• Mon 30th Jun 2008 Kiki drops in for a chat | Behind the Scenes

    Kiki dropped into AWHQ today to hang out with us and have a chat about some upcoming Girl Girl shoots. The future is looking promising. She is so gorgeous, when she walks in the door our hearts melt. awww.

  • Sat 28th Jun 2008 Toby misses out on a quick flash! | Behind the Scenes

    You got to be quick around here. Toby turns her head for a minute and Angie treats me to a flash of her gigantic boobies. I love my job.

  • Fri 27th Jun 2008 Box in a box! | Behind the Scenes

    Today we tried something really different which is always a little scary, but luckily it turned out amazing. Carys was the perfect model for the shoot. Small in size and full of sass. I had her climbing about an old wooden chest. She was the best treasure I reckon anyone could find!

  • Thu 26th Jun 2008 Picture perfect Lea! | Behind the Scenes

    The gorgeous Lea graced me with her picture perfect smile,and big blue eyes, on todays solo shoot. She worked the camera awesomely. Her pretty pale skin looked so good against the dark green of the palms.

  • Tue 24th Jun 2008 Charli shooting the ladies | Behind the Scenes

    "After lot's of tech issues like blowing up houses (just kidding only the fuses). This shoot got off to a late start but a spectacular finish." - Charli

  • Tue 24th Jun 2008 Charli, Odette, Angie & Toby just chillin | Behind the Scenes

    We all know how much of a sexy minx young Angie is - this is no secret, though let me tell you about Odette. It was her first Girl-Girl today and she was a little nervous which is completely normal, but as soon as we started rolling it seemed she forgot about the cameras altogether having 3 massive orgasms, her whole body was shaking! I also got some funny backstage stuff you will all be interested in.

  • Mon 23rd Jun 2008 Angie and Patience chilling out before the shoot | Behind the Scenes

    Angie...Angie, I am so in love with Angie, Patience and Angie are just relaxing before Angie's explosive Girl Girl with Fae. It was Fae's very first Girl Girl for AW and she was phenominal. Oh my goodness the whole day was dynamite.

  • Mon 23rd Jun 2008 Angie and Fae have a giggle | Behind the Scenes

    We definitely kicked the week off to an awesome start with Fae and Angie today. I lost count of how many orgasms were had on that bed. Here they are looking over their stills set and sharing a giggle - gorgeous!

  • Sat 21st Jun 2008 Training day! | Behind the Scenes

    The girls...the girls! Here we are being goofy on Friday's training day. With winter here it's important to brush up on our technical skills to deal with the changing lighting conditions. We make training days look good too! =)

  • Sat 21st Jun 2008 Angie & Chloe B get Intimate | Behind the Scenes

    A rather more raunchy shot from wednesday's tier 3 now, it is Sunday after all! Its a nice sneak peak of whats to come...

  • Sat 21st Jun 2008 Blaire Helps Me Out | Behind the Scenes

    This was a great little shoot done last Tuesday. Most of the models we shoot are super helpful, and Blaire is no exception! When we had a bit of a drama with the location and my scrim she was quick to jump up and help out!

  • Fri 20th Jun 2008 More valuable training | Behind the Scenes

    Here is Toby, Charli and Jacki concentrating hard. I felt I needed to capture this moment as it doesn't happen often - just kidding. We went out to the park today for some outdoor shooting training, specifically how to deal with wacky shadows and sunlight issues.

  • Wed 18th Jun 2008 Anyone for a roll in the hay? | Behind the Scenes

    This shoot has been a long time coming... Today we shot the much anticipated Angie and Chloe B Girl Girl bonanza... It certainly lived up to everyone's expectations too. We ended up hijacking some horses food bales for a bit of girl girl action. The horses were not impressed and it was an effort trying to keep them away for the entire shoot.

  • Wed 18th Jun 2008 Toby happy in the hay | Behind the Scenes

    Toby had to check out the softness of the hay today before Chloe B and Angie did their Girl Girl shoot. After battling curious horses, rolling in the hay (to check softness) and combating the cold. The shoot was done, and it is completely amazing. Chloe B and Angie generated some serious heat so everyone stayed warm.

