• Fri 29th Feb 2008 Fruity shoot! | Behind the Scenes

    As you can tell from this photo team stills was extra excited about this shoot. There was no standing back for Toby and I, we were right in amongst the action. Juanita, Noelle and Petria looked super angelic in their white dresses in amongst the orchid trees, but the girls soon changed that with some sensual touchy touchies!

  • Fri 29th Feb 2008 Charli and stunning Kristy-Lee | Behind the Scenes

    Kristy-Lee totally turned on the sex kitten for us today. A typical Aussie surfer chick - tanned, fit and flexible. We shot in front of some beautiful big windows and I mixed the daylight with one of Bela's Arri 800's. The light was awesome.

  • Fri 29th Feb 2008 Juanita and Noelle lending a hand | Behind the Scenes

    What a BIG day! The sun was being a little temperamental today so stills and video took longer than expected, now I'm tired. The shoot will turn out well, it was a beautiful setting, with beautiful models - what more can go wrong.

  • Fri 29th Feb 2008 Camera and Kylie T | Behind the Scenes

    Today was a day of lots of giggles. Kylie T and I had the best time talking about kangaroos, beaches and of course sex... Kylie T has great blue eyes and she looks amazing in her room which was filled with natural light.

  • Thu 28th Feb 2008 Kylie T showing us a cute smile with Charli in the background | Behind the Scenes

    It was a total giggle-fest today, with sexy, freckly Kylie. There was some fantastic daylight flooding through the windows which showed off Kylie's beautiful figure. Thank you for the best day ever Kylie - I hope we see you soon...like next week pleeaaase!!

  • Thu 28th Feb 2008 Bela and Anicka having a ball | Behind the Scenes

    Anicka and I had a relaxed day shooting a very cool lotion video.

  • Wed 27th Feb 2008 Anicka smiling sweetly at the camera | Behind the Scenes

    I had a nice relaxed day inside today which was great for a change. We got to clamber over furniture instead of rocks, spiders and shrubs. I dusted off the lights and fired off some shots of sweet Anicka. Glasses, red hair and incredible breasts she was a pleasure to shoot. Redheads always look amazing!

  • Wed 27th Feb 2008 Videographer or model? | Behind the Scenes

    I think Patience put on her model hat this morning because she's looking mighty foxy here on this rooftop ledge. Just quietly I would love to see a new shoot of miss Patience! I might just whisper in her ear to dust off those model gloves and jump on the other side of the camera again. Yeah!!

  • Wed 27th Feb 2008 We love Yoga here in Abbyland! | Behind the Scenes

    Melissa D was back today to do another outdoor shoot with us - and what a treat it was. She just has THE most amazing, gravity-defying breasts. WOW. We love Melissa!! xx

  • Tue 26th Feb 2008 Dennie and Toby just hanging out | Behind the Scenes

    What a fabulous day! Dennie was everything we want in an Abby girl and more, ending the shoot with a hot masturbation session.

  • Tue 26th Feb 2008 Melissa D knows how to use a reflector! | Behind the Scenes

    It was such a pleasure to work with little hottie Melissa D again today. I gotta tell you, she is sizzling! We had another shoot outside, trekking through the Aussie bushland. There were some minor injuries, yet we still pulled through and put together an amazing shoot of Melissa D. She laughed at us as we fell down holes and scrambled up and down rocks. It was great fun.

  • Tue 26th Feb 2008 Narita enjoying her shoot! | Behind the Scenes

    I thought we would never get to the location today and even felt a little impatient on the way! Lucky for us this place was AMAZING! We shot Narita in what was like an overgrown vegie patch. It turned out to be a cute little shoot.

  • Mon 25th Feb 2008 Amy and Prue get moisturised! | Behind the Scenes

    Today's hot shoot gets a little sticky..I'm sure you will be too by the end of this slippery video!

  • Mon 25th Feb 2008 Chloe B... | Behind the Scenes

    What can I say? Ever since Chloe has started here at AWHQ it's been fun times.

