• Sat 30th Jun 2007 Meagan | Behind the Scenes

    Well here's another shot from yesterdays shoot to get you through the weekend, the lovely Meagan!

  • Fri 29th Jun 2007 Janel and Patience | Behind the Scenes

    I was lucky enough to be camera assistant today, and I couldn't have asked for a better team and models (or job). Janel and Meagen were great to work with and found especially Janel to be really confident and open on and off camera. She provided us with shall we say 'half time entertainment'. Both models were happy to chat about themselves and their lives, I think they enjoyed the experience, lots of laughs.

  • Thu 28th Jun 2007 Tricia And Emmalee | Behind the Scenes

    I'd been looking forward to shooting Tricia for a while now, so I was really pleased it worked out today. Tricia was up for anything I suggested, including rolling around on the floor and hanging out upside down for a while. I put a flash head outside to complement the daylight through the window and it looked great. Good work Tricia!

  • Wed 27th Jun 2007 Esha and Emmalee | Behind the Scenes

    Esha has an amazing body, beautiful shining dark skin and not to mention a very sharp mind. Not to mention one of the best butt's in the world! Big call but true...It was great to shoot her today as she lotioned her body in the warmth while it was pouring with rain outside. Cosy!

  • Tue 26th Jun 2007 Bela and Tricia M | Behind the Scenes

    Do you like surfing, then Tricia M is the chick for you. She was lovely and full of energy. I had lots of fun shooting and lighting this. Look out for the sexy back lighting through the blinds very film noir.

  • Tue 26th Jun 2007 Patience Keeps Warm | Behind the Scenes

    Sometimes winter makes it a bit chilly to shoot, so here is a picture from yesterday of Patience setting up and keeping warm by the portable heater we bring along to shoots!

  • Mon 25th Jun 2007 Brandy and Toby | Behind the Scenes

    What a day! everyone was sick! I was going to head out to shoot on my own with the lovely Brandy, but then Patience mentioned how much she was DYING to get out of the office, I figured I could use a hand, so we all went together. The shoot looks lovely, there was a lovely orange tree in the background, that leant a really autumn feel to the shoot, and even though its the middle of winter the day was sunny and mild enough, that with the help of a heater Brandy was able to stay nice and warm. Its shame I didnt get a picture of the two of them!

  • Fri 22nd Jun 2007 Charli & Bela | Behind the Scenes

    It was a fantastic day in Sydney with the lovely German Vassie, she was shy at first but then warmed up to the shoot, she is back to Germany next week so we are lucky we got to do a shoot with her.

  • Fri 22nd Jun 2007 Jasper and Toby | Behind the Scenes

    Another cold one today, Another day of keeping the heater far enough out of shot so as not to cameo in my shoot, and close enough to keep the model warm while she is nudie. Jasper was great, sometimes a model will just go for her life and hang from the branches (so to speak) in a shoot, other times they need a bit more directing, a bit unsure as to whether they are looking good for the camera. Jasper looked lovely, but my favourite shots are the positions she got into on her own, and the lovely daylight that came through towards the end of the shoot.

  • Thu 21st Jun 2007 Caitlyn and Emmalee | Behind the Scenes

    Wow, this girl is so flexible! Graceful and elegant! Really nice to work with Caitlyn today while she showed us how she stretches and does a few simple moves! She looked awesome and was very relaxed. Good work and a great shoot.

  • Wed 20th Jun 2007 Charli & Luka | Behind the Scenes

    We had a pretty cool day today we shot for the first time without Abby..... Which was exciting I was a little nervy about the lighting because I am still learning. Luca did a great job and it was her first time doing an Abby Winters shoot. She did a very good job and is as sweet as a button.

  • Tue 19th Jun 2007 Darya and Toby | Behind the Scenes

    I was so excited about this shoot! When we shot Darya in her first solo I knew she would be perfect for this idea. So I told her all about it, expecting her to say she didn't want to be seen, would be cold, nervous, ect, but she had no problem being naked in the middle of the street! This morning she was running a bit late, and I said to myself "well it is 11 degrees outside, I dont blame her for staying in bed" but again I was wrong and she rocked up ready to go! I gave her an out, I told her how cold it was, to which she replied "Well its not getting any warmer" true that. The shoot went really well, she was amazing, I couldn't stop smiling! I'll have think up some other wacky idea just to shoot her again!

