• Sun 30th Nov 2008 Christen Rests | Behind the Scenes

    It was a hard day last Friday, and at the end of it everyone was pretty hot and sweaty. Here is a super hot shot of the lovely Christen. Isn't she adorable!

  • Sat 29th Nov 2008 Team stills | Behind the Scenes

    This is is a shot from the massive Step Aerobics Girl shoot,and team paparazzi oh I mean team stills are doing what they do best.

  • Sat 29th Nov 2008 Kiki is Hot | Behind the Scenes

    Here is another little teaser from our shoot on Friday. I manged to catch little Kiki eying up her muscles! She is buff!

  • Sat 29th Nov 2008 It's time to work up a sweat! | Behind the Scenes

    Jette, Carla, Keilyn and Silvie squeeze up for a group photo!

    Step Aerobics Girls...coming soon! Woo!

  • Fri 28th Nov 2008 Four little chickens on a mountain! | Behind the Scenes

    Marcelle, Lani_B, Jacki, Laura_T and Patience moseying on down the mountain before their respective shoots...

    ....aww picture purrrfect

  • Fri 28th Nov 2008 Julia bonds with nature! | Behind the Scenes

    Julia's gorgeous, outgoing nature really shone in her first shoot for abbywinters.com! She loved it soo much she came back today for Step Aerobics Girls!!

  • Fri 28th Nov 2008 Cassie's feelings...in no uncertain terms! | Behind the Scenes

    The build up to Cassie's recent girl girl experience had QUITE the effect on her...

  • Thu 27th Nov 2008 Patience zones in on the action. | Behind the Scenes

    Patience shows great skills as she balances on chair and bath rim to get the great close ups she is famous for. A video superstar at work. And the view in front of the lens ain't bad either.

  • Thu 27th Nov 2008 Cleo and Melita having a cuddle | Behind the Scenes

    I was a little shocked to walk out of an office to find our darling Melita and Cleo in the kitchen in their bras. As it turns out they weren't just hot, they were trying on the outfits for tomorrow's big shoot. More will be revealed in time...

  • Wed 26th Nov 2008 Love a Dub Dub, 2 Chicks in the tub | Behind the Scenes

    These two love birds were so nervous today at finally getting the chance to ravish each other. The tension was mind blowing!

  • Wed 26th Nov 2008 Lea looking snazzy! | Behind the Scenes

    Lea starred in her third solo today, looking mighty snazzy she rocked up the wild Australian bush---- with some bush of her own!

    Blondes rule!

  • Wed 26th Nov 2008 Guess who dropped by HQ? | Behind the Scenes

    Kristin and Lea dropped by the office yesterday morning to show team abby some love

    ...humm, should we tell Kristin we can see up her skirt?... NAH!!

  • Tue 25th Nov 2008 Joanna Vs The Cows | Behind the Scenes

    Joanna M and I had a really great day last week, dodging cattle, trucks and ants. This intimate little shoot should be great, I'm really excited to see it up on the site. Its no secret to anyone around the office that i have been longing to do an AW shoot involving cattle (nothing creepy, i swear). Joanna wasn't a cow fan though.

  • Mon 24th Nov 2008 Kiki Gets Jealous | Behind the Scenes

    As I'm sure you know by now, we shot a Triple Girl T3 the other day, the concern with threesomes is someone always gets left out. Mid shoot, while Larissa & Chloe were kissing Kiki popped up, pushed them apart and gave an uncharacteristic smile! you guys rarely see Kiki's cheeky smile so i thought I'd post it... don't kill me Kiki!

  • Mon 24th Nov 2008 Chloe spreads 'em wide! | Behind the Scenes

    The world's favourite buxom red head was on fire again for Friday's three way girl lovin' moment!

    She's a spunk and that's just one reason we love her!

  • Sun 23rd Nov 2008 Charli and her rather large lens | Behind the Scenes

    Here I am with the 70-200mm lens, I love this lens, it's my fav! I thought it would be nice to share this special love. So here is a photo of me and my favorite lens.

  • Sat 22nd Nov 2008 Patience Eats Insects | Behind the Scenes

    Its true, I didn't want to say anything but Patience ate this pretty little butterfly after this photo was taken. Its Patience's Birthday today, So Happy Birthday Patience!

  • Sat 22nd Nov 2008 Cheesburger cake! | Behind the Scenes

    Today is Patience's B'day and I made her a cheeseburger cake cause she luves cheeseburgers, especially the cheese.

  • Fri 21st Nov 2008 What better than 2 girls having sex? | Behind the Scenes

    ...3 Girls having sex, which is exactly what we did (well not me personally) today! The lucky ladies were Chloe B, Kiki and Larissa!

    The best part is you wont have to wait long until this shoot goes live...

  • Thu 20th Nov 2008 Oh Kara D! | Behind the Scenes

    I felt very inspired this morning, it's always good to have a new challenge, a new look, a new style and new model. All reports back from Kara's first solo was that she was absolutely AMAZING! Let me tell you this is true, she did everything I was thinking she should, and made a hot shoot sizzling!

