Full body standing nude

Unaffected, nude and standing. This simple pose is a lovely way to see many models and compare their differences. Almost every solo and girl-girl shoot on our site has this shot, and it’s fun to compare the differences. Each model is shown standing in her natural habitat, looking at you and smiling. *sigh*

Our criteria for inclusions

In shoots we have made since 2010 or so, this shot is quite specifically described to our shoot producers, and every image will be almost identical (allowing us to compare models differences easily). Before then, our approach was more casual, and model’s poses were not so neutral. Hence the mix you see.

Backstage 238 nude camera play, full body standing nude
Tabbitha M , full body standing nude
Anastasia D meaty lips, full body standing nude
Charlotte E , full body standing nude
AnnaBelle Lee , full body standing nude