• Wed 31st Oct 2007 Fotina, Michelle R, Toby, Jacki | Behind the Scenes

    I'm excited to announce that model and photographer Jacki (that links to a really old shoot, she's gonna kill me!) is now working for us fulltime as a photographer! Jacki has appeared in numerous solo, GG and IM shoots, and of course is one of our AEE models (come meet her in person this Jan)!

    She posts on the boards a lot, and has posted some great pics of herself. You're going to see a lot more of her, but here she is on a T3 shoot yesterday, working with Toby.

    Welcome Jacki on her thread!

  • Wed 31st Oct 2007 Onset of Chloe B & Gabrielle's Tier 3 | Behind the Scenes

    Today we had had two AW superstars to shoot! Chloe B and Gabrielle! These guys were going to get down to business on a really cool red L-shaped lounge, It's not often we get to shoot on red leather, and it certainly added an interesting visual element to the shoot. The girls were fantastic, and really made a big effort. The lighting was pretty standard, large makeshift softbox and a flashhead on a brolly. Tried and tested!

  • Tue 30th Oct 2007 Kiya & Niki could be sisters | Behind the Scenes

    Gorgeous Niki....what a delight to work with! She has the prettiest face and incredibly voluptuous lips that would just be so kissable...mmmmm! Niki was a little nervous for her video shoot, but Bela pulled her through and brought out her best.

  • Tue 30th Oct 2007 Michelle R and Fotina being shot by Patience | Behind the Scenes

    Today's shoot was a big production! We brought in a very special and top secret light that we have just bought... its very exciting. The shoot was great! the girls did a top job. We had a bit of a delay heading off this morning but once we were on the road the shoot went swimmingly. Michelle returns with fine form, this has been the first time I got to shoot her for a tier 3, the last one she did was shot by Nico. Fotina did so well (as usual) she really does put a lot of effort in and it shows. Thanks guys.

  • Mon 29th Oct 2007 Jacki & Petria in this week's VNL | Behind the Scenes

    Next week's free Video Newsletter is going to be presented by the lovely Petria and Jacki. Jacki's water dragon made a cameo and made a mess on the bed, made for an entertaining afternoon!

  • Sun 28th Oct 2007 Toby onset with Indiana & Mandy M. | Behind the Scenes

    Newbies! I love it when new models come into the Tier 3 pool with a big splash! Mandy M did spectacularly thursday, as a first timer I was all ready to guide her though, but there was none of that, she was a pro! Indiana was fantastic too, really genuine and creative! The space was a bit different today, a garden shed come studio provided some shelter from the rain, and a swag took the place of a bed! For those of you who don't know, a swag is like an Aussie sleeping bag, just a bit cooler (like us Aussies really!)

  • Sat 27th Oct 2007 Melinda gets a good look in the lens on set. | Behind the Scenes

    This week Melinda did her first ever Girl-Girl shoot! Her tier 3 cherry has now been popped and the lovely Fotina did the honours. This will definitely be a shoot to watch out for!

  • Fri 26th Oct 2007 Judi gives us her winning smile! | Behind the Scenes

    I had never shot Judi before so I didn't really know what to expect. Let me tell you, she is one of those models that just 'get it' I would love to work with her again, and I was so impressed with her full bush, which we all love. Althea was my trusty assistant today coming out on her very first AW shoot - How exciting, I hope she can come out again!

  • Thu 25th Oct 2007 Indiana & Mandy M get it on!! | Behind the Scenes

    Indiana and Mandy M surprised Toby and I with a saucy Girl-Girl shoot today. Toby shot them in this cool room with awesome green walls, the girls set up a swag on the floor for their hot romp. Keep an eye out for Mandy M as this was her first Girl-Girl and it certainly wont be her last.

    These two hotties are yet to debut on the site and I'm not the only eager beaver waiting for them to be released!

  • Wed 24th Oct 2007 Asha and Talie in Sydney | Behind the Scenes

    Oh, we are so lucky at AW Sydney! Here are the lovely Asha and Talie in our office. Asha joined our staff recently, and now we're happy to welcome Talie to the abbywinters.com family. Talie joins the AW Sydney staff as our new receptionist. We're thrilled she's here; Talie's great smile welcomes all the new models that come to us in Sydney! Talie's own first awesome shoot for abbywinters.com will be up in just a few weeks! But you can head for the boards and chat with Talie now.

