• Thu 31st Jan 2008 Freya exposing her breast for Charli | Behind the Scenes

    We shot inside hippie chic Freya's bedroom today. I used strobes to show off her beautiful curves to best effect. Freya is extremely sexy and wears glasses - just the way we like our girls!

  • Thu 31st Jan 2008 Ren checks out her set | Behind the Scenes

    Our beautiful new redhead Ren checks out her set on Toby's camera.

  • Thu 31st Jan 2008 Sue, Patience & Sue Ann on set | Behind the Scenes

    With the three of us hanging out, who knows what kind of things we could have got up to.

  • Thu 31st Jan 2008 Everyone meet Sue...again | Behind the Scenes

    Sue has got the best golden curls in the world. We shot her video today on a cool couch backed by this old wooden paneling. She was great in the shoot, really sensual and laid back (which is an awesome mix!)

  • Wed 30th Jan 2008 Lou-Ellyn & Kiki snuggle it up | Behind the Scenes

    I didn't get a chance to review the footage after the shoot, but Lou-Ellyn and Kiki where carrying on about something to do with a Girl-Girl shoot together? I'm guessing it must have been a pretty hot and intense Intimate Moment

  • Tue 29th Jan 2008 Lou-Ellyn settles in for her Intimate Moment shoot | Behind the Scenes

    This was my first IM in sooo long so I was keen to get back on the horse so to speak. I shot Lou-Ellyn on a cool corner couch and it went swimmingly (Thanks Sue-Ann) - just don't mention the spider incident...

  • Tue 29th Jan 2008 New model Mayla with a cheeky grin | Behind the Scenes

    Mayla is just the sweetest thing, her body and eyes are amazing. Throughout the video I caught myself doing extreme close ups of her eyes and mouth. Keep a watch out for this Scottish lass, this isn't the last we'll see of her.

  • Tue 29th Jan 2008 Charli getting up close to Olay's nipples | Behind the Scenes

    This girl is all smiles, and cute as a button. Olay and I had loads of fun doing an outdoor shoot under a beautiful tree, which gave us nice diffused lighting. Olay looks divine in this shoot.

  • Sat 26th Jan 2008 Cleo writing a before bio for AW | Behind the Scenes

    Cleo is one of our absolute faves here at AWHQ, she is one of those models that always does a great job, no matter what the shoot (as you would already know). Here she is filling out a 'before' Bio.

  • Fri 25th Jan 2008 Jacki and Anneke take a walk in the woods | Behind the Scenes

    Jacki and Anneke take a walk with gear, you know what this means...

  • Fri 25th Jan 2008 Anneke and Jacki beating round the bush! | Behind the Scenes

    You can tell by the smile on my face that I'm about to see the lovely nookies. What a beautiful way to pop my photographer's cherry. And what a place to do it...hanging from the side of a mountain.

  • Thu 24th Jan 2008 Melita's Big Day | Behind the Scenes

    A most radiant and beautiful Melita arrives at her wedding in a 1957 Chevy. There wasn't any blushing from this bride! The day was wonderful for all the guests and the happy couple. Melita thinks it's rad I'm posting this, and cannot wait to be back at AWHQ in a few weeks to see more pictures. Many AWHQ staff including Jacki and Violet toasted the love birds and danced the afternoon away.

  • Thu 24th Jan 2008 What are Jacki and Jody up to I wonder? | Behind the Scenes

    Jacki and I had the pleasure of devoting all our time and energy into 1 model today. That model was Jody, she had already done a shoot for Abby in Sydney so she was really relaxed and knew what to expect which help her and us a lot. I have a feeling Jody may be interested in a bit of Girl - Girl action too.

  • Wed 23rd Jan 2008 Jacki shows Michou stuff | Behind the Scenes

    What a cutie pie Michou was to work worth. Today was her first shoot and wow, what a natural. Her sweet smile and big brown eyes lit up every shot. The gorgeous Patience was on flecky duty, so you can imagine the fun and mischief the three of us had. Keep an eye out for the flying fruit!

  • Tue 22nd Jan 2008 Kiona purrs for the camera | Behind the Scenes

    Kiona was a perfect, sexy kitten on her first intimate moments shoot today. I was really excited, because I love her solo shoot (and she has awesome boobs!).

  • Tue 22nd Jan 2008 Jacki and Emmalee get cosy with brand new models Michou and Caitlin K | Behind the Scenes

    This was the first shoot I have been on in over a month and I'm so glad I got to tag along with Jacki and Emmalee, I had a great day. As usual for a first shoot, the models Caitlin K and Michou were extremely nervous, but by the end of the day were both keen to do more shoots with us. Woo!

  • Fri 18th Jan 2008 Charli getting uncomfortable with Emeralda | Behind the Scenes

    I got to spend my day with the lovely Emeralda who is a beautiful girl from Finland. We shot her in a really tight staircase, Charli and I were really struggling to fit into the space! Yet we went to great efforts (as always) to give you the best stills and videos.

  • Tue 15th Jan 2008 Charity showing Charli her cupcake | Behind the Scenes

    Had a beautiful day today outside in sunny Sydney. Charity is an English teacher and it was her very first shoot for aw. She was fantabulous and we love her, she has extremely beautiful breasts as well. You are just going to have to wait and see. Don't worry it's worth the wait.

