece of the action. Patricia B looks like she is on a mission to catch up to Kamilla's golden tan.

  • Tue 01st Dec 2009 Kisses! | Behind the Scenes

    What better way to wake up, than to a kiss and smile from two of our loveliest ladies! Viola and Capucine paired up for a darling Intimate Moments today.

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