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  • Image of Girl Girl  outdoor orgasm
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    Wed 31st Oct 2012Lesbian Sex: Nichole & Renae D (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Under the soft outdoor light the beautiful American Renae and Dutch Nichole start to get a bit flirty and intimate as they let their hands wander over each others slim bodies and large breasts.

    Undressing each other they reveal their natural red full bush's to match their long red hair. Laying together on the mat they both raise each other to a great and stunning outdoor orgasm.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls  stripping at home
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    Wed 31st Oct 2012Nude girl Makayla (Video) | Solo

    Welcome warm and innocent, Brazilian girl Makayla! She teases you with her cute smile, big dark eyes and very long, wavy hair. She tells you interesting stories about her pregnancy and her Brazilian life style.

    This sweet girl welcomes us into her own house, reveals her mature body and her charming personality to us. First she takes off her top and shows us her big boobs, which are still full of pregnancy milk! On her pert nipples Makayla wraps strands of her long, softly curled hair and squeeze out some milk! Next she exposes the rest of her tanned body and with in her innocent way shares with you her intimate take on the world.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls  body painting
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    Tue 30th Oct 2012Nude girl Fenna (Video) | Solo

    Beautiful skinny Fenna is back! This tall Dutchie oozes creativity and loves to talk about her art, fashion & Fetishes. She uses her curves & gracious movements to pick you up and take you away to her own special place.

    She likes to dress up, but also dress down and fool around. She's always in for something naughty. She doesn't prefer male or female but loves the best of both worlds.

    The dynamics of Fenna together with "hands-on" guest director, The cute Miss Masie make this video is an absolute joy to watch its flirty, funny, sexy & hot. You might even pick up a thing or two about runway modeling. This Solo contains a lot of interesting witty and saucy Dialogue, it gives you a good understanding of what goes around inside Fenna's head.

    Your chance to fall in love with sexy Fenna again!

  • Image of Nude Girls  stripping at home
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    Mon 29th Oct 2012Nude girl Makayla (Stills) | Solo

    Brazilian beauty Makayla debuts with a gorgeous first solo as she undresses her slim, tanned body and large breasts.

    Flirting with her piercing dark eyes and long curled black hair Makayla effortlessly seduces you as she moves around shedding her clothing. Holding her large breasts she wraps her long hair around her large erect nipples. We hope to see more of her soon.

  • Image of Nude Girls  body painting
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    Sun 28th Oct 2012Nude girl Fenna (Stills) | Solo

    The gorgeous Dutch Fenna undresses her amazing slim, curvy body, large breasts and pert, round bum as she paints in the warm golden glow of the sun.

    Turning the paint towards her own body she uses herself as a canvas. Rubbing paint onto her nipples and over her breasts she stares seductively into the camera, enjoying expressing her sexuality.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  orgasm
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    Sun 28th Oct 2012Video Masturbation: Jenna K | Intimate Moments

    Dutch Jenna is back for another IM. This time we hear her sexy hoarse voice commenting on how she masturbates. First she explain how she starts and what happen in her body. Then she shares her fantasies and explains how fantasies differ from reality.

    After her orgasm she has a final comment: 'This was a good one!'

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  holding hands kissing
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    Sat 27th Oct 2012Video masturbation: Karlijn & Marleen S | Intimate Moments

    Dutch ladies tall Marleen S and slender Karlijn sit outside and each write down a sexual story. Sitting in the sun both ladies concentrate on thinking about their inner most sexual desires.

    Inside Marleen reveals that her story is a recurring dream and she lays down on the bed to share it. As Marleen starts to talk Karlijn's hand begin to wonder over her own body before she is slowly masturbating to Marleen's words. It is not long before both ladies are driven by the tale and are laid hand in hand on the bed with their small breasts exposed. Gripping their partners hand both ladies let themselves go and race towards orgasm.

  • Video capture of Girl Girl  body lotion
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    Fri 26th Oct 2012Lesbian sex: Carian & Gretchen (Video) | Girl-Girl

    The sexual tension between tall, blonde Gretchen and dark haired Carian is obvious as Gretchen's feet and hands quiver whilst receiving very focused attention from Carian. They begin with a very slow and sensual kiss which becomes more frantic as the girls explore one another's slender bodies.

    Carians tongue and fingers explore Gretchen's hairy pussy, and both girls receive a little anal pleasure from one another. They lose track of their multiple orgasms and become so involved in one another that they don't want to stop! Gretchen's repeated use of the word "wow" whilst in throes of passion really sums up this very sexy and passionate shoot.

  • Video capture of Learn How to Get Women  female perspective on attraction
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    Fri 26th Oct 2012How do I get girls interested in me? | AW Education

    In this bonus no-nude update of AW Education, we ask a bunch of models how should a guy get girls interested in him.

    AW Ed is a series of videos where we ask models questions on what it's like to be a young woman in today's society. If you have some burning questions to be answered, post on the questions suggestions thread.

  • Video capture of Best Of  female ejaculation compilation
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    Thu 25th Oct 2012Best of Squirting (Video) | Editor's Choice

    Video material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is squirting! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalogue, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the most diverse material around gushing.

    We have identified the models we have selected, so you can explore their shoots in more detail. Let us know what gems you found from this update (and any we may have missed!).

    This months editor's choice features a video only look at the fetish- squirting.

