• Wed 31st Dec 2008 Organized Chaos | Behind the Scenes

    Behind the scenes : It's a holiday here, so this is a sneak peak at how we do things. Shooting 19 girls in a step aerobics class was a really big day. Here's the amazing Charli with a few of the models waiting to shuttle all of this gear back to AWHQ!

  • Tue 30th Dec 2008 Gilian lends a hand! | Behind the Scenes

    Sometimes when we are setting up it gets a little tricky (even though Charli and I are total pros heh). Lucky for us we get to work with great models that are always willing to lend a hand when need be, it usual ends in laughter (and hopefully nothing broken). Good Times. Thanks Gilian we love you!

  • Mon 29th Dec 2008 Christmas Cheer! | Behind the Scenes

    You are probably all Christmassed out by now but just in case anyone has a little cheer left in them, here is Melita and Charli here to brighten up anyones day!

  • Mon 29th Dec 2008 Abby women! | Behind the Scenes

    We all wanted end the year with a bang and thats what we did. I have never witnessed a more honest and frankly hardcore display of lesbian sex EVER and people this is saying something!

  • Sun 28th Dec 2008 Saucy Fotina! | Behind the Scenes

    I love Fotina, well who doesn't? Her and Zora had almost matching clothes today both have a thing for leopard skin. They are hot.

  • Sun 28th Dec 2008 Aren't they the cutest! | Behind the Scenes

    This pic is from Kara D's first T3 with Carly T. Wow thats a bit of a mouthful. They were awesome together and very very vocal. They didn't have any shower caps so they made their own with plastic bags, bless...

  • Sun 28th Dec 2008 Favourites! | Behind the Scenes

    Three of my favorite girls at AW. Thank you Charli for helping team video out with the Intimate Moments videos. You are the awesomest (word from the dictionary of Chloe B )

  • Sat 27th Dec 2008 Team Vid v's Team Stills | Behind the Scenes

    Patience and Toby battle out the long time clash between the Stills shoot team and the Video shoot team. Luckily these tubes are full of air or it may have ended in tears.

  • Fri 26th Dec 2008 Strange things the models do... | Behind the Scenes

    Harper tries to perk up her nipples by putting them in the cool water of her drink bottle. Nice thinking Harper!

  • Thu 25th Dec 2008 After sex shower | Behind the Scenes

    Zora gets nice and clean after her explosive sex video with Fotina.

  • Wed 24th Dec 2008 Wrestling time! | Behind the Scenes

    This massive production Wrestling Girls features some serious wrestling techniques!

    Here Toby focuses on Violeta and Immie as they both struggle for domination!

  • Wed 24th Dec 2008 Thrashed Camera! | Behind the Scenes

    Take a look at Toby's camera after Wrestling Girls! Wow! all the chalk they used for the amazing surrender scenes completely covered the hall...

  • Tue 23rd Dec 2008 Toby's crisp close ups of Cleo's nipple... | Behind the Scenes

    The only way abbywinters.com photographers get the high quality closeups you love is to get up close and personal with the models themselves!

    ...luckily Cleo loves the attention! She's been posting up a storm on the discussion boards! Go chat to her now!

  • Tue 23rd Dec 2008 Angie and Chloe B have a naughty roll in the hay! | Behind the Scenes

    Uh oh! looks like Chloe B was busted taking a tasty lick out of Angie

    Luckily Angie always looks camera ready!

  • Tue 23rd Dec 2008 Charli takes the purrfect shot! | Behind the Scenes

    Charli and Bronte work together to make some pretty photos for you guys to enjoy....

  • Mon 22nd Dec 2008 Nerdy girls have needs too! | Behind the Scenes

    Hope everyone remembers Book Shop Girls!!

    ...gosh they're a hot bunch!

    Caitlin K, Carly T and Larissa M making smart into sexy

  • Mon 22nd Dec 2008 Angie's busted in the shower! | Behind the Scenes

    Gorgeous big breasted Angie is spied taking a shower!

  • Sun 21st Dec 2008 Charli and Jamelia, hanging out! | Behind the Scenes

    Jamelia poses on her kitchen stooll while abbywinters.com photographer Charli takes some of the high quality photos abby fans are used to!

  • Sat 20th Dec 2008 me and Shamineeeeeee | Behind the Scenes

    Come back to us Shaminee we love you and miss you. what an amazing model. Here I am shooting above her, she was kind enough to let me sit on her knees for a brief moment to get the perfect shot. thanks gorgeous.

