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FAQ : Organisational |

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions. Here you can find answers to how our site works and operates, how to sign up as well as billing and account related questions. Browse our frequently asked questions, if you still can't find an answer you can try contacting us or post your question on the discussion boards.


I'd like to be a model for!Top


What's with these models' names?Top

We sometimes give models "stage names" when they appear on the site, as they prefer not to use their real names. Some models on the site do use their real names, however.

We have shot several models whose real name is Abby (tho never of Abby Winters herself), but have requested they choose a stage name, as we do not want to confuse anyone with this site's namesake.

How is organised?Top

Each model has her own bio page from which you can access all of her pictures in the galleries as well as all of her videos. Each profile page has links to the categories of which she is a member, the other shoots she is in, a handwritten note of her feelings about the shoot, and a direct link to a thread on the messageboards dedicated to that shoot.

The images are available in zips (see What are zip files? for more info on these), and as individual image files in the model galleries. On the Shoot page for a model each zip contains all the image files for that update; otherwise, you can also go into each model's gallery and choose the pics you want by using the Multi-Select feature, and the zip will automatically be created for you to download, listing the filesize for your convenience. Just click the button to choose to download.

You can find a model using the Search Bar at the top-right of any page.

See also the highly educational (and fun to view) instructional videos.

So you donate to charities..?Top

We chose to donate to Charities regularly. We sponsor children in third world countries via Plan, contribute regularly to open source projects, and we donate monthly to local drug education programs.

We prefer not to donate to organisations who have religious or political views, but we are interested in a range of areas of charities - local, national, and international, and a range of types - environment, arts, kids, animals, medical research, and so on.

Our charity log can be viewed here: //

How do I search the site? What's with these Tags?Top


On every page, you'll see our search bar. It looks like this:

search bar

Simply click in the search box (like google), type what you're looking for, and press "enter" on your keyboard, or click the magnifying glass icon.

We provide some help - if you type the first few letters of a model's name (or a tag), wait a moment, a small list pops up of things that match - suggestions. For example, in this example below, we typed just "chr", and you can see all the models whose name starts with those letters.

search bar

Click what you want to search for, and click the magnifying glass icon.

You can add additional search terms in the search box, separated by commas. A search like this:

Big breasts

Will search for things tagged with "big breasts", but not "big", or "breasts" alone. A search for:

Big breasts, small feet, outside

Will return all things tagged with "big breasts" OR "small feet" OR "outside". You can do AND searching (eg: "only show me models who have big breasts AND small feet AND outside") on the Browse page, using filters.


Because we have a huge collection of models, shoots, images and videos, it can be hard to find what you want (sometimes, we find it hard to find what we want, and we created all these shoots!). To help you (and us), we have a tagging system.

"Tags", are metadata (data about data) created by us, and members and models who use the site, to create a Folksonomy, a classification system developed by the people who use the system (as opposed to a taxonomy, a classification system defined by scientists that others have to follow). Anyone who uses our site can apply any tag, to any thing (models, shoots, images, videos), and the more people tag stuff, the better the site becomes for all users.

It can get a little anarchic, and sometimes, some people do dumb things with tags (don't be one of those people - they always get bad gifts at Christmas), but most people do good things. And even average things help the system get better.

It's good because it's easy to tag stuff, and the tagging of stuff helps other people (for example, Google is a useful tool, because people tag their own web pages, though that's a little different from what we're doing here). Tags really come to the fore when you are _searching_ ("only show me shoots where the model has big boobs") and _filtering_ ("of those big-boobed models, only show me the ones shot on a beach").

To tag something, you have to be on a page that allows stuff to be tagged - that would be a Model's Profile page, a shoot page, a video page, or an image page. Towards the bottom of the page, you'll see the tagging bar, that looks like this for Rachel S (this is from her Solo Shoot page):


Some of the tags refer to her body and styling. Others refer to how or where shoots she appears in occur (really, those tags should be attached to a SHOOT, not a model, but it's not a big deal). Some tags are subjective opinions of the model. Tags applied by us are more important - because we produced the shoot and we know our website well, you can trust that if we tag a model with braces, she really does have braces (whereas, one of those dumb people, they might tag a model they wished had braces with "braces").