  • Image of Behind the scenes  posing nude
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    Thu 25th Oct 2012Backstage 341 | Behind the scenes

    A bumper backstage set this time with some amazing models making some great, sexy appearances! There's all styles of shoot being shown here and the atmosphere behind the scenes is as fun as ever.

    There's some really popular shoots in here and be sure to follow the links and check them out: Annabelle Lee, Immie & Leah, Katia Solo 2, Larissa M Solo 2, Immie Solo 3, Jamelia Solo, Blaire Solo 2

  • Image of Girl Girl  body lotion
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    Wed 24th Oct 2012Lesbian Sex: Carian & Gretchen (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Gorgeous German Gretchen and the beautiful Dutch Carian explore each others slender naked bodies, pressing against each others breasts and bringing each other to orgasm!

    Carian seems infatuated with Gretchen's large, pert breasts and full bush. She even stops to grab the baby oil and rub the lotion into her skin and around her chest.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls  masturbating in shower
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    Wed 24th Oct 2012Nude girl Alyshia (Video) | Solo

    Cute Dutch girl Alyshia is getting ready for her first abbywinters appearance and there is going to be a BIG surprise at the end! She steps into the shower scolding us for wanting to talk to her, as she needs to get ready for the challenge ahead.

    She smiles her adorable smile as she rubs soap into her large breasts, her fingers touching her large areola. She makes sure the pink between her legs is properly clean before heading out of the bathroom to show us what she has been preparing for . . .

  • Video capture of Nude Girls  naked tour of my house
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    Tue 23rd Oct 2012Video of myself at home: Kara D | Solo

    Curly blonde Kara returns to with the first official self shot shoot. This is where the model films herself in her own environment and in her own way. This is a riveting personal journey with Kara, as she shows us around her house and tells us about what she has been up to, then she undresses, tells more sexy secrets and gets very horny in the process.

    She also shows us some of her favourite toys and uses them to full effect. Simultaneously! Then moves to the shower to finish off what is a thrilling return to

  • Image of Nude Girls  masturbating in shower
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    Mon 22nd Oct 2012Nude girl Alyshia (Stills) | Solo

    Beautiful Dutch, dark haired Alyshia shows of her tanned naked body as she washes and plays with the water in the shower.

    Playing with her large breasts and letting the foam slip over her soft round, nipples towards her well trimmed pubes surrounding her pussy, she keeps a cute and seductive eye towards you. There may even be a little pee surprise in there as well!

  • Image of Nude Girls  naked tour of my house
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    Sun 21st Oct 2012Photos of myself at home: Kara D | Solo

    The beautiful blonde Australian Kara D is back on with this very intimate and real self-shot set!

    Giving you a sexy glimpse into her days at home she literally carries you around as she exposes her stunning slender body, pert breasts and trimmed bush of pubes as you spend some time in bed with her, in the bathroom, in the bath, and even the kitchen sink!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  outdoors
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    Sun 21st Oct 2012Video masturbation: Alva | Intimate Moments

    By the side of the road, tucked away in a mostly hidden garden Australian Alva is enjoying the sun. Bare foot she walks across the grass and lays down on a bench. Slowly opening her towel she reveals her pale skin and white matching underwear set.

    In the heat of the sun Alva's hands tease her body stroking her skin into ecstasy at which point she has to let her hands find her small breasts and finally the inside of her knickers. With cars rushing by Alva closes her eyes and searches for her orgasm.

  • Video capture of Girls In Lingerie at Night  hat and heels
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    Sat 20th Oct 2012Classy, elegant Rachel S (Video) | After Dark

    The cheeky Rachel s comes home and tells provocative stories of sexual exploits of her evening...are they real stories or her fantasies, this is the mystery that always surrounds the tempting and seductive Rachel. Enjoy the mystery of one of most sexual charged young girls.

    Looking slightly more mature than usual with deep red lips and a tight fitting dress. She tell tales of group sex involving best friends, night clubs and a spa. Don't let the innocent giggle fool you, you are in for a ride!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  peeing into glass
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    Sat 20th Oct 2012Video masturbation: Evelina & Sasha R | Intimate Moments

    I'm not sure anyone told cheeky Sasha R that this wasn't a Girl-Girl video! The ladies begin by having a pee race to see who can fill their glass the fullest. With that out the way in Sasha's words it was time to work!

    The ladies begin by comparing breasts and it is not long before Sasha is asking to lick Evelina's full breasts. Getting her own small breasts out Sasha runs her fingers over her dark nipples.

    Giggling starts to change to sexual tension as the ladies embrace, Sasha kissing down the side of Evelina's shoulder. Sasha holds onto Evelina's nipple as the two woman sit side by side and masturbate, letting go only to suck on one of Evelina's bare feet.

  • Video capture of Girl Girl  lesbian sex
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    Fri 19th Oct 2012Lesbian Sex: Alyssa R & Claudia S (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Alyssa has the perfect ass, pale skinned and sweet sounding Claudia knows it and she revels these two hot girls engage in an passionate loving making session.

    You can see the desire and fire in their eyes, as they tenderly touch and examine every crevice and curve. Both are blessed with sublime figures and wonderful fit bodies and tight bums. But what is most thrilling and intense about this session is the desire these very attractive girls share for each other, simply palpable.

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