  • Wed 24th Oct 2007 Fotina shows Melinda the ropes! | Behind the Scenes

    Some days just start out well and it all goes to plan, like yesterday! Fotina chased the chooks and helped us unpack the car while Melinda watched the chickens nervously... The girls helped Patience and I lay down some big thick blankets and cushions, then they got into it! It was great that Melinda's first shoot was with Fotina, she really guided her along and helped her get rid of some of those nerves!

  • Wed 24th Oct 2007 Melita plays around in the shower! | Behind the Scenes

    I loved Melita's cardigan so much I thought it would be cool to get some candid shots of her in it! So we took control of the bathroom & took a few snaps! Have a look!

  • Tue 23rd Oct 2007 Meilta & Toby on set! | Behind the Scenes

    Today I went out to help Toby and take some fun backstage pics for you all! I had a ball grabbing candid moments of the three starlets (Jamie-Lee, Melita AND young Toby of course) who in between some very sexy and serious shooting were having a hilarious day rolling around on the floor. I think my Indiana Jones impersonations were the funniest thing of all...but I guess you'll have to check with the rest of them!

  • Mon 22nd Oct 2007 Violet shows off her gorgeous skin. | Behind the Scenes

    Violet and I decided to have a little fun with a camera inside the office today. I had her climbing all over desks and inside window boxes. Which proved very funny and lots of fun! We had to be super sneaky but it was hard in between all the giggles. Have a look at some of the snaps we took!

  • Mon 22nd Oct 2007 Marigold is steaming up the discussion boards! | Behind the Scenes

    Marigold is certainly steaming up computer screens around the globe with her sexy candid photos from home! Make sure you drop by her thread to take a peek!

  • Fri 19th Oct 2007 Bela & Kobe by the blinds | Behind the Scenes

    Far-out Brussel sprout - what an awesome day we had in Sydney! Kobe was full-on energetic and kept us on our toes, from yoga to synchronised swimming. She even brought along her partner in crime, Mr Potato Head!

  • Thu 18th Oct 2007 Patty on the couch with Charli | Behind the Scenes

    Patty and her fiery red hair lit up the room today in Sydney. She has a kick-ass wicked attitude with a brain like Einstein.

  • Wed 17th Oct 2007 Cleo & Toby getting aboard the Jeep to Tier 3s! | Behind the Scenes

    It's lovely and hot here in Melbourne today with a gusty wind! I grabbed a snap of Cleo and Toby before they headed out in this totally Aussie Bogan Jeep to shoot an awesome Tier 3 with Cleo and Nadine.

  • Wed 17th Oct 2007 Hillery getting ready for her Intimate Moment | Behind the Scenes

    Didn't Hillery just look the sweetest! She did her Intimate Moment today it was very exciting, she positioned herself in doggy position, it made for an awesome shoot. Go Hillery, Get amongst it!

  • Tue 16th Oct 2007 Sammie plays behind the camera! | Behind the Scenes

    Sammie is such a little ball of fun. She will dazzle you with her stories and demonstrations! We were going to shoot outside but the weather took a turn for the worst and I didn't want poor Sammie to freeze her cute little ass off so we took it inside. Keep a watch out for Sammie we haven't seen the last of her.

  • Tue 16th Oct 2007 Melita does her second Tier 3! | Behind the Scenes

    This place that we shot in was awesome.. a little bit of country in the city. Both Melita and Nadine looked like they were having a great day, playing around and enjoying each others company. Lots of kissing etc. We got to play with a HMI light (that needs manpower to lift it!) but the light it sheds is daylight and nice. All in all it was a good day..apart from the cold wind!

  • Tue 16th Oct 2007 Sue-ann, Gabrielle & Althea playing around! | Behind the Scenes

    It's awesome when models drop by Abby HQ and luckily for you I always have my camera in hand!! Sue-ann, Gabrielle and I got up to some fun taking silly snapshots in the office.

  • Mon 15th Oct 2007 Sammie gets her knickers on! | Behind the Scenes

    Today was Massive! Its a shame we got off to such a slow start because it would have been fantastic to shoot everyone twice! Sammie was just hilarious to be around she did a fantastic shoot and then made out with Patience! She just kept going all day long, she had so many stories and was so funny. We both nearly fell into the water too! Go Sammie! You are one in a million!

  • Sun 14th Oct 2007 Prue is not just a pretty face! | Behind the Scenes

    Prue is a gorgeous gal with a great personality but she's much more than just a pretty face! Prue's talent is really starting to shine behind the camera. We all look forward to more videos shot by Prue. If you're a fellow fan of Prue make sure you drop by her thread on the discussion boards!

