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    Thu 23rd Dec 2010Keilyn | Solo

    A perfect cold winters day would definitely include looking out your window and seeing Keilyn showing off her naked body on her balcony.

    Rain gently falling on her pale skin and small breasts. Her dark hair blowing in the wind. She looks so cold, and so hot as well!

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    Thu 23rd Dec 2010Katherine F | Intimate Moments

    Pale skinned Katherine is a regular on Her 22 shoots have all been very rousing and this one is no different.

    Making use of a well placed mirror in her bedroom Katherine gives herself and us an awesome view of her masturbation. And in this explosive session she has multiple orgasms and gets them to happen in very quick succession. This is really thrilling stuff.

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    Wed 22nd Dec 2010Catrinia | Solo

    Catrinia is like a cat purring in this return to She has lovely flowing dark hair which twists and rolls this way and that as it wraps around her shoulders and back. She also possesses rich blue eyes that reveal a girl that is warm, whilst also mysterious and with a hint of danger to excite you.

    I also loved listening to her husky voice and watching her delicately brush over her body and matching orange see through undies with a colourful peacock feather.

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    Wed 22nd Dec 2010Chloe B & Lailie | Girl-Girl

    Its was always going to be an intensely sexual shoot when these two got together, but i don't think anyone could have predicted just how much these two would hit it off!

    Chloe's smooth pale skin and enormous breasts compliment Lailie's dark skin and pert boobs to make both a visual and physical match made in heaven. Starting with a quick inclusion of Anna L the shoot quickly hots up. Intense and fervid kissing gives way to passionate and unstoppable groping of all kinds.

    Soon these two babes find themselves in a multitude of oral, sexual and erotic positions until Chloe ends up on top scissoring Lailie until they reach such a climax together you can almost hear the screams through the image!

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    Wed 22nd Dec 2010Marietta | Solo

    Marietta reminds me of Jilly. Not so much physically but both have a very natural, earthy look and personality. They both share a love of the forest and nature. And they also know how to make hippy and hot combine.

    If you haven't seen Jilly's shoots they are a must see, I loved her girl girl shoot with Chloe, her half hour long masturbation feast and of course there was the spectacular yoga girls shoot too.

    Marietta is hairy just like Jilly. Hairy legs and armpits and of course a wonderful free flowing hairy pussy. Marietta is studying musical theory and is a keen musician herself. That is where she claims she got her strong muscles and toned body from. There are some great shots of her fit frame and close-ups of her pulling her pussy lips apart and running her hands through her thick pubes.

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    Tue 21st Dec 2010Marietta | Solo

    Playful and boisterous Marietta gives a fun filled and very intimate insight into herself and her toned, slim, all natural body.

    Sensual and seductive Marietta shows off her cute and erotic side in this shoot. Undressing on the bed she leaves all but her hat on as she stretches and flexes into many exposing and suggestive positions; and with legs spread she slips her fingers around her wet pussy and in between her full bush of natural pubes.

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    Tue 21st Dec 2010Lyla | Solo

    Lyla has such a beautiful face. You just get totally lost in its warmth and inviting look. Her cute and subtle smile is so powerful it has won you over before you even have the chance to connect a single thought.

    This beautiful face is complimented with dark curly hair that drapes across Layla's face and around her shoulders as she hangs from a tree exploring the great Aussie outdoors in a National Park.

    She also shows off her flexibility, showing us all the moves she perfected as a gymnast.

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    Mon 20th Dec 2010Hannah C | Solo

    Hannah is so natural. The first moment of this video is evidence of that. She was curious about what would happen if she squeezed her boob. And the milk came out. She was barely six months pregnant at the time so it was a big surprise.

    She is radiating with happiness in this pregnant shoot. Her full breasts and round figure look fantastic.

    This is a lovely shoot with fabulous insights into the glowing Hannah, who we have seen blossom into a wonderful girl in all her thrilling shoots and now is soon to become an amazing mum.

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    Mon 20th Dec 2010Barbara & Kelly R | Intimate Moments

    Seriously, theses two beauties will knock you for 6. For those of you that are not familiar with cricket. A 6 is when you hit the ball over the fence. The dark haired Kelly is quick to undress and show us her tanned and toned body, small pert breasts and a juicy pussy.

    The sexy blonde, Barbara rubs and plays with her boobs while moaning softly. Then things get even hotter when a toy is introduced to help the girls out. Both of these honeys are experienced and skilled in all the right areas.

    So sit back and enjoy being hit for six!

    It is a rare pleasure and one worth relishing ;)

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    Sun 19th Dec 2010Lyla | Solo

    Gorgeous Lyla and her curly brunette hair, bearing all in the middle of the lush wooded outdoors. Naturalists everywhere hope that one day they might be able to sneak a peak through their binoculars at such a beauty entertaining herself outdoors, but here at, we've done the searching for you and we think you'll be pretty happy!

    The marbled sunlight falling through the leaves above highlight every curve, tan line and detail you could possibly want, making this trip to the woods a real voyeurs day out!

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    Sun 19th Dec 2010Hannah C | Solo

    Radiant Hannah really looks stunning in this gorgeous and intimate insight into the world of pregnancy. Her breasts, full and enlarged are most definitely a perk, and her beautiful round figure holds sensual contours and shapes found only during this special time.