  • Wed 18th Jun 2008 Sleeping beauties! | Behind the Scenes

    Awww...look at the little shnookums! Got to love these gorgeous girls for looking so damn adorable. Making sexy erotica is fun but hard work. And it looks like it got Carys and Patience beat, on this particular day. Bless their cotton socks!

  • Tue 17th Jun 2008 Fotina and Angie, so beautiful. | Behind the Scenes

    Fotina and Angie are just about to get ready to shoot their double intimate moment in this shot. I was so excited because these girls were so into each other it was unbelievable. I am talking about some serious sexual attraction!

  • Mon 16th Jun 2008 Still not too cold for an outdoor shoot | Behind the Scenes

    Today was a big day. Toby and I decided we would go for a bit of a road trip with the wonderful Violeta. After 2 hours of driving (and the occasional nap) we arrived to an interesting location - some abandoned dredging machinery. This made for an awesome shoot, I was so excited when I saw it, love shooting outdoors with top models and a cool location! Oh and Toby isn't bad either.

  • Sun 15th Jun 2008 Toby Gets the Shot | Behind the Scenes

    Charli and I took turns last Thursday with this shoot, she is training on tier 3s and she is going so well. I guess we shot about half each, and they were going so well we were struggling to keep up! In the best way possible though...

  • Sun 15th Jun 2008 Cleo looking fabulous getting ready for her shoot with Carys | Behind the Scenes

    Cleo was so awesome today as I continued my girl girl training. Here she is being her normal glamorous self, even as she gets changed.

  • Sat 14th Jun 2008 Fotina and Carys Cuddle up... | Behind the Scenes

    On Wednesday we shot Carys and Fotina's tier 3, great views from every angle here... I thought you guys might enjoy a little more of these cuties to get you through the weekend!

  • Fri 13th Jun 2008 The Gals! | Behind the Scenes

    Look who graced us with her presence this afternoon - Everyones favorite MARIGOLDY! We all really missed her while she was away so there was a lot of love in AWHQ, lucky I'm quick with my hands and got a happy snap of the good times!

  • Fri 13th Jun 2008 Take a peek through a keyhole... | Behind the Scenes

    I spy with my little eye the never ending legs and pert bum of Asian beauty Chantelle K. She's a lady with class and taste and I'm sure you'll agree her first reveal on abbywinters.com is very very tasty.

  • Thu 12th Jun 2008 Charli in Girl Girl training | Behind the Scenes

    Had fun today shooting with Toby and the team. It was training day for me on girl girl shoots. I have been waiting for this day for awhile, and it was fantastic. The models were amazing, Fotina and Kiki were remarkable. It was very, very hot and sexy to shoot. Thanks Toby for taking me out, and the girls for letting me train.

  • Wed 11th Jun 2008 Toby enjoying the view | Behind the Scenes

    We got off to a slow start today, I actually thought that we were never going to get to shoot these two beautiful women. It's ok everyone, we did (and in awesome time). Fotina was dynamite as usual, and showed Carys just how to please a lady.

  • Wed 11th Jun 2008 Disco Fever! | Behind the Scenes

    Kirsty is a returning nude model and today she was surprised at how much awhq had changed...but Charlie, Amber and myself were eager to see how she'd changed so as the clothes came off LOTS of pictures were taken!

    Good news - super flexible Kirsty (she's done heaps of yoga and can get her body into ANY position...) is also interested in some group shoots!

  • Wed 11th Jun 2008 Charli and Claire J mucking around | Behind the Scenes

    Here's a pic of me and Claire before her intimate moment. As you can tell we take everything we do very seriously. And no fun happens at AW ever. Tee-Hee!

  • Tue 10th Jun 2008 Pale and tanned! | Behind the Scenes

    The gorgeous Claire J and Tricia T paired up today for yet another fabulous double intimate moments. The contrast of tanned skin on pale looked incredible but not anywhere close to how incredible the shoot looked!

