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  • Behind the scenes: Tiff with Prue

    Fri 18th May 2007Tiff with Prue | Behind the Scenes

    What's better than a hot blonde rolling around in your bed?? Nothing!! We shot at my place today and it was so much fun. Tiff and I did a few bed scenes and then she got down to business with a double ended dildo....woohooo...

  • Behind the scenes: Toby with Jude, Carolyne, Rosanna, Ollie, and Jamie-Lee

    Thu 17th May 2007Toby with Jude, Carolyne, Rosanna, Ollie, and Jamie-Lee | Behind the Scenes

    What a Day!!! After quite a bit of wrangling, a few cosume reshuffles, everyone looked amazing and we were ready to head off!. At Abby Winters we spare no expense, and on recomendation from myself at the rest of the shoot team Rosanna, Ollie, Jude, Carolyne, and Jamie-Lee all drank Passion Pop, the cheapest sparkling white we could find (its yummy I promise). After downing a few glasses over a girly breakfast everyone was quite tipsy in the car, trying to get all the models attention was near impossible! But we got some great shots, especially down by the water. Abby got to stretch her shooting legs again, and we hired a ring flash which was quite the event and gave the shoot a certain magazine style feel to it.

  • Wed 16th May 2007Carlee shooting Rita M | Behind the Scenes

    I had a great time today with Blair and Rita M. We shot Rita in the kitchen, where she made full use of the enormous wood-slab bench. And Blair showed me around the garden, where I took advantage of natural light and lots of greenery. The girls are old friends so the day was fun and relaxed for everyone.

  • Behind the scenes: Drew R and Nyree

    Tue 15th May 2007Drew R and Nyree | Behind the Scenes

    Drew is definitely a character. She has a damned fine voice and a talent for playing guitar. Not to mention a love of women and sex... this girl knows what she likes! It was fun to work with Drew and I was stunned at the natural talent of her music... Hope you get some gigs, girl! Play hard!

  • Behind the scenes: Nadine and Sienna

    Mon 14th May 2007Nadine and Sienna | Behind the Scenes

    Sienna and Nadine did a great job today. Poor Nadine was allergic to the candles. I really like these two girls. I have worked with both of them before and they are both stars in my eyes. They said it was very blissful cumming all day. And by the sounds of it they had a ball. Sienna enjoy your travels and Nadine, I hope you're not sneezing at work tonight.

  • Behind the scenes: Lunchtime with Toby, Sky, Sienna, and Dani

    Fri 11th May 2007Lunchtime with Toby, Sky, Sienna, and Dani | Behind the Scenes

    I love working with Sienna!! She is super sexy and super professional. She has the best bod and is a dream for me to shoot. I really enjoyed seeing her again. In Sienna's first video she made us pancakes today we got to see her bedroom and her new stainless steel vibe. Sienna is so hot it was great to film her cum as I know you all want to see it!!

  • Thu 10th May 2007Tiff | Behind the Scenes

    Well it was good to see Adora again and she did a top job like usual. Tiff was her usual perky self and was ready and willing for some one on one good times! We set up the camera and let her go but when we came back the tape had chewed up in the video camera, so we had to do it again. Tiff took it all in her stride with a big grin and laid back on the couch for a new tape. You go girl!!

  • Wed 09th May 2007Emmalee shooting Shasta | Behind the Scenes

    Shasta is such a sweet person and is pretty switched on! She was great to work with today. Her personality is very real and genuine... She shared with us a little, well big secret.. she's still a virgin! But well has done lots of other... things. She also surfs and plays soccer and is athletic. It was awesome to shoot such a fresh and caring young woman!

  • Behind the scenes: Carlee shooting Em

    Tue 08th May 2007Carlee shooting Em | Behind the Scenes

    Em is a bright spark and is serious when it comes to self pleasure. Boy, does this girl know what she needs!... Working with Em was very enjoyable and she made my job easy, always willing and laughing and very into her body. She got it on with a purple dildo spontaneously named 'Harry'!? Em is ease with sweet sensuality..!

  • Behind the scenes: Giselle and Patience

    Mon 07th May 2007Giselle and Patience | Behind the Scenes

    Hottest Tier 3 ever!!! I was really nervous about this shoot. Last night I had a nightmare that I went to the wrong location. I had spoken to Giselle over the weekend and then spoken to Patience in the office over the last week about the shoot and they were both hanging out to get it happening. I knew they would do an amazing job, and when two girls are that excited I know its gonna be great and its up to me to make it work tech-wise. After trying two different lighting setups (natural light with a soft box and then with flash heads) I went for the flash heads, they let me take full advantage of the beautiful bush outside as a backdrop. Good thing I did too, because the girls spent much of the shoot rolling around on the floor, and the natural light wasn't great down there.

