• Sun 31st Aug 2008 Just like holding something precious... | Behind the Scenes

    Melita is extremely precious to all of us here at abbywinters.com HQ.

    Here's our amazing Chloe B holding her up for the world to see!!!

  • Sat 30th Aug 2008 Krystin's panties are worth a look! | Behind the Scenes

    This is a picture from Krystin's first shoot but I thought I'd put it up today (being a Sunday and nothing much happening in the abbywinters.com house..)

    ...funny how her new solo shoot is up today too!

    I just love the look on her face while Charli takes sneaky pictures of her knickers- it's like "they're just my old undies- why are you sooo interested in what's down there?!?!"

    ..If only she knew :)

  • Sat 30th Aug 2008 Bronte's first solo! | Behind the Scenes

    Bronte's first solo got edited today and she is devine!

  • Sat 30th Aug 2008 All the way up there!!!! | Behind the Scenes

    We were shooting in a second story bathroom and had to hoist the light all the way up in the air for it to enhance our shoot and guess what - it worked a treat!

    Patience looks quite impressed with it!

  • Fri 29th Aug 2008 All washed up! | Behind the Scenes

    Blaire and Annalisa are quite startled in this shot in the bathroom today. (so startled we missed the top of Annalisa's head!)

    They paired up for an awesome tier 3 in the shower and the bath. Cracking fun!

  • Fri 29th Aug 2008 Jackie shows the girls her sexy bra! | Behind the Scenes

    Jackie was wearing new underwear today and showed it off to Leah and Lea to get them in the mood for their double masturbating video. SEXXXXY!

  • Wed 27th Aug 2008 Only 19 hours to go..... | Behind the Scenes

    Backstage pictures are the best!

    This hot(!) shot shows clearly what we do every day here at abbywinters.com

    Fae and Odette having a licking good time on their shoot about two weeks ago...wish I could join them really... sigh~ their shoot goes up soon tho- not long to wait!

  • Wed 27th Aug 2008 Lemon picking! | Behind the Scenes

    Woo hoo new model! We love welcoming beautiful new girls to the AW family. Here is Emily K, shot yesterday, out amongst concrete statues and lemon trees. Can't really go wrong with a petite blonde climbing ladders, picking fruit, and posing amongst the flowers

  • Tue 26th Aug 2008 Jackie is statuesque | Behind the Scenes

    Jackie demonstrated different posses to strike when imitating a statue. She's quite the natural. Careful the the white witch doesn't come along Jac's.

  • Tue 26th Aug 2008 Oh to be a passenger on that train! | Behind the Scenes

    When Patience asked Chloe B to do something fun on the video newsletter shoot today, she didnt expect Chloe B to spin around whooping, laughing and showing her beautiful body off to the passengers on this train!!

    I love it when people are unpredictable! Awesome fun!

  • Mon 25th Aug 2008 Zasha's back!!!!! (I'm a bit happy..) | Behind the Scenes

    Zasha is back today for her third solo! yippie! She's hot stuff and had a great time with Jacki getting some super close ups of her delicious nipples

    ...it's funny- every one of her shoots has been for a trial videographer! weird eh? Lee's leaving us soon- sniff - so we're on the lookout again! interested? check out www.jobs.abbywinters.com

  • Mon 25th Aug 2008 Chloe making Kiki feel welcome at AWHQ | Behind the Scenes

    Kiki dropped in to say hello and discuss all thing Girl-Girl, which can only mean she is keen to get right back on that Girl-Girl wagon, praise the freakin lord!

  • Sun 24th Aug 2008 "My camera! Myyyyyy camera!" | Behind the Scenes

    Patience is such a magnificient videographer. I've never met another like her!

    Her eye for sexiness in every shot is inspiring to watch and her unique manner - which we have all (gradually) grown to love - brightens up every day!

  • Sat 23rd Aug 2008 Corelle and Immie play boobies | Behind the Scenes

    On corelle and Immies double masturbation shoot, they play with a fake squishy boobie to warm up. It's like a boobie in your pocket!

  • Fri 22nd Aug 2008 I miss Charli.... | Behind the Scenes

    Ahhh... Charli is such a calming influence on the abbywinters.com production team and she's been away on holiday for what seems like FOREVER!

    Here she is standing in for Jacki who is testing where the fleckie should be...

  • Fri 22nd Aug 2008 Thumbs up! | Behind the Scenes

    Here is Jacki giving a big thumbs up to this weeks video newsletter.

    If you haven't had a chance to check it out you must be crazy. It just to the right of the news page. Enjoy.