  • Sun 14th Oct 2007 Ever wanted to meet AW models? | Behind the Scenes

    You might have heard the rumblings on the boards, the models flirting, seen interesting pairings... well, in early January 2008, we're attending the Adult Entertainment Expo for four days in Las Vegas, USA! We're taking 10 models, and you guys are all invited to party with us!

    For the last six months, Susie has been working on this project full time. It's far and away the biggest thing we've ever done (and the most expensive, and the most exciting, and the most strenuous). The audition process was open to all our models, and went for a week. The models are in this pic top left (unfortunately, Jilly cannot make it, but Gabrielle can!). We whittled it down from 25, to 17, to 12, and now to the final 10: Anneke, Chloe B, Gabrielle, Jacki, Julietta, Marigold, Melita, Petria, Sue-Ann, and Violet!

    A few weeks ago, we took our models to a small town called Mossman in Far North Queensland, and did a bunch of amazing shoots in rainforests, sugar cane fields, an island, and a sand cay. We shot solos, T3's, T2's, and gorgeous T1's (some of the T2's were shot by the models to great effect!).

    We will have a large, unique custom-built stand at the show and expect to make quite a splash (It's our first time attending, and our style is quite different to most other attendees). All our competition will be tarted up in their highest heels, shortest skirts, and the thickest makeup possible...

    As always, our girls will fresh, healthy, new, real.

    Right now, we're doing regular training sessions with the models, so they learn more about us and how the industry works. Our models are smart and will be interacting with our business partners in a serious way. They won't just be standing around smiling like on other stands, nor giggling brainlessly. They'll be having a bunch of fun with each other (there's no nudity allowed at the show, but we intend to push that to the limit!).

    Our models will be doing a bunch of really exciting activities on the stand (some involve interacting with members), telling newbies about us, and working on some business-to-business stuff as well. There will be stacks of giveaways, and of course our models will be signing things, and meeting and greeting fans.

    Staff attending will be sisters Susie and Patience, and Toby (they'll be working with the models). Rainbow will be there to work with our affiliates, and Customer Support rep Leprechaun will be working with him. Luxman (our discussion boards moderator) will be joining us as well. Joanne and Garion will be managing the boring business aspect. They are trying to convince me to come, but I hate these things with a passion.

    All in all, it's going to be amazing! Susie and I will be updating the boards with more info as it comes to hand.

  • Sat 13th Oct 2007 Indiana & Cleo check out some of their stills | Behind the Scenes

    We had so many awesome stills from the Tier 3 I shot yesterday I thought I'd post another one! It was an amazing shoot. Fantastic models and a stunning room with a great view over St Kilda. Cleo and Indiana really hit it off which was a big relief for us (as it is everyday we shoot tier 3s). Its a big ask to get two girls to just straight off the bat get into each other. These guys were great though chatting and snapping pictures all the way. We chose to shoot them in pastel colors and Jeans, I think the jeans really relaxed the shoot in a location that might otherwise have been a bit too pristine... (if there is such a thing, maybe I just need to clean my kitchen a bit more often!).

  • Fri 12th Oct 2007 Petria gets a new pet Vibrator! | Behind the Scenes

    Melita took Petria shopping in an adult sex shop today so she could buy a vibrator for her upcoming Intimate Moment. After testing ten plus vibrators she finally found the one that hit the spot.

  • Fri 12th Oct 2007 Indiana & Cleo snuggle up after their GGT3 | Behind the Scenes

    Hot ladies! Today we shot Indiana and Cleo in a white room on a white couch. It looked pure and beautiful all in white. These two really came to life in the stills and in the video they nearly exploded! Three orgasms each....nice!

  • Fri 12th Oct 2007 Patience & Althea demonstrating the finer points of Tribbing | Behind the Scenes

    Whilst trying to discover what the best position for Tribbing is I had to refer to my sexual guidance counsellor, Patience. As you can imagine this ended in quite a few hilarious demonstrations!

  • Thu 11th Oct 2007 Dominica gives us a flash before her IM! | Behind the Scenes

    Dominica is a trooper, after having 3 orgasms and a massive sandwich she was ready for her second Intimate Moment - though 5 minutes through one of the red heads blew a globe and she came scurrying out to find me. I fixed the globe and she went on to do another awesome IM with no complaints. Thanks Dominica you're a star!

