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    Mon 31st Oct 2011Klara | Solo

    Debuting on is the very beautiful, Dutch and all natural Klara. Her stunning smile and amazingly taught slender body will captivate you as she moves and reveals herself to you. Laying on the bed undressing she exposes her perfectly formed, pert, round bum and plays with the soft pink lace which temporarily hides it.

    Klara did not come to for her first ever shoot alone though, it was an experience she wanted to share with her best friend, another beautiful Dutch girl who she'll introduce to you in this very set.

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    Sun 30th Oct 2011Hayden | Solo

    Out in the rare but beautiful dutch sun the gorgeous, slim and natural Hayden plays under the broken colored light of the umbrella.

    Slowly removing her floaty summer dress and her cute red check underwear she plays with her pert breasts, pale nipples and smooth shaved pussy and all in the breezy and glorious great outdoors.

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    Sun 30th Oct 2011Kiana | Intimate Moments

    Kiana is a cute English chic with a great body, her short, curly and blond hair fall down on her shoulders, softly rubbing across her pale skin. Exposing her sexy body in this very intimate moment after shower, she sits on the window, and in a very passionate way starts to moisturize her slender body. She starts with her long legs and later moves up to her round boobs, at the end her hands are sliding to the most intimate part of her body...

    This home made video was recorded with her own small handy camera, and thanks to this u can feel like u are siting next to Kiana while she masturbates.

    If u want better quality, or more angles then just simply download the other two versions of this Intimate Moments!

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    Sat 29th Oct 2011Petria | After Dark

    Sweet as chocolate, warm and earthy, sensuous and mysterious, no one can deny the particular allure of Chilean temptress Petria.

    Talented photographer Charli has chosen direct camera lighting that gives a very raw, modern feel to this incredibly erotic shoot... Enjoy!

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    Sat 29th Oct 2011Gaby & Jade S | Intimate Moments

    Gaby and Jade begin their morning by talking about the pill and how it affects their bodies, then the girls undress try out Jade's lube which works a treat as both girls have pulsating orgasms.

    Jade has beautiful milky pale skin which looks great compared to the tanned skin of Gaby. These too girls steal glances at one another as the tension builds to their pulsating orgasms. There are also two angles to choose from, one a wide full body experience and the other a close up on both faces. Double the pleasure!

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    Fri 28th Oct 2011Crystal S & Elsbeth | Girl-Girl

    The lovely pale skinned combination of blue eyed Elsbeth and the pert breasted Crystal with her adorable freckles feature in this nervous first time girl on girl experience.

    It is Elsbeth's first time ever having sex with a girl and she is very nervous, and it seems to rub off on Crystal. They are so cute to watch as they tentatively start in the shower with some touching and fun play. But things soon progress as these girls introduce some chocolate sauce into their sensual session. Delicious.

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    Fri 28th Oct 2011Petria | After Dark

    Remember those old naked photo's of your ex, the ones you took at your old place on the bed, her dressed in nothing but stockings and high heels? What have you do with them, do you still have them tucked away in a plastic tub or in some old ripped up shoe box? Why don't you hunt them down this weekend and relive the past a little.

    The gorgeous, seductive, provocative and incredibly sculpted Petria writes on the firm surface of the mattress as she runs her hands over her slim, toned body and down to her long legs, wrapped in beautiful netted stockings and completed with a set of black stilettos. Undressing herself she reveals her amazing pert breasts, round squeezable bum and as she snaps a look of seduction at you you'll be scrambling to see more!

  • Image of Behind the scenes
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    Thu 27th Oct 2011Backstage 290 | Behind the scenes

    Backstage 290 is here and once again its full of some really gems from the archive, and once again its choc full of great models.

    Make sure to check out the shoots shown, like Cleo's girl-girl with Mayla, and some great solo's with Narita and Ann T

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    Wed 26th Oct 2011Crystal S & Elsbeth | Girl-Girl

    Two gorgeously, natural girls covering their pale bodies and large, pert breasts in chocolate sauce and playing with each other, it sounds good and it really is! Elsbeth interrupts Crystal as she is showering and the whole things falls in a sexual and tasty frenzy.

    Rubbing, licking and tasting the two cant get enough of each others chocolate covered bodies as the slip against one another.

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    Wed 26th Oct 2011Carmina | Solo

    Carmina is a sexy Spanish chick with pale skin and almost white hair. She is very cute, her blue eyes are adorned with black glasses and her big warm smile which appears on her lovely face every few seconds will make you love her from the beginning.

    It is Carmina's first solo video, she talks about her sexual experiences with a man, with a woman and about her first time. All with her gorgeous Spanish accent. She teaches you how to say eyes, smile, breast or pussy in Spanish. If you want to improve your level of Spanish language you should watch this video and check how much cute Carmina can teach you.