If a tag is already listed and you agree with it, you can vote it up. The more votes a tag has, the higher up on the list it appears, and the more credibility it has. If 100 people vote that Rachel has braces, it's quite likely she has them, and that lots of people think this is important, which means it's more likely to be relevant to people who are seeing Rachel for the first time. Note that you can only vote for a tag for an entity (model, shoot, image, video), once. Votes by trusted people (for example, AW staff, or trusted members) may be worth more, 2, 10, 100, 10,000 - it depends.

You can vote for a tag in two ways:

  1. Type it in the "add a tag" popup

    add a tag

  2. Mouse over it in the existing tag list, and click on the green "thumps up" icon.

    thumbs up

Tags have colours, indicating who added them:

Green: You voted this tag up, or, you added this tag
Grey: You voted this tag down
Blue: Someone other than you tagged this

Tags can also be voted down, by mousing over the tag, and clicking the red "thumbs down" icon. This takes one vote away from this tag. If a tag gets enough down votes, that tag will be removed.

You can only vote for one tag, once.

What can I do in My Account? What do all those settings do?Top

Subscriptions Tab

Membership: Shows which site(s) you're subscribed to.

Initial charges: What you paid for the subscription when you joined.

Rebill Charges: If you chose the rebilling option when you joined, the cost of each rebill is shown here.

Next Action: The date of each subscrition's next rebill, or if you don't have rebills, the date it will lapse.

Cancel/Enable Rebills: You may cancel or uncancel your rebills here. Note that if you previously cancelled rebills on a subscription and it has now lapsed, you won't be able to reinstate rebills for it. If you want that site back, you'll need to upgrade your subscription.

Preferences Tab

Streaming video quality -

Tempt Me? If you're not subscribed to all the sites, you can choose here whether or not to see the the content of the sites you're not subscribed to.

Time Zone: Determines the time of day and date shown for updates and on the schedule.

Date format: The format you wish to see for dates shown on site pages.

Bandwidth: Running a bandwith test will compare the speed of downloads to you from our US servers and Netherlands servers. You will be automatically switched to whichever servers are the fastest at the time you run the test.

Low/Standard/High quality: Choose your preferred quality for FLV streaming videos. This affects the default quality of the main video on the video page as well as videos that are played in modal (pop-up) windows.

Video download quality -

Low/Standard/High/HD: Choose your preferred quality and format for downloading videos. This will set the default option on the shoot and model pages as well as the "save icon" on the video page.

Number of results: Choose your preferred number of results when browsing or searching. Set the number of thumbnails that will appear per page on imageset pages. Or define the number of pages to be displayed at a time before you get on pages that feature pagination. For example the browse page, updates archives or imageset page.

Sorting options -

Choose your preferred sorting options for the browse/search, models and shoot pages. What you choose here determines how all pages with multiple models, multiple shoots, and search results will be sorted when you open them. You can change the sort order from the page itself, but doing so will not change the default setting here.

About the siteTop

For details about see the detailed "about the site" page which includes information about pretty much everything you would want to know from the people behind the site, to the equipment and technology we use.

How do My Faves work?Top

Quite well, actually. We'll explain here how the feature works in the next update of the FAQ (coming soon).

Which forum on the Messageboards should I post in?Top

We have many different forums on our messageboards for specific kinds of chat. Most of these are straightforward and have descriptions beside them, but a couple are broader. Here are some more details. discussion is for topics specific to the site that aren't covered elsewhere. Such as the different sections, the news page, the text, as well as more philosophical discussions on how we run the site and the principles behind what we do.