  • Sun 08th Jun 2008 Toby Shoots the Wrestling Girls | Behind the Scenes

    What a massive day! We all started work at 1pm and we didn't end up leaving until 2am! Everyone was so exhausted but happy because the shoot turned out really well. So it should have too! with the amount of time we spent setting up all the lighting and then the fantastic models we had. Certain things worked out especially well, like the chalk puffs when the girls conceded defeat and the beams of light cutting through the mist. Go Team!

  • Sun 08th Jun 2008 Chloe B and Fotina relaxing before the shoot | Behind the Scenes

    Here is another shot from the wrestling shoot. Chloe B and Fotina are chilling out having a giggle before the shoot. They look so cute in their wrestling outfits, but they are so tough in the shoot. Butter wouldn't melt ...

  • Fri 06th Jun 2008 All in brawl! | Behind the Scenes

    So, you know that absolute nudity I was talking about in our wrestling shoot? Well here it is. Models Annalisa, Immie, Fotina, Carly T, Chloe B, and Violeta were absolutely amazing. They rumbled and tumbled like pros all shoot. I was so impressed by the stamina and strength of every one of them.

  • Fri 06th Jun 2008 Jacki and Bettie | Behind the Scenes

    Here is Jacki making use of odd chairs and stools around the house to get that perfect shot.

  • Fri 06th Jun 2008 Alisa on the Tracks | Behind the Scenes

    Great shoot, fantastic model, terrifying location! We risked life and limb to bring you this shoot, I had the train time table worked out in my head and i was keeping a lookout too, thank goodness we saw the trains coming in time. Great work Alisa! you were patient, forgiving and stunning!

  • Fri 06th Jun 2008 Wrestling girls! | Behind the Scenes

    Imagine six gorgeous girls in super tight lycra leotards, having it out on a wrestling mat to the point of absolute nudity. Could it get any hotter? These ladies put in the hard yards last night. There was blood sweat, thankfully no tears and at the end of the night we had an awesome shoot!

  • Wed 04th Jun 2008 Immie and Charli hugging it out | Behind the Scenes

    Awww don't they look gorgeous! Everyone welcomed Immie back with open arms for her return to the AW world in a spectacular Intimate Moment. The word from Charli and Amber is they could hear her come from the next room. Always a good sign.

  • Tue 03rd Jun 2008 Bush bashing! | Behind the Scenes

    Swedish sweetheart Maiara looked like she stepped straight out of a fairytale in yesterdays shoot. In her white dress atop a mossy green rock with pretty soft light, she looked so lovely. But boy did the cold take it's toll.

  • Tue 03rd Jun 2008 Toby and Carly T braving the cold | Behind the Scenes

    Carly and Toby braved the freezing cold this morning, they whacked out an incredible shoot. They had almost finished while I was still on my way in to work. Geez..The early bird and all that jazz..

  • Mon 02nd Jun 2008 Jacki and Kerina getting high... | Behind the Scenes

    What a funny day. Its always great when two friends come along and do a shoot on the same day. Kerina and Renee are from Queensland and they had us in fits all day keeping us entertained with crazy travel stories, war wounds and something about a policeman. Here is Jacki up nice and high with Kerina on an observation tower.

  • Mon 02nd Jun 2008 Gorgeous Oriel smiling for the camera | Behind the Scenes

    Today was the best day ever! I am so excited about shoot we did. We had the totally hot model Oriel work with us. Oriel came back for her redux to shoot my sexy idea. She is so incredibly gorgeous and the shoot has worked out divinely. She was completely perfecto!

  • Mon 02nd Jun 2008 Oriel and Charlie - sexiest women alive! | Behind the Scenes

    Yay! The team just got back and this pic is hot outta the cybershot!

    Charlie had a blissful day oggling Oriel in this haunting warehouse, not that you're even going to notice the location since Oriel is such a knockout.

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