  • Wed 19th Nov 2008 Maria and Patience in the forest | Behind the Scenes

    Forest elves, with cameras, nude and fiery red hair. It's gotta be the best website in the whole world abbywinters.

  • Wed 19th Nov 2008 Tissues please! | Behind the Scenes

    Kara is about to embark on a messy mission in her sexy boy undies and masculine bed. She requires some tissues for a quick clean up before anyone comes home.

  • Wed 19th Nov 2008 Checking out the shoot | Behind the Scenes

    Cuties Harper and Jennifer M take some time after their shoot yesterday to check out some of their pics. Having never done nude modeling before, they were super excited to see the results. Like kids at Christmas they were!

  • Wed 19th Nov 2008 Polka dot fun! | Behind the Scenes

    Gorgeous brunette Harper was all up for prancing around in the luscious park today. Her adventurous side was much to be admired. She was not afraid to do nudie runs in near sight of onlookers!

  • Tue 18th Nov 2008 Daria dropped by | Behind the Scenes

    Beautiful Daria dropped by to say hi, and doesn't she look gorgeous in pink. Rumor has it she might be doing some girl girl shoots soon, we hope and we wait!

  • Mon 17th Nov 2008 MMM Pizza! | Behind the Scenes

    What a mammoth effort! This T3 was one major mission. But one that was definitely worth it! These girls really put in. Starting out feeding each other at a cafe then sneaking a pash in an alley before racing home to feverishly get each other undressed. This one is sure to be hot. So hot in fact that we needed to incorporate some ice play to cook them down!

    This is half time food break.

  • Mon 17th Nov 2008 Jessica Gets Dirty | Behind the Scenes

    What fun Jessica and I had today, did you know she used to be a clown? well, she certainly played up to that today splashing around in some inlets out on the bay. It was a hilarious shoot, and while i made every effort to keep her clean, Jessica was intent on getting muddy... it certainly made for a good shoot though.

  • Mon 17th Nov 2008 Swedish Ema | Behind the Scenes

    Ema is super cute, quick witted and loves a chat. She is traveling Australia and her first stop is Melbourne and the first thing she does is nude modeling, bless her. Toby and I shot her on a salt lake which I think is a first for AW.com.

  • Sun 16th Nov 2008 Shinanigans | Behind the Scenes

    Here is the crew (minus Amber) from Tuesday's shoot, we had a great time out in the brush, made a mess of the car and got two fantastic shoots done.

  • Sat 15th Nov 2008 Veronika in all her red-headed glory.. | Behind the Scenes

    Sprightly Veronika had her very first shoot on Tuesday, set against an old stone bridge her luminous skin sparkles.

    Gotta love a red-head!

  • Sat 15th Nov 2008 Veronika peeking through the car | Behind the Scenes

    I couldn't resist posting this photo of Veronika that beautiful red hair against the green background is stunning.

  • Sat 15th Nov 2008 Clare & Brighid Chilling | Behind the Scenes

    After a long day shooting we had a hard time getting Clare's clothes back on, kidding! But she was hanging round topless for quite some time.

  • Fri 14th Nov 2008 Laura & Mollie | Behind the Scenes

    Here is a cute snap of the girls Mollie & Laura T between their bouts of rampant masturbating yesterday afternoon. These guys got along really well and chatted about everything from recent holidays to pets!

  • Thu 13th Nov 2008 Larissa and Cleo late night lovin' | Behind the Scenes

    Last night we shot Cleo and Larissa M's long awaited Girl-Girl. I don't want to give too much away but I can tell you they started at a cafe eating yummy cake and drinking a glass of wine, then they moved it to the street, then...

    Sorry you're going to have to wait and see, don't worry it will be worth the wait.

  • Thu 13th Nov 2008 Mollie, Patience & Puss | Behind the Scenes

    Today I helped Patience out out with a Double IM, Laura T and Mollie, they both did a great job. Patience has a way with certain creatures, and she seems to attract the puss!

  • Wed 12th Nov 2008 Mollie and Laura T | Behind the Scenes

    It's been a while since we have seen the beautiful Mollie, she returns in force with an explosive double intimate moment shoot with Laura T. Both of these ladies are a pleasure to work with. They got along really well and kept that chemistry strong while the camera was rolling.

  • Wed 12th Nov 2008 Aneta writing her bio! | Behind the Scenes

    This shot was taken the other day on Aneta's first solo. She came all the way over from the states. Watch her video to find out more about this sexy seductress...

  • Wed 12th Nov 2008 Marika and Aneta... | Behind the Scenes

    Bless Charli. She is such a talented young lady that she shot a double intimate moment plus two solo intimate moments shoots with Aneta and Marika (HOT) by herself. No wonder her photographry is so great, she gots the smarts and she gots the skills. Thanks Charli.

  • Tue 11th Nov 2008 New ladies on the scene... | Behind the Scenes

    Veronika is one of those quietly confident models that seems to let nothing phase her. We shot her under this massive bridge up against the cobblestone. Renee is really really sexual and very comfortable with her personality and sexuality, she was great to shoot. It was perfect, and the best part is that we will see them both again!

