Latest Updates | Naturally delicious 2018-04-20 20:15:00 AW_CMS2 en All material on, including all layout and design elements, are copyright 2000-2018 BV. Unauthorized distribution (Usenet, CD ROM, etc) and reproduction is strictly prohibited. This copyright will be enforced. So look out. 2018-04-20 20:15:00 Solo: Mona Video Brunette Mona gets her yoga mat on the floor and exercises her fit body before she starts training by doing self defense moves.  Taking her shirt off, she squeezes her large breasts under her blue bra. “My breasts started growing when I was 10.” Pinching her dark nipples, she teases herself. Taking her long socks off Mona oils her legs and breasts. “I love my tight ass.” Taking her panties off, Mona plays with her perfectly shaved pussy. Ugur 2018-04-20 11:00:00 Solo Girl-Boy: Jake & Kayla J Video Slim Kayla does yoga in her living room wearing tight colorful leggings which emphasize her camel toe.  Her boyfriend comes in to room and he caresses her thighs. Taking her red bra off, he licks her perky pink nipples. Moving her panties to the side, Kayla plays with her full bush and her clit. Turning into the 69 position, Kayla sucks her partner’s dick and then licks his balls. Jake rubs lube into Kayla's anus and inserts to a sex toy in as he fucks her on doggy style position. Moving her legs onto his shoulder, he penetrates her until he climaxes. Ugur 2018-04-19 11:00:00 Girl-Boy Girl-Girl: Mariana & Paulina Stills Posing her finger on Mariana's lips, Paulina slowly approaches her until they stand inches away from each other. Firmly grabbing her by her bum, Paulina pulls Mariana towards her with her strong body, passionately kissing her while Mariana's small breasts press against hers. Sitting on the kitchen counter, Mariana opens her legs as Paulina kneels before her, pulling the fabric of her panties aside as she dives her tongue into Mariana's pussy. Laying on the kitchen table, Mariana closes her eyes as Paulina begins to tie her to the table using plastic wrap until she can't move. Having Mariana at her mercy, Paulina fingers her vigorously making Mariana squirm and moan. Grabbing a thick cucumber, Paulina licks it all the way, before inserting it in Mariana's mouth, making her hold it as she sits on top, riding it while she smiles. Izzy 2018-04-19 11:00:00 Girl-Girl Solo: Paige T Video Paige lifts her shirt up and grabs her large breasts, squeezing them together.  Taking her blue panties off down, she spreads her round ass cheeks apart. “I wish everyone is in an open relationship and having fun with everyone.” Garbbing her phone, she takes pics of her shaved pussy. Moving her necklace over her small labia, she teases herself. “I love to suck dick.” Paige moves her hand over her pussy and masturbates to orgasm. Ugur 2018-04-18 11:00:00 Solo Solo: Mona Stills Getting ready for her stretching routine, Mona goes down on all fours, stretching her back while moving her round bum backwards. Taking off her tight legings, Mona uncovers her lace panties as she continues to stretch displaying her flexible body. Taking off her top, Mona reveals her pert breasts caressing her nipples with the tip of her fingers.  Grabbing some body oil, Mona gently lets it drop on top of her breasts, spreading the oil with her hands while massaging her breasts, squeezing and rubbing them. Taking off her panties, Mona lays completely naked on the couch turning around as we see her immaculate shaved vulva and firm bum. Izzy 2018-04-18 11:00:00 Solo Girl-Boy: Jake & Kayla J Stills Practicing her yoga routine, Kayla slowly bends her torso displaying her extreme flexibility. Jake comes in and helps her stretch, grabbing her firmly by her hips and caressing her crotch. Passionately undressing each other, Kayla takes off her top, uncovering her breasts, while Jake kisses his way down her body, all the way to in between her legs.  Laying completely naked, Kayla grabs Jake's erect penis and proceeds to lick it and suck it ardently. Sitting on top of him, Kayla rides him, smiling as she feels his hard dick inside her. Bending on all fours, Jake spreads Kayla's bum cheeks apart, licking her anus and inserting a butt plug inside her, while she grabs his dick stroking it before resuming the penetration from behind. Izzy 2018-04-17 11:00:00 Girl-Boy Intimate Moments: Kara-Lee Video Short haired Aussie Kara-lee walks into her bedroom wearing kimono and nothing else under it.  Lying on her bed, she starts reading a book before getting naughty thoughts and moving her hair brush over her hairy pussy. Getting turned on by the touching herself, she stops reading book and inserts a finger slowly into her pussy. Grabbing her small breasts, Kara-lee masturbates to orgasms. Ugur 2018-04-16 11:00:00 Intimate Moments Solo: Paige T Stills Slowly unbuttoning her shirt, Paige smiles as she uncovers her bra and squeezes her breasts together. Continuing to undress, the takes off her tight jean shorts, revealing her girly panties before pulling them aside and exposing her shaved vulva.  Laying on her belly on the couch, Paige slides her panties down her legs and holds them in her feet, opening her legs and pulling her bum cheeks apart, showing her tight anus. Turning around, she continues to caress herself, gently pinching her nipples while her long blonde hair falls on her round breasts. Izzy 2018-04-15 11:00:00 Solo Girl-Girl: Alba & Hania Video Hania helps Alba try on long red socks, her panties flash upskirt as she moves around. Getting into each other after flirting, the girls start french kissing.  