  • Thu 11th Oct 2007 Sue-Ann & Cleo on the set of their GGT3 | Behind the Scenes

    Today I got to light Sue-Ann and Cleo's Tier 3 with some new lights called Kinos, we hired them to test out how they go, and to see if we dug using them. They were fantastic lights but it was a real effort trying to keep the girls well lit all the time, and I had to have my ISO set to about 800, which is not ideal. One of the big benefits to shooting with the kinos was the fact that we can use them for both stills and video, which cuts down set up times enormously.

  • Wed 10th Oct 2007 Violet makes one cheeky bike messenger! | Behind the Scenes

    Violet sure is a sport! She's no stranger to hard work and a bit of cheeky fun. Without a car in sight Violet made use of the abbywinters bicycle to get things done. To see a few more pics of Violet having fun with her bike check out her Model's Speak thread on the discussion boards!

  • Wed 10th Oct 2007 Bridgette and Bela at the fence | Behind the Scenes

    Check out our little horticulturist today performing her own AW gardening show. She shows some interesting native Aussie plants, and then drags us to the bedroom to reveal her own interesting flower.

  • Wed 10th Oct 2007 Sue-Ann smiles for the camera! | Behind the Scenes

    This is a great little behind the scenes shot of Sue-Ann that Prue snapped of her while she was getting ready and changing into her pretty dress to host the Video Newletter.

  • Wed 10th Oct 2007 Lilana has a play before her shoot | Behind the Scenes

    An art studio... Shooting here really made me itch to get back into my own! Liliana was great in this moody set I just got back from shooting. Liliana herself was cheery and charming, but the lighting and the serene look on her face gives the shoot an edgy kind feel to it. The studios were in the top of a bar, and we nearly stopped behind for a beer, but Liliana had to head off home. Great day, lovely model!

  • Tue 09th Oct 2007 Sue-Ann & Violet mucking around before their GGT3 together | Behind the Scenes

    These creative T3's keep coming! I happen to think it's Violet bringing them on... This shoot was dynamite, the girls pulled out a few trademark moves each. They had an interesting dynamic, both are used to being in control, and struggling a bit with sharing today. My lighting was interesting too, I chose to ditch the fill light all together and concentrate on highlights from the window and a strong key light... It was harder to keep all the interesting bits well lit, but I think the result is well worth it.

  • Tue 09th Oct 2007 Althea & Julietta up close and personal | Behind the Scenes

    The gorgeous Julietta dropped by to do some posting and check out the Bellydancing Girls shoot today. I couldn't wait to snap a picture with this beauty. We had a good laugh and talked about our love of rock n' roll...and butt cheeks. Don't ask. If you want to chat to Julietta you can swing past her thread on the Model's Speak section of the discussion boards.

  • Mon 08th Oct 2007 Alisha, Sue-Ann & Keira hang in the bush | Behind the Scenes

    The joys of shooting in the scrub again! It's the first time this spring we have shot out in a park and now I totally remember why I was so thrilled to get the day wound up! It's hard work, not only do we have to watch the sun and the exposure and the model! But we also have to watch out for prying eyes! Today we had one guy who just wouldn't go away. Luckily Keira and I were waiting for a cloud to come back over, so any spies had a long wait on their hands. Patience had a lucky break though, with Sue-Ann coming out to help in the video, exciting stuff to look forward to.

  • Mon 08th Oct 2007 Althea welcomes two newbies to AW! | Behind the Scenes

    Today we welcomed two brand new models to AW. Kiera and Alisha both did their first solo shoots today with Toby and Patience behind the lenses. Afterwards they popped by for a little introduction to the discussion boards with yours truly.

  • Sun 07th Oct 2007 Jody, Charli, Kiya, Elyse and Bela | Behind the Scenes

    Abbyland has turned into Hippieland today, as sexy models Jody and Elyse try to show aw's shooting crew how to shake it! As you can see our booty shakin' is nowhere near as amazing as the models'.

  • Sun 07th Oct 2007 Greta & Jamie-lee looking hot | Behind the Scenes

    Well I think it is good bye Greta...she went out with a big bang... a sea of orgasms. This pic is from Friday, when we shot Jamie-Lee and Greta. She was happy to see that she had been paired with another Irish girl. It started off soft and sweet and then the fiery Irish Jamie-Lee gave many orgasms to the lovely Greta....it then slowed done to a sensual mood with lots of kissing. HOT!