  • Mon 25th Feb 2008 Pickup Troubles? | Behind the Scenes

    Surely someone would stop to help these gorgeous girls, stranded in the tropical North? Sadly not, and all the Abby models in the world couldn't get this crusty old pickup running again. Though Petria, Jacki, Violet, Julietta and Marigold had no problem finding a ride back into civilization! Shooting on location here 200km north of Cairns, Queensland, Australia.

  • Sat 23rd Feb 2008 Toby gets a better angle | Behind the Scenes

    Here I am last Thursday, with Cleo and Mayla the girls took a bit of a break in between shooting for me to get some better light! Have a lovely Sunday!

  • Fri 22nd Feb 2008 Melissa D packing up the reflector | Behind the Scenes

    I just couldn't resist posting another shot of Melissa, I think she is divine.....Here she is playing with the reflector. And yes they are tricky to fold up!

  • Fri 22nd Feb 2008 Charli and the love of her life...camera | Behind the Scenes

    Charli does some lighting training, I thought it would be great for you all to see how cute her new haircut is!

  • Fri 22nd Feb 2008 Working Hard | Behind the Scenes

    See this is proof that it's not all fun and games on set of an Abby shoot. Heres Toby and I working hard as always.

  • Fri 22nd Feb 2008 Croc down under! | Behind the Scenes

    This crocodile has definitely bitten off more than he can chew! Violet,Petria, Marigold, Julietta and I stumbled across this big boy on the way back from a Queensland shoot! He was just the right size to handle all five of us at once. Ha ha!

  • Thu 21st Feb 2008 Asha climbing | Behind the Scenes

    Asha and I went out and about looking for beautiful outdoor locations. And yep, we found some!

  • Thu 21st Feb 2008 Team Stills go tandem. | Behind the Scenes

    Lucky for everyone at AWHQ, two of our stills shooters, Toby and Jacki, are much better at taking pictures than riding their bike. It's great to see safety first again at AWHQ with approved helmets, though their attire was, umm, less than suitable!

  • Thu 21st Feb 2008 Patience, Cleo & Mayla | Behind the Scenes

    We had a Girl Girl shoot today with favorite Cleo and newbie Mayla! Patience came out early with me to help set up and its a good thing we did too, as the room was harder to light than what we first thought and we ended up having to use every available light!

  • Wed 20th Feb 2008 Annalisa has a hot bum! | Behind the Scenes

    This great backstage photo from Toby captures so wonderfully one of the many many perks of my job here at abbywinters.com

    In the crispy farmland west of Melbourne, Annalisa slowly strips down just meters away from the road. Little wonder the passing trucks gave appreciative horn toots!

  • Wed 20th Feb 2008 What is Mayla doing? | Behind the Scenes

  • Wed 20th Feb 2008 Janessa and Charli | Behind the Scenes

    Janessa the blonde tanned babe did an amazing insertions shoot today with a gorgeous big purple toy. She looks like an Aussie surfer chick but is actually from Scotland! She likes it here in Sydney so much she's been here nearly a year - and is already planning her next trip back (we hope she comes to visit us again)!

  • Wed 20th Feb 2008 The lovely ladies... | Behind the Scenes

    With my trusty side kick Jacki with me today we had plenty of time to make this shoot a memorable one. I took a lot of time with the lighting (even using a Dido) and Anneke and Indiana got it on! the 2 cameras will also come out well and add that little bit extra you all love.

  • Tue 19th Feb 2008 Janessa with her post orgasm smile | Behind the Scenes

  • Tue 19th Feb 2008 Anneke and Indiana get prepared... | Behind the Scenes

    This shot was taken from the jelly wrestling shoot just the other day. These too blonde bombshells show us how it's done, as they get the jelly pool ready for some multiple girl against girl fun in the sun!!

  • Tue 19th Feb 2008 Did someone say boobies? | Behind the Scenes

    Hands up if you want to be in the middle of this Chloe B and Angie boobie-sandwich? "I do, I do!" What a fine way to start the day at AWHQ.

