• Sat 31st Jan 2009 Giving us a flash | Behind the Scenes

    This cheeky girl is wondering if they are right for the shoot. Verdict: yes.

  • Sat 31st Jan 2009 Mentos Madness! | Behind the Scenes

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Mentos and Kiki!

  • Fri 30th Jan 2009 Aye aye captain. | Behind the Scenes

    Lookin through the stash of old pics and look what we've got, Miss Mercedes... Aye aye captain!

  • Fri 30th Jan 2009 Chilling out | Behind the Scenes

    The laaaadies chill out after a long hot day of shooting in a beautiful sparse recording studio

  • Fri 30th Jan 2009 tyre tube girls get wet | Behind the Scenes

    well what a fantastic day for with out in the water on tyre tubes. we were splishin and a splashin and just having the best time ever... not a bad way to spend a stinking hot summers day!

  • Thu 29th Jan 2009 Tinneale says thanks! | Behind the Scenes

    Tinneale received a WHOLE lotta goodness in a little package sent to the abbywinters.com headquarters. She put it to good use for her solo video and now she's writing her sender a lovely thank you note!

    You too could be the provider of much orgasmic pleasure when you send in a dildo or vibrator. You'll get a personalized, hand written letter from the girl that chooses your toy AND a special little video to salivate over!

  • Wed 28th Jan 2009 Chahna writing her bio | Behind the Scenes

    Very first time model Chahna does an incredible first time dildo drive shoot in 43 degrees. Things are certainly heating up at aw with temperatures soaring in Melbourne. Phew.. this dark skinned beauty must not be missed, keep an eye out.

  • Tue 27th Jan 2009 Thin, slim young beauties making sweet love! | Behind the Scenes

    Silvie and Carly T enjoying a secret, passionate exploration of their lust today....

  • Tue 27th Jan 2009 I miss Patience | Behind the Scenes

    Pathetic really, it's only been one weekend since Patience has been gone. She is off on some well deserved r&r. However I do miss the cheeky little sod. Can't live with her, can't live without her.

  • Sun 25th Jan 2009 Tickling the ivories! | Behind the Scenes

    It was so great to see Billie back. We've missed her. She is such a cool and cruisey chick, it's always great to have her on set. Here she displays her piano playing talents.

  • Sat 24th Jan 2009 Summer is here! | Behind the Scenes

    Yay! Summer is surely on it's way. Today was so sunny we had to keep our beautiful new model Tamra all sheltered under a sail cloth. I love this kind of lighting. So flattering! Her blue eyes looked amazing.

  • Sat 24th Jan 2009 Caitlin and Tinneale like their rubber! | Behind the Scenes

    Oee Arrr...Caitlin K and Tinneale pause on the way down for a photo..

    Aren't they lovely...?

  • Sat 24th Jan 2009 Days in the sun are fun! | Behind the Scenes

    I am glad it is the week is over because it was the most physical week EVER! This day Charli and I went to the beach to shoot an impromptu Girl-Girl with Carly T and Silvie, it was funny times and a very very sexy shoot.

  • Fri 23rd Jan 2009 Max in the house! | Behind the Scenes

    For yet another spacial treat we thought we'd let you feast your eyes once again on our new photographer Max. Isn't she pretty! And of course beside her, new model Clara! These two were a dynamic duo on Friday.

  • Fri 23rd Jan 2009 A hive of activity! | Behind the Scenes

    It was all action stations go! for Thursday's "Rock Pool Girls" shoot...this busy looking photo shows the abbywinters.com photographers in their "tubes" preparing to snap some high quality erotica!

  • Fri 23rd Jan 2009 First Girl-Girl of the year! | Behind the Scenes

    First Girl-Girl of the year woo hoo. We shot in a fairly small bedroom so it was nice and cosy, and 35 degrees (Celsius) and the light I was going to use had a poltergeist in it and decided not to work. Other than that all that it was a hilarious day, Carly T has such great intense orgasms and it was a triumphant return to Girl-Girl shoots.

  • Thu 22nd Jan 2009 Silvie and Carly T having fun together.. | Behind the Scenes

    What a great day! These two cute Aussie babes had a blast getting naked and just hanging out on Wednesday...

    ..watch out for their fun shoot soon!

  • Thu 22nd Jan 2009 New Staff members! | Behind the Scenes

    Introducing from left Videographer Suri, Photographer Max and Videographer Lotti

    They made waves today at the "Rock pool Girls" shoot

    ...please make them feel very welcome!

  • Thu 22nd Jan 2009 If you liked Raft Building... | Behind the Scenes

    You're going to love this! 7am start - it was going to be big and it was. On big days like these there is a lot to take in and a lot to do and every single model was beautiful to work with. It was also the best location I think I have had the pleasure of shooting at. I have never had so much fun in a tube and I'm pretty sure the girls all felt the same.

