• Fri 31st Oct 2008 Toby, Kiki and Melissa R | Behind the Scenes

    I shot the video newsletter with beautiful Kiki (It's up now on the news page) the same day as lovely Melissa R's second solo shoot. Big day but great results! Toby was pretty damn happy as well.

  • Fri 31st Oct 2008 Gorgeous Larissa M! | Behind the Scenes

    This is pre Girl-Girl with Keilyn. What a match made in heaven. Larissa was really nervous about meeting her partner, it was so cute but very tense at the same time.

  • Thu 30th Oct 2008 Foxy Roxy | Behind the Scenes

    New model Roxy's idea of a hot date is pizza and beer in front of sports on T.V. An Aussie male's dream date!

  • Thu 30th Oct 2008 Roxy and Kitty! | Behind the Scenes

    I love it when a day comes together, Roxy was a fantastic model today she has the perfect combination of sexy,cute,raunchy and tigress. Hard to explain but when you see the set you will understand, keep your eyes peeled for this one.

  • Wed 29th Oct 2008 Bubble bath fun! | Behind the Scenes

    Patience and the delicious Kiki filming next weeks smoking hot video newsletter! Watch out for it on the main page soon!

  • Wed 29th Oct 2008 Patience & Melissa | Behind the Scenes

    Modeling for Abbywinters.com is an eye opening experience for many models. Some more than others. And for the staff too, we are always learning new things.

  • Wed 29th Oct 2008 Legs eleven! | Behind the Scenes

    Today was a little different. There was no breaky, no pre-shoot chat, no boundary discussion, no nothing. Keilyn and Larissa did not meet each other (in fact they didn't even know the other's name) right up until they walked on set. It worked really well, creating tension and excitement among the crew but more importantly the models.

    Here is Charli and Larissa at half time. Bless.

  • Wed 29th Oct 2008 Melissa's chill out tunes | Behind the Scenes

    Melissa's first video goes live today but I thought I'd post a picture of her chilling out at her 2nd solo which was shot yesterday!

    So much Melissa! Can't get enough of this cute New Zealander!

  • Tue 28th Oct 2008 Fuzzy caterpillar! | Behind the Scenes

    Here at AW we love the all natural look. Hair...no hair we love it all! So much so that when this furry little fella popped his head up this morning, we just had to make him feel welcome and make him part of the team. Who would've thought that something 1cm long could have so much fuzz!

  • Tue 28th Oct 2008 Bums! | Behind the Scenes

    Lately we have been paying particular attention to bums and Megan L has a lovely one! Bikram yoga everybody.

  • Mon 27th Oct 2008 Keilyn Gets Paid | Behind the Scenes

    Though ALL our models are here for the love of it, we also offer them wads of cash!!! Here is a happy Keilyn at the end of the day. Sex and Money, what a great way to spend the day!

  • Sun 26th Oct 2008 Sue-ann feeding cows! | Behind the Scenes

    Here's another picture from Friday's Raft building Girls shoot..phew that's a mouthful.... on the way back I stopped to distribute some left over bread from lunch time...nice cows...fun times :-)

  • Sat 25th Oct 2008 Three happy snappers! | Behind the Scenes

    From Left: abbywinters.com elite photographers Charli, Toby and Jacki snapping away on Friday's cool Raft Building Girls!!

  • Sat 25th Oct 2008 Passion realeased | Behind the Scenes

    Cleo and Blaire's passionate sexual release is live today! This was shot about three weeks ago and I couldn't believe how hot it was!

    Enjoy their multiple orgasms and inviting positions...they sure did!

  • Fri 24th Oct 2008 Raft Building girls pause for a happy snap! | Behind the Scenes

    These ladies had a blast strapping logs and haggling with knots yesterday ...

    from left: Lou-Ellen, Laura T, Kacey, Zasha, Blaire, and Marcelle!

    ...with Patience holding a reflector!

  • Fri 24th Oct 2008 Fun in the sun! | Behind the Scenes

    Zasha shows off her balance skills in todays mammoth multi girl shoot "Raft Building Girls"!

    Blaire, Lou-Ellen, Laura T, Marcelle, Kacey and Zasha successfully built a raft and sailed away!

    Not really- they stuck around for my vanilla slices....

  • Fri 24th Oct 2008 Blaire gets her kit off! | Behind the Scenes

    Today's massive girlgirl shoot is all about raft building! Blaire gets undressed by Laura T and Kasey..while the aw photographers shoot away.

    I don't think she minds much!

  • Thu 23rd Oct 2008 Cleo and Keilyn having fun with fruit! | Behind the Scenes

    Here's another picture from yesterdays HOT girlgirl moment with Cleo and Keilyn!

    Midnight Snack girls...watch out for it!

  • Thu 23rd Oct 2008 Jacki and gaff | Behind the Scenes

    Jacki and I were out as team video today, yes, we are living in a parallel universe where we do video instead of stills. It went pretty well Jacki as usual is a legend and Evonne and Augustine did a brilliant job on their double intimate moment. I think overall the day was extremely satisfying.

  • Wed 22nd Oct 2008 Melita Melita! | Behind the Scenes

    She is standing right behind me commenting on how much it would gross her out if she had to kiss me! But, jeez isn't she cute?

