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We're asking members to send in dildos to us, for the models to use on shoots. If a model chooses the item you have sent in, you get several special pics of her with your toy, a thank you video, a personalised note or two and credit on the site... And the warm glow of satisfaction of seeing a good job well done.

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Here are some rules to get you started:

  1. You may send items that are dildos or vibrators. We're not looking for wacky and weird toys, but if you have an idea, ask Abby about it. If she reckons we can work it into a shoot (and she'd know!), she'll give you the go ahead.
  2. It is legal for us to receive sex toys that you mail to us, but we cannot speak for sending them from the country you're in. If you're worried about this, you should check your local laws.
  3. Toys will absolutely not be returned. The model gets to keep them for herself.
  4. We will not be returning un-used toys. We expect most toys will be used, but some way-out ones may never be.
  5. We cannot be responsible for toys you send that we do not receive, sorry.
  6. The toys have to be new, and in original packaging. We will be disinfecting them thoroughly before they are used for a shoot as well.
  7. You may wish to purchase online, and get them sent direct to us (as a "gift") - that's fine too.
  8. Stuff you send must have your SubID and the name you wish the model to use if she addresses you. Your sitename will be made public unless you specify otherwise. If you do not include your subID and sitename, we will not use your submission.
  9. We are unable to provide a street address for deliveries, sorry.
  10. Sorry, but you do not get to choose which model gets to use the toy you send in.

Here's some feedback from satisfied customers:

  • Woo-hoo!!! I just got my thank you letters and CD today...this totally rocks! Heather wrote me a very sweet note and her hand writing is so girly and adorable :D The gorgeous model who chose my gift (Can I say her name? -- since she's new and hasn't had any shoots go up yet, I don't want to blow any surprises) wrote her letter in pink which I love 'cause I write in pink a lot too. She loves the toy...actually said it was calling out to her which I find very sweet :) (No, it doesn't talk :p ) And the video! Oh, goodness, this girl is hot! Fantastic smile, lovely figure...everyone's in for a real treat when her shoots go up. Thankyouthankyouthankyou...this really made my day!
  • Well what all can I say: I got my package from Heather, Including Thanks (letter), and 3 formats of video from Darcy showing me why she (Darcy) like my dildo drive gift :>) I once said in the forum that: AW needed to stay personal, and that was worth, the money, and telephone calls to get it sent. I am very pleased. Thanks All
  • Your letter arrived for Valentine's Day, in a hand-written yellow envelope that looked just like a Valentine's card. Enclosed I found a sheet of the famous Abby Winters lined paper, with a lovely note from the lovely Peta, complete with hearts, kisses and smiley. The CD had some pictures of Peta in a state of undress, holding the vibrator and the note, so I can prove to my friends that I really am the Peter she's talking to , and a short (18 sec) clip of her saying 'thank you' while actually using the toy! I'm looking forward to the shoot now. Thanks
  • I just got my very cool "thank you" package from Marie M — it contained handwritten notes from both Heather and Marie, photos of Marie with the dildo and her handwritten note, and a clip of Marie pleasuring herself with the dildo and singing its praises. I definitely encourage other members to take part in the Dildo Drive — I think this drive is one of the many things that makes stand out from other sites when it comes to seeing lots of beautiful girls and all their lovely bits.
  • Woot! I went to Poland last week for ten days and when I returned my "thank you" package was waiting for me in the mail!! I got a nice thank you note from Hayley, the lovely woman who chose my dildo to use. Also included was a thanks from Heather. Most exciting of all was the CD that included a few pics with Hayley showing her "thank you" note in them, an in-action video clip, and another video clip where Hayley is thanking me again. She and Heather (I think) are talking about the dildo I sent, and they conclude that I sent a "classy" one. Glad Hayley liked it, and hope it gets much use. Thanks to Hayley, Heather, and AW! And when can I see the full video??
  • Well, what can I say? It’s been more than worth the wait. I found my little package in the mail this morning and could hardly believe my luck... A thank-you letter by lovely Heather, and hand-written notes by two of my very favorite models, including the one I originally joined the site for!!! Not to mention a CD with some verrrrry sexy shoots, and a short video of each model putting her toy to good use! I almost melted when one of them said “Dankeschön” in the cutest of accents...

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