  • Thu 21st Aug 2008 Smooth Hayley T... | Behind the Scenes

    Here's a shot from Hayley T's upcoming shoot!

    Her smooth body extensions are captured by Jacki and watch out for those gold sequined panties...

  • Thu 21st Aug 2008 Patience learns stills camera | Behind the Scenes

    Jacki teaches Patience how to operate the stills camera so she can take pictures when she shoots the VNL. Multi-talented patience continues to expand her skills!

  • Wed 20th Aug 2008 Busted! | Behind the Scenes

    I know Patience loooves being a videographer. Why is it then that every time our backs are turned Patience is seen batting for the other team. Stills team that is! Here she is, caught red handed by Toby. There's no denying from this photo that Patience doesn't mind a bit of the stills action. Come join us anytime miss!

  • Wed 20th Aug 2008 Can anyone spot Toby in the reeds??? | Behind the Scenes

    We had a really fun shoot with Keilyn last week. But it was so cold.

    Toby is sheltering from the wind while taking a shot and the skyline looks menacingly dark!

  • Tue 19th Aug 2008 Jacki captures Courtney B... | Behind the Scenes

    Jacki goes to great lengths to get great shots and the right angles!

    Courtney B was a sweetheart to shoot today and cheered us all up with her wonderful stories of skateboarding!

  • Mon 18th Aug 2008 Midday Munchies! | Behind the Scenes

    Lunch time on set. From left: Toby, Jacki, Fae and Blaire.

    All this sex makes people very hungry!

  • Mon 18th Aug 2008 Ever wondered what happens in Toby's bed? | Behind the Scenes

    We shot at Toby's house today, infact we shot on Toby's bed! and Fae turned it on for a sensual Girl-Girl. At the end of the day both ladies described the shoot as romantic, aww how sweet.

  • Sun 17th Aug 2008 Jacki get's recognised... | Behind the Scenes

    Jacki is so beautiful she draw's attention whereever she goes!

    While she and Patience were out filming for the video newsletter this week, a large crowd of tourists gathered around snapping away on their camera's trying to get a picture of our famous photographer - it interrupted filming for about 20 minutes!

  • Sat 16th Aug 2008 Cute bum! | Behind the Scenes

    Here's another shot from Friday's shoot with the gorgeous Jenny Lee. Doctor, gymnist, piano player...you name, she could do it! And to add to her list, she can now proudly say 'nude model'. What an amazing job she did. I was so impressed and verrry happy with how the shoot turned out. Who knew a bare garage could look so good!

  • Fri 15th Aug 2008 Jacki and Jenny-Lee | Behind the Scenes

    Jacki: Gorgeous Jenny-Lee, what a chameleon. This girl had the natural ability to draw on so many moods. Sexy, funny, serious, eerie..she had it all. We shot her in a painted brick garage with edgy lighting. She looked hauntingly beautiful.

  • Fri 15th Aug 2008 Jacki...sigh | Behind the Scenes

    Isn't she beautiful. Jacki hosted video newsletter together this week and she pulled it off with style and sass as only she could. Look at those eyes...

  • Fri 15th Aug 2008 Missing Finland | Behind the Scenes

    Missing Finland (Claire J)today, she was soooo funny and she was on my first shoot day as well. Look at her in her cute pigtails and lovely Charlie as well.

  • Fri 15th Aug 2008 ...and the inspirado was flowing | Behind the Scenes

    I bet you all want to know what makes Jenny-Lee feel powerful...? Well your just going to have to wait! One thing I will say is this was a powerful shoot, this young lady has it all.

  • Thu 14th Aug 2008 Thumb's up from a very cold Keilyn... | Behind the Scenes

    What a wonderful shoot we had today! It was out in South Victoria with a bitterly cold sea wind freezing our little fingers off but the beautiful Keilyn was still in good spirits.

    She may have been chilled from the icy Antarctic air, but the shots of the dramatic landscape against her serene looks are incredible! Thank you VERY much for today Keilyn!

  • Thu 14th Aug 2008 Patience tells it like it is | Behind the Scenes

    Patience is vigilant in telling the girls the pleasure of all the things they ARE allowed to do - Everything they want!

  • Wed 13th Aug 2008 New toys!!!! | Behind the Scenes

    Here is team video striking a pose with a new HMI light delivered fresh to AWHQ today!

    Its fun getting new toys to make our video's great and exciting! But nothing makes a video more exciting than a hot model with a great personality!!

  • Tue 12th Aug 2008 Bloomin' beautiful Jacki! | Behind the Scenes

    Always a blossoming belle, Jacki is as pretty as a petal in the conservatory today.