  • Mon 18th Feb 2008 Another day at the office | Behind the Scenes

    Another day at the office, the big office with lots of sun and dirt (but the kind of dirt we like)!

  • Mon 18th Feb 2008 Annalisa in the Outback | Behind the Scenes

    We had a pretty long way to go today, I knew how I wanted to shoot Annalisa and in what environment, but when push came to shove I didn't know how to get out there. Patience, Annalisa, Sue-Ann and I were driving for about an hour before we could find a place where it was quite and perfect for what we wanted. The sun was intense and after coating ourselves in sunblock, we shot. I'm really happy with the results, the shoot is very aussie and I think it reflects the heat and smoldering nature of both Australia in the summertime and of Annalisa

  • Mon 18th Feb 2008 Talie at work | Behind the Scenes

    This picture is for all you Talie worshippers out there and Abbyland. It's so great to work around a bunch of sexy girls... PS Talie says "hi!" Remember you can always chat with her on the forums.

  • Sun 17th Feb 2008 Cooling off after a dip! | Behind the Scenes

    This is one last look at what happened last Friday on the Jelly Wrestling shoot. Here are the models having a bit of a relax and a drink after the stills shoot, how great do all those red bikinis look!

  • Sun 17th Feb 2008 Jacki keeps warm | Behind the Scenes

    Here is another photo from last Tuesday when we all went on the massive shoot out in the bush, it was way colder up there than you would think for the aussie summer. Luckily Jacki brought her coat!

  • Sat 16th Feb 2008 Charli at work | Behind the Scenes

    There is nothing sexier than to watch a woman doing what she is great at...

  • Sat 16th Feb 2008 More Jelly wrestling fun! | Behind the Scenes

    Here is another picture from Friday's Jelly wrestling shoot, there were so many great ones it was hard to choose! Here, the girls are just sunning themselves between takes, tough day.

  • Sat 16th Feb 2008 Patience, hanging out | Behind the Scenes

    Well it's easy to see who works hard on set, and who just hangs around! heehee... Patience is here enjoying a rare break on our bush shoot from last Tuesday.

  • Fri 15th Feb 2008 Melissa starts to take her denim short, shorts off | Behind the Scenes

    What a way to top off the week! The great Aussie outdoors was screaming for Melissa to get undressed. She is the cutest blond bombshell you ever did see with perfect breasts. Yep I said perfect, and I meant it! They are the best I have ever seen.

  • Fri 15th Feb 2008 Juanita and Mayla dressing. | Behind the Scenes

    These two lovelies love being out of their clothes more than being in them! Luckily for abbywinters.com members!

  • Fri 15th Feb 2008 Is Mayla wearing her undies on the Outside?! | Behind the Scenes

    Mayla had a great time goofing around in the downtime of her Double IM... She's such a sweety pie and I'm sure her Double IM with Juanita is going to be delicious!

  • Fri 15th Feb 2008 Emmalee and the Jelly Wrestlers! | Behind the Scenes

    We had a MASSIVE day today! A bunch of us went and shot the epic Jelly Wrestling Girls shoot, and it was everything we expected and more. Everyone worked so hard and we got some fantastic shots. The girls weren't being gentle either they were really going for it! We were impressed and I'm sure you guys will be too!

  • Fri 15th Feb 2008 Noelle, Chandel & Toby | Behind the Scenes

    Someone is happy to be shooting sexy ladies today!

  • Fri 15th Feb 2008 Chandel shows about safety first! | Behind the Scenes

    Because we are a very professional bunch here at AWHQ we always take a first aid kit out on shoots to ensure to safety and wellbeing of our sexy models, as you can see.

  • Fri 15th Feb 2008 Toby with new model Noelle | Behind the Scenes

    We all know I love redheads and Noelle was no exception let me tell you! It was a wonderful day, with Toby and Chandel.

  • Thu 14th Feb 2008 Olay drinking tea just before her IM | Behind the Scenes

    I had a short and sweet day with Olay shooting Intimate Moments. She is wonderful and so sweet! I also have to mention that she has great orgasms!