Mundane Chatter is for the truly off-topic subjects. Personal stories, jokes, weird stuff you've found. We'll often put derailed threads from other forums into here when they go off into la-la-land.

The Models is where you talk about the new sets that go up, or your favourite models. Sometimes the models themselves will drop in and contribute. As each new model is added to the schedule, a dedicated thread is created, with a sample pic included. These are the threads that you see on the models' profile pages.

The Models Speak is where the models are found most of the time. They have dedicated threads where you can interact with them, though they're often to be found roaming around in other threads too. We encourage you to chat with them, but please respect their privacy, try not to be crude, and please avoid asking really dumb questions.

The Videos is for when you have something specific to say or ask about the vids. Image quality, camera work, compression, as well as the action, events, and details in the video itself. DVDs can also be discussed here.

Tech Art is an interesting one. Discuss the equipment and art of digital photography here, as it relates to the work Abby and her team does. Labs is for the experimental ideas and suggestions that you may have for the future of the site. We'll post our ideas, you post your reaction.

Good Things and Bad Things. We discuss things about the general state of Adult Sites across the internet, or the things about our site you genuinely love or definitely dislike.

Who do I contact if I need technical support?

Technical Support is for the users who are having troubles. Both staff and members can help you out here.

Our moderators keep the boards tidy, by removing posts, fixing errors, re-locating threads to their proper forums, and general maintenance.

You can contact the moderator team using this form.

We also have a few Administrators, who have control over Members accounts, and the implementation of features in the messageboards software.

What is Multi-Select Mode and how do I use it?Top

On each page of images, and on the browse page, in the top right corner, is the "multi-select mode" tool. This lets you select many items at once, and do Stuff with them, such as add them to a zip to download, or add them to your list of faves.
To turn multi-select mode on, click on the multi-select mode area, then drag the "rubber-band" over the stuff you want to select (images in a thumbnail gallery, or search results on the browse page). To start the rubber-band, you can click and drag from an image, or the white-space between images. As you drag, the background of the items included turns grey, to indicate it will be selected. When you stop dragging, the "current selection" count is updated.

The rubber-band is great for selecting stuff that is side by side, but if you want to select things that are spread over the page, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard (command-click on Macs), and click individually on items you want to add. You can rubber-band some stuff, then individually select some stuff, then rubber-band some more stuff, so long as you keep holding down the CTRL key (command-click on Macs). You can even navigate through multiple pages, across multiple shoots (for example, to download all your selected images from all shoots added this week), in one zip file.

You can now do Stuff with that selection:

  • If images have been selected, you can download them as a custom zip by simply clicking the "download n images" button in the multi-select mode tool.
  • Add those things to your faves list, by clicking the ♥ icon beside the entity count. Each time you see that entity on the site, the ♥ icon will show beside it, and you can show all faves (♥-tagged things) from the My Account page.
  • Click on the number of selected items, to see them all on the browse page
  • Clear the selection if you made a mistake, or have done what you wanted to do.

    When you have finished selecting and doing stuff with selections, simply click on the multi-select mode header button again, and it will close up, ready for the next time you need it.

What are the rules for posting on the Messageboards?Top

We never used to have any written rules for our messageboards. For the most part everybody has been very decently behaved, and the few difficulties we've had have been addressed succinctly and successfully. But now that our member base is growing, not every new member that arrives knows what the established nature of the boards has come to be, so it's time to lay down some ground rules in writing.

Be civil and considerate. Not only do our members expect it, but the models who read and post here need to know that they won't be treated rudely. If a potential model reads our boards before a shoot and sees a bunch of crude louts, they will quite possibly cancel. We've tried very hard to keep a certain reputation, and to have it ruined by some careless words would be devastating, both personally and commercially.

These boards are publicly viewable. Any prospective members also can read these messages at any time, and that can be what makes or breaks their decision to join.

Respect our models, respect our members, and respect our site's reputation.

Private Messages
Many features are available on our boards, but many are also disabled or limited in use. We have disabled Private Messaging. If you wish to contact us, please use the Feedback page.