  • Wed 21st Jan 2009 Look what we did today! | Behind the Scenes

    What a day, Charli and I had the sillys all but day luckily we had great models who could deal with our shenanigans. I'm so tired that is all I can write.

    Oh wait, and I forgot to mention that this is a prelude to the main event...think of that what you will and have a pleasant evening.

  • Wed 21st Jan 2009 Sarah's smiles all round! | Behind the Scenes

    Beautiful Sarah J glows even when she's in the shade!

    Her tanned skin soaks up the Aussie rays so she needs a giant reflector to help in the photos..

  • Tue 20th Jan 2009 Hottie sue-ann | Behind the Scenes

    The incredibly sumptuous Sue-Ann at work, smiling and looking sunny. She brightens our day, every day at abbywinters.

  • Tue 20th Jan 2009 Laurice satisfies her urgent desires... | Behind the Scenes

    Laurice settles down on a bed of body hugging cushions to release the day's pent up sexual energy...

    ....luckily the abbywinters.com cameras were there to capture all the juicy goodness!

  • Tue 20th Jan 2009 How beautiful! | Behind the Scenes

    Roxy cracks me up, she is so honest and frankly adorable you just can't resist her! We did an amazing shoot together today inside this window. It was hot.

  • Mon 19th Jan 2009 Skinny dipping anyone? | Behind the Scenes

    Evette is awesome! She has already done a solo shoot for AW.com but like 2 years ago, so I think you all will be interested to see how she has changed and what she has been up to.

  • Sat 17th Jan 2009 Carly T and Blanka in the vrooma | Behind the Scenes

    Here are the divine girls Carly T and Blanka, it was an amazing day with 2 solo's shot. Have a great weekend!

  • Sat 17th Jan 2009 Helen J and Jakkie | Behind the Scenes

    The models seem to have hijacked the backstage camera and took a few happy snaps of their own bless them. This is one from their double intimate moments shoot the other day.

  • Sat 17th Jan 2009 Jilly oh Jilly | Behind the Scenes

    I was thinking about Jilly today and how much I miss her, and that got me thinking well if I miss her so much, you lovely members must be missing her too. Here is a happy snap from the car ride on her Double Intimate Moments shoot with Indiana.

  • Fri 16th Jan 2009 Jacki give the thumbs up! | Behind the Scenes

    If Jacki is happy then so am I! We really had nothing to be sad about today because we got to shoot Silvie. She is the master of sexy so all went well. That's all I'm going to say.

  • Thu 15th Jan 2009 Photographer Charli scores! | Behind the Scenes

    Hot Aussie babes taking photos of other hot Aussie babes!

    This is Charli yesterday as she was taking some happy snaps of Renee P having a wank!

  • Wed 14th Jan 2009 The chicks setting up! | Behind the Scenes

    Patience and Jacki setting up for another day of shooting in the scorching heat. As you can see here, they are setting up some diffusion to cut the light and make some magic.

  • Tue 13th Jan 2009 Natalie P the sweetie! | Behind the Scenes

    What a fabulous day. Jacki and I had the pleasure of having Amber on set as well as the unsuspecting Natalie P. I was on fleccy duty for the stills and Natalie was making me nervous, she is really sexy and knows exactly what looks wonderful!

  • Mon 12th Jan 2009 Renee looking HOT! | Behind the Scenes

    It is 37 degrees today in little old Melbourne but I am telling you it's no just the heat that makes us sweat around here. Renee P delivered two sexy and passionate Intimate Moments shoots all in the space of 2 hours. She's a champ. Enjoy.

  • Mon 12th Jan 2009 Mercedes and her cute undies! | Behind the Scenes

    Mercedes is a real stunner, her eyes are simply mesmerizing. We are taking advantage of the warmer weather of late and going to outdoor locations to play in. Mercedes shows us what underwear she will be wearing in her second solo shoot!

  • Mon 12th Jan 2009 Laurice enjoys all the attention! | Behind the Scenes

    Here at abbywinters.com we strive to make a model feel one hundred and twenty percent loved!

    Laurice left AWHQ feeling sparkly, and fresh- glowing in the praise from her shooters and everyone here in the office!

  • Sun 11th Jan 2009 Silvie's a cheeky little minx! | Behind the Scenes

    Silvie is a cheeky bundle of sexy goodness!

    AND she's doing HEAPS of shoots so there's plenty to look forward to!

  • Sat 10th Jan 2009 Charli happy | Behind the Scenes

    Could I possibly be any happier? here is me back at aw shooting, after the Christmas break ! Wahoooo!