  • Thu 14th Feb 2008 Submissive Patience | Behind the Scenes

    Now now now....i know it looks like I am having my with Patience (hmmm maybe just a little) but if you look very closely at her eyes you can see that she's LOVING IT!! And my stockings...well I can tell you that by the end of the day they weren't so "in tact". Mmmmm...

  • Thu 14th Feb 2008 Wet willy | Behind the Scenes

    Awwww Patience! Get out of it! Toby looks far from impressed by the near approaching tongue of Patience. We are a very close bunch here at AWHQ, however ear licking seems not on Toby's agenda this day.

  • Wed 13th Feb 2008 Charli stretching towards Isla to get the shot | Behind the Scenes

    Another shot from yesterday I thought you might enjoy. As usual I am rolling around in the dirt whilst stunning Isla looks cool, calm and sexy.

  • Wed 13th Feb 2008 Lucky Patience... | Behind the Scenes

    Patience gets molested by guess who? Somehow I don't think she really minds.

  • Tue 12th Feb 2008 Brandy gets cheeky! | Behind the Scenes

    Spunky Brandy lets us know exactly how she likes it...OOh naughty!

  • Tue 12th Feb 2008 Sue-Ann & Kristal enjoy the sunset | Behind the Scenes

    What a stunning afternoon! Yesterday we headed out to a farm for a late afternoon shoot, the views and light were amazing. I was shooting Kristal on the porch, the light was a bit touch-and-go because of cloud cover. At one point, there was a break in the clouds and this beautiful orange light streamed in. Sue-Ann was standing by assisting me, so I asked her to jump in and in the few seconds we had before it clouded over again, we got this lovely shot!

  • Tue 12th Feb 2008 Bella taking a close-up of Isla's breasts | Behind the Scenes

    Isla, Charli and I had a great day out in the Aussie bush. Isla was so wonderful to work with. She is so cute that I wanted to keep her in my pocket!

  • Mon 11th Feb 2008 Oooohhh Belladonna! | Behind the Scenes

    Well there's not much need for explaining here! It's as simple as...WE LOVE BELLADONNA! This gorgeous lady was such a sweetie to hang out with us in Vegas. As you can see we were all verrrrry thankful of her time.

  • Mon 11th Feb 2008 Toby's boo boo! | Behind the Scenes

    Awwww....poor little muppet Toby had a spill on her bike on the way to work this morning! I thought it was only right that "team stills" stick together during such a tragedy, so i put my nurse's hat on and jumped to Toby's aid! She's all patched up and feeling much better. (I'm guessing that teeny weeny near invisible scratch on her hand shouldn't be fatal..hehe)

  • Sun 10th Feb 2008 Mareesha lighting up the world with her smile | Behind the Scenes

    Mareesha is so gorgeous we thought you could have another sneak peek.

  • Sat 09th Feb 2008 Sneaky peek through the view finder! | Behind the Scenes

    Am i seeing double? No no...it's just the gorgeous Luca in Patience's viewfinder. This sweetie got in touch with the outdoors in this old greenhouse. By the looks of things though, I'm not sure that much gardening got done!

  • Sat 09th Feb 2008 Charli shooting Anessa in the great outdoors | Behind the Scenes

    We shot today in beautiful Sydney bushland. Anessa came back for her second solo shoot. She is such a happy, sweet person and a complete sexbomb! It was so fantastic to work with her today. Thanks Anessa, you are the best!

  • Sat 09th Feb 2008 Jacki and Violet share Melita's special day. | Behind the Scenes

    There's a question to be asked of these three beauties at Melita's Wedding. Who's going next? (ooops, this should have been let through several weeks ago, sorry!)

  • Sat 09th Feb 2008 Patience setting up gear | Behind the Scenes

    Here's a pic of Patience setting up a fabric reflector for an IM shoot. Me, I'm just testing the POTD tool, so I can document it properly... :) Patience actually did this shoot a few days ago.

  • Sat 09th Feb 2008 More Shower Fun! | Behind the Scenes

    Here is one more picture from Wednesday's hilarious shower shoot! The girls had such a good time and I got so many amazing shots! I cant stop looking at it!