Personal Information
We don't allow posting of detailed personal information like phone numbers, addresses or email addresses. We don't allow direct contact between members and models and we don't approve contact between members beside the forums. This to protect our models but also our members against dangers like stalking.

Report Post
Beside every post made you will see a small "Report" button. This is to send a quick note to the Moderators about that post. This is to notify us if the post has inappropriate content, or demonstrates bad behaviour by another member. It is not for general feedback or login issues. Use the appropriate channels for those.

Should an incident occur, or an email be sent to a Moderator, expect a response no sooner than 12 hours afterward. Hopefully we'll be onto things much sooner, but there are no guarantees. The boards are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we try to keep track of all that goes on, but we do have real lives. We try to have a moderator around at most times of the day, but there are limitations caused by timezones and personal lives. Please consider these factors when something serious occurs.

Moderators can edit your posts without notice. Should anything inappropriate be included, or a simple coding error, these may be repaired without your being notified, though if it is a serious issue you will receive an email.

Moderators cannot affect your Boards Account. However, Administrators can. If you wish to have your username altered, or other deeper settings changed, Luxman is able to do this for you.

You can edit your own posts up to 24 hours after the post is made. This allows you to fix errors, delete posts, or adjust unsuitable text. You do this by clicking the 'edit' button in the bottom of your post's message area.

In certain types of threads, if you add or subtract to a post after the initial submission it can affect any subsequent replies that may have been made before (or during) your edit, spoiling the flow of the conversation, so try be aware of this and limit what is changed and how soon you do it.

Moderators and Administrators can edit any post or thread at any time, including move it to the appropriate forum. If you wish something to be changed in a post after the 24 hours are up, contact them to assist.

Subject Matter
Most subjects are allowed, though we prefer them to be about our site for the most part. However, we also allow a forum for completely off-topic stuff, ranging from telling us about weird things in your garden, through to writing poetry. But two subjects are forbidden, because they are too contentious and will just cause arguments of a heated nature:
That doesn't mean you can't offer prayers or refer to the Bible or something fairly benign like that. Neither does it mean you can't mention something in the political world that is in the News at the time. But nothing partisan, or arguing your side of your religious or political persuasion. It will only end in tears.

There is no freedom of speech here - this is a private messageboard, and what we say goes. We allow most kinds of subject matter, but being deliberately provocative is called trolling, and is not tolerated.

Mundane Chatter
Check the forums to make sure your new thread is in the appropriate place. Most of The Models threads are pre-created by our Staff. The Models Speak threads are created by the models themselves.

Most of the time, your new threads should be in discussion or Mundane Chatter.

Our Staff are notified by email of every post in all the Forums, but Abby does not receive Mundane Chatter posts, so if you wish for her to notice anything you post, and another existing Forum is not appropriate for the subject matter, choose the discussion Forum.

Game Threads
Game threads are those that are intended to be ongoing for a long period of time, but often don't have much of a point to them. You often get single word answers, or they end up convoluted and difficult to follow. Examples include "What's your "porn" name?" "Let's write a story one sentence per post" etc. We do not encourage these, and will often delete them without notice. They do not encourage conversation, and just take up bandwidth. We see them as a waste of time and energy, and for that reason we ask that you request adding a game thread from the Administrator, rather than just going ahead with them. They may or may not be accepted, but don't get your hopes up.

Test Messages
When you aren't sure how the boards' features work, please use the Test Messages forum to try things out. You'll find a lot of past members have used it to figure out smilies and attachments, so don't be afraid to experiment. These posts do not get added to your post count.

You are allowed to post pictures (attachments). But there are limits.

