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  • Mon 28th Jan 2013Backstage 355 | Behind the Scenes

    Jenny-Lee's erect nipples pressing against her thin vest are the only thing that could distract from her infectiously cute smile.

    Transport yourself backstage on some fantastically sexy and fun shoots. In this set there's a perfect mix with Caitlyn Y & Daria in their video masturbation shoot, Kiki and Jenny-Lee shoot their solo's and another video masturbation with Kiona & Lou-Ellyn to round it off beautifully!

  • Mon 28th Jan 2013Backstage | Behind the Scenes

    COLLATED RAVES ------------------------------------ Caitlyn Y & Daria IM Toby: What a fun day with these two today! It was so nice to see them again and do some shots, even if it was quickly! Oh, I also got peed on... Yikes! WOW! Were these two born to be together? They were like old friends and loved to talk! They also had a pee together and laughed their heads off. Kiki Solo 3 Jacki: I don't think I've ever seen a body as perfect as Kiki's. I've got such a soft spot for her and it was amazing to finally get to shoot her. I can't get over how incredible her chocolaty skin looked amongst crisp white sheets. It was so peaceful shooting her while she was asleep. Amber: What comes to mind with Kiki is how anyone could be made anymore perfect. She is gorgeous in each and every way and every day with her is falling more and more in love! Jenny-Lee Solo 2 Toby: Oh So Pretty! Today was so pretty out in the country. The sun however wasn't shining and Charli and i were really hanging on having some glaring sunlight, but it wasn't happening. We had a back up plan though. The beloved 85mm lens. That baby always makes a shoot amazing. Not to mention Jenny-Lee who was hilarious and beautiful. Patience: Awesome Awesome awesome! Kiona & Lou-Ellyn IM Lee: I thought Kiona and Lou-Ellyn might be the giggly, chatty types but (not for the first time) I was wrong! They were relaxed, sensual and passionate. Jacki: These girls were so cute together. All cuddled up on a couch with arms wrapped around each other, giggling and making eyes at each other. The HMI lighting was bright and white and really made their eyes sparkle.
  • Thu 24th Jan 2013Backstage 354 | Behind the Scenes

    "The video started fairly light but ended up being more than sexually erotic." Behind the scenes of the DIY girls shoot the shoot team watch (and participate) as 3 models not only erect a bed for them to play in, but also find the time to stimulate and undress each other.

    Kylee, Keira and Keilyn playfully and teasingly move around the half finished bed, holding the posts and holding each other as they try and slot it all together. Check out the finished shoot here.

  • Thu 24th Jan 2013Backstage | Behind the Scenes

    DIY Girls Toby: What a fantastic and frustrating day! If you ever thought making a bed was easy this set will change your mind! There were times where the models were actually standing back and it was the shoot team all in trying to make this bloody bed! In the end we got it up, then down, but we got a great shoot out of it, so thats all that matters. Patience: What a funny old day. The video started fairly light but ended up being more than sexually erotic. It was beautiful, I never thought that putting up a four poster bed would be so hhmm entertaining. Lee: A team effort today in the DIY shoot! I wont give away what the original plan was but what we ended up with was an awesome shoot and sore ribs from laughing so much at everyone's DIY expertise. Charli: today was so crazy, making a bed from scratch proved way harder than I expected, what we thought would be fairly simple turned into a nightmare. The girls were great and handled the situation with ease.
  • Thu 17th Jan 2013Backstage 353 | Behind the Scenes

    "WOW WOW WOW!!! Amazing model, incredible location! Everything fell into place today for my shoot with Christen today, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, there were even ducklings wandering around as i shot. Everything was like a dream, and so are Christen's beautiful pictures!"

    That was Toby the photographers reaction to her shoot with the stunning Christen, and in this backstage set, you'll get to go on the shoot and experience the day with them!

    There's also behind the scenes footage from Carla and Katia and a great girl-girl with Kiki & Ren, so don't forget to check them out!

  • Thu 10th Jan 2013Backstage 352 | Behind the Scenes

    Behind the scenes with two stylistically opposing, but equally sexy shoots in the form of Romana's light and cute solo and Blaire and Cleo's sultry girl girl shoot.

    Don't forget to follow the above links to the shoots to see how it all turned out, and whilst you're there why not explore some more!

  • Thu 10th Jan 2013Backstage | Behind the Scenes

    Romana Solo Charli: We had a sexy shoot with exotic dark passionate Romana. Her incredible confidence and ability to move in front of the camera made a great shoot. Tracey: Oh, Italian beauties! Amoró! Romana with her beautiful mediterranean body and pure Roman sexiness teased us today with Latin verve. Sue-ann really enjoyed her company and got a kiss or two to boot! Blaire & Cleo GGT3 Today we tried something different with two of our favorite models, Blaire and Cleo, and went for a quiet, dark and sultry feel. The girls did a great job and the video will be smashing! Patience: I am exhausted! Cleo and Blaire really tired me out today, in a good way of course. Another shoot where I had trouble holding the camera steading because of the hotness. Jacki: We went for a moodier look today with lighting, which meant our models had to bring down the mood also into something a little more sultry. Blaire and Cleo were up for the challenge and outside of a few giggle spots, they did really well.
  • Thu 03rd Jan 2013Backstage 351 | Behind the Scenes

    Starting on set with the very cute and natural Emily as she undresses her pale body and flicks her blonde hair outside in the garden.

    Then we move inside to a great shoot with the very beautiful slender, blonde Karla as she exposes her pert breasts, all to be snapped by Jakie!

  • Thu 03rd Jan 2013Backstage 351 | Behind the Scenes

    Emily K Solo Jacki: Emily started off really nervous today, which is always a welcomed challenge. It's always really nice watching a girl slowly build her confidence and sass. With lots of frolicking to be done by the lemon tree, the confidence soon came. Amber: Emily was sweet and sexy in the backyard today picking lemons and just hanging out on a sunny day. The wind was a little chilly and Emily was a little shy at first but opened up like a pretty flower. Sue-ann: Emily K + lemons = sweet n salty Margaritas!! ...and she's coming back for some group nude shoots! Karla Solo 2 Jacki: Shy flower Karla was a real sweetheart today. She was very meek and contained but had the ability to stun the camera with beauty every time she looked straight down the lens with her big blue eyes. There was something very 'Marilyn Munroe' about this girls look. Amber: We did a sexy lotion shoot today with Karla and she was a regular sex kitten with her purple bra and socks.

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