Rubenesque girls are reminiscent of an older time, when a little extra cushion on the tummy and hips was much appreciated!  Pleasantly plump, cute and chubby, voluptuous,  full-figured, curvaceous - whatever you call them, they are all big beautiful girls.

Our criteria for inclusions

These models are all a bit plumper than our average model.  They are softer all over, with a little bit of tummy, and often voluptuous hips, bums, thighs and breasts.

Tegan, rubenesque
Ren, rubenesque
Kyle, rubenesque
Joanna B, rubenesque
Roxanne M large breasts, rubenesque
Sylvanna, rubenesque
Claire M, rubenesque
Chloe B & Lucinda licking pussy from behind, rubenesque
Meagan G, rubenesque
Kimberly J rubenesque, rubenesque
Meagan G, rubenesque
Rosalind, rubenesque
Daisey, rubenesque
Jessika F IM hand in panties, rubenesque
Capucine & Viola, rubenesque
Zita, rubenesque
Tegan, rubenesque
Evonne, rubenesque
Nayomi & Nichole, rubenesque
Gia wind against naked skin, rubenesque
Chloe B, rubenesque
Natalja, rubenesque
Adaleen, rubenesque
Annalisa, rubenesque
Annalisa frottage, rubenesque
Pennylaine, rubenesque
Angie, rubenesque
Angie & Chloe B anal insertions, rubenesque
Adaleen, rubenesque
Chloe B redhead red lipstick, rubenesque
Jennifer S, rubenesque
Joanna B, rubenesque
May G, rubenesque
Ilona, rubenesque
Jennifer S, rubenesque
Lea & Leah, rubenesque
Bernadette large breasts, rubenesque
Angie, rubenesque
Danielle K, rubenesque
Merel, rubenesque
Leah, rubenesque