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    Mon 08th Sep 2008Danielle B | Solo

    Incredibly cute with just a tad of awkward, Danielle B is the girl next door you grew up with...always wondering what her body was like under her jeans and colourful, sweet pullover's.

    Her fingers slowly trace the band of her pink cotton undies for a while before she pulls them down and lets you see her soft, unruly thatch. She's very shy though and doesn't let you look for long- choosing to draw your attention up to her full, milky breasts- hiding her nipples in the pattern of her pink scarf...

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    Sun 07th Sep 2008Em | Intimate Moments

    Delightful Em with her full, heavy breasts, shapely legs and lush dark hair is back again today...and she's feeling horny!

    On her bed, wearing bright purple panties that she fingers and pulls at absentmindedly while making little circles over her nipples, she takes her time showing her body the love it deserves. She wets her fingers and plays with her nipples, enjoying the sensation while building her arousal. Off comes her dress and her panties are pulled to one side so she can get full, unrestricted access!

    One of my favourite masturbation videos, style.

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    Sun 07th Sep 2008Rosalind | Solo

    Rosalind's on the floor of her bedroom leaning against her bed and getting naked. What a sexy and soft rubenesque figure! I love it. Rosalind finds a friend down there. It's a blue vibrator with quite a curve to it. Thanks Gery for the gift to the Dildo Drive, and Rosalind thanks you too.

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    Sun 07th Sep 2008Danielle B | Solo

    Danielle B's come in from the cold, and now she doing a good job of heating things up inside. She slips out of her lacy pink bra on the stairs, then keeps on going to slide out of her underwear too. How pretty and nice to see is her light brown pubic hair.

    Sexy Chloe B is up by the railroad tracks to tell you about five of the twenty-one shoots that we have going live this week. She parades around by the bridge with her tits barely covered, and before the end of the video she flashes the riders on the train. You can find this Video Newsletter on the right side of this page. Don't miss Chloe, she's definitely quite a handful (and then some)!

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    Sat 06th Sep 2008Phoenix | Intimate Moments

    Drop dead gorgeous Phoenix is completely alone, with her legs spread and her pussy facing a recording camera. In this intimate masturbation video you get to see just how she likes to pleasure herself, uninterrupted, undirected and completely natural...

    My favourite bits: her "tickling" technique...and then some pussy slapping!

    See more of Phoenix in some steamy girlgirl moments with Chloe or Sahara, on her own in a deviations solo shoot or in another masturbation video with Tammy B to keep her company!

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    Sat 06th Sep 2008Kylie T | Solo

    Kylie T is a freckly English beauty, out here in Australia like everyone else to soak up the sunshine and seduce some nice Aussie boys...and that she did with gusto!

    She chatters away about her travels and naughty, stolen sex romps while casually but slowly getting more and more naked. Her tight red top disappears and then off come the white lacy bra and then (oh joy!) she plays with her nipples: rolling them between finger and thumb, every wrinkle and bump shown in crisp, clear detail.

    With the kind of curves you want to lick with a really wet tongue Kylie's body is delicious. She holds herself open from behind and then from the front her hand gently, teasingly pulls back the hood of her clit before she tells you exactly how she likes it!

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    Sat 06th Sep 2008Angie & Odette | Girl-Girl

    Angie and Ode were meant to be together. Their natural attraction for each other plus a morning spent enduring the photo session and not being allowed to orgasm (but being soo very close to it) only intensified the lusty urges. These two videos explore their final union, their bodies pressed up closely, the passionate kissing, the licking and sucking only after much teasing and initial denial...

    Patience even sounds a little nervous as Angie propositions her in the backstage video...hum, a threesome Abby? <wink wink, nudge nudge>

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    Fri 05th Sep 2008Kara-Lee | Intimate Moments

    Kara-Lee's gentle exploration will melt your heart and excite your loins... Her slim young body is pale and supple- moving quickly and easily under her touch. She takes her time getting undressed but when her hand dips into her wetness and her breathy gasps overtake the squish of her fingers working in her pussy her head tilts back and she orgasms in a subtle but sweet way.

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    Fri 05th Sep 2008Jamie-Lee | Solo

    Jamie-Lee is concentrating on herself today! She pays attention to every part of her body, her mind is soothed and smoothed by the relaxing motion of her hands running wet and soft over her legs, thighs, down her tummy and up over her breasts. She puts lotion on her little finger and rubs it into her nipple- making sure it's thoroughly moisturised...

    Be sure to see some of the ways Jamie-Lee pays attention to OTHER girl's bodies in her steamy girlgirl moments with Violet, Melita or my personal favourite: Em! Oh, and thanks to Matt Adams for the cool unicorn-horn dildo that Jamie-Lee uses.

  • Image of Girl Girl  tongue in ass
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    Fri 05th Sep 2008Angie & Odette | Girl-Girl

    Angie & Odette make love in a most romantic location - in front of the fireplace on a white shag rug. They must have been inspired by it because they have great sex, including anal. There are lots of pussy close-ups and girlcum to be seen in this hot set.

