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  • Video capture of Video Masturbation
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    Sat 31st Mar 2012Martha & Merel | Intimate Moments

    Martha is a Ukrainian beauty with a slender body and soft olive skin. Merel is a playful chick with a cute smile and with smooth dark skin.

    Martha dries her hair after a shower while Merel helps her to rub lotion into her olive skin. First Martha takes of her top and reveals her petite boobs. Merel is next and she takes off her white t-shirt and displays her tan lines around her small breasts.

    Both of them slowly move into a very intense masturbation session with a lot of sensual kissing and soft touching.

  • Video capture of Girl Girl  lesbians tribbing
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    Fri 30th Mar 2012Lacie & Merel | Girl-Girl

    I will start by telling you what Merel wrote in her after bio, 'Can't ask for more today, Lacie raped me in a sweet, loving, tender and rough way!'

    How a normal after shower routine, where one friend helps the other by putting cream on her back turned into this I have no idea, but if we work it out we would have the formula for 'super sex!' (quote by Lacie).

    There were long fingers V small hands, Big boobs V little boobs but which is better, there was only one way to find out FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    These girls tour into each other, chucking one another all over the bed! Pussies were slurped, bottoms were spanked and orgasms were had by everybody!

    You will be exhausted when you have finished watching this, there was peach fuzz, tribbing, soft kissing, hard kissing, more tribbing, 69, spanking, hard fingering, hair pulling, sweat and giggles!

    As a word of warning you may wish to turn your volume down as these girls had each other screaming and begging through out - 'You'll make me crazy doing that , go ahead do it again!" Merel

    Be sure to check out Izzy crying in the after video!

  • Image of Behind the scenes  naked together backstage
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    Thu 29th Mar 2012Backstage 312 | Behind the scenes

    Another varied and beautiful backstage set for your viewing pleasure! With appearances from the beautiful Nicole P, the stunning, blonde Alisa and the gorgeous Anastasia & Carly T in their double intimate moments.

    All of these shoots are more than worthy of attention and the beautiful Alisa's is most definitely a must see, so dive back into the vast archive and enjoy!

  • Image of Girl Girl  lesbians tribbing
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    Wed 28th Mar 2012Lacie & Merel | Girl-Girl

    The vivacious dark skinned Merel and the stunning, slender, pale skinned Lacie make for one extremely sexually charged pair. Passionate from start to finish these girls waste no time tearing into one another's bodies.

    Diving through the clothes and getting to the smooth skin, large breasts and smooth pussies beneath they writhe around together as an unstoppable force. With some really intense sex and positions. With Merel pulling at Lacies beautiful red hair you can almost hear them screaming in orgasm even from the photo's!.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls  natural bush
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    Wed 28th Mar 2012Jessie T | Solo

    The deep blue eyes of Jessie lock onto you with a cute, shy and mesmerizing look. Her pale white skin and long slender body are beautiful. She cutely tells us about herself and shows of her collection of nylons and stockings.

    Running her hands delicately across her long legs and stockings is very sensual and in this debut solo video, Jessie is captivating.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls
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    Tue 27th Mar 2012Lawan | Solo

    I am delighted to welcome back the cute and very petite Lawan! Her Philippine looks and stunning smile will tease you from beginning to end. Her long dark hair softly falls down over her dark skin shoulders framing the delicate features of her face.

    Lawan is a very shy and funny chick. With a cute smile on her face she tells us why she prefer older guys and how they out do their younger competitors. Slowly she gets undressed exposing her dark, olive skin and her petite body.

    First we see her small boobs and later she exposed her round bum. All this leads to soft masturbation session...what more could you need!

  • Image of Nude Girls  natural bush
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    Mon 26th Mar 2012Jessie T | Solo

    Beautiful new model Jessie and her vibrant red hair burst onto your screen for her first ever photo shoot! Her cute little smile, seductive personality and tall slender body really set her apart, and as you watch her slowly undress her smooth, pale skin and full bush of pubes her wholesome and innocent nature really shines through.

    Moving around the room she picks up, plays with and slides on and off a variety of tights and stockings, accentuating her gorgeous long legs!

  • Image of Nude Girls
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    Sun 25th Mar 2012Lawan | Solo

    The bubbly, natural and Asian Lawan stands beautifully against the white of the full length window as she undresses, revealing her tanned skin, clean shaved pussy and small breasts.

    Lawan is great fun to watch on screen as she smiles and moves, keeping eye contact as she strips away the layers of clothes hiding her body.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  nude guitar
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    Sun 25th Mar 2012Gretchen | Intimate Moments

    retchen comes from the bedroom to relax in the kitchen and show us a little part of a song she's been working on, her stunning voice and struming of the guitar only compliment her gorgeous natural looks and great personality.

    Tired of practice she sits the guitar down and turns the attention to herself; undressing and moving her fingers down to her full bush and extended long legs.

  • Video capture of Girls In Lingerie at Night  thigh high stockings
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    Sat 24th Mar 2012Hayley F | After Dark

    Hayley F is hot, there are no two ways of putting it, she has the most perfect bum. She makes you melt as she stares at you with her deep blue eyes.

    If you had a date with Hayley F, where would you take her?

