• Thu 30th Nov 2006 May G | Behind the Scenes

    Today I had the pleasure of shooting our lovely little lass May. She's going home for good in a few days, but I'm hoping she'll post on the boards every now and then to let us know how she's going! She's been such a pleasure to shoot for the last year and it's always sad saying goodbye to lovely models like her! Today was her IM, and I reckon you are going to enjoy it thoroughly.

  • Wed 29th Nov 2006 Toby shooting Nathalie | Behind the Scenes

    Oh, What a day...What a day. Went a little something like...planned to shoot on the beach...overcast in the morning...found a new location...too noisy for video...sun comes out...back to original plan...off to the beach we go...model has to be at dance class by 4pm...no shooting video then...shoot going fantastic...annoying men keep walking by...back and forth...same 2 guys...again and again..."No sir you cannot stay and watch!" In the end it all worked out...which always seems to be the case. Just another day here in Abbyland.

  • Tue 28th Nov 2006 Approaching the location | Behind the Scenes

    Sometimes, the best laid plans don't turn out the way they are meant to. Sometimes, everything goes off without a hitch, but today was one of those days where nothing seemed to go right! But, what can you do? It's a beautiful day and we had an amazing location to shoot a stills-only Tier 2.9 of our lovelies Portia & Alex T, and they looked gorgeous as per usual of course! The backstage pics from this set are awesome, and there might even be some backstage video lurking around somewhere too...

  • Mon 27th Nov 2006 Toby shooting Leesa | Behind the Scenes

    Leesa has low blood sugar and about halfway through the shoot she started to get a bit sluggish. We couldn't have that happen so off I went to the milk bar for some lollies. Whilst I was there I started to feel a bit sluggish myself. Nothing a bar of chocolate couldn't fix though.

  • Thu 23rd Nov 2006 Toby with Katy | Behind the Scenes

    Today I felt like I was a bit more on top of things, I kept checking the light, I got Katy into a bunch of different positions and all in all I think it went well. Katy did a good job she was a bit chilly to start off with, but she sooned warmed up. Nico had a pretty relaxing shoot, leaving me alone to do my thing while she chilled in a lilo, nice work if you get it.

  • Wed 22nd Nov 2006 Toby with Katy | Behind the Scenes

    I really want to get more practice shooting on my own, I tend to rely on Nico too much to give me tips and help me out of potential problems, today was not much different. Katy did well, I ran into a few problems with light going flat, but all in all it was a pretty good shoot. We are shooting Katy again tomorrow, so I hope things go a bit better then. I think I'm getting impatient with myself, hopefully all these things will click into place soon.

  • Tue 21st Nov 2006 Nico shooting Maya | Behind the Scenes

    Maya was a complete legend. In fact, combined with my trusty assistant Toby, we made a super team (can I be Wonderwoman then?). After alot of running around, climbing trees and gathering branches for a camp-fire demo, Maya got all puffed out. And in 37 degree heat too - phew!

  • Fri 17th Nov 2006 Adora shooting Kaitlin & Petria | Behind the Scenes

    I think it would have been impossible to go wrong today with these two models. The only thing that did go wrong was Petria's dog barking during the middle of the video. Once he started I quickly grabbed him and locked him inside...or at least thought I did. About 10 seconds later I could hear him again. He managaed to make his way up the stairs and out the doggy door. Sneaky little bastard.

  • Thu 16th Nov 2006 Toby with Kaitlin | Behind the Scenes

    Kaitlin is hot, like really hot. She is pretty flexible too, shooting her was a total breeze, all I had to do was aim and try and keep up with her! I did this shoot all on my own, without Nico's help, but I think I did pretty well and a big chunk of that was thanks to Kaitlin.

  • Wed 15th Nov 2006 Nico shooting Sue-Ann & Kaitlin | Behind the Scenes

    These two lovely ladies had a trick up their sleeves, which explains their request for paper... Ahhhh, nothin' like a roaring fire to get you in the mood. Kaitlin & Sue-Ann were all cosy in front of the fireplace when I arrived, complete with mischievious grins. Susie was her usual fabulous self and had the scene good-to-go on my arrival; hope I didn't get my butt in the way of your cool shots! S-A & K couldn't have picked a better day for some snuggling action - it was chilly out. Even a thunderbolt boomed out during the shoot! Quite apt really as it matched the fireworks that was going on inside ;-)

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