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  • Video capture of Video Masturbation
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    Mon 21st Jul 2008Annalisa & Fae | Intimate Moments

    Gorgeous blonde Swiss Annalisa -you might remember her from Pottery Girls- her solo's not up yet but here's a sample of her passion that's sure to whet your appetite! She's alone with Fae, a Chinese cutie who's been very active on the forums recently, and they're getting it on big time!

    These two are so horny that as soon as out videographer Amber left the room they started pashing and undressing each other. Clothes come off, braless breasts are groped and fingers are slowly but surely edging their way lower and lower. The best bits: Annalisa sucking Fae's fingers and seeing them stroking and moaning in unison.

  • Image of Girl Girl  lesbian kissing and sex
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    Mon 21st Jul 2008Fotina & Kiki | Girl-Girl

    What a pairing - these two models were meant to be together. You can feel the sexual tension. Fotina & Kiki are at once tender and loving, but at the same time, wildly aroused. They slip their fingers into each other and taste each others juices - so sweet. You really must see this light-skinned and dark-skinned couple.

    Petria hosts this week's Video Newsletter from (get this) the library. She has to be really, really quiet, but that doesn't stop her from being really seductive in her sexy library outfit. Petria lets you know about all the shoots for this week and uses video clips to do it. Maybe if you meet up with Petria in the library, you two can share a dirty book together.

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    Sun 20th Jul 2008Immie | Intimate Moments

    With luminous, radiant, healthy skin and striking eyes, Immie is sure to be your dream girl. This intimate moment she shares with us all the body convulsions, all the authentic, involuntary gasps and her special, private technique. A beautiful video, don't miss it.

    Talk to Immie directly. She's smart, friendly and waiting to chat to you!

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    Sun 20th Jul 2008Asha | Solo

    This girl, Asha is so gorgeous that I'm at a loss for words. She looks so soft and cuddly in her white sweater, but somehow I get the feeling she can be a real tiger in bed. Her see-thru sheer top adds to her allure and the sense of anticipation we feel is not unwarranted when her clothes come all the way off. The beauty of her body parts is matched by the wonder of the whole person.

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    Sun 20th Jul 2008Alisa | Solo

    It looks like Alisa's been painting her room. She's starting to make me see spots! She has a very cute and fit body with crinkly nipples. Alisa's pussy has obvious external lips that just cry out for someone's tongue to give them a good lashing. The best shots though, just may be Alisa from the back side, with long blonde hair and bending over, as in doggy-style, waiting for you.

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    Sat 19th Jul 2008Juanita | Intimate Moments

    Feeling like a treat today, saucy South American Juanita has decided to wear some seductive lacy underwear and it's interesting to see her absent-mindedly preen herself as she gets more aroused. She's totally alone and as her bra comes off and her panties are pulled to the side you can peek at the special, private way she likes to get off.

    A slow, pulsing video that draws you in right to the hip-rocking end.

    If you like her toned and tanned body and want to get to know her more have a look here at Juanita's solo photo and video set.

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    Sat 19th Jul 2008Zora | Solo

    Zora is a cheeky, flirty, alternative girl exploring the Aussie bushland without a care in the world, feeling "beautiful and comfortable" when she's naked. She enjoys her svelte body, is confident and self-assured. She also has had many, many sexual encounters in the bush and she remembers them with glee...there's a lucky guy!

    This is the first time you've seen Zora alone and gotten to know her more ...intimately, she's previously appeared in an outrageously sexy ice-cream video with Selena... go check it out!

  • Video capture of Girl Girl  analingus
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    Sat 19th Jul 2008Becky T & Shaminee | Girl-Girl

    Anal fingering and licking anyone? I love this vid, not many Aussie girls are into it but I get the most intense orgasms after I slide a finger in this taboolicious back door.

    Becky T & Shaminee steam up an afternoon with their lusty advances. First Sham goes down on Becky, making sure she's comfortable and licks her clitoris gently, firmly but not too energetically to bring her lover to orgasm- just enough to stoke the tension a bit.

    Then it's Shaminee's turn- pressed up hard against the cool glass door pane she tilts her pelvis forward a tad to give Becky better access to her sweet spot. Becky relishes the sweet juice pouring down her face and so will you!

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    Fri 18th Jul 2008Jody | Solo

    What do you think Jody would do if she came home to her flat and found Patience waiting on her doorstep- ever present camera rolling? Invite her inside? Relax on a kitchen bench and start telling dirty stories? Tell dirty stories and then get progressively undressed? Yes, yes and yes again!

    Wearing an flirty emerald coloured summer dress over bare breasts and totally shaved honeypot, she casually chats to Patience about all manner of sexual techniques, positions and oceanic encounters...

    My Favourite cream inducing part: This feisty young Canadian gives us a lingering view of the "camel toe"- her pink undies jammed up into her crotch...Yum!

  • Image of Girl Girl  analingus
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    Fri 18th Jul 2008Becky T & Shaminee | Girl-Girl

    Aww, Becky brought Shaminee some pretty dandelion flowers. And you thought Becky was a brutal girl; she is actually quite the romantic. Becky T & Shaminee undress each other, kiss awhile then play with each others pussies, including eating each other out. There is even a bit of anal play, including a finger insertion.

