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    Thu 30th Jun 2011Kelly M | After Dark

    Kelly is appearing here in her first After Dark shoot to date, it's no well hidden fact that Kelly has been blessed with an absolutely stunning body and we can consider ourselves very privileged to see her flaunt it,  in all it's sexual glory.

    Depicted here in a deeply sensual display of monochrome sexiness, Kelly seduces the camera with a show of evocative innocence and flirtatious play. Slipping off her leopard print pants and black bra, she reveals her stunning pert breasts and toned slim figure: seeing Kelly in this set is definitely something you won't forget soon.

  • Image of Behind the scenes  female camera operators
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    Thu 30th Jun 2011Backstage 274 | Behind the scenes

    Well this is part 2 of the backstage installment of the girl girl shoot of Fotina and Melinda. Last week we spoke alot about Fotina's past shoots, but Melinda has some gems of her own. None more spectacular than the famous Yoga Girls shoot.

    Which featured some twenty hot models performing a yoga routine headed by the wonderful Jilly and is a quintessential shoot.

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    Wed 29th Jun 2011Agnes V | Solo

    Agnes is a very hot Asian chick with dark smooth skin, shapely bum and very sexy small breasts with dark nipples.

    We see Agnes in her colourful room, trying to call someone to listen to her masturbate. After a few unsuccessful phone calls, she gets undressed step by step, showing to us her gorgeous slim body. She tries to find something to entertain herself: looking in a book, climbing on a table, but still she is very bored and really wishes she could find someone to listen to her masturbate. She decides to call one last time and then... you just have to see this video!! You will get very horny after!!

  • Image of Girl Girl  lesbian spin the bottle sex
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    Wed 29th Jun 2011Annabelle Lee & Kylie H | Girl-Girl

    Spin the bottle with four naturally gorgeous and unstoppably horny girls is always going to end well for all involved. In this Klyie spins and lands on Annabelle who is more than happy to oblige the necessary kiss, a kiss which soon evolves into something much more sexual.

    Dragging one another into the bedroom Kylie and Annabelle waste no time in diving into each other, Annabelle slides her tongue down to Kylie's beautiful shaved pussy, whilst Kylie runs her hands over Annabelle's small slim body, grabbing and playing with her small breasts to further arouse the situation!

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    Tue 28th Jun 2011Adelle | Solo

    Amazingly pretty and stunning Adelle teasingly shows of her Long legs, perfect pert breasts, and erect nipples while enjoying the vibrations of her playing on the cello. Reading true her paper music on the porch, she slowly undresses and enjoys her self teasing us to dead.

    When she slowly starts exploring her smoking body with an tulip, all we can do is wanting to be a that flower just for a little bit!

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    Mon 27th Jun 2011Agnes V | Solo

    Well i don't really want to say to much about this one because there's an amazing little surprise in it somewhere, one of those "where did that come from!?" moments!

    So all I will say is that if you have seen this absolutely gorgeous Asian in her previous shoot you'll no doubt remember her and her slim body, pert boobs and sexually seductive personality. And if this is your first time watching one of her shoots, i promise, you wont forget her either!

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    Sun 26th Jun 2011Adelle | Solo

    The tall, and perfectly sculptured Adelle always seems to be able to surprise us with her talent as well as her beauty.

    In this set we see her playing her Cello, pressing it up against her large pert breasts she runs her fingers seductively up and down the strings of the instruments neck. Moving from inside to out on the deck her form is only further highlighted by the bright greens of the garden.

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    Sun 26th Jun 2011Elsbeth | Intimate Moments

    Latvian cutie Elsbeth is back with another hot masturbation shoot!

    This sexy blonde takes no time before getting naked and exploring her womanly body, with nice sized breasts and tasty looking pussy. She lays back with her eyes closed and rubs her clitoris while moaning softly and moving her hips.

    This is another hot intimate moment from the lovely Elsbeth, hope she comes back soon!

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    Sat 25th Jun 2011Jenna K & Priya | Intimate Moments

    Dark skinned Priya and pale Dutch girl Jenna look very inviting masturbating on a bed together. This is a lazy Sunday afternoon session with two cute girls relaxed with their bodies.

    Priya has black hair, pert boobs and uses a vibrator and Jenna has an athletic body, lovely nipples and uses her fingers.

  • Video capture of Girl Girl  lesbian biting
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    Fri 24th Jun 2011Dahlia & Satine | Girl-Girl

    Our two favorites, the giggling English lass Satine, with her lovely pale skin and light blonde hair complemented ever so well with the firecracker redhead Dahlia.

    Hanging out in the canals of Holland, they indulge in some spanking and biting. Things get a little too hot and heavy for outdoors play so they move inside to steam things up even more. With a mixture of Satine's cute glasses and Dahlia's hairy pussy, this girl girl is a mouthwatering delight.

