G-string thong

Just a thin strip of lingerie, wedged tight within a firm ass crack! Taut g-strings have been a worldwide phenomenon for decades, and it’s easy to see why - complementing and accentuating the rolling curves and crevices of the female backside, the thong is an enticing piece of lingerie indeed.

Our criteria for inclusions

Included on this page are revealing shots of models wearing ‘g-strings’ or ‘thong’ panties. These are scantily cut underwear that cover only the vulva and rest between the model’s butt-cheeks (instead of covering over them). Close-ups and wide shots are ok, but we prefer images that showcase the tight-fitting underwear clearly, not just “any image” where the model happens to be wearing it (but it can’t clearly be seen).

AnnaBelle Lee , g-string thong
Sarah-Jane , g-string thong
Evangeline , g-string thong
Edie & Misha flexible lesbian sex, g-string thong
Charlotte E , g-string thong
Gaby & Gretchen lesbian massage and tribbing, g-string thong
Laura P & Nichole lesbian oral sex, g-string thong
Bathroom Girls sisters, g-string thong
Bathroom Girls sisters, g-string thong
Josephine S , g-string thong
Michelle B , g-string thong