• Sat 31st May 2008 Chloe B helping me out today | Behind the Scenes

    Lets all take a moment to worship Chloe because she is a goddess! She helped me out with some lighting tests today, and looked gorgeous while she was doing it.

  • Fri 30th May 2008 All smiles! | Behind the Scenes

    Here the gorgeous Noelle kicks back while Patience takes the spotlight and flashes those pearly whites. The girls did an awesome shoot outside today, amongst the beautiful autumn leaves of a chestnut farm.

  • Fri 30th May 2008 Puss in the box | Behind the Scenes

    At the house we shot at there was the cutest little kitty and she was very curious. Here she is giving a thorough inspection of Jacki's flash heads.

    In other news: Dotty was a wonderful surprise today, she is an unassuming young Dutch lass who really knew how to turn it on she made my life so easy. love it. Great way to end the week.

  • Thu 29th May 2008 Toby and Noelle | Behind the Scenes

    What a fantastic day. Toby and I were excited because we got to shoot the darling Noelle. We went about an hour and a half out of Melbourne and found an awesome chestnut plantation (I thought it was weird too). So damn pretty, the scenery was ok as well.

  • Thu 29th May 2008 Charli having a play | Behind the Scenes

    I took advantage of the late afternoon light, to take some snaps whilst outdoor location hunting today. Check out the sun flare covering me, looks like Scotty is going to beam me up!

  • Wed 28th May 2008 Toby Feeds The Birds | Behind the Scenes

    Still out looking for rad locations. Today we found ourselves down on the beach. After looking around for a while, we decided to feed the birds. It's pretty cold out here right now and it seems even the seagulls have gone some place warmer for the winter, even with food we got a pitiful turnout!

  • Wed 28th May 2008 Stopping to smell the roses! | Behind the Scenes

    The glorious Charlie takes a bit of time out from shooting beautiful young Australian women to smell the roses...or are they lilies??

  • Tue 27th May 2008 Patience on the Rooftop | Behind the Scenes

    In an effort to bring you guys constantly better shoots, Patience and I went and found some killer rooftop positions to get some different shoots going. Cant wait!

  • Tue 27th May 2008 Behind Jacki's back! | Behind the Scenes

    New model Ramona is the type of model I love to shoot. She started off with a few nerves and then slowly unraveled a subtle, sexy and alluring persona. Here, I am demonstrating the position I want her to move into, but unbeknown to me she was demonstrating what she wanted to do to me!

  • Tue 27th May 2008 Ramona's a saucy lady... | Behind the Scenes

    Here's another pic from Ramona's first solo yesterday-

    Jacki's arse is featuring quite nicely, sometimes I think it has a mind of it's own...or perhaps the more likely story is my camera gravitates towards wherever her bootylicious bum is peeking...

  • Mon 26th May 2008 Rachel K is super flexi | Behind the Scenes

    Today Rachel touched herself intimately in her first ever explicit solo shoot

    She thoroughly enjoyed the experience and says she can't wait to start some girl girl shoots...yay for us!

  • Mon 26th May 2008 Tricia L turning in on for Charlie... | Behind the Scenes

    Tricia and I had a blast talking and chatting through her first ever solo video- I even got to undress her! ...jealous much??

    Anyway, Charlie kicked me out for Tricia's pictures but I managed to sneak in for a quick backstage snap!

  • Mon 26th May 2008 Boobies in every direction. | Behind the Scenes

    The set was hot today with two cute newbies. Pictured here is the slender Rachael K. Her gorgeous light brown curls and dainty beauty spot give her the charm of yesteryear, but her sensual nature is all about the now!

  • Sat 24th May 2008 What's missing ? | Behind the Scenes

    Let's play a game! It's kind of like spot the difference, but instead it's called 'spot what's missing'. And here is the gorgeous Shaminee to help you. It will be a treat for your eyes when you find it.

  • Fri 23rd May 2008 mmmm Food | Behind the Scenes

    Here is Ren, Shaminee and Charli having a big lunch on set.

