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  • Behind the scenes: Welcome Models!

    Mon 05th Aug 2013Welcome Models! | Behind the Scenes

    Another gorgeous member of staff in a pretty dress, means another good excuse to show you some more of our new digs. We join Misha in the 'Model Lounge'! This is my favorite place to be on a shoot day, as there is lots of excited chatter and I love seeing the drawings that are being done on models hand written bios

  • Behind the scenes: Then into the water!

    Sat 03rd Aug 2013Then into the water! | Behind the Scenes

    Finally Noor had a refreshing naked swim, to get all the mud off her body!

  • Behind the scenes: Mid way through the shoot!

    Fri 02nd Aug 2013Mid way through the shoot! | Behind the Scenes

    Next step was to slowly remove all her clothing and get her covered in mud!

  • Behind the scenes: Her first time nude on camera!

    Fri 02nd Aug 2013Her first time nude on camera! | Behind the Scenes

    Today I had an amazing time shooting first timer Noor! Over the weekend I thought I would talk you through her first shoot.

    Safety first - we started with bug spray and sun tan lotion!

  • Behind the scenes: Our new balcony!

    Thu 01st Aug 2013Our new balcony! | Behind the Scenes

    As Izzy was wearing a lovely summer dress today, I thought I would take the opportunity to show you the wonderful sunny balcony our new office has!

  • Behind the scenes: Watering the plants!

    Wed 31st Jul 2013Watering the plants! | Behind the Scenes

    Not only watering the plants but also taking a very good picture of herself mid flow !

  • Behind the scenes: THANKYOU !!!!

    Tue 30th Jul 2013THANKYOU !!!! | Behind the Scenes

    Today we were blessed with a parcel full of goodies! This goodie bag had wonderful personalized packages for all of the female team and a few treats for our models to enjoy as well!

    Thank you to our magical abby winters fairy for the joy she brought us through her generosity!

  • Behind the scenes: Who will todays lucky model be?

    Mon 29th Jul 2013Who will todays lucky model be? | Behind the Scenes

    The wonderful Misha with her camera all set up ready to shoot sexy things!

  • Behind the scenes: and she made us lunch!

    Fri 26th Jul 2013and she made us lunch! | Behind the Scenes

    Look who flew in to see us again! It was so nice hearing all her news and indeed seeing her wonderful natural body in action in front of the camera!

  • Behind the scenes: Lewa and her incredible smile

    Fri 26th Jul 2013Lewa and her incredible smile | Behind the Scenes

    Lewa is joy in a glass. He bright smile and playful personality are topped off with an incredible body and gorgeous skin!

  • Behind the scenes: Naked in Nature!

    Fri 26th Jul 2013Naked in Nature! | Behind the Scenes

    Did you know that Lewa's favorite film is 'Crocodile Dundee'? Well this week she got to live out her dreams of life in the bush, running around the forest naked - while keeping an eye out for snakes!

  • Behind the scenes: NO KNICKERS !!!

    Thu 25th Jul 2013NO KNICKERS !!! | Behind the Scenes

    Melody S revealing Gisela's secret, following their intimate meeting!

  • Behind the scenes: Covered in pussy Juices!

    Tue 23rd Jul 2013Covered in pussy Juices! | Behind the Scenes

    This is the level of dedication abby winters looks for in its shoot crew - we get close to the action so we can capture it all for you!

    Still there are certainly worse things than being caught by a beautiful lady while she is squirting!

  • Behind the scenes: Also looks good in hats!

    Mon 22nd Jul 2013Also looks good in hats! | Behind the Scenes

    Lotte is always so much fun to be around, not only is she super cute but she is also funny, smart and well, lets just say she is an abby girl and we love her!

  • Behind the scenes: Go Team Awesome!

    Sun 21st Jul 2013Go Team Awesome! | Behind the Scenes

    There is nothing like a motivational huddle ahead of any kind of physical activity but when the huddle contains so many beautiful woman it is even better!

  • Behind the scenes: Looking cool!

    Sat 20th Jul 2013Looking cool! | Behind the Scenes

    Four models or maybe I should say two pairs of models to be more accurate, sitting in the sun waiting to head out to shoot!

  • Behind the scenes: Our picnic had been attacked by cows!

    Fri 19th Jul 2013Our picnic had been attacked by cows! | Behind the Scenes

    A shocked Lucie L surrounded by invading cows! Luckily the farmer passed by on his bike and helped us quickly collect our thankful still uneaten lunch - cows are scary!

  • Behind the scenes: Look what happened!

    Thu 18th Jul 2013Look what happened! | Behind the Scenes

    When Izzy and I returned to our picnic spot for lunch (as arranged to meet up with the other models and crew), we were greeted with some ALARMING NEWS! (Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting installment of backstage images)

  • Behind the scenes: On a Mission!

    Thu 18th Jul 2013On a Mission! | Behind the Scenes

    What a wonderful group of woman, laden down with equipment, walking through the woods, in search of a perfect spot to play!

    Hows this for a guess who by the way - how well do you know our models and staff using the back of their heads?

  • Behind the scenes: Lucie to the rescue!

    Wed 17th Jul 2013Lucie to the rescue! | Behind the Scenes

    Gia needed a plastic tag removing from her new top and Lucie was quick to press her head where it was needed and saved the day!

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