  • Behind the scenes: Prue and Carlee with Deborah

    Fri 04th May 2007Prue and Carlee with Deborah | Behind the Scenes

    Deborah is tops! we had her outside in the garden playing around in the trees and mucking around with a giant leaf in front of her bits... gotta love that. I even caught Deb on her phone in the nude on a break... She just never stops working. It was a great day!! Good on you team! Plus on the way home Sky and I stopped into a little store for a spot of shopping!

  • Behind the scenes: Toby with Jude

    Thu 03rd May 2007Toby with Jude | Behind the Scenes

    Today I tried something really different, it was an idea I saw in a film and I thought at the time "I could totally make that work for a shoot!". I really wanted to shoot Jude from the point of view of a lover, like the way you roll around having a wrestle under the sheets on a sunday morning. From under the sheet Jude was essentially being lit by a massive soft box. I used an aperture of 6.3 and 7.1 so I could get the crisp folds of the sheet in. with her dark hair all messed up under the sheet I really captured the feeling I was after. Thanks Jude, I had a ball today.

  • Behind the scenes: Carlee with Babette

    Wed 02nd May 2007Carlee with Babette | Behind the Scenes

    Babette and I hit it off right away, bouncing on the bed together, twirling around the room together, and even ordering the same thing for lunch. A beautiful day with a beautiful girl. And good lighting to boot. What more could I ask?

  • Behind the scenes: Toby shooting Giselle

    Tue 01st May 2007Toby shooting Giselle | Behind the Scenes

    I went on today's shoot to observe Toby at work and see what tricks of the trade I could pick up. I wanted to learn how better to direct models, but alas, Giselle didn't need much direction. She's a natural beauty and a fantastic model. So I shot backstage photos and watched Toby, Emmalee, and Giselle create an awesome shoot.

  • Mon 30th Apr 2007Toby shooting Judi | Behind the Scenes

    Today was the lighting day from hell... when will I learn that on cloudy days I need to shoot indoors!!! It wasnt just overcast it was the fact that we had about 50% clouds (big ones) and 50% sun (bright stuff). We ended up finding a great little cubby house and shooting in that, but even then the roof of it was transparent green and casting a green light onto Judi's adorable face... yeesh what a day. At least I got to spend it with the lovely Judi, who did a great job, and didn't complain once.

  • Behind the scenes: Sky with Giselle and Liz

    Thu 26th Apr 2007Sky with Giselle and Liz | Behind the Scenes

    Giselle and Liz put in a fabulous effort today! These two are true masturbation professionals. They really got off together and came twice each. Great job girls. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and each other.

  • Tue 24th Apr 2007Emmalee shooting Erinn | Behind the Scenes

    Erinn just doesn't stop... She is a cute little chatterbox. We did a great shoot today in the sun with Toby, rolling around all over a comfy couch. Then we cooled things down to a relaxed pace when Erinn slipped on some cream for a lotion video. Nice!

  • Mon 23rd Apr 2007Marlee | Behind the Scenes

    Marlee is a sweet French hottie that decided to grace us with her presence. We decided to shoot her out in the backyard. We made her work pretty hard on the trampoline but she loved it! She is travelling around this grand country and enjoying every step of the way, especially Abby land. Great day!

  • Behind the scenes: Sky with Briony

    Fri 20th Apr 2007Sky with Briony | Behind the Scenes

    Briony is a princess. Super sweet, sexy, and a very nice person. I can't believe she doesnt realise how sexy she is! I really enjoyed our shoot today and Prue was a great help too. Briony said she'd like to do some more work with us. We hope so cause this lovely lady is a real professional, a lot of fun, and very beautiful! Its lovely to end the week on a high. A great shoot.

  • Behind the scenes: Toby shooting Tammy B and Abigail

    Thu 19th Apr 2007Toby shooting Tammy B and Abigail | Behind the Scenes

    I was a bit concerned the girls might get a bit chilly this morning, but as soon as they got going there was no thought of the weather. Abigail and Tammy did a great job, both were a bit giggly so even in mid-passion there was always time for a smile. Sky and Prue bought some fantastic rolls for lunch, which were the best chicken wraps I had ever had, and we all told stories about testicles. Ahh, the hilarity.

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