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation
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    Sat 24th Mar 2012Aletta & Klara | Intimate Moments

    In the prelude to Aletta's and Klara's Girl/Girl we asked them if they would like to do a double intimate moment first. The two Dutch hotties thought that would be a good idea.

    So you are invited to watch these girls have their first sexual experience together. First they chat about boys, going out and driving tickets. This while start massaging each other and we get a beautiful view on their cute bums and nice breasts. Asking each other how it feels and what their thinking they have a nice orgasm. Klara a bit sooner then Aletta: "Just so you know, I am not gonna wait for you!"

  • Video capture of Girl Girl  lesbian 69
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    Fri 23rd Mar 2012Alyssa & Carmina | Girl-Girl

    Sexy and energetic Spanish babe Carmina brought a friendwith her from Spain, Alyssa. She has a very shy but alluring smile with long hair and something special, that x factor. Petite Carmina teases her with her big cute smile and big bold blue eyes.

    Step by step they reveal their beautiful bodies in Carmina's quirky photo session. She wants to immortalize her friends body and face. The tension between these two is so strong that Alyssa can not stand any longer and she invites Carmina to bed.

    This photo session is really special for both of these girls, they will always have the photos and their intense orgasms and passionate sex to remember this wonderful experience by.

  • Image of Girls In Lingerie at Night  thigh high stockings
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    Fri 23rd Mar 2012Hayley F | After Dark

    Gorgeous full lips surround Hayley's cute suggestive smile, her large, deep eyes staring at you willing you to stay and watch her undress. And if you do stay you'll be more than happy you did; peeling off her clothing Hayley reveals her perfect tight body and pert arse, barely covered by the most sensual of underwear sets.

    Arching her back, pushing back that perfect bum and pulling tight the purple bed throw, Hayley sexually flirts with you and herself in the mirror opposed the bed. Her slim body, small pert boobs and infinitely long legs all lead to her almost bald pussy.

    This is one frolic in the dark you wont want to ever forget!

  • Image of Behind the scenes  girlfriends naked together
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    Thu 22nd Mar 2012Backstage 311 | Behind the scenes

    Another great backstage, half indoors with the beautiful blonde Anastasia and her Intimate Moments shoots, and half outdoors in the glorious Australian sunshine with Opaline.

    Surrounded by light the stunning brunette Opaline records her first ever solo, and her slim, tanned body looks absolutely amazing against the lush green of the grass!

  • Image of Girl Girl  lesbian 69
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    Wed 21st Mar 2012Alyssa & Carmina | Girl-Girl

    Two gorgeous and genuine Spanish best friends unveiling their slender, toned bodies, pert breasts and sexually deviant sides on each other, and all instigated by the Carmina's want for some sexy photos for her personal album!

    The petite and insatiable Carmina directs her brunette best friend around the room as she takes some very cheeky (and quite reveling) home photos! Feeling the tension increase between the two, they drop the camera for some very intimate, passionate and first time sex between the two of them!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls
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    Wed 21st Mar 2012Merel | Solo

    Welcome our new model Merel. This dark skinned beauty is getting ready for her day and chats out freely while she is taking care of herself.

    We witness her morning ritual, how she brushes her teeth, washing her face and moisturizes her skin. Merel is a very sexual being and describes confidently what she likes. In the meanwhile she does her stretches and takes some extra time to get her nice breast and lovely round bum into perfect condition!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls  natural bush
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    Tue 20th Mar 2012Gretchen | Solo

    Almost eligible to fit in our After Dark category, Gretchen gladly joins us again for an intimate video where she describes in great detail her ultimate girl girl fantasy. It's sexy, sensual and seductive.

    You wont be able to stop yourself from being sucked right into her personal world of lust and eroticism. At times it's like she is whispering right into your ear...and just when she has you wrapped around her little finger, she pulls out a remote controlled vibrator and uses it anally, then urges you to join her over the edge.

  • Image of Nude Girls
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    Mon 19th Mar 2012Merel | Solo

    Beautiful dark skinned new model Merel comes to for the first time, and we are very pleased to have her! With a great smile, personality and body to go with it, she's a great and stunning girl.

    In the bathroom she explores her naked body in all manners of positions, showing off her perfectly groomed pussy, pert breasts and large nipples. We hope this is the first of many from Merel!

  • Image of Nude Girls  natural bush
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    Sun 18th Mar 2012Gretchen | Solo

    In this dark and grungy attic space Gretchen lights the place up with her amazing suppleness and sexual flexibility. She moves and elongates her gorgeous, slim body and long legs into a variety of sexually seductive poses as she slips her fingers through her thick bush of pubes and starts to masturbate.

    Soon her desires intensify and in a moment of self submission she ties up her ankles and slips a small silver vibrator up inside of her anus; and as we watch it work its magic on her, she literally climbs the walls with pleasure! Its an awesomely intimate shoot to behold and Gretchen as ever is a salacious delight!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation
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    Sun 18th Mar 2012Crystal S | Intimate Moments

    We all know technology can be a hassle. But our pert breasted Crystal has a solution for that: Masturbate! Sitting on a chair beside the window she has a good look at what is going on in the streets and that seems to turn her on. Regularly checking how wet her inserted fingers are she is not bothered with a broken phone anymore.

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