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Playdates are only available to members who have current paid access to, and meet these criteria:

  • Purchased 10 or more pay-per-scene scenes, or
  • Joined on a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription, or
  • Joined on a one-month rebilling subscription, and have rebilled at least once (ie, paid the initial join fee, and rebilled 32 days later for the same fee again.

If you think you meet these criteria, but are seeing this message, something might be wrong. We're still in Beta, but we can probably fix it. Please submit a bug report.

More info about Playdates

Check our FAQ for more info on how Playdates work.

If you are already an subscriber or pay-per-scene user, log in above first. This page will reload, and you'll see more information. If not, Pre-paid credit is required to buy one-on-one minutes with models. It's easy to buy more credit, and it's possible to have a subscription and credit concurrently. When your subscription lapses, you can still use your purchased credit.

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Scheduled Playdates

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