• Thu 29th Nov 2007 beautiful Llewellyn climbing a tree | Behind the Scenes

    Today was another warm, sunny day here in Sydney so we found a hidden spot in the harbour and shot beautiful Llewellyn. She was like a wild kitten, long and lean...and climbing every tree in site! Lots of fun.

  • Tue 27th Nov 2007 Jacki steams up the camera lens yet again!! | Behind the Scenes

    Once again Jacki pulls out all the stops with her steamy candid shots from home! I suffered from immediate heart palpitations when I opened up these photos and trust me you will too!! Check out Jacki's thread on the discussion boards to see this and more!

  • Tue 27th Nov 2007 Bela filming Kobe on the bed | Behind the Scenes

    What a pleasure to have Kobe here once again for a redux shoot. She wasn't quite as shy this time around and revealed a lot more of her beautiful, sexy body to us. Thanks for a great shoot Kobe - you are one of a kind!

  • Tue 27th Nov 2007 Carys & Emmalee hanging out | Behind the Scenes

    Carys was our great model today, who did her first shoot with ease. I haven't shot a solo for ages so it was a good day with her moving around a stair well, very cute. Very minimal and cool in her pink underwear! I hope we can shoot her again!

  • Sun 25th Nov 2007 Charli and Karamia playing with cameras | Behind the Scenes

    Had a great day today in overcast Sydney. Tiny Asian goddess Karamia stripped down to show us her phenomenal breasts. All the time exuding a beautiful gentle smile and attitude. Awesome stuff!! Thanks Karamia.

  • Sat 24th Nov 2007 Anneke, Patience, Marigold & Chloe B snuggle up behind the scenes. | Behind the Scenes

    Big week for Anneke! I had another great day yesterday with Marigold helping out taking some backstage photos for us and the light looking so pretty! Chloe had about one million orgasms as usual, bless her socks. Well, I think it was more like four, but whatever! We also shot video first which is a nice change, with Patience toddling off just after lunch so Toby could pop along and shoot some pretty stills. The lights stayed fantastic all day long (thank you Melbourne sky!) and of course so did all three of our lovely models. Am VERY surprised our little Marigold didn't jump in there and get amongst it - such willpower!

  • Fri 23rd Nov 2007 Chloe B & Anneke on set of their steamy Tier 3 | Behind the Scenes

    Phew! This is what a tier 3 is all about, large chested superstars Chloe B and Anneke did an amazing job today! I was thrilled when I got upstairs and saw the room, it had floor to ceiling windows and was letting stacks of light in, I balanced for the daylight and then provided a redhead (the light, not a model) to fill in the dark shadows on the other side, the mix was lovely and I'm really happy with the shoot.

  • Thu 22nd Nov 2007 Charli and Carey with the clapper | Behind the Scenes

    Interesting day today in Sydney - I was shoot manager! I helped out carting gear, feeding people and took some sneaky stills here and there. I used Bela's lighting for video and got a quite sublime little shoot. Carey has turned into a fiery redhead and she is my favorite model ever!!! So it was inspiring to work with her again today....and she is really, really sexy.

  • Wed 21st Nov 2007 Bela & Dennie mixing it up | Behind the Scenes

    Dennie and I had a great shoot today. It was really, really hot so we had some fun with Paddle Pops (popsicles - chocolate, of course). Dennie confided in me that she never begs, only demands...mmmm.

  • Wed 21st Nov 2007 Violet, Susie and Anneke showing us how dirty girls get clean | Behind the Scenes

    Two done, one to go. Tier 3 shoots this week, that is! Today was a real firecracker. I haven't had the pleasure of shooting a Girl-Girl with Anneke for a long while, and it was a tremendous occasion! Actually I just remembered I shot her with Sue-Ann in Queensland. Ah well. Either way today was HOT! The leather couch was a bit sticky by the end though...

  • Tue 20th Nov 2007 Anneke & Irene give a thumbs up | Behind the Scenes

    What do you get when you put two friends together in a little room, at high altitude, in front of a camera? A barrel of laughs is what! Anneke and Irene, were two giggle pots on todays high rise shoot. White walls, white sheets and big windows made for a very pretty shoot. Taking backstage shots of these two was lots of fun!

  • Mon 19th Nov 2007 Patience & Brenda hanging out in the Aussie Bush | Behind the Scenes

    Brenda and Amy J were quiet when we took off this morning but by the end of the day we couldn't get them to shut up (in the nicest possible way)! Toby, Jacki and I went out and about to the Aussie bush to make some awesome erotica - mission accomplished.

  • Mon 19th Nov 2007 Violet and Cleo take a nap after their hot Girl- Girl shoot | Behind the Scenes

    Holy Hell! I had heard the rumors, the talk on the street, now finally I had the chance to witness it for myself and let me tell you the rumors are true - Violet is amazing in bed, thats all there is to it. Now we all know Cleo as the quiet cute girl-next door, so I was shocked to see her come out of her shell and give Violet a run for her money. This is the hottest Girl Girl shoot I've seen yet. Thats right Toby...I admitted it.