  • Mon 14th Jan 2008 Getting a better Angle | Behind the Scenes

    Some of the legnths people went to to get a good shot were extreme! This guy was pretty funny as he gets lower to get a good shot of Julietta's bum.

  • Mon 14th Jan 2008 Melita being Silly | Behind the Scenes

    The girls had so many laughs with the novelties they got in the show bags. Sue-Ann got this latex penis and the girls were running around the hotel room hitting eachother with it. Go team!

  • Mon 14th Jan 2008 In the Limo | Behind the Scenes

    We caught a limo to the awards night, it was great! A glass of champagne, pretty lights and a bunch of hot girls, who could ask for more!

  • Mon 14th Jan 2008 Julietta plays Chess | Behind the Scenes

    I know I have posted a few chess pics, but it was such a big part of the stand. Julietta was a gun, and was beating people left right and center and the ever present camera caught it all!!

  • Sun 13th Jan 2008 Patience films some Yoga | Behind the Scenes

    Patience has been so busy taking care of the models that she has barely had a chance to pick up the video camera!!! On the last day on the stand she whipped it out and got some shots of the yoga. It'll be great when we can post this footage, so everyone who wasn't at the show can see how mad it was!

  • Sun 13th Jan 2008 Jacki at the AVN awards night | Behind the Scenes

    After such a full-on week it was great to let our hair down with a few drinks at the AVN awards.

  • Sun 13th Jan 2008 Violet strikes a pose | Behind the Scenes

    Violet was such a live wire on the stage, and certainly a favorite! here she is posing for some pictures on the last day of the show.

  • Sun 13th Jan 2008 Chloe plays Chess | Behind the Scenes

    Guys loved the fact that the girls were happy to sit and play chess, often they had a line of guys waiting it play them. In this shot Chloe B looks like she's in the home stretch, I don't remember who won though!

  • Sun 13th Jan 2008 Chloe Gives a Cuddle | Behind the Scenes

    The adorable Chloe B giving a very lucky member a hug.

  • Sun 13th Jan 2008 Julietta at the end of the Day | Behind the Scenes

    This great pic was snapped by me late last night, when we got back from the awards... Julietta may look demure but she is a total goofball!

  • Sun 13th Jan 2008 Giselle and her DVD | Behind the Scenes

    Giselle didn't have any cards of her own to sign, so she made use of our promotional DVD, It features some of her shoots and is pretty cool. Giselle signed them with a love heart drawn around her picture. We also gave away a few DVD's with her shoot with Patience now that is a hot shoot!

  • Sun 13th Jan 2008 Our Group, plus a visitor! | Behind the Scenes

    We were lucky enough to have Giselle rock up from Los Angeles!!! She flew into Vegas for the day especially to see us and come and work on the stand. She did a great job, and was so sweet to everyone all the girls (and especially me) were thrilled to see her.

  • Sat 12th Jan 2008 Petria says "hi!" | Behind the Scenes

    Petria is here chilling out, chatting and waving hello! wish you were here!

  • Sat 12th Jan 2008 At the AVN Awards | Behind the Scenes

    Our trip in Vegas is now at and end, and last night we finished up with a bang by attending the AVN awards... It was fun, and we got to say G'Day to Belladonna!

  • Sat 12th Jan 2008 Julietta plays some Chess | Behind the Scenes

    Go Julietta!!! She's on a mission to teach everyone how to play Speed Chess.

  • Sat 12th Jan 2008 Happy Birthday Chloe | Behind the Scenes

    No prizes for guessing who's birthday it is today, Chloe B celebrated her birthday today surrounded by adoring fans, a perfect present!

  • Sat 12th Jan 2008 After Hours | Behind the Scenes

    While I would love to post pillow fight images after hours, I thought this was a good one of the girls hanging out reading the message boards. Get on and say hello!

  • Sat 12th Jan 2008 Working hard on the stand | Behind the Scenes

    Here is Melita sitting and chilling for a bit, just before the official start of the day, she is waiting for the masses!

  • Sat 12th Jan 2008 Girl on Girl with Audacia Ray | Behind the Scenes

    We had a special visitor came to the stand today, she started out guest directing but pretty quickly moved inwards... Audacia Ray was amazing, the girls adored her, it all came to a pretty orgasmic conclusion too!

  • Sat 12th Jan 2008 Sue-Ann relaxing | Behind the Scenes

    Toby asked me to post this for her as she was having net troubles. I don't know what the story here is, but hey, who needs a story when you've got a knickerless Sue-Ann?

  • Sat 12th Jan 2008 Petria Promotes Pubes! | Behind the Scenes

    Well only kinda, but I couldn't resist all those P's. Petria is making friends using the "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" method.

  • Fri 11th Jan 2008 Nina Smacks Violet | Behind the Scenes

    It got a little heated on the stand when Nina Hartley came by to pay the girls a visit. She got into a shoot with Petria, Violet and Jacki and certainly left her mark, hand shaped marks all over Jacki's bottom!

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