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    Tue 30th Nov 2010Brandi | Solo

    Helping out on her friends shoot Brandi started to get a little curious about how she would feel in front of the lens; sliding onto the bed with Leoni K she asks for a few tips to rid herself of nerves. Eventually she decides to go for it, and you're seriously going to be glad she wanted to!

    The shoots starts with a mood of shyness but with a hugely seductive feel, you just know from that point on that she's got a lot of sexual desires underneath that gorgeous, silky smooth surface that she needs to get out! Pulling at her tight blue top and ripped jeans she gives us glimpses of her perfectly formed, slim, toned body.

    After a little more tentative teasing all is revealed, a trimmed strip of pubes, small pert breasts and long slim, sexual legs. Turns out though that Brandi has a LOT of stuff she needs to get out, one of these being her purple dildo smuggled into the shoot with her bag. Using this and photos of Leoni K she gets herself to an awesome and erotic climax that perhaps she didn't think she'd do on camera!

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    Tue 30th Nov 2010Dolly | Solo

    Dolly is back and she is 6 months pregnant! She tells us all about the pregnancy, how it is affecting her body, her appetite, her boobs, nipples and sex drive- the works. Dolly is a blonde with blue eyes and very smooth pale white skin.

    She wears a matching pink cozi and shows us her naked pregnant body out in her backyard while giving us rousing insights into how her sex drive has responded to the pregnancy.

    "I want lots of it all the time, I wish I had a man on standby just to handcuff to the bed, to do this and do that you can have a shower and come back to the bed. I'm a sexoholic!."

    "Orgasms are 1000 times stronger and more intense and pleasurable when pregnant."

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    Mon 29th Nov 2010Calypso | Solo

    Chocolate skinned Mauritian Calypso returns to with her slender body and sexy French accent.

    She is studying hairdressing in Australia and is going to be here for 2 years. She gives us a french lesson and lounges around her bedroom on this cold day.

    Calypso has a beautiful face with very sexy dark eyes and a mesmerising smile. I also love her glasses, long hair and slender finely cut body.

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    Mon 29th Nov 2010Lailie & Mykala | Intimate Moments

    Lailie & Mykala are talking about sex. Mykala talks about doing it late last night and Lailie tells of her fun time with her vibrator.

    The conversation continues as Lailie notes "you have such a nice body." And both girls certainly do. Mykala has a slender body with smooth white skin and tan lines, while Lailie, the bustier of the two, has dark chocolate skin. According to videographer Michelle, the two girls were shooting solo videos nearby and talking about masturbating and this was an impromptu session. How lucky are we! "Are you close." Mykala "I don't think I can hold it in any longer." Lailie Orgasms at the same time.

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    Sun 28th Nov 2010Dolly | Solo

    Illuminated by the bright Australian sun and the vivid outdoors Dolly is really glowing with her pregnancy. Blonde hair highlighted with a strip of pink and piercing blue eyes are accents to her smooth pale skin and vivacious personality.

    She tells us that since her pregnancy, her sex drive and need for sexual entertainment has sky rocketed, and this definitely comes across in this intimate shoot! Sensually sliding her hands over her body and full pert breasts she undresses from her pink frilled underwear and exposes her trimmed pussy and tight little bum.

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    Sun 28th Nov 2010Calypso | Solo

    Calypso's smooth dark skin lays contrasted to the bright white of the bedroom. Flirting through red flowery glasses she teases with longing strokes and caresses of her petite, slim body.

    Undressing down to her little pink thong and white bra she hints playfully at what is yet to be revealed underneath. When fully naked she shows off her perfectly smooth, shaved pussy and small pert breasts. The shoot culminates in an explosion of playful jumping, stretching and bending bedroom action.

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    Sun 28th Nov 2010Ariane | Intimate Moments

    Ariane has appeared on as a brunette and a blonde. Which look do you think suits her best? In Ariane's second solo masturbation shoot she appears as a blonde and looks great. She masturbates beneath her undies for a large portion of the video, employing a very fast style of masturbation.

    She then loses her bottoms and reveals her hairy snatch complimented by her hairy armpits in this rousing masturbation shoot.

    I also loved how hard her nipples were throughout the shoot. An obvious sign of her intense arousal.

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    Sat 27th Nov 2010Edie & Kylie H | Intimate Moments

    Edie is in the bathroom undressing when she invites Kylie to join her. The two help each other to undress while sneaking furtive glances at their sexy masturbation partner.

    They mount the bathroom bench and begin touching themselves as they lean up against the mirror noting..."how cool it is to watch yourself in the mirror".

    Listen to the sounds of their wetness and watch as Edie turns herself on by slyly watching Kylie in this short but explosive masturbation video. Featuring two hot chicks with sexy tan lines masturbating furiously towards powerful orgasms, this is an absolute must see.

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    Sat 27th Nov 2010Gita | Solo

    Gita is an Asian honey relaxing in the outback in this return solo video. She wears glasses and looks very cute as she rubs lotion on her body and laps up the afternoon sun.

    This Vietnamese lass has beautiful smooth skin and a lovely full bush among many other treats in this outdoor special.

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    Fri 26th Nov 2010Backstage 243 | Behind the scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 243 is up today!