  • Do not use the [IMG] tag. it has been disabled. Always use the Attachment [ATTACH] tag for inline image posting.
  • Do not post altered images from our site. e.g. don't show our models doing things they did not do or saying things they did not say; don't distort our copyrighted image in any way (except for resizing, see below); don't remove our brand.
  • Resize all large images. If you attach images found elsewhere on our site, especially from an imageset, please resize them to about half (500 - 600 pixels wide) so that casual passers-by cannot download the fullsize images for free. Be especially sure not to crop the image, or remove the brand. Or alternatively, you can post a link that points back to the page with the fullsize image.
  • Do not post images of yourself or your friends. We do not have legal permission for you or those other people to be visible on our commercial site. Plus, we don't know for certain any pics truly are of you, and we cannot take that risk. Exceptions to this rule are: Pictures posted by our own Staff; Pictures posted by our models of themselves (if others are in the image, they must be cropped out or blurred).
  • Do not post copyrighted images from other sites, without acknowledging their origin or keeping their own watermark brand, and preferably following the permission granted by the site they are from.
  • Do not post pictures of children. Any kind. Ever. For any reason.

How often is updated?Top

Here are the current minimum update schedules for each of the sites. But don't hold us to just these; we like to throw in a few bonuses from time to time such as an occasional Backstage video, like this one from the Bellydancing Girls shoot.

As a guest, you can check out our news page for a completely up-to-date listing of what has happened in the last week, as well as what's scheduled for the next few weeks. (Here's a secret tip: the models listed in the schedule for upcoming days link to full-size sample pics for free! Shh, don't tell anyone!)

  • 1 new Solo model shoot
  • 1 returning Solo model shoot

  • 1 new Girl-Girl (Fun, Make-Out, or Hardcore) shoot

  • 1 One-Girl Masturbation videos
  • 1 Two-Girl Masturbation videos

How do I include an image in a post on the boards?Top

Before attachingpctures pr other files to your messageboards posts, first please resize large images so they are not too wide. Maximum width should be 800 pixels, though 600 pixels is optimum. If you intend to post one of our own images here, then resizing is a prerequisite, so that our images are not made publicly available at full resolution.

Please make sure you've read our rules about posting pictures before posting any.

Resizing files:

  1. Open your image in an image editing application, such as MSPaint or Paint Shop Pro. Or Photoshop, if you're lucky enough to have it
  2. Resize image to 600 wide. It should proportionately resize the height.
  3. Save again, perhaps with a new filename

Attaching files:

  1. Click the Go Advanced button. Write your message.
  2. Click the Manage Attachments button. It will open a new window.
  3. Under Upload a file from your computer click Browse and look for the file you wish to attach.
  4. When you've chosen it, click the Upload button and wait a little while until it is fully uploaded and appears in the list.
  5. Click Close this window and Submit Reply and it is done.

Making attachments appear within the body of the post:

  1. Click on the paperclip icon at the top of your message
  2. Select and upload the image as you normally do, press close this window when done (you can upload multiple images in one go)
  3. Position your cursor in the body of the post, where you want the image to appear
  4. Click again on the paperclip icon at the top of your message
  5. Choose the image you want to insert from the dropdown list shown, click on it
  6. If you want to insert more images be sure to re-position your cursor

Where are the Archives and what's in them?Top

The archives contain everything on the site that isn't current as of today - all the models, shoots, videos, imagesets, raves, Behind the Scenes, calendars, wallpapers, and sound bites that have appeared on the site over the years.

Most of these can be found on the main menu under Browse and Updates. Others can be found by following the 'extras' link under Community.

When will model x appear on the site?Top

We debut models' images on the site in several places, to give you an idea of the upcoming content. If the info below does not answer your question of when a specific model will appear on the site, we're not able to provide more information on the release date, sorry.

Daily Schedule

This appears at the top of the left-hand column on the members' home page. The most recent update is highlighted, with previous updates above. Below are the the next 10 or 15 upcoming shoots and the days on which they'll be going live.

The models' names are live links. If the shoot is already up, the link takes you to the profile page for that shoot; for future shoots, it takes you to a full-size preview pic.

