Latest Updates | Naturally delicious 2017-11-19 00:45:00 AW_CMS2 en All material on, including all layout and design elements, are copyright 2000-2017 BV. Unauthorized distribution (Usenet, CD ROM, etc) and reproduction is strictly prohibited. This copyright will be enforced. So look out. 2017-11-19 00:45:00 Girl-Girl: Emma B & Juliana Video Leaning towards Emma as she sleeps, Juliana softly wakes her up by placing her lips on her torso. Slowly moving downwards, she begins to undress Emma as her hands caress her pubic region. Passionately kissing each other, Emma tours Juliana's neck with her tongue as her hands squeeze her firm bum and lifting her top. Laying back, Emma raises her legs up in the air as Juliana ardently massages her clitoris with her tongue while fingering her. Moving on top of Emma, Juliana receives passionate oral, gently moving her hips back and forth on top of Emma, moaning in pleasure. Ugur 2017-11-18 11:00:00 Girl-Girl Solo: Sondrine Video “I bought this lingerie from a flea market but it still feels luxurious.” Redhead Sondrine pulls her vintage panties up, making her camel toe visible. Taking her bra off, she pinches her pink nipples before squeezes her pert breasts. Taking her knickers off, she smells them, “it's sweaty.” Moving her hand slowly over her full bush, she teases herself by rubbing her toothbrush over her clit. "Depending on my mood I choose different textures to masturbate.” Inserting her toothbrush into her hairy pussy, Sondrine masturbates to orgasm. Ugur 2017-11-17 11:00:00 Solo Girl-Girl: Emma B & Juliana Stills Gently leaning towards Emma as she sleeps, Juliana softly wakes her by posing her lips on her torso. Slowly moving down, she begins to undress Emma as her hands caress her pubic region. Passionately kissing each other, Emma tours Juliana's neck with her tongue as her hands squeeze her firm but, and lifting her top, Emma continues be kissing Juliana's nipples devotedly. Laying back, Emma raises her legs up in the air, while Juliana ardently massages her clitoris with her tongue while fingering her. Moving on top of Emma, Juliana receives a passionate oral, gently moving her hips back and forth on top of Emma, moaning in pleasure. Izzy 2017-11-16 11:00:00 Girl-Girl Solo: Sondrine Stills Sitting on her bed, Sondrine pulls her undies up and slowly inserts her hand inside the them, reaching for her pubic hair and vulva. Turning her bra back-to-front, Sondrine plays with her nipples and while kneeling she starts to masturbate herself.  Completely naked, she lays on her back and starts to play with her toothbrush over nipples and inside her hairy vulva. She then sits by the window and keeps on masturbating herself with her fingers. She lastly reaches for the bed and, while laying on her back, with her leg spread open, she plays with her brush over her buttocks and eventually she inserts it in her vagina reaching a climax. Izzy 2017-11-15 11:00:00 Solo Intimate Moments: Anais V & Dion D Video Short haired Anais takes off Dion’s pink top so she can touch her small breasts. Getting aroused by each other, the girls touch even of their bodies.  Dion takes her knickers off and plays with her full bush before rubbing into her meaty lips while watching Anais finger herself.  "You have such a nice pussy.” Anais fingers her pussy harder on and both girls maturate to orgasm. Ugur 2017-11-14 13:00:00 Intimate Moments Solo: Dasha D Video Brunette Dasha lies on a chair, her white panties flash upskirt. “I like gentle kisses and touches on my nipple.”  Dasha takes her shirt off and squeezes her pert breast before teasing her brown nipples. “I like hard sex with man.” Taking her clothes off, she practices tennis naked, her breasts and bum shaking. Pressing the tennis racket over her breasts, Dasha to teases herself before moving to her perfectly shaved pussy. Ugur 2017-11-13 11:00:00 Solo Solo: Dasha D Stills Leaning back on the chair, Dasha's eyes look intensely into the camera as she opens her legs and we catch a glimpse of her lace panties. Taking her top off, she uncovers her matching bra covering her pert breasts as she caresses her nipples with her sun glasses.   Standing up, Dasha looks back over her shoulder as her hands squeeze her bum cheeks, raising slightly her short skirt so we can see a little bit more of her panties covering her immaculate shaved vulva. Sensually sliding her panties down her legs, Dasha moves around the room completely naked, showing her slender body while smiling confidently. Izzy 2017-11-12 11:00:00 Solo Girl-Girl: Cornelia & Mariana Video Kissing gently each other, Mariana takes Cornelia's top off and squeezes her breasts. Cornelia goes down of Mariana and licks her hairy pussy, slowly inserts a finger in.  Mariana blindfolds Cornelia, sitting behind her as she plays with her small breasts and pink nipples. "Touch yourself for me…” Mariana lies on her tummy and Cornelia spanks her round bum, ”I cant get enough of this butt.” Ugur 2017-11-11 11:00:00 Girl-Girl Solo: Rose K Video “It's a hot day to iron.” Aussie Rose takes off her shirt and teases her small breasts.  “Bondage is fun and easy, you can use anything for it!” Taking her bra off, Rose pinches her perky brown nipples. “69 is the best thing ever, you can come and get licked and you can make your partner come.” Rose sits on a vacuum cleaner and grinds her hairy pussy against it. Getting her sex toy, she puts it over vacuum cleaner and rides her pussy on it. Ugur 2017-11-10 11:00:00 Solo Girl-Girl: Cornelia & Mariana Stills Approaching Cornelia from behind, Mariana lays on top of her, resting her body weight on her round bum as she kisses her neck. Turning around, Mariana's hands aim towards Cornelia's breasts, uncovering them as they passionately kiss while Mariana grabs her bum firmly.  Lifting Mariana's legs up in the air, Cornelia caresses her cotton panties before taking them off and giving her a dedicated oral, passionately moving her tongue all around her vulva as she begins to finger her gently. Turning around on all fours, Mariana moans in pleasure as Cornelia continues to finger her from behind until she reaches a powerful climax. Izzy 2017-11-09 11:00:00 Girl-Girl Solo: Rose K Stills Down on all fours on the floor, Rose smiles as she begins to seductively undress. Taking off her top, Rose uncovers the upper part of her bikini, and gently pulling the fabric aside, uncovers her big breasts.   Continuing to undress, Rose begins to caress her already wet vulva, while with her other hand she grabs her thick hairbrush and inserts it in her. As the excitement grows, Rose reaches out for her collection of dildos, and one after another uses them to continue to masturbate until she reaches a mighty climax. Izzy 2017-11-08 11:00:00 Solo Intimate Moments: Sondrine Video Redhead Sondrine wears a pink body suit which emphasizes her camel toe as she reads a book. Her hands move down her body and into her full bush, teasing herself. Getting naughty, Sondrine pulls the top part of suit down to play with her pink nipples. Inserting her finger into her hairy pussy, she rubs her clit. Leaving her book aside, Sondrine takes her clothes off and masturbates to orgasm. Ugur 2017-11-07 11:00:00 Intimate Moments Solo: Noemi Video Wearing a short skirt and moving on the sofa, Noemi's knickers flash upskirt. Getting her paint brush, she teases her hairy pussy before her fingers go slowly into her vagina.  “I like to dance and get the state of trance.” Taking her yellow top off, Noemi squeezes her small breasts. She opens her pussy wide than inserts a finger from behind. “I like to give blowjobs, it’s one of my favorite.” Lying down on sofa, she masturbates to orgasm. Ugur 2017-11-06 11:00:00 Solo Solo: Noemi Stills Sitting on the couch with her knees bent, Noemi slowly spreads them apart revealing her girly thong which barely covers her dark, full bush. Squeezing her breasts with her hands, Noemi smiles as she pulls her breasts out, pinching gently her nipples.  Laying completely naked, Noemi caresses her body, moving her hands slowly towards her vulva. Playing with her pubic hair, she continues to move her hand towards her labia, spreading it apart in numerous positions. Izzy 2017-11-05 11:00:00 Solo Girl-Girl: Anais V & Dominika Video Anais oils slender Dominika’s long legs and feet. Getting closer to each other, Anais moves her hands over her small tits and kisses her passionately.  Getting slowly naked, Anais goes down on Dominika, licking into her immaculately shaved pussy. Sitting on each other, they grind each other as they start tribbing. Dominika gets her finger wet and inserts it into Anais' hairy pussy. Dominika gets into the doggy style position and Anais grabs her round ass before she fingers her from behind. Lying next to each other, the girls please themselves to orgasm. Ugur 2017-11-04 11:00:00 Girl-Girl Solo: Kate G Video “My nipples are puffy right now and when I get cold, they get harder.” Taking her bra off and squeezing her pert breasts together, she teases her nipples. "I love big tits on girls, I just wanna touch them.” Kate while inserting her makeup brush into her hairy pussy. “It’s very smooth.” Kate plays with her pubic hair and then moves her hands into her armpit hair. “I like the taste of cum, I do swallow them.” After sitting on chair, Kate turns on her sex toy and masturbates to orgasm. Ugur 2017-11-03 11:00:00 Solo Girl-Girl: Anais V & Dominika Stills Softly caressing Dominika's shoulder, Anais sits behind her, moving her fingers along her neck while Dominika closes her eyes and her breathing speeds up. Leaning towards her, Anais presses her small breasts against Dominika's while both girls smile naughtily.  