  • Image of Behind the scenes  young ladies with cameras
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    Thu 17th Jul 2008Backstage 209 | Behind the scenes

    You can find the girls of Backstage 209 riding in cars, lying naked on the bed, writing their handwritten notes, getting dressed after a shoot, and eating lunch. Everything the models and crew do when they are behind the scenes is fair game. In addition to being interesting, many of the backstage photos are quite sexy too.

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    Thu 17th Jul 2008Zora | Solo

    Zora's found an old rusting car out in the bush to pose with, while her striped tights really stand out among the leaves and foliage. Zora likes tattoos on her naked chest and she's anxious to show them to you. Her sexy back is a full-length work of art! Zora is up for some finger insertions as she spreads her lips from behind.

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    Thu 17th Jul 2008Brandy | Intimate Moments

    Sexy as hell, Brandy has a toned and tanned killer body and she knows how to use it. She was part of our Jelly Wrestling Girls, using her gorgeous boobs to distract opponents while she undid their bikinis! Cheeky!

    Today she's lying down on a sofa, wriggling out of tight jeans and slipping off a sweater to reveal matching pink bra and As her legs come up and her knickers peel away we've got the perfect view of her delicious pink finger pie as she rubs her clit in fast little circles. Soon she's gasping and writhing as she get closer and closer to a happy release...don't miss this yummy masturbation video!

  • Video capture of Girl Girl  tasting each others labia
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    Wed 16th Jul 2008Annalisa & Mandy M | Girl-Girl

    A lifetime of passionate kissing with a tonne of tongue is sure to make you wet your pants! Annalisa & Mandy M enjoy some alone time where they steam up the lens with their oral sex addiction.

    Get to know Mandy M a little more, she's a sweetie who shares a lot with us in her solo and shares a whole lot more in her Double masturbation vids with Kiki and Shasta.

    Want to know what it's like for the girls? Want to know what she tasted like, what her favourite moment was? Most hardcore girlgirl scenes have before and after interviews where our videographers ask all the nitty gritty juicy questions.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls  Spreading pussy
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    Wed 16th Jul 2008Bettie | Solo

    Bettie's a little nervous, she's never done anything like this before, so to get herself in the mood she starts with some yummy nipple stimulation...running her fingertip in tight little circles over the most sensitive part of her nipple. It seems to do the trick because her shorts comes off and her knickers are pulled tightly to the side, showing you a great view of her pink hairy pussy.

    Did you know you can comment on this video? Bettie's video has its own cute little thread here - you can sing your praises to Bettie, comment on the angle of the camera and rave about the style of chair she's wanking on or whatever you like, we're all ears!

  • Image of Nude Girls
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    Wed 16th Jul 2008Jody | Solo

    In the kitchen this time in a bright blue-green dress, Jody shows off her great cleavage as she crawls around on the countertop. Her pussy is totally stubble free and looks very sexy! If you would like to see Jody's first shoot, take a look.

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    Tue 15th Jul 2008Lou-Ellyn | Intimate Moments

    Lovely Lou-Ellyn possesses a dark sensuality only Kiki has managed to tap into so far. Here, safe and private she's able to release some of her pent up urges and luckily aw has a camera rolling...

    She's unzipping her tight blue jeans and slipping a moistened hand under the waistband, you can just make out the circular motion of her fingers on her clit before she gets too horny and decides the jeans have to come off...

    My favourite bit: apart from her loud, knuckle whitening orgasm, the way she simply pulls her yellow panties to one side, plunges her fingers in and licks the sticky pussy flavour of her fingertips....melts in your mouth!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls
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    Tue 15th Jul 2008Anessa | Solo

    Beautiful, blonde and busty Anessa dropped by the Sydney office and said "I'm going to get undressed and rub rich creamy moisturiser all over my body. Wanna film me doing it?" Bela said "Hell yes!"

    And so this delicious video captured the very lickable Anessa taking her undies off and bending riight over to massage the creamy lotion into the soft skin on her arse....she spends a lot of time rubbing and grabbing her bum- maybe she's trying to tell you something..?

  • Image of Nude Girls  Spreading pussy
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    Tue 15th Jul 2008Bettie | Solo

    Pretty Bettie with the soft brown eyes, and the soft brown hair between her legs makes you want to dive right in. I like the way it slips out past the crotch of her sexy undies. The pinkness of her private lips stands out beautifully in contrast to her milky white skin.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls
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    Mon 14th Jul 2008Lauren R | Solo

    Housework is never a task a lady enjoys, but since Lauren's got to do it she figures she might as well do it in the nude! Who hasn't vacuumed or done the ironing naked?

    Well, today, Lauren R has invited team abby to film her at home doing some window just happens that she starts to get undressed as she cleans- lucky for us! Her teeny tiny body is perfectly proportioned, just a handful, so nothing going to waste.

    You're sure to fall in love with this pint sized domestic goddess!

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