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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions. Here you can find answers to how our site works and operates, how to sign up as well as billing and account related questions. Browse our frequently asked questions, if you still can't find an answer you can try contacting us or post your question on the discussion boards.


I'm a returning customer. Can I get a discount?Top

You sure can. We offer two tiers of discounts:

  1. If you joined the site after April 2008, you're eligible for a 10% discount on any subscription.
    • go to //
    • press the "Returning Member?" button (top right of the page)
    • enter your login details
    • the discount will be automatically applied (you should see "Your return customer discount has been applied." below the grand total.)
  2. If you have been a customer before April 2008, and you want to rejoin at our old rates, the process is the same. However you must rejoin within seven days of your previous subscription lapsing to retain your 'grandfathered' rate. 

What are the three sites?Top has three interconnected sites: a Solo site, a Girl -Girl site, and an Intimate Moments site.

These three sites are intermeshed and cross-referenced. All of our models do at least one solo shoot, and many go on to do more solo shoots or our other projects. So when you find a Girl on Girl scene you like, for example, you can just check the links for their solo shoots or see if either has done an Intimate Moments video.

The SOLO Site has shoots of just one model, exploring her supple body, and her personality. Generally these shoots have both stills and video, and we add three brand new models every week! Along with two shoots a week of returning popular models, there's at least TEN weekly updates for you. Members of this site also get a bonus: our soft-core group shoots. Imagine three naked girls having fun together. Or five. Or ten or twelve or sixteen!

The GIRL ON GIRL Site is where we take the same models from the solo site and pair them up. Or sometimes there's three, or five, or seven nude goddesses getting it on together. These shoots range from passionate kissing to full on hardcore sex! We put up at least two new sets each week.

The INTIMATE MOMENTS Site Models from our solo site masturbating to orgasm. Real orgasm. To make sure she's fully comfortable, we leave the model completely alone in the room, after setting up the video camera on a tripod. Sometimes we put two models in the room together!

Can I join one site now, and another later?Top

Absolutely. You can subscribe and unsubscribe to as many sites as you like, whenever you want. The more sites you subscribe to, the bigger discount you get, as well. If you're finding it a bit of a hassle to juggle site subscription like that, remember we do also have a pay per scene / à la carte option.

If I rejoin will I get my username back again? For the boards too?Top

If no one has used your username to join the site since your account lapsed, yes, you can rejoin with your same username.

To do so, you must enter it AND your old password during sign-up. The page will provide a suggested password but you can delete that one and enter your own.

If you don't remember your old password, or if you have other problems doing this, contact us.

If you participate on the boards, we'll hold your account for you indefinitely.

Do you do boy-girl stuff?Top

We have done some boy-girl shoots in the past, and since December 2011, we've been adding one new GB scene per month to our site. You can see a list of the GB scenes we have so far.

What are rebills?Top

"Rebill" means that at the end of you billing cycle, we'll automatically charge your card again for the next period. This is so you can enjoy continued access, without having to re-subscribe every month. If you don't like this idea, we have a few other options - look for the "no-rebill" subscriptions.

An example of rebilling is: you join on March 17th, for $36.00 (one month's access). On April 17th, you are rebilled another $36.00. On May 17th, another $36.00, and so on.

At any stage, if you want to cancel these rebills, you can. You'll have access up until the next rebill date, but you won't be rebilled - your account will just no longer work.

What if I want a refund?Top

Our refund policy is simple, and applies under the following conditions:

  • If you find we have misled you in any way (for example, we promise something in our free area that does not exist in our members area), we'll give you a refund.
  • If your computer setup is of our minimum specs, and a significant portion does not work (you need to prove it!), we'll give you a refund.
  • If our site is down for a significant portion of your subscription, we'll either extend your sub for double the time the site was down for, or give you a refund.
  • If we supply something that is damaged or does not work and if you allow us reasonable time to fix the problem with your help, we'll give you a refund.

Is it easy to cancel my rebills after I've joined?Top

Yes! There are two ways to cancel your rebills:

Go to My Account. Under "Current Subscription" click "Cancel/Enable Rebills"

Go to the website of the billing agent you signed up with:

Chances are very likely that you joined by GMBill. To cancel, click here. You will need to have your account details ready

Less likely you joined via CCBill, but if so, you can cancel by going here.


(Remember, you'll need to cancel your rebills at least seven days before the rebill date.)

Can I use a different credit card for rebills?Top

Yes, you can; it's pretty easy too. Just login with our biller's 'account lookup' tool here:

There is a small chance you joined our site with our back-up biller CCBill; if that's the case you can still update your credit card details, but you will need to go here instead:

How secure is all this?Top

This website is very secure. We use 256 bit encryption of your information from when you enter it, to where it is stored in our database. The ( billing server is behind multiple firewalls, and we only keep credit card info for as long as your subscription is active. As you join, or look up your account info on, you'll see a small padlock icon down the bottom of your web browser. Double click on that for additional information.