Standing in front of Anais, Dominika offers her nipples to Anais, letting her kiss them devotedly while she takes off Dominika's panties, uncovering her delicate vulva. Laying down on the floor, the girls finger each other in numerous positions, while licking each other until they reach a powerful orgasm and fall sleep en each other's arms. Izzy 2017-11-02 11:00:00 Girl-Girl Solo: Kate G Stills Sitting back on the couch, Kate smiles over her shoulder as she slides down her tight yoga pants, uncovering her round bum. Continuing to undress, she takes off her girly top and her bra, squeezing her firm breasts as she does it. Pulling the fabric of her panties aside, Kate exhales as her hand caresses her pubic hair and her already wet vulva, rubbing her fingers before inserting them firmly as she begins to masturbate.  Down on the floor, Kate grabs her bum cheeks and spreads them apart as she grabs her makeup brush and inserts it inside her while her breathing fastens. Continuing to masturbate, Kate uses her favourite dildo and squatting on the floor, she moves her hips rhythmically, pushing it inside her until she reaches an intense orgasm. Izzy 2017-11-01 11:00:00 Solo Intimate Moments: Alessia & Luciana Video "I masturbate almost every day, I love to do it in public and on the metro.” Alessia touches Luciana's pert breasts under her red bra. The summer weather is making them feel hot so they slowly get naked.  "I am getting hard nipples.” Luciana touches her hairy pussy softly while checking out Alessia. "I love watching girls masturbating.” Alessia gets her finger wet and moves it in between her meaty lips. Aroused by each other, the girls masturbate to orgasm. Ugur 2017-10-31 11:00:00 Intimate Moments Solo: Ronnie Video Ronnie waters her plants while wearing a short dress, her white panties flashing upskirt. “I love my armpit hair, it makes me feel comfortable.” Ronnie plays with her armpit hair and smells them. Taking off her white bra, she gets her large breasts wet, squeezing them into each other. “My tits are very sensitive, they get more sensitive when someone else plays with them.” Pulling her labia apart she shows off her clitoris. “My clitoris is very sensitive, I use lots of sex toys to masturbate.” Getting into the doggy style position, Ronnie inserts her glass sex toy into her hairy pussy. “I love vibrations…” Turning on her sex toy, she masturbates to orgasm. Ugur 2017-10-30 11:00:00 Solo Solo: Ronnie Stills Seductively sliding her summer dress down her curvy body, Ronnie uncovers her white cotton underwear. Taking off her bra, Ronnie smiles as she caresses her big round breasts and dark nipples.  Laying down completely naked, Ronnie spreads her labia apart, and using two fingers, begins to masturbate, moving them in and out as her vagina dampens more and more. Turning around, Ronnie lays on all fours while she grabs her favorite dildo and reaching from behind, pushes it in deep inside her as she moans and squirms in pleasure. Izzy 2017-10-29 11:00:00 Solo Girl-Girl: Daria V & Irina Video Redhead Irina comes from behind of Daria as she is playing the piano, moving her hands into her knickers to tease her. Kissing gently, the girls move to couch as Daria pulls Irina's blue skirt up, grabbing her big bum.   Irina goes down on Daria and she moves her knickers to the side, so she can lick her hairy pussy. Moving Irina into the doggy style position, Daria licks her pubic hair before getting her finger wet to insert it into her pussy. Sitting on top of each other, they rub their pussies against each other before they orgasm. Ugur 2017-10-28 11:00:00 Girl-Girl Solo: Jay Video "I like any sort of dance music, when I walk I pretty much dance.” Aussie Jay pulling jeans up and moves her round bum.  Taking her clothes, she squeezes her large breasts. “When my nipples get hard, they get very strong.” Getting turned on, Jay inserts her body cream tube into her hairy pussy. Taking her glasses off, Jay pulls her labia apart. "When I am in the mood it’s easy to make me come.” Jay rubs her sensitive clit and masturbates to orgasm. Ugur 2017-10-27 11:00:00 Solo Girl-Girl: Daria V & Irina Stills Posing her delicate hands on the piano keys, Daria begins to play as Irina gently approaches her from behind. Kissing her neck as her hands raise her skirt, Irina firmly presses her hand agents Daria's girly panties making her grasp. Passionately undressing each other, Daria slides Irina's panties down her long legs, passionately licking her from behind. Moving her body on top of Irina, Daria places her hairy vulva on top of her face, moaning as Irina gives her a devoted oral. Izzy 2017-10-26 11:00:00 Girl-Girl Solo: Jay Stills Playing with her headphone cable, Jay reveals the shape of her breasts through her t-shirt. She slowly removes her colorful top and plays with it through her see-through bodywear, continuing right after playing with her labia with her sunglasses.  Sitting with wide open legs, Jay spreads her labia with one hand and slowly inserts her finger into the hairy vulva. Laying on her tummy, she masturbates herself with her pink lip balm and keeps on playing with her labia until she reaches climax. Izzy 2017-10-25 11:00:00 Solo