  • Fri 23rd May 2008 The shoot team with our intrepid teacher | Behind the Scenes

    Everyone is looking pretty intent as we run over closeup lighting techniques. The room was filled with an atmosphere of concentration. After all that energy was burnt powering up our brains we went out together for pizza. Yay!

  • Thu 22nd May 2008 Dirty bum! | Behind the Scenes

    So today I wasn't scheduled to shoot, but ended up shooting the gorgeous Shaminee. Unfortunately I wasn't really dressed for the occasion. As you can see I decided it was better to get my bum dirty than to grub up my dress.

  • Wed 21st May 2008 Sue-ann playing peeping tom...again | Behind the Scenes

    Charli snapping the super fine British lass Shaminee taking her top off last Thursday!

    OOhh ahh..cheeky bra..

    I'm a sucker for a perv...

  • Wed 21st May 2008 Phone sex anyone? | Behind the Scenes

    We did something a little special today with this double intimate moment which you all are going to love! For those of you who have ever had phone sex you know how hot it can be - and today was no exception! It worked a treat.

  • Tue 20th May 2008 Ooh! Flasher! | Behind the Scenes

    ~teehee...All good fun on location in misty Daylesford today- Spanish siren Valentina is rather fond of black- so much so her entire wardrobe is black- Toby decided to confiscate my skirt for Val's second nudie solo, hence the reason I'm flashing.

    ...ahh well- it's actually rather a perk... :-)

  • Tue 20th May 2008 Patience, Valentina & Sue-ann | Behind the Scenes

    A great day of pretty bushland and stunning models! Patience and I decided upon seeing Valentina that we should head out into the country and find a deserted road for Valentina to walk along, the results are lovely for both stills and video. Go us!

  • Tue 20th May 2008 Toby and Valentina take the long road | Behind the Scenes

    It was a battle of the elements today but as always we won! Valentina cannot speak much English but it hardly matters because she is one of the most beautiful women I have seen. Toby, Sue-Ann and I took her on a road trip to a deserted old road and shot her there. Beautiful.

  • Tue 20th May 2008 Sneaky pic of Charli and Karla | Behind the Scenes

    Here is a sneaky backstage pic of me (Charli) taking some shots of hot new aw model Karla. Sue-ann was getting all private detective with the backstage camera. Lucky we were just getting nude and taking perfectly innocent shots.

  • Sun 18th May 2008 Toby, Becky T & Shaminee T3! | Behind the Scenes

    This shoot was great! I cant believe we don't have more pictures of it up yet! The girls did a really good job, especially considering Patience and I chose a chair as a location, rather than a bed that the girls wanted... heehee. The shoot is better for it, trust me.

  • Sat 17th May 2008 Melita Melita | Behind the Scenes

    I think I may have been stressing young Melita out a little before a shoot but she just looked so damn cute I had to take happy snap. Love Melita!

  • Sat 17th May 2008 Picking some outfits! | Behind the Scenes

    I missed out on shooting the lovely Annalisa on Friday, but my buddy Charli had the pleasure, and what a pleasure it was! Here are the girls checking out Annalisa's outfits to find what will be the best to shoot her in.

  • Fri 16th May 2008 My Italian angel! | Behind the Scenes

    I can't put into words how amazing young Violeta is. Her sweetness and coy sass is mesmerizing to shoot. And don't even start me on her body. I was lucky enough to shoot her for the second time this week. For something a little different I had her soak in a bath of creamy coconut milk. I think you'll like this one.

  • Fri 16th May 2008 Miss Sweden! | Behind the Scenes

    Awwww Annalisa! She was the Swedish apple of everyone's eye today. She has now done several shoots with us and is one of our favorites. I have no doubt that she will be one of yours too! Make sure you keep an eye out for this shoot. Annalisa shows us just how to warm up the set, and herself.

  • Fri 16th May 2008 Hanging out in the bath | Behind the Scenes

    Every so often we get a model comes through here and they just plain right make me nervous. Violeta is one of those models. When she looks at you it makes you melt (you will see this in the video) so I made sure I got plenty of sexy eye close-ups. This is one of the best shoot I have done. Thanks to Jacki for thinking up the idea and making it happen!

