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  • Behind the scenes: Sky with Briony

    Fri 20th Apr 2007Sky with Briony | Behind the Scenes

    Briony is a princess. Super sweet, sexy, and a very nice person. I can't believe she doesnt realise how sexy she is! I really enjoyed our shoot today and Prue was a great help too. Briony said she'd like to do some more work with us. We hope so cause this lovely lady is a real professional, a lot of fun, and very beautiful! Its lovely to end the week on a high. A great shoot.

  • Behind the scenes: Toby shooting Tammy B and Abigail

    Thu 19th Apr 2007Toby shooting Tammy B and Abigail | Behind the Scenes

    I was a bit concerned the girls might get a bit chilly this morning, but as soon as they got going there was no thought of the weather. Abigail and Tammy did a great job, both were a bit giggly so even in mid-passion there was always time for a smile. Sky and Prue bought some fantastic rolls for lunch, which were the best chicken wraps I had ever had, and we all told stories about testicles. Ahh, the hilarity.

  • Wed 18th Apr 2007Emmalee shooting Tifanie | Behind the Scenes

    Shooting Tifanie today was great. It was hard to get a bad angle of her! I would have to say that it was due to her natural beauty and very charming french accent. She's also been riding horses all her life and gave us a breakdown lesson in how to ride and become 'one' with the horse. She's fresh, very photogenic and was a delight to shoot! Go the natural sexiness!

  • Tue 17th Apr 2007Greta with Toby | Behind the Scenes

    Well Greta greeted me with a big finger sign, so I knew it was going to be a good afternoon. Shooting her today reminded me how much fun it is shooting models that we have already done lots of work with, not that I don't get all excited about the new ones too! But it's a pretty odd thing getting to know someone so intimately a few times and then never seeing them again.

  • Behind the scenes: Patience and Abigail

    Mon 16th Apr 2007Patience and Abigail | Behind the Scenes

    Today I shot Patience and Abigail as they did two Intimate Moments each. One on their stomach and one each on their back. Today was the first time I shot and directed Intimate Moments on my own. It was great fun and a new experience. I look forward to many more of these shoots. Both Patience and Abigail said they had a lovely satisfying day.

  • Fri 13th Apr 2007Sky shooting Melita | Behind the Scenes

    Melita is a fantastic model not only does she have a hot bod but she is a great talker. We were doing some cheeky gymnastic moves in her backyard and she ended up getting bitten by ants off the dirt... poor thing... but she did great and its going to be an AWESOME shoot!

  • Behind the scenes: Carlee with Felicia

    Thu 12th Apr 2007Carlee with Felicia | Behind the Scenes

    I picked out a gorgeous white dress for Felica to wear and she told me her mother designed and made it. It fit her perfectly and she looked really pretty in it. We did the shoot along the side of the house with natural light. Natural light is my favorite light to photograph, and it's the first time I've been able to do it on an Abbywinters shoot so I was quite happy.

  • Behind the scenes: Romy with Prue

    Wed 11th Apr 2007Romy with Prue | Behind the Scenes

    Romy is one cool girl she is into all things fast! horses and cars... but before we could start i had to dye her hair a beautiful blonde colour. I turned into a hair dresser pretty quick and was quiet scared that i was going to make a mess of Romy's hair....but it all turned out great. There is some great back stage pics too! Romy was wonderful and has sexy small boobs and a fit body! thanks Romy for a great day!

  • Tue 10th Apr 2007Bella with Carlee | Behind the Scenes

    Bella and I were having a great shoot in her kitchen. Good light on a good model will do that. All was going well and then... my memory card totally screwed up. No images on card. So we got to do the whole thing again! Bella put her clothes back on, then took them off for me again. What a cooperative model.

  • Thu 05th Apr 2007Toby with Yvette | Behind the Scenes

    French delight! Yvette french for yum! We had a great day with Yvette, Toby started shooting her out in the backyard. I looked out the window and thought it sure is getting dark out there and then within a minute it started poring down with rain. Yvette quiet naked ran frantically into the house for shelter while I grabbed her gear and Toby looked after her precious camera. Yvette was a good sport and continued her shoot under the porch, I set up a cute little heater to keep my team warm. Toby ended up getting some fantastic nipple shots with water droplets running over them.

  • Behind the scenes: Sixteen models!