  • Mon 18th Jun 2007 Narida Warms Up | Behind the Scenes

    Narida is such a goddess, her beauty come easily just like out shoot today. What an pleasure to video and photograph. Toby and Sky did a wonderful job capturing this goddess....not that they needed much help cause she came with lots of charm and stunning looks....this shoot will blow your mind!

  • Sun 17th Jun 2007 Kiya and Sue-Ann | Behind the Scenes

    Sue-Ann has an amazing body and knows how to use it. She has a sensual personality and even i was overwhelmed. Sue -Ann has this awesome smile to capture your eyes. And quite a long tongue!

  • Sat 16th Jun 2007 Bela and Petria | Behind the Scenes

    Petria the sexy latina. We made a sexy lotion shoot. Look out for the Lamp that is lighting her luscious body. It actually has a special light globe. It's a Photocrescenta globe (150w). See girls can be nerds too.

  • Fri 15th Jun 2007 Bela shooting Julia B | Behind the Scenes

    Had an awesome day with Julia B, she flew up to Sydney and was an absolute delight to work with. Very bendy. We are still in training and working hard to improve our skills, every day is a new challenge and very exciting.

  • Thu 14th Jun 2007 Toby & Marigold | Behind the Scenes

    Carlee and I were in luck today, we had a guy come and show us a few tricky lighting tips. It was fantastic, he showed us some stuff that will speed up our lighting setups and make things just a bit more versatile for the models to move around the space. The lovely Marigold was our stand-in, she was fantastic as always and it was really good to see her again. We went to this great house that we had all to ourselves, and I swear the top room is haunted. Creepy.

  • Tue 12th Jun 2007 Sky, Julia B & Emmalee | Behind the Scenes

    Today was another wet Melbourne day. Adora & Emmalee came out & helped me shoot the Video Newsletter with one of my favourite Abbywinters\'s models, Julia B. It was great to have assistance for a change I could really get used to it! Adora & Emmalee were a great help. Julia B did a fabulous job today & came across as very professional. By the end she was knocking it over & didn\'t complain about the cold once!

  • Fri 08th Jun 2007 Charli and Gabrielle | Behind the Scenes

    Hey guys Gabrielle is an amazing Model to work with. She made the shoot so interesting and fun. You might notice that the lighting changed a bit half way through. Sorry guys, it was a raining day in Sydney and our daylight disappeared. However I hope you still enjoy Gabrielle orgasming not once but twice.

  • Thu 07th Jun 2007 Model - Rosanna. Our first shoot in Sydney | Behind the Scenes

    Wow! This was my first shoot here in Sydney. Abby of course helped me out a bit. I believe I have lots to learn, however Rosanna was really lovely and sweet.

    I really enjoyed shooting this lotion shoot. I think it is great. I hope you all like my shooting style. There will be lots more to come.

    Have fun in AW land:)))

  • Wed 06th Jun 2007 Toby, Rei, Prue, Emmalee and Adora | Behind the Scenes

    Wow what a day!! All us Abbywinters ladies got a special treat today! A female comedian & a magician! They both were very entertaining & inspiring. I think we all got a lot of laughs out of it. It's great to see powerful women in male dominated industries and hear of their struggles. Not unlike us ladies here. Not many women shoot erotica. Day of girl power!! Go ladies!! Power to us!

  • Tue 05th Jun 2007 Dominica | Behind the Scenes

    On the way to the shoot today we passed some sculptures of flowers with bums and legs and had to stop for a quick photo. Just a little pre-shoot posing practice for Dominica. At the house I shot Dominica on a beautiful old chair next to a painting of a nude model. Seemed appropriate. She looked great and even decided half way through the shoot to up her posing level to explicit. Great news for all the members!

  • Mon 04th Jun 2007 Judi and her dog Matilda | Behind the Scenes

    This is the second time I have shot Judi, the first time was a bit of a disaster, but this time went much better. Judi had a great patterned mattress in her hallway, with great red and orange flowers all over it. We pulled it a little closer to the door and that was our set. Judi's dog, Matilda was a bit frightened having myself and Prue in the house, so Judi put her in the bedroom for the shoot, until the end when Prue let Matilda out and the dog barged in on our shoot, it made for some really cute shots towards the end.

  • Fri 01st Jun 2007 Prue and Toby with Ginny | Behind the Scenes

    What a simple day tody was, I knew exactly where to shoot Ginny, and exactly how I was going to shoot her, what I didn't predict though, was how she had a very come hither look, that made her fantastic to photograph. The shoot went really well, and although it was a bit chilly this morning she never complained once. Prue suggested getting a heater, went out to grab one, and came back with some cute little name bands. Just for something different!

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