  • Thu 15th May 2008 Shaminee giving Charli a leg up on her shoot | Behind the Scenes

    Here I get intimate with the gorgeous Shaminee, on what is her second solo shoot. She is a very confident sexual being and got very playful with a slick glass dildo. And no, I was not part of the insertions shoot...I was merely resting for a moment on her knees!

  • Thu 15th May 2008 Shaminee + Two orgasms = very horny Sue-ann... | Behind the Scenes

    OMG!!! I had the most frustrating day! I almost could not contain myself- I wanted to jump all over Shaminee and molest her...but I guess I'll have to get in line!

    Shaminee had two beautiful orgasms using a glass toy from dirtysickal- (thanks Al!) and she described what she was fantasizing about and how the toy felt inside her! Ah Bliss!

  • Thu 15th May 2008 Selena and Zora | Behind the Scenes

    Ok and this shot was taken before they did their double intimate moment shoot together. You can image what came soon after.

  • Wed 14th May 2008 Playback! | Behind the Scenes

    Here I show stunner Valentina how amazing she looks on my trusty picture viewer. Despite the language barrier, we somehow created a bits-and-pieces language of our own, and together did an amazing moody shoot on my red leather retro couch. Gracias Valentina!

  • Wed 14th May 2008 Toby, Becky T and Shaminee! | Behind the Scenes

    Here is Toby chatting to Shaminee and Becky just before they get into a hot Girl Girl shoot. The light was beautiful and these ladies did a fabulous job - they always do!

  • Tue 13th May 2008 Vivacious Valentina the Spanish Siren | Behind the Scenes

    Today's traveller is saucy Spaniard Valentina. Her English was as good as my Spanish so team abby had some fun with sign language - but bonus if you think a foreign accent is sexy! I sure do!

    Watch out for stockings ripped off to reveal a dark, knickerless bush...

  • Tue 13th May 2008 Sue-ann helping out | Behind the Scenes

    Here is the wonderful Sue-ann setting up a scrim on one of our AW shoots. She's got that cute little smile but we never really know what she's up to.Bless.

  • Mon 12th May 2008 Violeta's playing with balls... | Behind the Scenes

    Sporty, athletic, sexy sun soaked Violeta in her first open leg solo tells us all about the necessities of proper stretching before playing soccer...

    ...lucky for us she strips down and shows us!

  • Mon 12th May 2008 Patience Goes Country | Behind the Scenes

    Yeehah! Today Patience and I went to check out some new locations, we found some amazing places and we certainly enjoyed the country air. So you guys can look forward to some amazing new locations in your AW shoots. Coming Soon!

  • Sun 11th May 2008 Zora , Carly T, Patience and Toby in the model lounge | Behind the Scenes

    Toby and Patience impart some wisdom to the girls about our fantastic Girl Girl shoots. I snuck in and took a pic!

  • Sat 10th May 2008 Hang ten! | Behind the Scenes

    Here cutie Melita and the gorgeous Chloe B, team up for today's rock climbing adventure. Although Chloe has got the belaying down pat, Melita still looks a little nervous on her first climb. That didn't last for long though, pretty soon she was scaling the walls like a pro. All the girls did so great, most making it to the top of the tallest climbs.

  • Fri 09th May 2008 Toby climbs the wall | Behind the Scenes

    Today we had a team bonding day, so we went to the rock climbing center and were taught how to scale walls like a pro! We all had partners, mine was Patience, we have some trust issues to work out...

  • Thu 08th May 2008 Charli sitting with the beautiful Odette and Selena | Behind the Scenes

    What can I say surrounded by such beauty... Odette, Selena and I had a fantastic day together. I did stills for their double IM's. What an incredible day and the girls looked hot together.

  • Thu 08th May 2008 Odette and Selena's SUPER hot Double masturbation day! | Behind the Scenes

    In a little nook in a little house on Gertrude st two young bodies squirmed under the attentions of their busily working fingers.

    We set up the camera and leave them to it...

    ...but when it's all over, we take some photos to capture the gloriously flushed faces.

  • Thu 08th May 2008 Catching the action! | Behind the Scenes

    Models Shaminee and Angie were an absolute hit in the girl-girl shoot that we shot on Tuesday. Here's a sneaky look at one of the peak moments in the shoot, and of course the talented Toby is in pole position to get the shots.