  • Image of Behind the scenes  camerawoman
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    Thu 23rd Jun 2011Backstage 273 | Behind the scenes

    Backstage sets provide an opportunity to see the models and staff behind the scenes on all their shoots. This particular set takes us back to the girl girl between Fotina and Melinda.

    Fotina has featured in an array of really rousing shoots. Some of my favourites include her girl girl video with Kiki, the guerrilla style outdoor shoot her awesome performance in bellydancing girls and there is of course her wonderful pairing with the effervescent Violet which is also an amazing girl girl.

    Stay on the lookout for more backstage sets that take you back in time to see all the great shoots and models of the past.

  • Image of Girl Girl  lesbian biting
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    Wed 22nd Jun 2011Dahlia & Satine | Girl-Girl

    Flirting and seducing one another, the gorgeous red-headed Dahlia and the beautiful blonde Satine start to tear through each others clothes and get down to each others soft skin beneath.

    Moving from the outside boat and indoors the two can now really let lose on one another. Dahlia exposes Satine's slim body and pert breasts as she moves down to her smooth shaved pussy...

    ...In return Satine puts her hands down Dahlias tights and squeezes her firm round bum, spurring the two on to further exploration of each other.

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    Wed 22nd Jun 2011Karlijn | Solo

    Dark haired Dutch beauty Karlijn shows off her gorgeously slim and shapely body in this, her debut shoot.

    Getting clothes ready for a night at her friends she moves around the room giving us a special and seductive glimpse at her toned figure and small pert breasts. Trying on clothes and underwear we are also treated to some cheeky up-skirt shots at her smooth shaved pussy.

    Hopefully the first of many from Karlijn.

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    Tue 21st Jun 2011Maya C | Solo

    Maya loves playing with her beautiful pert breasts before she masturbates. This black haired Romanian stunner has a fantastic round bum and large, perfectly round nipples. This video has lots and lots of lingering closeups of her pussy which she just loves to show off.

    Cute body, cute accent, cute all over!

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    Mon 20th Jun 2011Karlijn | Solo

    While getting ready for a sleepover at her friends house, Karlijn shows of her stunning hot toned body, her perky small breasts and smoothly shaved pussy.

    During the seducing of the camera we get an amazing view of her tight ass, and she might just leave the house without putting any underwear back on.

    Lets keep that secret between us...

  • Image of Nude Girls
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    Sun 19th Jun 2011Maya C | Solo

    Back for the second time Maya as always does not disappoint, in the crisp white of the apartment she sits sifting through the vast collection of books. Her slim body and dark brunette hair stands out beautifully, and as she moves around the space she slowly reveals more and more of her supple, smooth skin and stunning features.

    Half naked on the floor she stretches out for her book, she leans back with her legs spread wide and her petite breasts stimulated with sexual arousal. She slides a hand down her body and towards her smooth shaved pussy where she stops for a quick play. After it all she sits totally nude and in full glorious view sucking on and biting down on a strawberry.

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    Sun 19th Jun 2011Adelle | Intimate Moments

    Brunette babe? Long luscious legs? Pert breasts? Erect nipples? Milky white skin? Check check check check Check!

    Adelle! The horny German stunner is relaxing one afternoon in the sun outside. Passes the time by rubbing her smooth hairless pussy. Enjoying herself and taking her time.

    Watch as she plays with her self and rubs her clit. Moaning softly and making herself cum.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation
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    Sat 18th Jun 2011Annabelle Lee | Intimate Moments

    American regular Annabell Lee and her tight body sit peering out the window at the hustle and bustle of a busy city street.

    Nervously she removes her clothes, checking the window to see if anyone is watching. Soon enough though she has forgotten about the street bellow and is totally consumed by her own body. Smelling her own juices she builds and builds until she cums, and cums hard and long. Annabelle Lee is an absolute delight to watch.

  • Image of Behind the scenes  lady makes porn
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    Fri 17th Jun 2011Backstage 272 | Behind the scenes

    So you guys remember the big breasted Angie and the adorable Sue-Ann right?! Well they are back in this very interesting and sexy backstage imageset that features all the models of the past preparing for their shoots and generally having a ball on set.

    Also featuring in this sneak peak at the gigantic back catalog that awaits members who like to search through all the old goodies are Kiki and Lou-Ellyn on the set of the thrilling double masturbation video.

    Also making an appearance is the curly haired Kylie and the lovely blonde Dennie. And of course all the AW staff too!

  • Video capture of Girl Girl  lesbian spanking
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    Thu 16th Jun 2011Jenna K & Nichole | Girl-Girl

    Two Dutch ladies, shaved Jenna K and hairy Nichole indulge in nipple sucking, spanking in a seamless, sexy and surprising girl girl shoot.

    With some awesome up-skirt and close ups, they speak in their native tongue about squirting and listening to other people have sex.

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