  • Wed 22nd Oct 2008 Keilyn and Cleo awwww | Behind the Scenes

    I have never seen Toby so excited to shoot a Girl-Girl. She had been planning a 'midnight snacks' shoot for a long time and today finally got to pull it off and luckily with two great models, Cleo and Keilyn were willing and able!

  • Wed 22nd Oct 2008 Keilyn & Cleo Raid the Fridge | Behind the Scenes

    Oh boy, I was so excited to get this shoot going, it took a lot to organize but today we finally did it and IT LOOKED AMAZING! I had this idea in my head for a long time and was biding my time until we had two models that i thought could pull it off. Keilyn was bubbly and amazing, and Cleo was the seasoned pro. The light was great!!! eeek!

  • Wed 22nd Oct 2008 Amy and Charli concentrating... | Behind the Scenes

    Amy J possesses one of the hottest bodies around, so when abbywinters.com photographer Charli wanted to take a closer look with her super duper wizz bang camera yesterday...it's totally understandable!

  • Tue 21st Oct 2008 Hanging on the stairs! | Behind the Scenes

    The gorgeous brunette Amy J was back today for her third solo shoot. She climbed up and down stairs, slinking around like a kitty cat. Mind you I think Charli is doing an excellent job of that herself. Here she is pictured contorting herself to get just the right shot!

  • Tue 21st Oct 2008 ...and more ladies | Behind the Scenes

    This is Ilona (she just put her head down) and Cleo hanging out at the office. Blaire and Fotina were hanging about as well!

  • Tue 21st Oct 2008 So many ladies...so little time. | Behind the Scenes

    This shot was taken yesterday when we went on a road trip to the mountains to shoot some gorgeous new models.

    From left: Sue-ann, Jacki, Toby, Marcelle, Laura T and Lani B

  • Mon 20th Oct 2008 Christen and Keilyn backlit beautifully | Behind the Scenes

    I just couldn't resist popping this photo on pic of the day. I took it while Patience was giving direction. Christen and Keilyn almost look like sisters here,I really love this behind the scenes snap.

  • Mon 20th Oct 2008 Patience looking dramatic | Behind the Scenes

    Here is a snap I took of Patience on a training day recently. Nice effect if I do say so myself.

  • Sun 19th Oct 2008 Hey girls! What's under your top?! | Behind the Scenes

    Here's another picture from Friday's fun T1 girlgirl shoot "Ball Pit Girls"

    Christen's really trying to check out Keilyn's boobs...but I can't really blame her can you??

  • Fri 17th Oct 2008 Pale skin on dark! | Behind the Scenes

    How exquisite is this combination for a double IM. The beautiful milky skin of Carolyne against the gorgeous rich skin of Zasha. The two were so cute and chatty with each other. This is bound to be a good one.

  • Fri 17th Oct 2008 Blaire oh Blaire | Behind the Scenes

    Blaire came by on Thursday to hang with Chloe B and I caught her relaxing on the couch. I tried to put the picture up on the same day, but because my computer skills aren't nearly up to scratch you get it as a Saturday treat.

    Here she is in all her beauty...

  • Fri 17th Oct 2008 Charli Surrounded | Behind the Scenes

    This might be some people's idea of heaven. This is Charli's world, everyday. Don't hate, congratulate.

  • Thu 16th Oct 2008 Ball Pit fun! | Behind the Scenes

    Oh I love big productions especially when there are lots and lots of coloured balls...

    Oh and 5 sexy, gorgeous and funny models to play with them. Here's a little sneak peak.

  • Thu 16th Oct 2008 Melita Joins the fun | Behind the Scenes

    Its always us in production that get to have all the fun, today Melita was feeling a bit left out, so she came over to see what we were up to. We were setting up for the shoot tomorrow. Tomorrow's shoot is sure to be pretty cool, its hard not to get carried away!

  • Wed 15th Oct 2008 The ladies... | Behind the Scenes

    Well look who dropped by to say G'day...Fotina (yes she is back!), Kristin and Cassie.

  • Wed 15th Oct 2008 Rockin it! | Behind the Scenes

    This is what happens when things get a little tense...

    No not really this is Jacki and I channeling rock gods at a club we shot Chloe B and Fae at the other day.

  • Wed 15th Oct 2008 Oh my! | Behind the Scenes

    Today was a non-shoot day so what better opportunity to give you another sneak peak of the super hot girl-girl shoot of Chloe B and Fae. These two ladies were incredible...what an honor to shoot them!

  • Wed 15th Oct 2008 Minnie looking sweet as sweetness | Behind the Scenes

    Check out angelic Minnie, she's holding Ambers camera while we fiddle with lights. I think I have a bit of a crush on Minnie, she looks so innocent but she is really a tiger.

  • Tue 14th Oct 2008 Toby Shoots | Behind the Scenes

    Here is a picture of me concentrating on a recent shoot, and shooting with the 85mm lens (which i love). I think on this shoot i was shooting Jenny-Lee, she was great!

  • Tue 14th Oct 2008 Carolyne and the kitty | Behind the Scenes

    Carolyne was a hard worker today, first doing the video newsletter (which was really sexy) then jumping in with Zasha to do a double Intimate Moment shoot. This is her playing with a cute little cat in some down time we had.

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