  • Sat 06th Oct 2007 Toby and Greta pick underware | Behind the Scenes

    Here is another shot from Friday... It was Greta's last shoot, I know I said that last time, but she fitted us in for one final lucky last one. The girls were great! they looked amazing against the green bedspread and the lovely large window. The bed was on a crazy angle in this room, so it allowed me to really get in there with the lights and shoot from a couple of different angles that I don't usually get to. Thanks Greta and Jamie-Lee!

  • Fri 05th Oct 2007 Susie the birthday Girl | Behind the Scenes

    Last year on my birthday I shot the amazing Phoenix for her starry redux in the gallery - and today it's a Tier 3 with Greta and Jamie-Lee! Seems like only yesterday I was 24...heehee. It was a great video, the girls were really into each other and the kissing was lovely. Especially at the end - it was quite romantic!

  • Fri 05th Oct 2007 Bonnie and Asha at AW Sydney | Behind the Scenes

    Sydney has been up and running for some while now, and along has come our first change.

    Ah, lovely Bonnie, we are sorry to see you go! Bonnie has been a key part of getting our Sydney office going beautifully. She's been very popular on the boards, and is going to pursue a career in writing. Best of luck, Bonnie! We hope you visit often.

    At the same time, we welcome a favourite of ours, someone who is not completely new to our family. Why, just the other day, alexbee was wondering what had become of Asha. Asha, is joining us on the AW Sydney staff! Bonnie and Asha have gotten along like a house on fire during training, and Bonnie and Asha have a few more days to work together. Here's a pic we snapped just this morning. Delightful! Welcome, Asha!

  • Thu 04th Oct 2007 Anessa, Charli & Kiya | Behind the Scenes

    This vibrant Swiss chick, Anessa, made the shoot totally awesome. Here's Charli getting up close and personal with Anessa's Aussie polka dot bikini.

  • Thu 04th Oct 2007 Fotina takes a picture of Violet! | Behind the Scenes

    Rock and Roll ladies! These two were perfectly matched they are equally as hot as one another plus energy wise. It was hard to keep track of who was pushing who around. Very hot ladies. I believe Violet taught Fotina a few things.... Violet proves that you dont just have to mouth to satisfy the ladies.... a foot.. or knee will do too!

  • Wed 03rd Oct 2007 Melita making good use of our abbywinters.com water bottles!! | Behind the Scenes

    Today I came up with an awesome idea to make use of all the abbywinters.com water bottles around the place and of course Melita couldn't say no to the challenge! I can't think of anything cuter than opening up a box and finding this sweet little gal inside! Drop by Melita's thread on the discussion boards to check out the rest of these cute pics!

  • Wed 03rd Oct 2007 Emmalee under the light | Behind the Scenes

    Today we didn't have any shoots, so all the shooters went to a lighting hire company and were taken through some different lights that we don't currently have in the storeroom here at AWHQ. There are some really interesting setups that we are hoping to hire, including some Kinos and HMIs. Expect more exciting shoots lighting wise from AWHQ!

  • Tue 02nd Oct 2007 Jamie-Lee & Violet check out their Shoot | Behind the Scenes

    Ok, here goes another T3 for Jamie-Lee and Violet!!! This time together!!! This shoot was always going to be great and it is by far one of the most creative T3s ever! The girls got into some really mad positions and did some things I haven't seen before. The subtleties were great, and the way they used their tongues, was fantastic. I hope I captured it well. On some of these wilder shoots its hard to know when to interfere and ask them to do a movement again, the mood is so good and there is a real risk of breaking it. Its something we take very seriously, shooting here at AW.

  • Tue 02nd Oct 2007 Jacki | Behind the Scenes

    Jacki heats things up on the discussion boards today with some raunchy photos she took herself. So make sure you drop by her thread and keep that temperature rising!!

  • Mon 01st Oct 2007 Petria | Behind the Scenes

    Don't forget to drop by the forums where you can chat to the models directly. Not to mention view the special photo extras that the model's post themselves. Check out Petria's thread for her gorgeous new candid pics! Just divine!

  • Mon 01st Oct 2007 Cici, Prue, Marnie & Patience | Behind the Scenes

    Wow what a day....loving the sun! Believe it or not Melbourne was sunny all day. We decided to shoot the lovely Marnie outside. Patience and I had a sweet time getting to know Marnie in the backyard by the clothes line. We asked the tough questions that you all wanted to know... Then Marnie hung her clothes up on the line from off her body, so she could do some naked dancing. What a great day....big smiles in the dazzling sun!

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