  • Image of Behind the scenes
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    Thu 04th Sep 2008Backstage 216 | Behind the scenes

    In what may very well be the largest backstage set ever, we follow the models in learning bellydancing and performing. Backstage 216 is all about the Bellydancing Girls and nothing else. You can see the camaraderie develop and flourish as the girls go through time, learning the moves in their sweats, practicing in their costumes, and finally the big show.

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    Thu 04th Sep 2008Kylie T | Solo

    Kylie T's hair matches the colour of her many freckles which cover her face and chest. Her breasts are nice and white, squeezable, and ready for action. Kylie will give you a good close-up look at her pink lips and clit, both from the front and the rear. She also did a Dressing Room set so you can enjoy watching her pull her clothes back over that nice body of hers.

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    Thu 04th Sep 2008Emeralda | Intimate Moments

    Wowee! Mirrors can be hot, and no one knows this better than Emeralda! She's alone, watching herself in the full length mirrors, loving the reaction her body has to her rubbing and fondling fingers. Her panties pulled to one side and her hand firm and fast on her clitoris, Emeralda turns a brilliant vermillion and utters some highly arousing moans to signal her delight...

    ...and afterwards she takes a quiet moment to explore her flushed, post-orgasm honeypot, pulling her lips apart and looking at her clit...

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    Wed 03rd Sep 2008Marigold & Christiana | Girl-Girl

    Are you ready for a road trip?!

    You'd better be because Marigold & Christiana have their bags packed and are all go! This shoot features some amazing and unique backstage footage of the girls peeing and masturbating in a car- you name it and these girls did it! This is an oldie but most certainly a goodie since these two girls get on like a house on fire. You can see in every single frame the tension and passion they possess for one another.

    They devour each other in the most engaging and erotic session of passionate and lasting sex. These girls certainly found their destination in more ways than one!

  • Video capture of Nude Girls  tan lines
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    Wed 03rd Sep 2008Oriel | Solo

    Gorgeous new model Oriel is a keen musician- and typically she's surrounded by groupies... I can see why!

    With long brown hair and beguiling eyes she's irresistible in her little sailor stripe undies. As she teasingly pulls them down she reveal a pussy with lush but neatly trimmed dark bush. She explains her taste in music, going through some cd's on her desk but apparently videographer Lee wasn't listening because the camera just keeps roaming her deliciously naked body just so you can drink her in...

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    Tue 02nd Sep 2008Krista | Intimate Moments

    Krista enjoys some hearty bum squeezes before unlacing and unzipping her tight blue denim shorts. She wriggles and twists, looking contemplative as her fingers explore what's down between her legs. As her bra come off and she relaxes, slowly spreading herself and beginning to rub her face takes on a gorgeous pink flush.

    Many different positions to be seen here as Krista changes from on her tummy, bum spread high, wide with pink bits just visible and on her side where her fervidly rubbing fingers are stimulating her clitoris to gasping and body-shuddering effect.

    What to know more about Krista? See her sweet solo!

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    Tue 02nd Sep 2008Krystin | Solo

    Bubbly, flirty, sweet and super cute Krystin loves being naked! And that's great because a) she's confident and b) she's got a KILLER body! A gorgeous, tiny waist, luminous skin, a cute blue button bra hiding the breasts of an angel but she teases just like a little devil...

    She's turned on by the knowledge you're watching her and as she separates her moist pussy lips with a soft moan and cheeky smirk her fingers dip into her wetness gently and spread everything apart so you can see just how full cream tastes better!

    Some of the most deliciously creamy close ups I've ever enjoyed...

  • Image of Nude Girls  tan lines
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    Tue 02nd Sep 2008Oriel | Solo

    Enjoy the pert breasts of Oriel, a rock chick and bit of a hippie. She has a hairy little snatch that just deserves to be loved - and she'll have no trouble getting some. As a whole package, Oriel is a cool girl that I'd like to meet sometime. I'll just have to wait for the videos like everyone else, as a substitute for her lovely self in person.

    Don't forget to contribute to our Dildo Drive. You'll have the gratitude of the model who uses your new dildo to masturbate with, and she'll send you her personal thank you, a short thank you video, and credit on this page of the site.

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    Mon 01st Sep 2008Juliette K & Larissa M | Intimate Moments

    What happens when two naked girls are left alone with a rolling video camera....or even TWO cameras?! We never really know until we watch the tape back at the office and this video is both stimulating and entertaining! Juliette K & Larissa M introduce themselves, strip off and are soon rubbing their hot little pussies with fervour. Their orgasms are intense, gasping, breathtaking to watch and one after the other! It's double the fun!

    My favourite bits: the way their heads loll from side to side in sync sometimes and Juliette's face as she tries to see the sense in a three-way girlgirl shoot that doesn't involve going down on each other! (I agree, it'd be hard to stop yourself!)

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