• Tue 30th Jun 2009 Kara D and Rachel S moisturising | Behind the Scenes

    It has been 2 weeks since i have shot and who better to break my drought than Kara D. She was up to her usual shenanigans here with Rachel, who doesn't need any encouragement.

  • Mon 29th Jun 2009 Abbywinters helper! | Behind the Scenes

    For todays shoot Jackie and I were lucky enough to have a extra pair of hands helping us with anything that we may need or desire (within reason?, but generally to hang out with the model the beautiful Julia H and be witty which she accomplished with flying colours. Yayayayayyayayyaay!

  • Mon 29th Jun 2009 Joannie looking foxy | Behind the Scenes

    Joannie and 3 of her cute girlfriends dropped by the office today. Doesn't she look cute all dolled up, and those glasses are awesome!

  • Sat 27th Jun 2009 peace out lady | Behind the Scenes

    The good old peace sign.. ya can't go wrong with it. Bring forth the love , prosperity and general rock out attitude. Sex, love and fairy floss..thats our motto at Abbywinters! Oh happy dayz

  • Sat 27th Jun 2009 Singin' in the rain | Behind the Scenes

    I half expected Max to burst into song down the hallway when she opened up her brolly and pranced her way to the bedroom.

  • Fri 26th Jun 2009 All smiles! | Behind the Scenes

    Lottie and Jodie C have a quick photo together before Jodie's first AW shoot.

  • Fri 26th Jun 2009 Kara D and Anabela reunite! | Behind the Scenes

    This was taked last night - before the night had really begun! You should see the other photos as the night progressed...

    You can see these two on AW.com right now: Kara D and Anabela

  • Fri 26th Jun 2009 ...and a little more tease! | Behind the Scenes

    Oh and the heat kept rising so it would seem. At least we know our lovely models keep in practise while we not shooting!

  • Fri 26th Jun 2009 Girls night out! | Behind the Scenes

    This is what happens when you let four sassy girls out on the town, with a little bit of dutch courage and a week off girl-girl shoots. Guess they have to vent somewhere! From left to right we have Kara D, Anabela and Maria S.

  • Wed 24th Jun 2009 freshening up for some fun | Behind the Scenes

    We get a little glimpse into Suzie freshening up before some tasty love making and little fairy told me woman get way more aroused by their sense of smell and touch i think its a splendid idea!

  • Wed 24th Jun 2009 Violeta = stunning! | Behind the Scenes

    This is a still frame from the redux video I shot last year of Italian goddess Violeta. We all miss her dearly, she is a wonderful model and a wonderful person. If you haven't seen this shoot yet, I strongly recommend you check it out now!

    Hope everyone is having a fantastic day!

  • Tue 23rd Jun 2009 Serious business | Behind the Scenes

    Doing girl girl shoots IS serious business, and we pull out all the stops to ensure our models get in the mood - a camera provided by Charli, music provided by Patience, and a sexy sexy atmosphere made possible only by the piano accordion. Thanks, piano accordion!

  • Tue 23rd Jun 2009 This is how you use a dolly! | Behind the Scenes

    We were office bound today so Suri and I decided to set up the dolly and have a bit of a play with it. This included finding new and improved way to operate, as Suri kindly demonstrates here...

  • Mon 22nd Jun 2009 Katy's pressie | Behind the Scenes

    Katy was wrapped with her 'Rent' playbill sent to her all the way from the US by a member... I thought they might appreciate seeing Katy appreciate it! This photo was taken a little while ago, on the day of her GGT3 with Maria S.

  • Mon 22nd Jun 2009 Blalst from the past! | Behind the Scenes

    I thought I would post this pic to jog a few memories and to prompt newbies who haven't seen this shoot, to hurry along and start downloading. The shoot is Limo Girls, the models are: Rosanna, Ollie, Jude, Jamie-Lee, and Carolyne. Doesn't it take you back to Prom night?

  • Sat 20th Jun 2009 Patience eye view | Behind the Scenes

    Sometimes in everyday life this is what I see with everything I look at. Talk about a bad case of taking your work home with you.

    I hope Everyone had a great weekend! Tomorrow is a new day and the start of a new week. Onwards and Upwards!

  • Fri 19th Jun 2009 Cheeky Jette writing to YOU! | Behind the Scenes

    I took this shot a few weeks ago when Jette came into the office to post on the Abbywinters.com forums. I did plan on posting it then, but hey better late than never.

  • Fri 19th Jun 2009 Pre Girl Girl Goodness | Behind the Scenes

    Unfortunately I missed out on this shoot but from all reports it was sweet and sensual. I'm envisioning it now...ok, I should stop.It wont be long before we don't have to imagine and we can see the real thing, so hang in there.

  • Fri 19th Jun 2009 Rachel S having a look at her shoot | Behind the Scenes

    I personally have never watched my shoots back but Rachel could not wait. She wanted to see it right there and then.

  • Thu 18th Jun 2009 Charli and Melita | Behind the Scenes

    Hi everyone! Fear not, I am in the process of uploading a bunch of backstage photos from good times in the past, to keep you entertained throughout the weekend (for those who are worried about the future, sleep easy, it is looking bright).

    I stumbled across this picture of our beautiful Melita and sexy Charli from the Ball Pit shoot and just had to post it.

  • Sun 14th Jun 2009 Knitting Fever! | Behind the Scenes

    Since Suri has been caught knitting on set, all the models are doing it.... Getting them warmed up for there sexy times at Abby!