    Patience shot an amazing video-newsletter today with Jacki hosting it. Patience is such an excellent videographer - I love watching her work!

  • Tue 12th Aug 2008 Photographer turn host! | Behind the Scenes

    Here Patience and I take a moment to relax, calm our thoughts and jump into this weeks video newsletter. All very pensive while I replay my lines in my head and put on my 'host' hat for the day!

  • Mon 11th Aug 2008 Passionate Girl-Girl action | Behind the Scenes

    This is just some of the action that happened in yesterdays Girl Girl shoot with Fae and Odette. The best news is that next week you can have access to all of it.

  • Sat 09th Aug 2008 Cheeky Alera | Behind the Scenes

    Isn't Alera's smile just to die for? This shot was taken while she was ruffling through her bags looking for something sexy to wear for her solo.

  • Sat 09th Aug 2008 Jacki & Millicent... | Behind the Scenes

    One of our favourite Abbywinters.com staff members Millicent was out on a shoot with us on Thursday. She just wanted to find out how much fun we have on set and to get to know what it feels like to be a model for a day!

    Here she is with Jacki testing out the lighting...

  • Fri 08th Aug 2008 Angie and Chloe go off! | Behind the Scenes

    Horses don't mind a temporary intrusion.... a small pile of hay distracts for just long enough for Toby and Charli to shoot a steamy girlgirl moment...

  • Fri 08th Aug 2008 Beautiful Elizabeth C... | Behind the Scenes

    We shot the amazing Elizabeth C yesterday and she was such a joy to work with!!

    She's shy, dignified and sexy! She has a beautiful physique and a really graceful movement...

  • Thu 07th Aug 2008 Can you guess who it is????? | Behind the Scenes

    We shot a brand new model today and here is an strange yet tempting pic to stimulate some interest....

    The owner of these delicious legs will be revealed soon!

  • Thu 07th Aug 2008 Book Shop Girls | Behind the Scenes

    This was a great little shoot, and an awesome way to get back into things after my holiday. Be sure to check this shoot out very soon... We only shot it on Monday, but I have a feeling it will be up very soon!

  • Wed 06th Aug 2008 Lube-ing up!! | Behind the Scenes

    Here's Juliette K employing an unusual technique in preparation for her masturbation video with Larissa M!

    Of all the things I've seen here at Abbywinters.com this is at the top of the entertainment pile!!!

  • Wed 06th Aug 2008 Jacki and Patience | Behind the Scenes

    Partners in crime, but we look so innocent don't we?

    We had just set up the lighting for Jordana's solo and took advantage of some down time.

  • Tue 05th Aug 2008 Keilyn chills out on the stairs... | Behind the Scenes

    HOT models just keep bursting through the abbywinters.com doors lately and today was no exception. Keilyn, with her neatly toned body and brooding inner confidence was fantastic to shoot today.

    Relaxed, playful and funny - it was as if she'd been an abbywinters.com model for years!

  • Tue 05th Aug 2008 Jacki and Jordana... | Behind the Scenes

    I am so glad we got to shoot Jordana outside, it feels like forever since summer. It got a little chilly at the end of the day but all round another keeper for AW.com

  • Mon 04th Aug 2008 Literal beauties.... | Behind the Scenes

    We kicked off the week with an awesome shoot in a book shop today. Larissa M, Caitlin K and Carly T combined for a scintillating, sexy and superb browse through the book shelves.

    Toby was back today too and soon settled back into the skilful snaptastic superstar that we all know she is...

  • Mon 04th Aug 2008 New model Alera | Behind the Scenes

    Happiness is Monday's shoot being awesome. I haven't shot a solo for about a month so I had been revving myself up for it all weekend. I 'm so glad the model was Alera, she was confident, sexy and she's a bloody nice chick.

  • Sun 03rd Aug 2008 Snap-happy Patience... | Behind the Scenes

    Here's Patience, Amber and Charli sussing out which angle to shoot from...

    Patience has discovered the magnificent mirror will prove problematic for reflections!!!

  • Fri 01st Aug 2008 Violeta's 3rd solo - lucky us! | Behind the Scenes

    This is a sneak peak still image from a video I shot of Violeta. I am a little addicted to lens flare and I think this image sums up why. With awesome models like her it makes my job so inspiring. This is one of my favorite shoots, it's only short but delivers the goods, keep a watch out for it.

  • Fri 01st Aug 2008 Jacki and Charli | Behind the Scenes

    Two thirds of team stills - Jacki and Charli. There is a lot of love in our production department, we all have the utmost respect and love for each other, it is a privilege and pleasure to get to work with a group of such amazing women. Go Team Go!

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