You might want to read our privacy policy, and our terms and conditions.

Why are there three sites?Top

The three sites allow us to add more content, and charge effectively for them. We can shoot more girl-girl material with a dedicated girl-girl site, than we could if it were all just one big site. Also, three sites allow you choice - you're only charged for the material you really like.

Can I join by a method other than Credit Card? What payment methods do you accept?Top

Yes, you can pay by mail. It's generally a lot more hassle and a little more expensive than using a credit card, so we recommend against it if at all possible. For more info, go to our alternative join method page.

We cannot offer PayPal, as PayPal does not allow adult companies to use their service.

I'm not sure I want to join yet - where can I find out more?Top

There are several places you can go to find more information:

  1. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter, to see the kind of shoots we put up on the site.
  2. Take the free tour for each of the three sites (Solo, Girl-Girl, Intimate Moments). If you like what you see on the tours, you will LOVE what we have inside!
  3. Explore the site as a guest. You needn't be logged in to take a look around at the organisation and structure of the site, check out info on the models, get a feel for how it works... all for free!
  4. Speak to our customer support department if you have any unanswered questions.
  5. Browse our FAQs. There's tons of info there, that will give you a better idea of how we operate.

Why do I need to give my email address?Top

We need your email address to validate who you are. You need to check this email address periodically, for notices that include changes to our terms and conditions, and for us to send your account info to.

We won't be spamming you ourselves, nor will we make your address available to any third party.

You will be getting emails from us regarding joining and cancelling, and one email when your account lapses.

We hate spammers, and receiving unsolicited emails, just like you.

Where do I find out more about the girl-girl site?Top

The best place is to take a look at the girl-girl shoots. There are a lot of images, videos, and there are details on the join page describing what you get for your subscription. If you have a specific question that's not answered there, contact our Customer Support folks.

Where do I find out more about the Intimate Moments site?Top

The best place is to take a look at the intimate moments shoots. There are a lot of videos, and there are details on the join page describing what you get for your subscription. If you have a specific question that's not answered there, contact our Customer Support folks.

Where do I find out more about the solo-girl site?Top

The best place is to take a look at the solo-girl shoots. It has a lot of images, videos, and there are details on the join page describing what you get for your subscription. If you have a specific question that's not answered there, contact our Customer Support folks.

What the heck is CVV2?Top

CVV2 is the number on the back of your credit card, usually on the signature panel. We only ever need the last three digits.

I only see options to join one or all three sites. How do I join two sites?Top

First you sign-up for one site, then you can add a site by uprgading in My Account, here:


Important: Don't try to upgrade by going to the join page! It will cost you more and could mess up your access. If you have problems or questions about upgrading in My Account, contact us.

Click the pic for the site you'd like to add. If you choose to add more than one, click on either picture and you'll be able to add other sites on the upgrade page. Sites you're already a member of will be checked and greyed-out (ghosted); just check any other site you want, and choose your options for length and rebills, below.

Note: Any options you choose for your new site sub(s), are for the new site(s) only, they won't affect a sub you already have to another site. Also, if you choose rebills for the site(s) you're adding, the price you see on the upgrade page is for the new site(s) only and will be in addition to any rebills you already have. It doesn't include your current membership.

How much does it cost to join?Top

The cost of your subscription depends on what options you choose when you sign up:

The initial pay per scene / à la carte costs less than most subscriptions, but the rate at which you spend it is up to you

Joining for three months costs less than joining for one month.

There is a discount for selecting automatic rebills.*

There is a Returning Member discount. (Be sure to click on the "Returning Member?" link in the top section of the Join page!)

To see what your actual cost will be, go to the Join page and play with it by selecting various options and watching the Grand total change at the bottom right of the screen. (Don't worry, playing around with the options doesn't commit you to anything. That only happens after you proceed to the sign-up page and enter your billing info.)


* You can cancel rebills at any time after you join.

How can I upgrade my account?Top

To become a member of any sites that you're not already subscribed to, head over to My Account. Just follow the link under "Upgrade My Subscription" to the site or sites of your choice.

Why is there a 'Subscription' and 'Buy Credit' option? What's the difference?Top

We've included these two very different ways of accessing our content to better meet the very needs and tastes of our member-base. A subscription is a classic recurring payment, in return for total unrestricted access to 1-3 of our site sections. 

Pay per scene / à la carte is an option which allows you to purchase prepaid credit top ups, and then spend them for individual access to just the scenes to you really want. Everything you purchase gets added to your personal 'digital locker', which becomes yours forever.

Which is better? It depends on your preferred way of using the site. If you want access to everything on the site, then a subscription is definitely the way to go. But if there is just a specific model, or taste, that you're into, then you're probably better off only paying for the stuff you like. 

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