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  • Behind the scenes: Show And Tell

    Sun 07th Sep 2014Show And Tell | Behind the Scenes

                                                                  "I'll show you mine if you show me yours!'

    Jada and Noa's vagina's were still tingling through out their after video and no wonder after the mind blowing encounter they had just shared!

  • Behind the scenes: Two Lovely Bottoms!

    Sat 06th Sep 2014Two Lovely Bottoms! | Behind the Scenes

    A very happy blushing Noor up close and personal with new best pal Jada! 

  • Behind the scenes: Fist Girl Girl shoot for Jada

    Thu 04th Sep 2014Fist Girl Girl shoot for Jada | Behind the Scenes

    Jada is super excited her just before her first Girl Girl Sex shoot...and can you see who her partner was? The shoot ended up being mind blowing!

  • Wed 03rd Sep 2014First Girl Girl shoot ever for... | Behind the Scenes

    Just before the shoot started Jada was super excited...the shoot it self..was mind blowing!

  • Behind the scenes: Sexy Shooter

    Tue 02nd Sep 2014Sexy Shooter | Behind the Scenes

    While our models are doing their before video before their Girl Girl shoot, Masie and I are waiting in the kitchen playing with the cat at the location. As you can see Masie knows very well all the sexy positions our models go through many times :)

  • Behind the scenes: Sexy Connections

    Sun 31st Aug 2014Sexy Connections | Behind the Scenes

    lovely models having a great connection, lot's of passion and beautiful kissing...Enjoy your Sunday

  • Behind the scenes: Covered by only one towel

    Sat 30th Aug 2014Covered by only one towel | Behind the Scenes

    Just after their shower before they started their video, they were excited. 

  • Behind the scenes: Sexy ladies

    Fri 29th Aug 2014Sexy ladies | Behind the Scenes

    Look at this two beautiful ladies! This picture is taken half way there amazing sex experiance :)

  • Behind the scenes: Girls Girls Girls

    Thu 28th Aug 2014Girls Girls Girls | Behind the Scenes

    Today we shot a Girl Girl shoot of Yara and Kenji. They have impressed us a lot and made us very happy! I am sure some of you will love to see what this two models have been up to.. Let me give you a hint:  models + feet + sex ;)

  • Behind the scenes:  Mastrubating Kenji

    Wed 27th Aug 2014 Mastrubating Kenji | Behind the Scenes

    Our beautiful model made out day again, lovely to have around and sooo beautiful!! What do you think what makes Kenji so pretty?

  • Behind the scenes: Shooter in action

    Wed 27th Aug 2014Shooter in action | Behind the Scenes

    Today I was a happy shooter..guess where the camera was pointing at... :)

  • Behind the scenes: Delightful!

    Tue 26th Aug 2014Delightful! | Behind the Scenes

    I can not decide what I like best about today's backstage snap - the cheeky look on her face or the curve of her spine, that some how is screaming out to be licked!

  • Behind the scenes: Surprise It's Monday!

    Mon 25th Aug 2014Surprise It's Monday! | Behind the Scenes

    What a great way to start the week - I challenge anyone to look at this image and not smile!

  • Behind the scenes: Enjoy your Sunday

    Sun 24th Aug 2014Enjoy your Sunday | Behind the Scenes

    Shooters in between 4 nude models after a day of shooting with a toy of Sabrina, lot's of kissing, touching, smiling, hugging and orgasms! Thanks you Sabrina!

  • Behind the scenes: What happened next

    Sat 23rd Aug 2014What happened next | Behind the Scenes

    A toy that Sabrina gave to us has been used in the set...and not only by two all 4! :) :)

  • Behind the scenes: 4 Models to be shot today

    Fri 22nd Aug 20144 Models to be shot today | Behind the Scenes

    Today was an exciting day, we had 4 lovely models on set, 2 pairings for a Girl Girl shoot. Guess what happened next? 

  • Behind the scenes: Lady Fingers!

    Thu 21st Aug 2014Lady Fingers! | Behind the Scenes

    Gretchen, Yara and Me - if you like bras, breast, glasses and extremely intense orgasms I suggest keeping an eye out for this shoot !

  • Behind the scenes: Happy Shooter

    Wed 20th Aug 2014Happy Shooter | Behind the Scenes

    Masie is having a lovely time having lunch in between stills and video. But something is wrung...where is the chocolate?

  • Behind the scenes: Selecting Clothes

    Tue 19th Aug 2014Selecting Clothes | Behind the Scenes

    Models bring lot's and lot's of clothes to the shoot and together we make a selection for the shoot. which bra would you pic from this selection?

  • Behind the scenes: Waiting for the rain

    Mon 18th Aug 2014Waiting for the rain | Behind the Scenes

    While the rest of the country was out looking for sunshine we headed out with umbrellas in search of rain!

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