Rubenesque girls are reminiscent of an older time, when a little extra cushion on the tummy and hips was much appreciated!  Pleasantly plump, cute and chubby, voluptuous,  full-figured, curvaceous - whatever you call them, they are all big beautiful girls.

Our criteria for inclusions

These models are all a bit plumper than our average model.  They are softer all over, with a little bit of tummy, and often voluptuous hips, bums, thighs and breasts.

Gia wind against naked skin, rubenesque
Rosalind, rubenesque
Jessika F IM hand in panties, rubenesque
Justyna & Roxanne M touching nipples with feet, rubenesque
Daisey BBW, rubenesque
Nayomi, rubenesque
Angie & Chloe B anal insertions, rubenesque
Claire M, rubenesque
Claire M, rubenesque
Kayla T full bush, rubenesque
Roxanne M large breasts, rubenesque
Zita, rubenesque
Ren, rubenesque
Jennifer S, rubenesque
Chloe B, rubenesque
Kyle, rubenesque
Jennifer S, rubenesque
Meagan G, rubenesque
Beck, rubenesque
Pennylaine, rubenesque
Meagan G, rubenesque
Laurice, rubenesque
Bernadette large breasts, rubenesque
Jennifer S, rubenesque
Chloe B, rubenesque
Kristin, rubenesque
Danielle K, rubenesque
Evonne, rubenesque
Kimberly J large areola, rubenesque
Chloe B, rubenesque
Chloe V dark nipples, rubenesque
Sylvanna, rubenesque
Kimberly J rubenesque, rubenesque
Esra, rubenesque
Lacey, rubenesque
Angie, rubenesque
Sylvanna, rubenesque
Nayomi & Nichole, rubenesque
Ilona & Leah, rubenesque