  • Fri 08th Feb 2008 Mareesha and Charli having a ball | Behind the Scenes

    What an awesome day I had today. Mareesha the Peruvian beauty lit up the room with her gorgeous smile and showed Bela some hot dance moves which I might try out later tonight...

  • Fri 08th Feb 2008 Team Video and Les Parrot | Behind the Scenes

    Here is (most of) the gang who were learning some more advanced lighting tips today from filmmaker Les Parrot, they wont stop talking about it!

  • Fri 08th Feb 2008 Patience Loves Anneke! | Behind the Scenes

    We had our video training today, it was great we all learnt a bunch of stuff, and how to better use the stuff we have... The lovely Anneke stopped by to be our stand in model for the day! A great way to spend a Friday!

  • Thu 07th Feb 2008 Meagan and Charli down the side of her house | Behind the Scenes

    We had a lovely day today with the gorgeous Meagan G, who was full of smiles and energy. Hope to see her back for another shoot soon!

  • Wed 06th Feb 2008 A match made in AW, best buddies Freya and Meagan G | Behind the Scenes

    Freya and Meagan G are both German girls who came separately to Australia to have some fun. After doing a shoot with us here at aw last week, they have become best buddies. Today we had the pleasure of working with them again, this time they do a wicked double intimate moment together.

  • Wed 06th Feb 2008 All the Abby wheels in motion... | Behind the Scenes

    That was Great! I think this is the best T2 I have ever shot, the girls were amazing the light was lovely and different and the colors all went so well together. Some T2's can take a bit to get into while the models get to know each other and stuff, but this shoot the girls all went out for breakfast first and got to know each other over some eggs and a coffee... The lighting here was a bit tricky an HMI pumping into a reflector that was then pointing into the window of the bathroom, we couldn't pump the HMI right through the window as the glass has security wire running through it and if it was to heat up the window would break, the HMI is very hot. Great shoot ladies! thanks!

  • Wed 06th Feb 2008 Cerys, Shee-Ra and Mayla give Toby a hug | Behind the Scenes

    I was watching the stills to this shoot and I kept thinking wow these ladies have amazing chemistry. By the time it came time to do the video part of the shoot a fair amount of time had passed but that did not phase these girls. They kept up the energy and made another sexy Abbywinters.com shoot.

  • Tue 05th Feb 2008 Charli shooting the devine Saskya | Behind the Scenes

    Rainy Sydney strikes again, and gosh it's humid! Lucky I like it hot and steamy, and so did Saskya, our gorgeous statuesque brunette. I had to do some fiddling around with the lighting today, but Saskya took it in her long stride and giggled the day away (and I gotta tell ya, her smile is divine!)

  • Tue 05th Feb 2008 Hmmm what is this? | Behind the Scenes

    The gorgeous Patience looks a little confused as she helps "Sue" pick out today's snazzy outfit. I'm hoping she realises it's a singlet top ...but by the look on Sue's face I'm not so sure she does. Love your work Patience!!

  • Mon 04th Feb 2008 Caitlin K, Jacki and Sue-Ann | Behind the Scenes

    Jacki is working her magic on the hot Caitlin K for her second solo shoot, while Sue-Ann is on fleccy duty!

  • Sat 02nd Feb 2008 Toby and Patience pondering the future perhaps? | Behind the Scenes

    Toby and I scouting the location (Toby isn't that what they call it in the biz?) Anyway, that was just the scenery, wait til you see the models.

  • Fri 01st Feb 2008 Suzie and Mandy M at the beach | Behind the Scenes

    Suzie was our new model of the day. We took her to a secluded beach and we got to frolic in the rock pools, I could have spent days at this location. We also shot Mandy M, we shot her in front of a pretty little waterfall.

  • Fri 01st Feb 2008 Chloe, Jack, Suzie and Mandy M pre - shoot | Behind the Scenes

    This shot was taken before we'd even set out for the day. As usual Chloe and Jacki are showing us how it's done.

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