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    Tue 23rd Sep 2008Shee-Ra | Solo

    Shee-ra twirling + green outdoors + nakedness = hot video!

    Some beautiful Magpie song to accompany Shee-Ra as she discards her clothes and wanders around the field twirling her ribbon, first in her bright red undies then nothing but a bare bum!

    It's a beautiful, picturesque scene- her velvety chocolate skin framed upon the bluest of blue skies. Young, perky breasts sitting high and full. Cute round bum and a perfectly shaved pussy to top it off....what more could you ask for?!

    Centaur says: We reconsidered and decided that we just can't deprive you of the video this week. The stills set will come along at a later date.

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    Tue 23rd Sep 2008Amy J | Solo

    Amy J's gorgeous lotion shoot is going up today! Her cute stockings are rolled off and her hands work the moisture-giving goodness deep into her supple young skin.

    A beautiful lotion video that I know you'll enjoy!

    You might also want to check out our AW Today page because Amy was in town today for some saucy double masturbation action with sweet-as-pie Becky T!

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    Tue 23rd Sep 2008Larissa M | Solo

    Larissa M looks very cute, but at the same time very hot in her white bra and blue undies. Larissa lies on the bed and spreads her pink bits so that you can get a look right inside. She pops out her pink vibrator toy received from the Dildo Drive (thanks again Yusa) and gives it and her pussy a fine workout. This girl is very wet with lots of girlcum, you have to love it!

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    Mon 22nd Sep 2008Lea & Leah | Intimate Moments

    "Do you want me to take off your bra...?"

    Such innocent words from Leah, forcing Lea to lean forward- precariously close to her partner's bosom...not that she'd mind much I'm sure!

    These two girls had never met before today, but their connection was fierce and instant. Facing each other, their legs intertwined, Leah keeps a keen eye on Lea's fingers as they work feverishly in tight little circles, occasionally dipping wetly into her increasingly aroused pussy. The closer Lea gets to the edge- the more it turns Leah on! It's double trouble time!

    My favourite bits: they analyse the experience and end "officially relaxed."

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    Mon 22nd Sep 2008Chloe B & Marigold | Girl-Girl

    Extra-Large still photos today and previously DVD-only videos in two days. This set was so nice we thought it deserved the extra-large photos that it didn't have originally. Chloe B & Marigold were going to do some grilling outside, but were hot to get cooking in the bedroom with each other. Two good hairy pussies and two sets of large breasts make this set a treat - that and the wonderful personalities of these two popular girls. They get each other off with their tongues and come explosively as a result.

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    Mon 22nd Sep 2008Jordana | Solo

    Sultry stare with soulful eyes, Jordana is a New Zealander- and proud of her heritage.

    With long, flowing, black hair and tanned, smooth skin, you're sure to fall head-over-heels in love with Jordana.

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    Sun 21st Sep 2008Maiara | Intimate Moments

    I think this was shot the same day as Angie & Chloe B's girlgirl- so I'm sure Maiara had no trouble at all getting into the mood for some self-love with all the sexual innuendoes and tension flying about that day!

    Her hands moving in time, one gripping her more-than-a-handful right breast, the other hand rubbing her pulsing pussy while her pelvis rocks faster and faster with fervour and passion...

    Make sure you also investigate Ilona & Maiara's heart-palpitation inducing double date. Their hands reach out for each other as they get closer to climax.

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    Sun 21st Sep 2008Amy J | Solo

    Amy J has come inside for her Redux stills shoot. You may remember her from this hot set outdoors among the trees. Amy's dressed sexily in a cute red top, white stockings with hearts, and garters. I love Amy's succulent pink nipples on her pale breasts and her good and hairy pussy that would make anyone's eyes pop.

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    Sun 21st Sep 2008Jordana | Solo

    Another exotic looking model - this girl's name is Jordana. She has brown eyes with nice brown nipples on her large breasts. Jordan sexily slides out of her hot purple undies to show you her dark-haired pubic triangle. It's everyone's hope to sit on a bench outdoors with someone as pretty as Jordana.

    Don't forget to watch this week's Video Newsletter. Leah is on a pier jutting out into the ocean and it's an absolutely beautiful day. Let her tell you about some of the shoots coming up this week and tell you how you can subscribe to the site. Model Shee-ra that Leah mentions will be returning soon, but another week.

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    Sat 20th Sep 2008Freya | Intimate Moments

    Auburn haired Freya moistens one finger with a light lick of her cute pink tongue, releases her breasts with a quick snap and slowly encircles her soft little nipples...

    She's all by herself, and she's in need of a little self-love. Sitting spread legged and bare fleshed she pushes two fingers deeply inside herself, alternating between g-spot love and clit stimulation bliss! Her boobs jiggling wonderfully too but her glasses are never askew! ~teehee

    If you're new to and a bit surprised that Freya doesn't notice the camera or make lots of moaning noises when her hands aren't anywhere near her sweet spot- this' because her build up and climax is totally real. She's a genuine amateur and her first and only time on film shows only how she really masturbates when there's no one go on and educate yourself! There are currently 433(!) different masturbation videos to taste!