  • Fri 09th Jan 2009 Zora having a scrub! | Behind the Scenes

    This shot was a sneaky taken of Zora on her Girl-Girl with Fotina at the end of last year. Best shoot ever!

  • Fri 09th Jan 2009 Chanise and Silvie are happy little campers! | Behind the Scenes

    Silvie's skin is so beautiful and Chanise is a wamr creature of the earth with a fascination with fairies. love.

  • Fri 09th Jan 2009 Hugs all round | Behind the Scenes

    Jacki intrepid photographer from aw hugs it out with 2 new models Elizabeth and Leisel. They went far afield to a secret location, to bring back a beautiful outdoor shoot. Jacki and Patience pull out all the stops to bring back the best!

  • Fri 09th Jan 2009 Elizabeth H! | Behind the Scenes

    It's been a while since we have gone afar as Charli puts it. It really was a great day and a superb way to end the week. You will all love Elizabeth, she is cute and sweet and can DANCE!

  • Thu 08th Jan 2009 Silvie being impossibly cute! | Behind the Scenes

    This is the second time I have worked with Silvie and she is an incredible model to work with, professional and sexy. Thanks Silvie you rock!

  • Thu 08th Jan 2009 Charli shows Chanise how it's done! | Behind the Scenes

    Chanise is a creature of the earth. Her and Charli swapped roles, this is the kind of thing that happens around here, it all gets a little crazy.

  • Wed 07th Jan 2009 Who's in for a Pillow Fight? | Behind the Scenes

    Carly T Alisa and Julietta smile sweetly for the backstage camera right before they start their epic Pillow Fight Girls shoot...

  • Wed 07th Jan 2009 New Model Laurice! | Behind the Scenes

    Laurice is such a pleasant girl, she could melt anyone with those brown eyes of hers. She seemed a little shy at first but once we started the video she came right out of her shell telling me some funny stories. This is going to be a great shoot! Thanks Laurice.

  • Tue 06th Jan 2009 Daria and Immie helping out! | Behind the Scenes

    Daria has been hanging around the office for so long but I never have had the pleasure of shooting her until today. Good times. It was 30 degrees and really really HOT!

    Immie and Daria are always around to lend a helping hand, as you can see here.

  • Tue 06th Jan 2009 What are you hiding Ann T?? | Behind the Scenes

    Feeling right at home in front of the abbywinters.com camera crew, Ann T does a seductive hide-and-seek game.....with her nipples!

  • Mon 05th Jan 2009 Opaline's sassy glance... | Behind the Scenes

    This photo, taken at Opaline's first solo as she reviews her own photos, shows off her sassy charm and cheeky know-it-all personality...

    ...oh and those arresting blue eyes....

  • Mon 05th Jan 2009 First day of the new AW year! | Behind the Scenes

    ...and what a great way to start.

    Melita was walking around topless at lunch time and it was strange to see her naked, after all it had been so long, probably since this time last year, wow. Her and Keilyn looked really cute together, there were lots of giggles and lots of love.

    Immie also dropped by this morning to hang out, here is the crew.

  • Sun 04th Jan 2009 Melita and me! | Behind the Scenes

    I have waited so long to shoot the amazing Melita and today the day finally came. And it was so much fun I am secretly hoping I can shoot her for a solo soon! Love you sugar pie!

  • Sun 04th Jan 2009 Toby loves her Muscles! | Behind the Scenes

    Beloved abbywinters.com photographer Toby strikes a pose for Patience and Noelle while taking a break from shooting...

  • Sun 04th Jan 2009 Some interesting locations... | Behind the Scenes

    abbywinters.com photographers regularly find themselves in interesting locations...

    ...like this shoot of Kerina up in a park lookout- can you spot someone you know?

  • Sat 03rd Jan 2009 Cassie and Kiki's passion erupts.. | Behind the Scenes

    Here's another smoking hot backstage photo of Cassie and Kiki's lickable girlgirl moment.

    Jacki's camera captures all the action...

  • Sat 03rd Jan 2009 Jacki concentrates for the purrfect shot... | Behind the Scenes

    A gorgeous shot of the divine Jacki as she focus' on "Step Aerobics Girls"

    ...see if you can guess the bums in the background!

  • Fri 02nd Jan 2009 What have ya got there Petria?! | Behind the Scenes

    Petria's got a thing for snakes....

    This pic was taken as she was getting ready for "Step Aerobics Girls"

  • Fri 02nd Jan 2009 It's about breathing | Behind the Scenes

    Photomeister says: "Breathe in before pressing the shutter release button, hold your breath and take the picture, now you are done and you can exhale. Of course you can do the other way around as well: first exhale, take a shot and then inhale. Whatever suits you better".

    Toby clearly has a technique that goes a bit beyond breathing. Here she shoots Zasha . We'll all miss you Toby!

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