  • Fri 12th Jun 2009 Rachel gets naughty | Behind the Scenes

    Rachel is a cheeky cheeky girl! We left her alone for 2 minutes with that camera on the table and fair dinkum she turned it on and started without us...Nah not really, but it would be great if she did. Maybe next time.

  • Fri 12th Jun 2009 Love and cuddles a la mode | Behind the Scenes

    After seeing the film 'my girl' I thought 'a la mode' meant 'everywhere'. It means 'with ice-cream'. No ice cream in this T3 - maybe they went to an ice cream parlour after the shoot? Who knows! All I know is, it's Friday.

    (Here's Anneke and Larissa M just before their video - eager to make love!)

  • Fri 12th Jun 2009 Come play with me! | Behind the Scenes

    I think this pic of me and Ambrosius the puppy is awesome. We had so much fun playing and teasing each other with things... he would try and take the stuff from the grips box and then get me to chase him around the house with it. Then i would quieten him down and just lightly blow in his ear while he was trying to sleep. hehehe But my favorite thing was when he would pull my sleeve and try and get me to get up and run around with him. I love him!

  • Thu 11th Jun 2009 Funny what a little champagne can do! | Behind the Scenes

    This was just a bundle of giggles and love and orgasms..... Lookin forward to it!

  • Thu 11th Jun 2009 New Model Ciara... | Behind the Scenes

    Well who doesn't love the Irish? Ciara came to life as soon as the camera started rolling, I was laughing while shooting (she is really entertaining) so if there is some camera shake, I'm sorry.

  • Wed 10th Jun 2009 Susie's pre-shoot shower | Behind the Scenes

    After 3 minutes of standing under the shower and waiting for the hot water to gush (to no avail) she decided to be innovative. Much hilarious footage of this in backstage! :)

  • Tue 09th Jun 2009 Mia and Petria | Behind the Scenes

    Pre-Double Intimate moment with Petria and Mia. Mia flew down from Brisbane to come shoot with us again and today is doing a Girl-Girl with Susie.

  • Tue 09th Jun 2009 Old School, New School. | Behind the Scenes

    Susie came back to grace Abby with her presence and lucky Max got to shoot her. It was a sunny day with filled with smiles, giggles and sexy times...

  • Mon 08th Jun 2009 Look who it is! | Behind the Scenes

    Look who dropped by today to get into some solo and mutual masturbation...Petria! As always she is as entertaining as ever. I personally really liked the shirt she is wearing in this pic.

  • Sat 06th Jun 2009 Patience and Elfrida | Behind the Scenes

    A gorgeous backdrop for a gorgeous German chick. And there's cute lil' Patience in the corner doin' what she does best. (Let your mind explore the possibilities of what that might be)

  • Fri 05th Jun 2009 Suri Suri... | Behind the Scenes

    Us videographers are a clever bunch, not only can we do two things at once (as demonstrated here) but we also manage to look awesome as we are doing it. Good on ya Suri!

  • Fri 05th Jun 2009 Alma and Max | Behind the Scenes

    Not sure why these guys were sitting on a curb reading what seems to be a picture book, but hey sometimes when things make sense it gets boring. Alma seems to be impressed which is a good sign.

  • Fri 05th Jun 2009 Charli back in action! | Behind the Scenes

    It feels like forever ago I shot a solo (really it's only been a few days). Elfrida was spectacular today, she is really sexy. We shot her in front of a window with some beautiful back light. Also, I got to shoot with Charli who has been out of action for 5 months! I have missed her.

  • Thu 04th Jun 2009 caught by surprise | Behind the Scenes

    Kellie was caught unaware while trying on her bra... Her facial expression reminded me of the infamous betty boop character. She looks so cheeky and stunned all in one look.. I Love it!

  • Wed 03rd Jun 2009 Hannah C looking lovely | Behind the Scenes

    Hannah has been going hard shooting in the last few weeks. She is a pleasure to shoot and we all get excited when she comes in. A little bird tells the she is interested in Girl-Girl stuff as well. Everybody wins!

  • Tue 02nd Jun 2009 Smilin Ladies... | Behind the Scenes

    I posted this because all the girls are so pretty and I love my new jumper....

  • Tue 02nd Jun 2009 Love Love Love! | Behind the Scenes

    So much boob and nipple sucking in yesterdays shoot. Plus some hilarious and slightly incriminating backstage.

  • Tue 02nd Jun 2009 patiences spots a mermaid! | Behind the Scenes

    Patience decides to take a little moment to check out the talent underneath the sea... and trys to find herself a mermaid lovin'. Who'll be the lucky scaly lady!

  • Tue 02nd Jun 2009 Under the warm HMI sun | Behind the Scenes

    While Max and I were setting up, these two lovely ladies were hangin' out where it was warm - under the HMI. Perhaps it's time to see our models in winter clothes... no doubt they would agree! Here, Caitlyn is trying to cover up her out-hanging boobs. :)

  • Mon 01st Jun 2009 Shooting buds | Behind the Scenes

    From the sounds of things Gemma had a pretty good time today on her very first shoot. How could you not though, with shooters the likes of Max! (And Suri who is not in this photo.)

  • Mon 01st Jun 2009 Maria, Tricia and Jacki | Behind the Scenes

    This shot was taken on Friday, but I just can't seem to get over how amazing the shoot was. As you can see here there was no shortage of passion, desire or sexiness...and who doesn't love a bit of beach action?

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