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    Sat 20th Sep 2008Tammy B & Jilly | Girl-Girl

    Tammy B & Jilly make love the natural way...nothing artificial! Their slow and tender kisses intensify and the passion that is finally released takes the breath away from both of them

    Don't miss this sensual girlgirl moment from

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    Fri 19th Sep 2008Marnie | Intimate Moments

    Marnie is naturally gorgeous!

    She has thick, shiny hair that falls in waves about her shoulders and a peaches and cream complexion. Her singlet top and lacy yellow bra are peeled off quickly so her full milky-skinned breasts swing freely- wrinkling and tightening as she squeezes them. It's not long before she pulls the crotch of her shorts to one side and slides two fingers in feverishly.

    A sexy as hell masturbation video, it's very long and steady, both teasing and revealing. Her closed eyes, her halted gasps and finally her mouth frozen for a few blissful seconds in that wonderful silent "O" shape...drives me nuts!

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    Fri 19th Sep 2008Kiki | Solo

    A coy smile and a cheeky nod to all her female sexual conquests(...Carys, Indiana, Fotina, Kylee, Lou-Ellen..and they're just the ones we know about!) Kiki is enjoying her solo time in front of an adoring camera today. She has an innate sensuality about her, every move and twist is natural but incredibly sexy.

    Her dark, smooth skin is complemented by hot pink matching top and knickers...both of which she casually removes before laying down and spreading her wonderfully juicy and smooth pussy lips.

  • Image of Girl Girl  passionate kissing
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    Fri 19th Sep 2008Giselle & Theresa | Girl-Girl

    Two of our favourite models have returned for a Hardcore photo shoot together. Giselle & Theresa are looking beautiful, refreshed, and ready to get down to business. Giselle really loves Theresa's boobs and pussy so she licks and sucks on them a lot, as much to get pleasure as to give it. I really like the way Giselle's inner pussy lips hang out of her pussy. They're just perfect for nibbling, right?

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    Thu 18th Sep 2008Alera | Solo

    Alera's such a pretty and exotic-looking girl. She has a real treasure chest underneath that bra. Absolutely beautiful, large breasts. What a cute little snail trail of dark fuzz that leads from her bellybutton down to her sweet bits. We've had a lot of knockout girls lately and Alera continues that trend of perfect models.

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    Thu 18th Sep 2008Kiona | Intimate Moments

    Kiona's not wearing any undies! This makes for easy access as her hands dip down between her legs, pushing deeply inside her wetness with earth shattering results! The squish and slurp of her juicy pussy is stopped for a moment as she pulls her blue dress off over her head revealing full, milky breasts cupped in a pretty powder blue bra.

    Looking through a key-hole this exciting video spies on Kiona- her legs spread invitingly open and her hand clamped hard on her needy pussy...

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    Wed 17th Sep 2008Annalisa & Blaire | Girl-Girl

    Blaire is in the shower when Annalisa decides to join her. Annalisa rubs soap all over Blaire's fit body. It's so arousing and teasing to watch this sensual foreplay as the girl's desire for one another rises.

    So many different positions! Up against the wall, on the floor of the shower, on the edge of the bath, in doggy style and one leg up and over... These girls bring it everywhere. Thick and fast. Hot and heavy.

    I love this passionate and dynamic sex session of Annalisa & Blaire!

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    Wed 17th Sep 2008Bronte | Solo

    Super sweet Bronte is a like a drop of freshness in her very first time in front of a camera. Her intense shyness and her first time nerves are eased by videographer Amber's gentle questioning... Bronte squirms and giggles but eventually spills the beans on her "private time"- she likes to stimulate her clit and (shhhh don't tell anyone) sometimes she even likes to use two hands!

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    Tue 16th Sep 2008Dennie | Intimate Moments

    Dennie's tight yellow tee shirt comes off quickly and her fingers linger on the fine lace of her girly cotton bra. She's alone in her bedroom, sighing as her licked fingers twist and pull at her increasingly erect nipples. Her arousal intensifies and her body undulates with desire at every passing second. She wriggles out of her tight denim shorts but stops her hands from delving into her special place just yet- she manages to contain her urges, building up the tension until her pussy is truly ready....but as soon as her fingers graze passed the nub of her clitoris her orgasm explodes through her body. Red faced, back arching and quaking- it's incredibly sexy... the end she carefully replaces her panties and tucks each delicious breast back into its cotton cup as though nothing had ever happened.

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    Tue 16th Sep 2008Bronte | Solo

    Bronte is a shy girl, but a very sexy one. Look at those beautiful blue eyes. She's slim and trim with nice boobs and a good mound of lovely pubic hair. Just a little pixie is Bronte.

    Bronte's photos merited an extra large set, so here you go, they're on her photo page.

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