Behind the Scenes (formerly What happened at AWHQ today)

This appears further down the left-hand column of the members' home page. Images that appear here were literally shot today, so there'll be a two to three month wait until these shoots appear on the site.

Upcoming Shoots (formerly Coming Attractions)

This is in the right-hand column of the members' home page, you'll probably need to scroll down to see it. An image here means the shoot has been officially scheduled to appear in the next three to four weeks. Hover your mouse pointer over the thumbnail image to find out the specific date (note that occasionally, we have to shuffle scheduled content around, so the dates may change). They don't all appear at once, but refreshing the page (hit the F5 key) will show you others

Discussion Boards Posts

These sample pics are placed in a new thread on the messageboards' Models forum when the shoot officially appears on the 'Next Week' schedule, to give you all an opportunity to remark upon it in anticipation of the models' release.

What's this Dildo Drive thing?Top

We're asking members to send in dildos to us, for the models to use on shoots. If a model chooses the item you have sent in, you get several special pics of her with your toy, a thank you video, a personalised note or two and credit on the site... And the warm glow of satisfaction of seeing a good job well done.

Take a look at the Dildo Drive page for more information.

Why is shoot x in the Mezzanine?Top

Our Creative Director chooses to put models in the Mezzanine for a number of reasons. Generally, they go there because the CD isn't happy with the quality of the shoot. That could be a technical issue, a posing thing, or the model herself. It may not be apparent to you - or to any of us! Creative Directors can be quite mysterious at times.

None of this really matters, however, because the bottom line is that by having the Mez, it allows us to add more content to the site than we do regularly. Sometimes, we just have more content than we have room for on the update schedule, and if a given shoot is a Mez candidate, we put it there.

It's not an insult to anyone, and at the end of the day, you get more content than you thought you would.

Where are the pictures of Abby herself?Top

Abby likes her privacy, and never allowed pictures of herself on the website at all, sorry.

For some history of Abby and the site, see our FAQ, About the Site

I found someone ripping off your work! What should I do?Top

As we work really damn hard to make all this stuff from scratch (finding the models and working with them to make the best material we can), we get pretty annoyed when people rip our stuff off.

We have a team of lawyers* standing by to break those guys' kneecaps (in the sending firm-letters-of-disapproval way, of course), so if you see our stuff being ripped off, we'd really like to know about it.

However. Sometimes we let other places use our material to promote our site that is sanctioned by us, so there's not a need to notify us about those.

When to let us know

  • A whole set of images (ie, 100 plus) on newsgroups or websites
  • A whole video (or set of videos)
  • Anything on ebay
  • Any image that does not have our logo and copyright on it (ie, cropped)

When to let it slide

  • Any site that links to us directly, or via our billing company (
  • Images that are credited to us with text or our branding visible
  • Scatterings of images on newsgroups that have our brand intact

If you're unsure about an image, please let us know so we can check it out. And thanks for looking out for us.

*Well, ok, a guy we know called Ben. But he sure knows his stuff. So look out.

What do all the abbreviations on your site mean?Top

Glad you asked. Here are common site-specific initialisms:

Abbreviation Meaning
BA a site that works closely with us, video only, people masturbating to orgasm.
GGTx Our girl-on-girl shoots have a T number that indicates their explicitness. More info.
ISM a site that works closely with us, stills and video, people taking pictures of themselves
IM Intimate Moments project, video of models masturbating to orgasm alone in a room

Here are some that you'll see on our site, as well as many other places on the internet:

Abbreviation Meaning
IMHO In my humble opinion
FTR for the record
BTW by the way

HD and High-res media

HD720p Video MP4, WMV Stream or DownloadHigh-res Images, all sets downloadable as ZIP

Member Benefits

  • DAILY updates
  • Unrestricted access to over 10 YEARS of archived exclusive content
  • No DRM, download or watch online
  • Access to behind the scenes footage
  • Discussion boards to chat with the girls, staff and members

Not a member yet? Sign up now!


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