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    Fri 26th Nov 2010Gita | Solo

    In a secluded spot Asian beauty Gita breaks through her shyness and decides to embrace her natural surroundings by stripping down to nothing but her cute little glasses.

    Starting with some cheeky little up skirt peeks and the slow removal of her blue corset top Gita slowly exposes herself and reveals to us her full bush of dark black pubes and erect nipples. She may start off a little timid but Gita really comes out in the end, and much to our pleasure!

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    Thu 25th Nov 2010Marigold & Chloe B | Intimate Moments

    Crikey, this one brings back the memories... this was initially shot for DVD only, but has finally made it to the site! Sneaking in a wanking session before work, Marigold and I start by slowly teasing each other, but can barely contain ourselves and get cracking underneath our undies- giving you a little peek at what's to come.

    Before long, it's my turn to rub Marigold's beautiful and bushy bits, and she more than returns the favour with some fast and hard fingering... I'm getting her off, she's getting me off, we're getting ourselves off... I lost count of the amount of times we came. Lots of sensual kissing and snuggles with my best mate, it's making me miss her even more. Perhaps we can have a round 2 when she comes to visit in March...?

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    Thu 25th Nov 2010Kyle | Solo

    You remember the girl at school who had so much energy and enthusiasm she just oozed sex when everyone else was still coming to terms with it? Well Kyle is hear to remind you. Her blonde hair, smooth tanned skin, busty frame and deep blue eyes complete a chick that just screams sexiness. Well that AND her seductive way of speaking, luscious full lips and pretty pink dress.

    Kyle loves clubs and house-parties and tells a teasing and very interesting story of a sexual encounter she had at one house-party. Starting in the pantry, consummating at the guys house (with his friend in the room) and ending with an attempted sneaky exit only to be thwarted by the dudes mum. This gripping and arousing solo video also has plenty of teasing up-skirt shots, see through matching skimpy cut undies, shaved pussy and of course the blow by blow sex story that will have you on the edge of your seat.

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    Thu 25th Nov 2010Ren & Tricia L | Girl-Girl

    This is a sexy girl girl video. Tricia & Ren are two similarly voluptuous sexettes. It's great to watch their full bodies devour one another in this explosive sex session.

    They are clearly in desperate need of each other in this passionate display. They lick, suck and fuck there way to countless orgasms and in countless positions... awesome!

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    Wed 24th Nov 2010Kyle | Solo

    Seductively flirting through the illuminated white net curtains, beautiful blonde Kyle plays and pulls at the pink dress that conceals her pale skin and curvy slim body. Bursting through her initial timidness and shyness Kyle stares at you with her bright green eyes whilst undressing down from dress, to bright red bra and then eventually everything from her pert pale nipples to clean shaved and smooth pussy is visible and flaunted.

    Kyle really comes out in this shoot and judging by the images you'll be glad she did!

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    Wed 24th Nov 2010Kelly R | Solo

    Skin like rich truffle chocolate and big blue eyes, Hungarian super hottie Kelly makes her debut for

    We watch her super hot body move while we listen to a very genuine interview about what she's like in bed. But there's a twist, Kelly doesn't speak any English so model Brandi acts as a translator and soon we've got a rolling conversation.

    Interview done, Kelly then takes a purple vibrator to her shaved pussy for a long slow masturbation session.

  • Image of Girl Girl  hardcore lesbian sex
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    Wed 24th Nov 2010Ren & Tricia L | Girl-Girl

    Simply divine! It's been awhile between drinks for these gorgeous gals and they were eager to get back on the girl-girl band wagon. They certainly do it in style too!

    Ren & Tricia are pale skinned Rubinesque perfection. They entwine their curvaceous limbs, caressing the soft contours of each other's bodies with a familiarity and with fingers deep inside each other watch and feel each other get hot and sticky.

  • Image of Nude Girls  small tanned breasts
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    Tue 23rd Nov 2010Kelly R | Solo

    Against the cold white interior of the apartment, Kelly's gorgeous tanned skin, awesome slim body dark brown hair make her impossible to tear your eyes away from. She starts quite shy but playful in her blue hooded jumper by the window. But the playfulness soon gives way to raunchy sexiness as she plays with and pleasures herself around the room. As if she wasn't having enough fun she then calls over Barabara for a sexy little smoking break.

    Alone again Kelly then makes her way over to the white shag pile rug, and bending over finishes off with one last kinky little play with her perfectly smooth shaved pussy. We think you'll agree that we cant wait for Kelly's follow up shoot to this awesome debut!

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    Tue 23rd Nov 2010Renee P | Solo

    She's smart, sexy and rather on the saucy side! Renee is a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it! Her solo video today will steam up your screen as she seduces salacious stare - she talks about her life, her loves and the ways she enjoys her lover to touch her soft bare skin....

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    Mon 22nd Nov 2010Marina M | Intimate Moments

    Romanian hottie Marina plays with herself as she lays back in a chair. Teasing herself by caressing her beautiful suckable nipples until it gets too much to handle.

    She takes off her high cut denim shorts and rubs her nicely shaved pussy through her pretty pink undies before ripping them off and getting down to business and giving us a perfect view to see all the action.

    Watch Marina pleasure herself, laid back and relaxed, eyes closed and in a world of her own! If only we knew what she was thinking!

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