  • Thu 15th Nov 2007 Susie accepts the award for Best Adult Website | Behind the Scenes

    Last night Susie, Patience, the AVN models and myself went to the Adult Industry Awards in Melbourne last night, and we won for Best Adult Website! We are all really excited and there is a thread on the forums if you would like to see a few more of the pictures and chat to us about it!

  • Wed 14th Nov 2007 Irene & Chloe B on set of their Tier 3 | Behind the Scenes

    It was a busy place to be on set today. With myself and Charli learning the ropes from Miss Toby , and the two lovely models Chloe B and Irene...there was people moving about everywhere. A good thing we were outside. A diffused light set up with a flash head and scrim created a warm yet natural light on the girls. Chloe B was such a honey showing Irene "the way". It was Irene's first girl-girl shoot but you would not have known. The two girls complimented each other so sweetly.

  • Tue 13th Nov 2007 Irene & Anneke prepare for a day in the bush | Behind the Scenes

    What a pleasant day. We drove for like an hour to get to this perfect location (nice and quiet) with models Irene and Anneke. Bela is down from Sydney so it was a great chance to put our minds together and shoot an awesome outdoor Intimate Moment with AVN model Anneke and another hot solo from Irene!

  • Sun 11th Nov 2007 Chloe B & Marigold having some fun with a camera! | Behind the Scenes

    It seems Chloe and Marigold got up to alot of mischief with each other on the weekend. Thank heavens they had a camera! Make sure you drop by Chloe & Marigold's threads on the discussion boards to see more.

  • Sat 10th Nov 2007 Anneke takes a break in the outdoors | Behind the Scenes

    Well here it is folks...the debut! Eek *biting fingernails nervously*. No no, nothing as scary as that, believe me. And how scary could it be when we were standing on a cliff face at the top of a mountain? Ooh aah!! Anneke was a treasure chest of yummy shots. It was so great to have her as my first...so to speak. Shooting outdoors with sun coming through cloud coverings was divine.

  • Fri 09th Nov 2007 Violet & Toby mucking around on set. | Behind the Scenes

    Today was a no brainer, awesome model, awesome shoot. Violet did a great job today, the shoot looked great aside from a few "cloud vs no cloud" issues. The dildo she picked was a winner and Violet was so excited about actually being able to keep it. The models really love getting donated dildos from the dildo drive, so why not send one in!

  • Thu 08th Nov 2007 Charli and Marlene on the floor together | Behind the Scenes

    A cold snap has occurred in Sydney and it's freakin freezing! Luckily we had some heaters on hand to keep Marlene (our model today) warm and toasty. She wove a spell and had the whole shoot team entranced with her cute but raunchy attitude.

  • Thu 08th Nov 2007 Jacki on set at Beck's Intimate Moment | Behind the Scenes

    Solo masturbation sessions are the only way to fill a Thursday. Beck returned ready for action! She is the type of girl who like to be lying down (aren't we all?) when she masturbates, so we made a little den of cushions for her so she could bring herself to orgasmic bliss. Jacki was my right-hand woman which was fun times, she got to take happy snaps of the occasion. Ah I love my life. I'm even back to AWHQ in time for lunch!

  • Wed 07th Nov 2007 Jacki takes some sexy candid shots! | Behind the Scenes

    I was handed a nifty little present by the cheeky Jacki today. It was a cd full of delightful presents for the eyes!! Jacki's candid shots from home are always awesome and ALWAYS welcome! Check out her thread on the discussion boards to see more!

  • Wed 07th Nov 2007 Toby on set of Melinda's second Tier 3 | Behind the Scenes

    Yesterday Melinda took part in her second girl-girl shoot with Michelle R. Despite a few technical glitches the girls did a great job!

  • Mon 05th Nov 2007 Jacki helps out on a lighting experiment | Behind the Scenes

    We had a slow day today, a couple of shoots canceled. So Toby and Jacki used their time wisely pulling out all the lighting equipment and having a training day.

  • Fri 02nd Nov 2007 The ping pong masters! | Behind the Scenes

    What on earth am I going to do with this dodgey bunch? Here I am working away, all the while this lot are pinging and ponging. Why didn't I think of that?! From left to right we have Toby, Melita, Violet and Patience. Fun times with the abbywinters ladies.

  • Thu 01st Nov 2007 Dom and Charli playing camera games | Behind the Scenes

    Dom, flashing blue eyes, alabaster skin and deep dark hair, had me wishing I had a fire hydrant to cool her down! Not only is she stunning, Dom is also very confident with a sensuality that just burned up the photographs. Whew! Out of control!!!

  • Thu 01st Nov 2007 Toby teaches Jacki the young apprentice. | Behind the Scenes

    Today the lovely Toby took Jacki under her wing for a training shoot. Model Cleo in toe, Toby spent the day teaching her young apprentice Jacki the ropes and the ins and outs of lighting. From this pic I can tell this duo are going to be a force to be reckoned with!

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