  • Mon 10th Nov 2008 Anabela and her toy! | Behind the Scenes

    Don't worry I have it all on video. Anabela and her new toy got along like a house on fire. This was taken in the car on the way to the shoot.

  • Sun 09th Nov 2008 Patience and her reflection | Behind the Scenes

    Here is a gorgeous shot of Patience checking out the logistics of reflections lights and models.

  • Sun 09th Nov 2008 Beauty & the Beast | Behind the Scenes

    On the day I shot Christen we found a leech out in the flower patch. She wasn't scared at all and spent some time looking at it and teasing it with her finger. I had two pictures to choose from when selecting this picture. One with Christen in focus, and one with the leech. I figured we'd even up the nude/parasite ratio.

  • Sun 09th Nov 2008 Roxy Again | Behind the Scenes

    Because she is such a cutie I thought i'd brighten up your Sunday with another picture of Roxy, here is Charli really getting in close. Hope you had a great weekend

  • Sat 08th Nov 2008 Giselle & Toby | Behind the Scenes

    My Best friend Giselle is down for a mini-holiday this weekend, so as your reading this we are probably up to all kinds of mischief! marvelous! this shot is from her second solo shoot, and may I say now, my hair looked terrible back then, why didn't someone tell me!!

  • Sat 08th Nov 2008 I'm your fella Anabela | Behind the Scenes

    Here is a shot of the lovely Anabela and Patience debuting her new haircut. I just peered across my desk to peek at Charli's shoot of Anabela, it looks stunning. I have a serious case of what we here at AW call "Shoot Envy" This is what happens when a fellow AW photographer does a shoot that is so amazing you wish you had done it!

  • Fri 07th Nov 2008 OOps | Behind the Scenes

    Today while we were setting up for Odette Fae's sex scene, I got the porn dvd stuck in the player. Patients had a screw driver though and luckily we got it out and got to the fun screwing!

  • Fri 07th Nov 2008 Jana looking hot | Behind the Scenes

    Jana was lovely during this shoot we had some initial trouble getting the desired effect with the lighting, but after I tore my hair out for about 45 minutes, we finally caught a break!! Jana looked amazing, her legs are something else! they go on for miles!

  • Fri 07th Nov 2008 Blaire, be afraid! | Behind the Scenes

    Beautiful Blaire was back with us the other day for a quick solo and some training. It's always such a pleasure to work with Blaire she is super fun! We tried to shoot in the rain however it just wasn't meant to be. The rain stopped just before we started shooting, rats.

  • Thu 06th Nov 2008 Melita's keen! | Behind the Scenes

    Everyone loves Melita! but here it looks like Melita is loving others...who is that? Is it Blaire she is kissing?

  • Wed 05th Nov 2008 Jana Looking Hot | Behind the Scenes

    Here is Jana, The leggy and stunning model I photographed on Friday. We had a bit of a struggle with lighting initially but thankfully the patient Jana waited while I fussed around with the lights. I really like this shoot, it has an eerie, hotel feel about it... look out for it!

  • Wed 05th Nov 2008 Charli and a cute bum | Behind the Scenes

    This was taken last week, and this is the bum of gorgeous new model Roxy. Amber told me when they got back from their shoot that Roxy likes having sex doggy style so she can still watch the T.V, what a champion!

  • Tue 04th Nov 2008 Gemma K & Friend | Behind the Scenes

    This is a picture from last year, so it isn't really "pic of the Day" but i figure its relevant because we are all off enjoying a big horse race for Melbourne Cup Day. Plus it was a REALLY fun day.

  • Mon 03rd Nov 2008 Keilyn takes charge! | Behind the Scenes

    The Melbourne Cup is a pretty big deal in Australia, so big in fact that we even get a day off for it. Unfortunately though this stops us from making kick ass erotica today, so as a treat I have posted a sexy picture from Keilyn and Larissa's Girl-Girl.

  • Mon 03rd Nov 2008 Patience and Blaire hugging it out. | Behind the Scenes

    Blaire and Patience two of my favorite people. It's always a absolute pleasure to work with sassy, sexy Blaire. The sun kept coming in and out which played havoc with my exposure, but I was on top of it so luckily I was able to capture all the greatness that is our very own pocket-rocket Blaire.

  • Mon 03rd Nov 2008 Cleo and Gemma check out their VJ's | Behind the Scenes

    Wow, it's an amazing world of discovery. Cleo and her friend Gemma took a new path in their friendship, sharing the nudity and intimate secrets.

  • Sun 02nd Nov 2008 All Smiles! | Behind the Scenes

    Charli, Patience and Blaire = Dream team. We shot another solo of Blaire today, she is so confident and sexy. We were hoping for rain but unfortunately it never came, not to worry Blaire makes everything look good.

  • Sat 01st Nov 2008 Checkin out the merch... | Behind the Scenes

    Keilyn on set of her and Cleo's Girl Girl shoot checking out how the stills went with Toby.

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