Hania takes Alba's bra off and grinds her pert breasts all over her face. Alba grabs a pair of scissors and cuts Hania's green sucks before pulling her blue bra aside and licking into her hairy pussy. Alba grinds her breasts into Hania's pussy. “I wanna lick your pussy.” Hania sits on Alba’s face and rubs her hairy pussy against her tongue. Turning Alba around, Hania licks her bum and fingers her to orgasm. Ugur 2018-04-14 11:00:00 Girl-Girl Solo: Caisa Video Pale skinned Caisa fixes her tight blue dress, as she moves her red underwear flashes upskirt.  “I love to dress up when I have dates.”  Moving her hairbrush over her large breasts she presses it against pink nipples and large areola. Getting her hand into red panties, she teases her pussy and anus. Getting aroused, she inserts her finger into her shaved pussy. “I love to use my dildo for masturbating but you can use anything.” Caisa inserts her hairbrush into her pussy and masturbates to orgasm. Ugur 2018-04-13 11:00:00 Solo Girl-Girl: Alba & Hania Stills Sitting close to Hania, Alba smiles as she pulls up her leggings. While Alba stands up, Hania remains sitting next to her, caressing her long legs and firm bum as Alba presses her leg against her crotch. Gently posing their lips against her partner, the girls kiss softly as they move their hands slowly towards their breasts, caressing their pert, small breasts gently before they begin to undress each other. Down on all fours, Alba smiles as Hania pulls the fabric of her panties aside, rubbing her fingers against her wet pussy before inserting them all the way in, enjoying every second of pleasuring Alba. Moreover, Hania positions herself on top of Alba positioning her vulva on top of Alba's face, ready to receive and give oral in a 69 fashion that will take them to orgasm. Izzy 2018-04-12 11:00:00 Girl-Girl Solo: Caisa Stills Pulling up her girly dress, Caisa slowly uncovers her red, lace panties that cover her bare shaved vulva. Turning around, Caisa's long blonde hair oscillates as she grabs a scarf and rubs it tightly against her crotch. Bending over with her legs closed, Caisa lets her panties drop to the ground, before reaching to them and bringing them to her face, inhaling her own odor. Down on all fours, Caisa's hands move towards her pussy, spreading her labia apart and caressing her clit. Reaching to her side, Caisa grabs her favorite hairbrush and without hesitation inserts it inside her already wet pussy, continuing to masturbate passionately. Izzy 2018-04-11 11:00:00 Solo Guest Direction: Juliana & Merveille Video Guest Director Juliana gets to know dark skinned Merveille closer by doing some exercises, dancing and asking her questions. “I love getting tickled.” Juliana massages Merveille's feet and she starts touching her armpit hair to tickle her.  Taking their shirts off, Merveille shows Juliana how to twerk and she shakes her perfect ass. Juliana sits on all fours and Merveille spanks her round bum till it gets completely red. “I love it a lot.” Getting into a conversation about sex, Merveille says she like getting choked. Lying on the ground, the girls stretch their fit bodies. Lying next to each other the girls, touch their hairy pussies, “can I smell your finger?” Juiliana takes Merveille’s hand and smells her scent. Ugur 2018-04-10 13:00:00 Guest Direction Solo: Sarah Q Video Aussie Sarah does some poi spinning in her living room and as she moves, her pubic hair flashing from the side of her small shorts.   “I like my girlfriend to suck and bite my boobs.” Sarah takes her top off and squeezes her pert breasts. Sitting on couch, she inserts her wet finger into her pussy and when she takes out she sees her menstrual blood. “I am on my period, I become so horny before and during my period.” Sitting on dining table, she fingers herself from behind in the doggy style position. Lying on the floor, Sarah takes off her glasses and masturbates to orgasm. Ugur 2018-04-09 11:00:00 Solo Solo: Sarah Q Stills Smiling as she lays down on the couch, Sarah begins to undress, taking off her pyjamas slowly. Taking off her top, she squeezes her pert breasts as she lets her shorts slide down her long legs. Pulling the fabric of her panties aside, Sarah inserts her fingers deep inside her, taking them out completely covered in her menstrual blood.  Standing while she raises one leg on the couch, Sarah continues to masturbate inserting a couple of fingers and spreading her hairy pussy apart. Turning around, she lays on all fours while she sticks her bum out, reaching from in between her legs to caress her pussy and continue masturbating. Izzy 2018-04-08 11:00:00 Solo Girl-Girl: Alba & Kate G Video Walking into the bedroom while kissing each other passionately, Aussie Kate and slender Alba move straight to bed to further feed their urges.  