    Wed 04th Apr 2007Sixteen models! | Behind the Scenes

    And with this shoot I say goodbye! Only temporarily, but off I go on a new adventure in a new land. Kinda. Sixteen models we had in today for this shoot - sixteen! It's a corker. Abby, Prue, Toby, Sky and I are all EXHAUSTED but stoked, this shoot is gunna go down in history as one of the best shoots in the history of AW (and the biggest Tier 1 so far!). Thanks for today, all you beautiful models, you did an amazing job. Team A!

  • Tue 03rd Apr 2007Toby shooting Viera | Behind the Scenes

    Viera made today a breeze, and she was the best part of today by far. We got the lighting in the bedroom set up and went a bit nuts. Viera is certainly not shy, and she twisted and distorted her body into a billion different positions, all of which were captured by my trusty Canon. We headed out the back for a drink and some sunshine, where I picked up the camera again, and shot off a few, I just couldnt help it! She is so pretty!

  • Behind the scenes: Toby shooting Jilly and Nadine

    Mon 02nd Apr 2007Toby shooting Jilly and Nadine | Behind the Scenes

    Hmmm a new lighting technique today and a rather nervous Toby... I struggled with the white balance in this shoot somewhat, even though I set it to tungsten light it has still come up rather yellow... I paid special attention to making sure there was always a nice blue sheen coming in from the window in this shoot, and there are some shots which really nicely separate Jilly and Nadine from each other. Today was my first experimentation with consistent light in a Tier 3 and provided I can get that white balance problem down pat, it'll be a great new technique to add to my box of tricks!

  • Behind the scenes: Susie with Patience and Jilly

    Fri 30th Mar 2007Susie with Patience and Jilly | Behind the Scenes

    What a day! My little sister finally gets together with her dream woman Jilly. She's been going on and on about this for ages, it was great to see them finally get it over with! Although I was there setting up and making sure things run smoothly, I really have no idea how the shoot went. Though, judging by the smiles on the girls' faces this afternoon - I'd say it went swimmingly!

  • Behind the scenes: Toby shooting Giselle

    Thu 29th Mar 2007Toby shooting Giselle | Behind the Scenes

    Today I got to shoot my BEST FRIEND!!! thats right, Giselle and I have been friends for a few years and so I really put a big effort into making her shoot look amazing today (not that I dont with every other girl I shoot) Giselle collects underware and so we made a bit of a big deal of that, she was also up for quite a high level of posing that I don't often get to shoot... Her shoot came up last minute and she had spent the night at my house last night so it was such a surprise to see her rock up up this morning at work!!!

  • Behind the scenes: Sky shooting Lisa-Marie

    Wed 28th Mar 2007Sky shooting Lisa-Marie | Behind the Scenes

    This German girl knows how to move! Lisa-Marie is sexy, sensual and curvacous. She is in Australia to learn more about sex from experienced older men! So far she says she has learnt a lot about taking it slowly and enjoying every minute. And she is not afraid of the odd one night stand. Sexual liberation bring it on!

  • Behind the scenes: Deborah with Prue and Emmalee

    Tue 27th Mar 2007Deborah with Prue and Emmalee | Behind the Scenes

    Deborah is a nature girl! It was great to shoot her outside in her element, in the sun. She told her of her love of nature and animals as she got naked in the backyard! Her personality is very sassy, honest and down to earth. A true beauty and really nice to work with!

  • Mon 26th Mar 2007Sky with Paula | Behind the Scenes

    Paula is a sex kitten. Was great to film the Video newsletter with her last week. And now an IM. I just love women who are super sexy and super comfy in their own skin. Go Paula!

  • Sat 24th Mar 2007Annette P and Greta | Behind the Scenes

    What a wonderful Saturday we had! Everything ran to time and we got to see Greta again. Greta is from Perth like me and Toby so we can gossip lots. Annette was stoked to get amongst it with her second Tier 3 shoot in less than a week, and they did an awesome job. The light looked pretty, lunch was good - what more could a girl want?

  • Fri 23rd Mar 2007Melinda | Behind the Scenes

    Well today I met someone who loves stripes as much as I do! As soon as I had chosen a fantastic little spot with an awesome stripey bean bag, Melinda shows me her clothes and they were all stripes! We couldn't have clashing stripes so I had to pick something plain. Melinda is one of these girls who buys a few of the same thing, if she finds one top she likes she'll get it in about 3 different colors. That kind of shopping is a sign of an organized mind (Says me!).

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