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  • Behind the scenes: Toby's boo boo!

    Mon 11th Feb 2008Toby's boo boo! | Behind the Scenes

    Awwww....poor little muppet Toby had a spill on her bike on the way to work this morning! I thought it was only right that "team stills" stick together during such a tragedy, so i put my nurse's hat on and jumped to Toby's aid! She's all patched up and feeling much better. (I'm guessing that teeny weeny near invisible scratch on her hand shouldn't be fatal..hehe)

  • Behind the scenes: Mareesha lighting up the world with her smile

    Sun 10th Feb 2008Mareesha lighting up the world with her smile | Behind the Scenes

    Mareesha is so gorgeous we thought you could have another sneak peek.

  • Behind the scenes: Sneaky peek through the view finder!

    Sat 09th Feb 2008Sneaky peek through the view finder! | Behind the Scenes

    Am i seeing double? No's just the gorgeous Luca in Patience's viewfinder. This sweetie got in touch with the outdoors in this old greenhouse. By the looks of things though, I'm not sure that much gardening got done!

  • Behind the scenes: Charli shooting Anessa in the great outdoors

    Sat 09th Feb 2008Charli shooting Anessa in the great outdoors | Behind the Scenes

    We shot today in beautiful Sydney bushland. Anessa came back for her second solo shoot. She is such a happy, sweet person and a complete sexbomb! It was so fantastic to work with her today. Thanks Anessa, you are the best!

  • Behind the scenes: Jacki and Violet share Melita's special day.

    Sat 09th Feb 2008Jacki and Violet share Melita's special day. | Behind the Scenes

    There's a question to be asked of these three beauties at Melita's Wedding. Who's going next? (ooops, this should have been let through several weeks ago, sorry!)

  • Behind the scenes: Patience setting up gear

    Sat 09th Feb 2008Patience setting up gear | Behind the Scenes

    Here's a pic of Patience setting up a fabric reflector for an IM shoot. Me, I'm just testing the POTD tool, so I can document it properly... :) Patience actually did this shoot a few days ago.

  • Behind the scenes: More Shower Fun!

    Sat 09th Feb 2008More Shower Fun! | Behind the Scenes

    Here is one more picture from Wednesday's hilarious shower shoot! The girls had such a good time and I got so many amazing shots! I cant stop looking at it!

  • Behind the scenes: Mareesha and Charli having a ball

    Fri 08th Feb 2008Mareesha and Charli having a ball | Behind the Scenes

    What an awesome day I had today. Mareesha the Peruvian beauty lit up the room with her gorgeous smile and showed Bela some hot dance moves which I might try out later tonight...

  • Behind the scenes: Team Video and Les Parrot

    Fri 08th Feb 2008Team Video and Les Parrot | Behind the Scenes

    Here is (most of) the gang who were learning some more advanced lighting tips today from filmmaker Les Parrot, they wont stop talking about it!

  • Behind the scenes: Patience Loves Anneke!

    Fri 08th Feb 2008Patience Loves Anneke! | Behind the Scenes

    We had our video training today, it was great we all learnt a bunch of stuff, and how to better use the stuff we have... The lovely Anneke stopped by to be our stand in model for the day! A great way to spend a Friday!

  • Behind the scenes: Meagan and Charli down the side of her house

    Thu 07th Feb 2008Meagan and Charli down the side of her house | Behind the Scenes

    We had a lovely day today with the gorgeous Meagan G, who was full of smiles and energy. Hope to see her back for another shoot soon!

  • Behind the scenes: A match made in AW,  best buddies Freya and Meagan G

    Wed 06th Feb 2008A match made in AW, best buddies Freya and Meagan G | Behind the Scenes

    Freya and Meagan G are both German girls who came separately to Australia to have some fun. After doing a shoot with us here at aw last week, they have become best buddies. Today we had the pleasure of working with them again, this time they do a wicked double intimate moment together.

  • Behind the scenes: All the Abby wheels in motion...

    Wed 06th Feb 2008All the Abby wheels in motion... | Behind the Scenes

    That was Great! I think this is the best T2 I have ever shot, the girls were amazing the light was lovely and different and the colors all went so well together. Some T2's can take a bit to get into while the models get to know each other and stuff, but this shoot the girls all went out for breakfast first and got to know each other over some eggs and a coffee... The lighting here was a bit tricky an HMI pumping into a reflector that was then pointing into the window of the bathroom, we couldn't pump the HMI right through the window as the glass has security wire running through it and if it was to heat up the window would break, the HMI is very hot. Great shoot ladies! thanks!

  • Behind the scenes: Cerys, Shee-Ra and Mayla give Toby a hug

    Wed 06th Feb 2008Cerys, Shee-Ra and Mayla give Toby a hug | Behind the Scenes

    I was watching the stills to this shoot and I kept thinking wow these ladies have amazing chemistry. By the time it came time to do the video part of the shoot a fair amount of time had passed but that did not phase these girls. They kept up the energy and made another sexy shoot.

  • Behind the scenes: Charli shooting the devine Saskya

    Tue 05th Feb 2008Charli shooting the devine Saskya | Behind the Scenes

    Rainy Sydney strikes again, and gosh it's humid! Lucky I like it hot and steamy, and so did Saskya, our gorgeous statuesque brunette. I had to do some fiddling around with the lighting today, but Saskya took it in her long stride and giggled the day away (and I gotta tell ya, her smile is divine!)

  • Behind the scenes: Hmmm what is this?

    Tue 05th Feb 2008Hmmm what is this? | Behind the Scenes

    The gorgeous Patience looks a little confused as she helps "Sue" pick out today's snazzy outfit. I'm hoping she realises it's a singlet top ...but by the look on Sue's face I'm not so sure she does. Love your work Patience!!

  • Behind the scenes: Caitlin K, Jacki and Sue-Ann

    Mon 04th Feb 2008Caitlin K, Jacki and Sue-Ann | Behind the Scenes

    Jacki is working her magic on the hot Caitlin K for her second solo shoot, while Sue-Ann is on fleccy duty!

  • Behind the scenes: Toby and Patience pondering the future perhaps?

    Sat 02nd Feb 2008Toby and Patience pondering the future perhaps? | Behind the Scenes

    Toby and I scouting the location (Toby isn't that what they call it in the biz?) Anyway, that was just the scenery, wait til you see the models.

  • Behind the scenes: Suzie and Mandy M at the beach

    Fri 01st Feb 2008Suzie and Mandy M at the beach | Behind the Scenes

    Suzie was our new model of the day. We took her to a secluded beach and we got to frolic in the rock pools, I could have spent days at this location. We also shot Mandy M, we shot her in front of a pretty little waterfall.

  • Behind the scenes: Chloe, Jack, Suzie and Mandy M pre - shoot

    Fri 01st Feb 2008Chloe, Jack, Suzie and Mandy M pre - shoot | Behind the Scenes

    This shot was taken before we'd even set out for the day. As usual Chloe and Jacki are showing us how it's done.

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