  • Sat 20th Dec 2008 Cute girlies | Behind the Scenes

    Keilyn and Gilian sigh.. one of the hottest couples I have had the honor of shooting this year. Here they are moments away from being shot, you can see the anticipation and excitement. it was an awesome day.

  • Fri 19th Dec 2008 Me and the girls | Behind the Scenes

    In case you were missing me dreadfully here is a pic of me doing that thing with the camera. Yes, with a stack of naked girls, life certainly is hard I don't know how I do it. lol.

  • Fri 19th Dec 2008 Keilyn being cute! | Behind the Scenes

    How cute is Keilyn? She is helping me out making sure the scrim doesn't fall on my head while I get some stands ready.

  • Fri 19th Dec 2008 Amber's last day - out with a bang! | Behind the Scenes

    abbywinters.com beloved videographer Amber had her last shoot today- and Boy! Was it smokin' hot!

    ..can't wait!

  • Thu 18th Dec 2008 Fotina and Zora Get It On!! | Behind the Scenes

    Fotina is back in the house, and she's causing rather a stir amongst the ladies!

    ...get in line if you want to shag this sex kitten!

  • Thu 18th Dec 2008 Annalisa lends a helping hand... | Behind the Scenes

    Sometimes the abby crew bites off more than they can handle- Like poor little Patience here, trying-but-failing to get herself and the gear over a barbwire fence..

    ...luckily Annalisa was there to lend a gorgeous hand!

  • Thu 18th Dec 2008 Narita strips off for Patience! | Behind the Scenes

    Patience always has soo many gorgeous girls taking their clothes off for her!

    ...I wonder how she does it....must be her magnetic charm...

  • Wed 17th Dec 2008 High quality erotica- shot by women! | Behind the Scenes

    Harper stares down the barrel of abbywinters.com photographer Jacki as she captures the best of this Aussie honey!

  • Wed 17th Dec 2008 Some Monday mornin' lovin' | Behind the Scenes

    Patience, Carly T, Keilyn and Kara D in a whirlwind of huggs and cuddles on Monday morning in the office...

  • Tue 16th Dec 2008 Check out Veronika's amazing red hair! | Behind the Scenes

    I could look at Veronika all day long (I hope that doesn't sounds weird). This backstagie was taken on her first solo but Jacki and I have a special plan for her second shoot...not telling.

  • Tue 16th Dec 2008 Mercedes...like the car | Behind the Scenes

    Sizzling Mercedes did lots of nudie cartwheels, handstands and front flips for Amber in the backyard!

  • Sun 14th Dec 2008 Keilyn and Gilian's passionate exploration.. | Behind the Scenes

    This is a beautiful backstage picture from Gilian and Keilyn's recent girlgirl moment...

    ..so hot it fogged up the lens!

  • Sun 14th Dec 2008 Big smiles all round! | Behind the Scenes

    New models Silvie and Jette checking out themselves in "Campervan Girls" on Toby's Epsom 5000- that cute little full screen hard drive she uses to upload and clear her memory cards as the shoot progresses...

  • Sun 14th Dec 2008 Courtney C and me | Behind the Scenes

    I had a fantastic day with Courtney, her long luscious legs look amazing on camera. I had Courtney do some quite challenging poses and she was awesome, her sunny attitude and flexible body had me smiling all day. Thanks Courtney you are the best.

  • Fri 12th Dec 2008 campervan crazies... | Behind the Scenes

    Ahh! Fun times! The crew testing out the camper van for "Campervan Girls" (coming soon)

    ...it's not often that Patience is upside down with her clothes on...


  • Fri 12th Dec 2008 Crazy Friday | Behind the Scenes

    Last night the team had a few, well a lot, of drinks for Toby's farewell, so today was a little interesting. Thank god for Luanna and Beck because Charli and I have never been more useless! This is me at lunch serenading Charli an Luanna.

  • Wed 10th Dec 2008 Keilyn and Gilian cuddling up | Behind the Scenes

    After a long sexy girl girl shoot with Keilyn and Gilian creating some impressive chemistry. The girls cuddled up and got all smoochie. They are so impossibly cute it's criminal.

  • Wed 10th Dec 2008 and another... | Behind the Scenes

    It's always nice to have Keilyn on set she makes everyone laugh just by her presence, heh. Gilian has made a triumphant return to Girl-Girl shoots (she hasn't done one since Em) with raw energy and sexual prowess! This was also the first Girl-Girl I have shot solo and was worried about fucking it up, I did ok though - couldn't have done it without top models like these.

  • Tue 09th Dec 2008 wanking in the shower... | Behind the Scenes

    Kara D takes a deep breath before her solo masturbation video is filmed.

