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  • Behind the scenes: Introducing the BLUE team!

    Thu 27th Jun 2013Introducing the BLUE team! | Behind the Scenes

    Thea and new pal Irmina show off their best blue outfits!

  • Behind the scenes: The Worlds Best Sandwich!

    Thu 27th Jun 2013The Worlds Best Sandwich! | Behind the Scenes

    A thrilled Bisera taking her INCREDIBLE sandwich on a tour of the house to show it off to excited staff and fellow models!

  • Behind the scenes: A friendly face!

    Wed 26th Jun 2013A friendly face! | Behind the Scenes

    But is it a familiar one? It was lovely to get to hang out with Marietta today, a returning model from several years ago!

  • Behind the scenes: What a lovely bunch!

    Tue 25th Jun 2013What a lovely bunch! | Behind the Scenes

    We had three visitors to our office today, for a very long, kind of sexy, meeting!

  • Behind the scenes: BOX FORT !!!!!!

    Mon 24th Jun 2013BOX FORT !!!!!! | Behind the Scenes

    I know, I was surprised it took us this long to build one as well!

  • Behind the scenes: Kylie on a ladder!

    Sat 22nd Jun 2013Kylie on a ladder! | Behind the Scenes

    Kylie kindly agreed to climb up some ladders while I held them, so we could reach the boxes on the top shelf! Yes she does have a lovely bottom!

  • Behind the scenes: We will need these!

    Fri 21st Jun 2013We will need these! | Behind the Scenes

    This is the most lovingly dildos have ever been packed into a box! They are now ready for their big move!

  • Behind the scenes: Kylie hard at work

    Fri 21st Jun 2013Kylie hard at work | Behind the Scenes

    You don't have to have a lovely bottom to fix a computer - but it helps!

  • Behind the scenes: We are moving!

    Thu 20th Jun 2013We are moving! | Behind the Scenes

    Don't worry we are not going far just across town to a lovely new office with a great view! We are moving super soon which is why we haven't been shooting so much - we are busy with boxes. Fear not ,the update schedule will not be affected, we worked extra hard last month to keep on top of everything! Exciting things to come soon so what this space! We have new models waiting to be a shot and we are off on a BIG SUPER SECRET shoot week at the start of July!!!

  • Behind the scenes: Warming up!

    Wed 19th Jun 2013Warming up! | Behind the Scenes

    Shooting is a hard job so we always make sure we stretch out and warm our bodies up before leaving the office!

  • Behind the scenes: MORE down blouse!

    Tue 18th Jun 2013MORE down blouse! | Behind the Scenes

    This is becoming one of my fav views!

  • Behind the scenes: Izzy happy in her 'tent'!

    Mon 17th Jun 2013Izzy happy in her 'tent'! | Behind the Scenes

    Before all the wonderful things we create make it to the website, first they are glued together and viewed in one of our beautifully warm, black tents.

  • Behind the scenes: Hi !

    Fri 14th Jun 2013Hi ! | Behind the Scenes

    Yesterdays lovely model was Evelina and it was lovely to see her again after so long!

  • Behind the scenes: Down Blouse!

    Fri 14th Jun 2013Down Blouse! | Behind the Scenes

    What a lovely view to set us all up for the weekend! As well as seeing if you can name the model, why don't you 'tag' some of your favorite down blouse images with 'down blouse' so other people can easily located them to!

  • Behind the scenes: Shooters in action!

    Wed 12th Jun 2013Shooters in action! | Behind the Scenes

    Look at us, hard working shoot team :)One is setting up the microphone and the other camera. It's Misha's first time shooting Intimate Moments.

  • Behind the scenes: The owner of yesterdays feet!

    Wed 12th Jun 2013The owner of yesterdays feet! | Behind the Scenes

    Did anyone guess correctly? Yesterday was Estella's first time working with us outside and she said she had a blast!

  • Behind the scenes: Dirty feet - someone shot outside today!

    Tue 11th Jun 2013Dirty feet - someone shot outside today! | Behind the Scenes

    But who do these lovely pink feet belong to? I will be SUPER impressed if anyone gets this right!

  • Behind the scenes: Doing what she does best!

    Mon 10th Jun 2013Doing what she does best! | Behind the Scenes

    Camera in hand, lovely natural lady in her sites, Izzy busy doing what she was made to do, take INCREDIBLE pictures, for you to enjoy.

  • Behind the scenes: See I don't JUST eat cake!

    Sat 08th Jun 2013See I don't JUST eat cake! | Behind the Scenes

    A large peeled carrot is actually one of my favorite mid morning snacks.I am not a fan of carrot sticks, they take away all the fun of eating carrot by making it dainty and easy to do.

  • Behind the scenes: They were tight jeans!

    Fri 07th Jun 2013They were tight jeans! | Behind the Scenes

    During a resent clear out, a box of AVN goodies turned up and Izzy and I were asked if we would like to try on some Jeans! Much fun and promises of diets (so we fit in them) followed!

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