Alba pulls Kate's bra down and squeezes her large breasts and grabs her round bum, leaving marks on her pale skin. Alba sits on Kate's face to rub her hairy pussy against her tongue. Turning to the doggy style position, Kate grabs Alba's round ass cheeks and pulls them apart to finger her from behind. Lying on her back, Alba licks Kate's large clitoris and then fingers her hairy pussy until she orgasms. Ugur 2018-04-07 11:00:00 Girl-Girl Solo: Marina T Video Wearing a short blue dress, Marina works out at home to keep her body flexible, her yellow underwear flashing upskirt.  Pulling her dress down, she squeezes her pert breasts underneath her red bra. Getting her hair brush, she teases her brown nipples. “This makes me excited, my nipples are sensitive. Taking her panties off, she plays with her full bush. “Doggy style is my favorite position.” Marina lies on her tummy and teases her clit. Ugur 2018-04-06 11:00:00 Solo Girl-Girl: Alba & Kate G Stills Passionately kissing, Alba and Aussie Kate can't get their hands off each other. Grabbing each other's pert breasts, they urgently undress as they fall to the bed. Laying completely naked, they caress each other's pussy, rubbing their hands firmly as they continue to make out.  Positioning her vulva on top of Kate's face, Alba leans forward, using her hand to expose Kate's clitoris and softly playing with it with her tongue. Down on the floor, Alba raises her hips in the air and stands on her head, while Kate is standing up and fingering her intensely until she can no longer hold an explosive orgasm. Izzy 2018-04-05 11:00:00 Girl-Girl Solo: Marina T Stills Warming up for her stretching routine, Marina lays with her hands and feet on the floor as she pushes her bum up, stretching her legs and back while we catch a glimpse of her girly panties up her tight short dress. Taking her dress off, Marina continues to stretch in her underwear, displaying her flexibility as she opens her legs wide apart while pulling her panties aside uncovering her full bush. With her panties around her feet, Marina delicately caresses her vulva, pulling her labia apart and playing with her pubic hair, while her girly ponytails fall upon her pert breasts, caressing her nipples. Grabbing her phone, Marina smiles as she aims it at her pussy, taking pictures of herself as she continues to play with her labia. Izzy 2018-04-04 11:00:00 Solo Intimate Moments: Kate G & Valeria Video Pale skinned Kate and brunette Valeria compering their skin tones after checking Valeria's tan lines.  Valeria pull Kate's shirt down to touch her pert breasts and pink nipples. "Do you have any hair down there?” Kate takes her knickers off and shows off her pubic hair. Looking at each other the girls get turned on. “I like to use toys when I am masturbating.” The girls masturbate to orgasm as they finger themselves. Ugur 2018-04-03 11:00:00 Intimate Moments Solo: Sonya Video Curly haired Sonya puts on her headphones and starts dancing to her music before she uses her her headphones to tease her cameltoe.    Pulling her shorts down, she shows a peak of her hairy pussy. “I like to do sports and keep my body fit.” Grabbing her round ass, she spreads her ass cheeks apart. Squeezing her small breasts she rubs her clit at the same time. “I like using my fingers and watching porn to masturbate." Ugur 2018-04-02 11:00:00 Solo Solo: Sonya Stills Standing on her tiptoes, Sonya looks over her shoulder smiling as she pulls down her tight shorts, uncovering her lace panties. Taking off her bra, Sonya squeezes her breasts together, pinching her puffy nipples while her other hand moves in between her panties.  Down on the floor, Sonya raises her legs in the air, caressing her clitoris and spreading her labia apart. Turning around, she lays on all fours and grabs her bum cheeks from behind spreading them apart exposing her tight anus. Izzy 2018-04-01 11:00:00 Solo Girl-Girl: Luciana & Sondrine Video Redhead Sondrine shows her postcards to Luciana and her hands move over her legs. Getting close to each other, Sondrine starts kissing Luciana.  Taking Luciana's sports bra off, Sondrine kisses her pert breasts. Sondrine gets into the doggy style position and Luciana licks her hairy pussy from behind. Moving on the floor into the 69 position, Luciana opens up Sondrine's round bum and licks her anus. Sitting on top of each other, the girls rub their hairy pussies in the trimming position. Ugur 2018-03-31 11:00:00 Girl-Girl Solo: Zane Video Redheaded Zane wears small shorts to emphasize her round bum, she does squats to warm up her flexible body, “I do some sports to keep my body in good form.” Taking her pink body suit, her nipples shows through her sheer bra. Licking her finger to make her clit wet, she teases herself. “I love when someone touches my neck and then goes down to my pussy through my clothes.” Getting on all four hands, she fingers herself from behind. Getting her marker wet, she slowly inserts it into her perfect shaved pussy as she squeezing her pert breasts to tease herself. Ugur 2018-03-30 11:00:00 Solo Girl-Girl: Luciana & Sondrine Stills Taking off Sondrine's top, Luciana leans forward and kisses her gently while she grabs her pert breasts. Luciana holds Sondrine by her legs while she rubs her vulva over Luciana's panties.  Bending over, Sondrine pushes her bum out while Sondrine fingers her from behind. Turning around, Sondrine sits on top of Luciana and bends forward to have some 69 action that will take them to orgasm before they fall asleep into each other's arms. Izzy 2018-03-29 11:00:00 Girl-Girl