    Glowing Hannah lets us enjoy her body just as she is right now. Its said that women can look their best when they are pregnant and i think with Hannah and how gorgeous she comes across in this set, the saying might just be true.

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    Sun 19th Dec 2010Masie | Intimate Moments

    Masie sits on her couch next to her window and gently rubs and teases herself, breathing heavily and rocking her pelvis forward and backward. We are well aware of Masie's sex drive from her incredibly kinky and provicative debut solo video. And of course even more recently, there was her adventurous double intimate moments video with Satine where she invited her upstairs after spotting her on the street.

    In this solo masturbation video we are made even more acutely aware of Masie's sex drive, that knows no boundaries. She adopts a delicate and soft technique more utilizing accuracy than speed to again get herself worked up into a blissful state of orgasmic proportions.

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    Sat 18th Dec 2010Zarina | Solo

    "Adventurous, open minded, raunchy and loud." Those are Zarina's own words to describe herself in the bedroom. Well on film she's sexy, tall, tanned and erotic. And that's just for starters.

    Opening on a rooftop for an impromptu pee shot, Zarina quickly starts telling us about herself while she measures her dimensions for some dressmaking. It's not too long before the only thing she's wearing is knee high socks and has several fingers inside herself. We get to study her fine body, inverted nipples and braces clad sexy mouth as she discards the fingers in favor of a pink, ribbed vibrator. I'll let you guess what she measures the length of last!

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    Sat 18th Dec 2010Gretchen & Marina M | Intimate Moments

    Gretchen is a German lass with a library girl look. She wears glasses and long purple tights that look very sexy and contrast the out-wood image her look portrays. Her partner for this double masturbation video is Romanian Marina who is instantly drawn to Gretchen. She caresses her boobs while rubbing her pussy on the outside and complimenting Gretchen.

    The two make a great combination as despite the studious look, Gretchen is very sexually provocative. Her full bush looks great as does Marinas finely cut body and smooth skin. But what is most engaging in this steamy double masturbation video is the interaction between these two sexy chicks.

  • Image of Behind the scenes  girlfriends posing naked for each other
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    Fri 17th Dec 2010backstage 246 | Behind the scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 246 is up today!

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    Fri 17th Dec 2010Zarina | Solo

    Relaxing on the window ledge Zarina needs to measure out a dress to be made for her, and with such a great body like hers it would be a waste not to do it in the sexiest way possible!

    Dark tinted skin covers her slim sensual body and a sexy set of braces protrudes from her cute little smile. Undressing to get a closer measurement she unveils her smooth shaved pussy and pert breasts with rare, inverted nipples. As she continues to measure and run her hands around her body you can see her getting more and more wound up with inner sexual tension until she snaps and has to reward her self with some personal satisfaction!

    There is much more to discover in this shoot, but that would be giving away the intrigue; but as a hint there's a quick pee stop and a toy involved...

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    Thu 16th Dec 2010Daphne | Intimate Moments

    Daphne is a cute pale skinned girl with glasses. She starts this solo masturbation video lying on her front and thrusting her pelvis against the couch while moaning with delight.

    She soon wants to remove her shorts and reveal her see through matching pink undies and reach around for easier access. However this doesn't satisfy Daphne enough. She twists and writhes in many different positions until she finds the lucky one and what follows is an intense orgasm extending over a long pulsating period of pure pleasure.

  • Video capture of Girl Girl  tribbing
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    Thu 16th Dec 2010Anna L & Danielle Y | Girl-Girl

    If you dig watching two seriously smoking hot girls get it on, then you will be blown away by Anna & Danielle's sex session. Danielle is the more experienced and less nervous of the two. She is a brunette bombshell with sexy tan lines and an amazing body and a beautiful face. A genuine stunner with a powerful sex drive and an equally skillful prowess to show it off

    Anna is just beautiful. A bit more quiet and shy personality, but incredibly hot. She has a long, slender flawless body with great pert boobs and lovely long hair. These girls revel being inside the hotness of one another, erect nipples demonstrate this as does the hardcore sex that ensues.

    ALSO be sure to take a look at the backstage video featuring heaps of behind the scenes chat with the girls.

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    Thu 16th Dec 2010Tinsley | Solo

    Tinsley is the pale skinned red head out in the Aussie outback. She wanders through the bush in a long t shirt and sandals and not much else. She wanders around exploring all kinds of trees and scrubs until she stumbles upon a large white see through material that looks somewhat like a parachute.

    She then undresses revealing her milky white skin and pert boobs. She drapes the white material all over her body, caressing it over her skin and exploring the bush completely naked.

  • Image of Nude Girls
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    Wed 15th Dec 2010Tinsley | Solo

    Gorgeous and vibrant red hair bursts through the green foliage, complimented by her bright eyes and cute seductive smile.

    Flirtatiously Tinsley pulls at her striped top to show off her pert round bum and stunning pale, smooth skin. Holding her large breasts she stares down the lens of the camera, seducing you with every suggestive body movement and tug of her blue knickers. Sliding off her only remaining item of clothing she lays legs apart on the hard wood of a fallen log, and giving a glipse of her trimmed, tight pussy.

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