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    Tue 25th Oct 2011Priya | Solo

    Dark skinned Priya returns to for an adventurous and naughty solo video that features a few trips outside, some anal play and a special purchase leading to a special orgasm.

    Priya is a very sultry and sexy girl, she tells us some sexy secrets and talks about her big pronounced clit which she displays and delicately touches for us and then takes us on a wonderful, exciting and arousing journey not to be missed!

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    Mon 24th Oct 2011Carmina | Solo

    Carmina's first appearance is one that will leave a lasting impression. Her beautifully serine and seductive demeanor will captivate you, and as she begins to undress her stunning pale body, small breasts and slim figure you'll be hooked.

    A gorgeous Spanish accent and stunning puffy nipples beautifully complete her, and captured in this setting she really can be fully admired.

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    Sun 23rd Oct 2011Priya | Solo

    With beautiful piercing green eyes and smooth dark skin Priya bounces around the bedroom, undressing, trying on clothes, playing with a skateboard and most noticeably playing with herself and her long legs, slim body and little bush of pubes.

    Laying with her tight round bum in the air she lets her fingers penetrate her wet pink pussy and at times, feeling a little horny further up and inside her anus. Watching Priya is something you could do all day so this little glimpse is something you'll definitely be coming back too.

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    Sun 23rd Oct 2011Rose D | Intimate Moments

    Good Im. Good Model. Good.

    Pale Brunette Australian girl with a set of full natural breasts, Rose is back for another masturbation video.

    This time rose is laying down rubbing her hairy pussy and enjoying every second of it. Her nipples are big, hard and beautiful, her body is toned and sexy. Another fine performance by the gorgeous miss Rose.

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    Sat 22nd Oct 2011Eliza S & Karlijn | Intimate Moments

    Eliza comes in to visit Karlijn whose laying on the bed reading a girls mag. They talk about how their boyfirends like the idea of them masturbating with other girls. Then they trade secrets about their masturbation techniques and sex-lives. Threesomes are the hot topic, discussing the idea of sharing your partner and of him sharing you.

    Both girls have beautiful smooth skin with slender and fit bodies. Eliza's lovely tan lines and announcing orgasm are thrilling while Karlijn sneaks hers in amongst the curious questions Eliza asks.

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    Fri 21st Oct 2011Gretchen & Jenna K | Girl-Girl

    What a beautiful pair we've got her. Nerdy German Gretchen is finally introduced to kinky Dutch Jenna K. A perfect blond/brown combination. They roll around trough the room to make sure they get the best of each other.

    As if it was a competition, full bushed Gretchen works really hard to make Jenna come. Which involves lots of licking, fingering and grinding. But Jenna knows how to please a woman herself, what ends up in the question; 'Are you not going to die?' Well that's the intensity of orgasms we like!

  • Video capture of Mystery Shoot  girl talk radio show
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    Fri 21st Oct 2011Mystery Shoot 3 | Mystery Shoot

    Sexy, Secret, Unpredictable and Unique. presents to you the third 'mystery shoot'.

    Every month a new shoot will appear on the site hidden by a ? Just count down the days and look forward to the diversity of a new, invigorating refreshing shoot not like anything else seen on before.

  • Image of Behind the scenes
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    Thu 20th Oct 2011Backstage 289 | Behind the scenes

    Another great installment of pulling up the skirt of production and letting you peep at our frilly knickers beneath. In this set there's plently of great models.

    So here's a little list in order of appearance for all you folks to delve into the archive and discover some new favorite shoots:

    Annalisa Sue-Ann Michelle Indiana Anneke Jacki Shelia Angela M Amy J

  • Image of Girl Girl
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    Wed 19th Oct 2011Gretchen & Jenna K | Girl-Girl

    Two gorgeous and intensely sexual girls tear into their slender, tight bodies, ripping through the clothes to get to each other. Jenna pulls down Gretchen's pants to reveal her full bush, long legs and wet pussy.

    Grabbing onto and stimulating Jenna's breasts Gretchen runs her hands over her nipples. The two wont relax till each is satisfied and watching them accomplishing that task is something you'll revel in again and again!

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    Wed 19th Oct 2011Stevie | Solo

    Stevie is an Australian chick and she is visiting Amsterdam. She takes us to an awesome place full of graffiti where she flashes her boobs to a tram driver and exposes her hairy pussy.

    She is an alternative person with great smile and gorgeous eyes. Her dark long hair falls down softly on her round big boobs. In this video you will hear about what she likes in her and in her girlfriend breasts. After walking outside, Stevie takes us to the hotel where she records video for her girlfriend.

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