Tan lines

Ever wonder what’s underneath her bikini? Tan lines are areas of the body that have a well-defined paleness when compared to other parts of the body that have been sun tanned. Our girls are so sun-kissed that it becomes clear where they demurely cover up while being out in the sun. But we get to see what’s underneath!

Our criteria for inclusions

We have included images of young women topless, bottomless or both, clearly showing the marks left where the sun don't shine.

Rochelle & Shae twins undressing, tan lines
Aslinn & Aimee J nude on hammock, tan lines
Rochelle & Shae nude twins outdoors, tan lines
Sunset Girls group outdoor nudity at the beach, tan lines
Monique & Lee puffy nipples, tan lines
Fitball Girls nude group gym workout, tan lines
Danielle Y , tan lines
Tyre Tube Girls nubile girls in bikinis, tan lines
Picnic Girls nude group fun outdoors, tan lines
Rochelle & Shae twins undressing, tan lines
Lazuli, Seriya & Joan group skinny dipping, tan lines