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A "wallpaper" is an image that stays on the background of your desktop, underneath all your applications, and is the image you'll see when your computer boots up. We've worked hard to keep them subtle, tame, and toned down, so they won't interfere with your icons. We have orientated many of them with the model on the right hand side, as most people tend to have icons on the left hand side of their screen. However, there are some that are formatted the opposite way, or are more centralised, for the rest of you.

These images are in "Jpeg" format, and at several resolutions. It's important that you get the picture with the right size for your monitor. To find out what resolution your monitor is at, minimise all windows, right click on your desktop (anywhere not on an icon). Choose "properties" from the menu, and click on the "settings" tab. Look for the box marked "screen area". There will be a slider, marked "less" and "more". The numbers below it indicate your screen resolution. Click on "Cancel" to exit this window.

To use a wallpaper, simply click on the resolution your monitor is at for the picture you want, let it download into your browser window, like any other picture (should take a few minutes), and then right-click on the picture, and choose "Set as Wallpaper". If you minimise all your windows, then, you should see that image on your desktop. For those of you with screen resolutions in sizes different to those available, you should have the option to stretch the image, or just leave it centered on your screen with a border around it.

Most image viewers (Lview, PSP, Ember, ACDSee, ThumbsPlus, etc) have an option in their FILE menu, to set an image as wallpaper, as well.

If you want to remove this wallpaper, right click on your desktop, choose "properties", and in the "wallpaper" list box (on the "background" tab), choose "none". Simple!

Let us know if you have any problems!

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