  • Wed 07th May 2008 Zora's a cutie pie! | Behind the Scenes

    Today Zora had had an afternoon filled with delightful self-pleasure.

    Two masturbation sessions, one with her legs spread in front of her, the other on her knees- her flushed face buried in pillows.


  • Tue 06th May 2008 Mmm Angie! | Behind the Scenes

    Today the gorgeous, buxom beauty Angie and new girl-girl model Shaminee, joined forces for what I hear is one of our best girl-girl shoots yet. It looks as though Patience was so distracted by the 'sights', that white balancing was the last thing on her mind. Lucky Angie is there to keep it together.

  • Tue 06th May 2008 Tpby, Shaminee and Angie | Behind the Scenes

    What a day! I was in a grumpy mood this morning and I couldn't figure out why, I still don't know but anyway who cares because today I had the pleasure of shooting such an impressive Girl-Girl session I almost wet my pants, wait I think I did a little.

  • Tue 06th May 2008 Muso turn model! | Behind the Scenes

    Our gorgeous new model Oriel is a lady of many wondrous talents. In her debut shoot we showcase her amazing natural beauty and maybe even a sneak peek of her amazing natural music abilities.

  • Tue 06th May 2008 Janina's steamy explicit shoot | Behind the Scenes

    Sensual Janina has returned for your viewing pleasure. She spread herself wide in her solo video and Patience had to be restrained!

  • Mon 05th May 2008 Peek a boo! | Behind the Scenes

    This was my second time shooting Corelle, and she was as cute as ever. We had her in the nook of a tiny, hide-away bedroom. Curling up against the curvy walls, lazing about on the vintage record player and then onto playing with herself.

  • Mon 05th May 2008 Janina and Patience shooting her second solo | Behind the Scenes

    Beautiful Janina came back to grace us with her presence today. It's heading fast into winter here in Melbourne so we shot inside by a large window. Dark haired, blue eyed Janina did a magnificent explicit shoot and she looks completely gorgeous.

  • Sat 03rd May 2008 Chloe & Melita's Shenanigans | Behind the Scenes

    Apparently, when you sit in an office all day you tend to go a little mad. It sends me round the bend when I'm not shooting for a day, and these two are here day in day out! No wonder they find ways to amuse themselves....

  • Sat 03rd May 2008 Pillow Fighting action! | Behind the Scenes

    Wow. Wow. Wow! Certainly the messiest shoot we have ever shot, one of the funnest too! I had a fantastic time hanging with all the girls on Friday, and getting covered in feathers which get into everything, they are in my hair, up my nose and all through my clothes! We had an unexpected feather explosion, when one of the pillows tore earlier than what we thought it would... but as it turned out, it looked spectacular and I'm really happy with the pictures.

  • Fri 02nd May 2008 Pillow Fight prep | Behind the Scenes

    Well this puts a different spin on the saying 'Being waited on hand and foot'. Here we give Alisa, Carly T and Julietta a special clean up before the awesome pillow fight shoot. There's nothing like pretty clean tootsies!

  • Fri 02nd May 2008 I spy with my little eye... | Behind the Scenes

    Sweetie Jessica takes it easy while I get to the fiddly part of the shoot...the close-ups! She was very chilled the whole day and it was super cute seeing her run around in my grey cardigan and leg warmers.

  • Fri 02nd May 2008 Toby shooting pillow fight girls | Behind the Scenes

    Today was the funnest day ever. I have been waiting to shoot girls getting naked and pillow fighting my whole entire life. Today all my dreams came true. I don't think I need say more. (sigh)

  • Thu 01st May 2008 Simply nude | Behind the Scenes

    The gorgeous Charli shows new model Lauren the ropes of an AW shoot. Her beautiful pale skin against the white walls made a for an awesome light shoot. You guys will love the simplicity of this shoot.

  • Thu 01st May 2008 Carly T getting ready for her Intimate Moment | Behind the Scenes

    It was a really cold day when we shot Carly T for her Intimate Moments and she didn't complain once, what a trooper! Her IM's look amazing.

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