    Sex in the shower for one is rather decadent, someone should join her to save some water!

    *pick me, pick me!

  • Mon 08th Dec 2008 Super talented Jacki rescues team video... | Behind the Scenes

    Talented photographer Jacki saves team video (ouch, stop hitting me Patience!!) as usual...sigh..she's just too gorgeous for words...

  • Mon 08th Dec 2008 Charli is a material girl! | Behind the Scenes

    Charli gets set to give us a light show using two roof hanging lights as boobie cones a la Madonna in the nineties. I hope she doesn't get sizzled once they're turned on...

  • Mon 08th Dec 2008 Moody Girl-Girl goodness! | Behind the Scenes

    50 minutes of abbywinters.com goodness! Kiki and Fae pulled off an amazingly sexy shoot today. Amber concocted an elaborate and impressive lighting set up to make these two beauties shine like the stars they are. awww.

  • Sun 07th Dec 2008 Jacki knows when trouble's brewing... | Behind the Scenes

    Another steamy girlgirl moment shot on Friday- and the tension between Beck and Lea was escalating from a shy "I like you" to outright naughty flirting!

    ...don't miss out!

  • Sat 06th Dec 2008 Cassie's big brown eyes... | Behind the Scenes

    Cassie's eyes would melt an iceberg! She turns it on for Jacki in her solo shoot...

  • Fri 05th Dec 2008 Keilyn and Cassie a match made in heaven | Behind the Scenes

    Cassie and Keilyn ran into each other at the office, they were both going out on separate shoots. The cuties got to catch up and have a giggle and a cuddle. Awwww how gorgeous.

  • Fri 05th Dec 2008 Jacki shooting and laughing | Behind the Scenes

    You know life is pretty sweet when you get to shoot gorgeous girls and at the same time you are laughing and smiling. Here is the divine stills photographer Jacki shooting some girl girl action. We love our jobs.Sigh.

  • Thu 04th Dec 2008 Shenanigans... | Behind the Scenes

    We had been waiting for so long to get Carly T into some Girl-Girl action and today was the day. Keilyn showed her the ropes with ease. It was an awesome shoot, the premise being the girls watching a movie and eating yummy popcorn, too easy. Thanks Charlie for, 1. the awesome idea and 2. for your third camera skills.

  • Wed 03rd Dec 2008 Girl-Girl #1 for the week! | Behind the Scenes

    It was such a romantic setting out on the Balinese Day bed, it was natural for the girls to get aroused and in the mood for some explosive passion. Apologies to the neighbors!

  • Wed 03rd Dec 2008 Amanda and Emily | Behind the Scenes

    Here is a gorgeous photo of Amanda R and Emily K just moments before I shot their double intimate moment. This was just before orgasm number four for the day. What absolute superstars! I was impressed. And to be honest I still am.

  • Tue 02nd Dec 2008 Mercedes beautiful gaze | Behind the Scenes

    Charlie did a great job today of capturing the amazing eyes and serious sexiness of Mercedes.

  • Tue 02nd Dec 2008 Marika loves her chicken! | Behind the Scenes

    I had seen around the place, but yesterday was the first time I actually got to shoot her. We had a really fun day, she makes me laugh! oh and she squirted everywhere at the end of her video, woo hoo!

    This is her getting into some chicken at lunch time, she loves it!

  • Mon 01st Dec 2008 Katy and Lacey secret moment... | Behind the Scenes

    Lacey and Katy steal a quick burst of smiles on the set of their girlgirl moment that just went live today...

    Although this photo isn't soo recent, it still captures their famously luminous post coital joy!

  • Mon 01st Dec 2008 Evonne and Augustine's big day out! | Behind the Scenes

    This is a pic from the car ride before their shoot together...

    See! Bonded right from the start! It's so much easier to wank next to someone when you've already played "corners" in the car ride over...

  • Mon 01st Dec 2008 Toby and Charli | Behind the Scenes

    Thought I might slip this fabulous photo of Toby and myself in to the pic of the days. My word! I am gonna miss her when she's gone! I think I am going to try to jump into every shot with her so that I can have memories.. in the corners of my mind la la la la memories of the way we were... sing it people!

  • Mon 01st Dec 2008 The Beautiful Gabriela | Behind the Scenes

    The sun hide for exactly 50% for this shoot and came out for the other 50%. Which made it very difficult to expose correctly. We had a lot of waiting around for the clouds, so we chatted about boys, music and boys.

  • Mon 01st Dec 2008 Double Porno | Behind the Scenes

    Charlie and Amber brush up on their Chick Lit in the Abby Winters library today.

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