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  • Behind the scenes: Chanel rock crawling

    Sat 12th Apr 2008Chanel rock crawling | Behind the Scenes

    Here's one more photo for you all from the shoot I did of lovely Chanel. What a lucky lady I am to spend my time in amazing wilderness such as this, photographing gorgeous models from all over the world like our Chanel. She was simply stunning!

  • Behind the scenes: Hold on everyone!

    Sat 12th Apr 2008Hold on everyone! | Behind the Scenes

    All of my footage from this little experiment is pretty much unusable, but we had a hell of a time shooting the BMX ladies. Toby and I are both a little sore as the track was far from smooth. Ahh good times.

  • Behind the scenes: Chanel and I get acquainted

    Sat 12th Apr 2008Chanel and I get acquainted | Behind the Scenes

    Here is myself and the German beauty Chanel, who took everybody's breath away. Some people are just put together really well...I don't think I've ever seen someone get put together quite this well. Wow!

  • Behind the scenes: Jacki & Chanel

    Fri 11th Apr 2008Jacki & Chanel | Behind the Scenes

    What a body! Chanel has the most perfect boobs that I have EVER seen and a body too die for. Everything she did was sexy plus.

  • Behind the scenes: Naked BMX anyone?

    Fri 11th Apr 2008Naked BMX anyone? | Behind the Scenes

    I had so much fun today and I'm pretty sure everyone else did as well. What else could you lot ask for, 5 beautiful women tearing up BMX tracks. We even had a few injuries. Hard core!

  • Behind the scenes: BMX Girls

    Thu 10th Apr 2008BMX Girls | Behind the Scenes

    Today we had a pretty big day, to celebrate the site split, we went out and shot an amazing 5 girl BMX riding shoot! They all did so well, and went damn hard. There were a few grazed knees at the end of the day, never worry, these girls are tough!

  • Behind the scenes: Selecting clothes...

    Wed 09th Apr 2008Selecting clothes... | Behind the Scenes

    A massive part of our day is the clothes selection. You may not realize it, but it is a very important process, mixing the colours, what goes with what background, model skin colour to bra colour. I get confused with this part but lucky for me Toby and Jacki are all over it, yep you can thank your trusty photographers they aren't just sexy bitches after all!

  • Behind the scenes: Patience and Shaminee

    Tue 08th Apr 2008Patience and Shaminee | Behind the Scenes

    You'd think that after shooting so many gorgeous models, Patience wouldn't be surprised by what she might find under a girls skirt. Ha...only joking! Here our talented videographer points out to model Shaminee the wondrous things she can see with her creative eye. I hear the shoot was awesome. Nice work ladies. Go team Abby!

  • Behind the scenes: Shaminee and Toby hanging out

    Tue 08th Apr 2008Shaminee and Toby hanging out | Behind the Scenes

    Today's shoot was verrry interesting! Shaminee is a traveler from Birmingham, loving Australia- and loving her out-doorsy washing line day with the team from

    She's got some fascinating tales to tell and hidden piercings for you to find.

  • Behind the scenes: Jacki shooting at a beautiful time of day in the Aussie bush

    Mon 07th Apr 2008Jacki shooting at a beautiful time of day in the Aussie bush | Behind the Scenes

    An hour and a half in the car and we were getting cabin fever but it was totally worth the madness. Here is Jacki shooting newbie Claire J on top of a big ass rock. Claire had us in fits of laughter all day long.

  • Behind the scenes: Happy Snapping

    Mon 07th Apr 2008Happy Snapping | Behind the Scenes

    Well if it isn't Patience taking an opportunity when it comes up. Here I'm trying to take stills of the little miss Kylee, but apparently Patience had other ideas. Mind you, a gentle tug of the hair never does go astray.

  • Behind the scenes: Kristal gets Warm!

    Mon 07th Apr 2008Kristal gets Warm! | Behind the Scenes

    This was one of the best days ever, Kristal and I took a rather long drive out of Melbourne to find a sufficiently abandoned field and a dark sky... We got both. Coupled with a new and interesting lighting technique I was trying out, we made a fantastic shoot! Kristal was such a pleasure to spend the day with, it was just the two of us and neither one of us shut up all day, kept busy chatting about stalkers, crushes from kindergarten and ex-boyfriends.

  • Behind the scenes: Intimate Moment

    Sat 05th Apr 2008Intimate Moment | Behind the Scenes

    These two ladies were a little shy with each other at first but I soon huddled them together for their Intimate Moments stills and within moments they were saucing up the camera with sensual energy. And a little birdie told me that in the video they even got to making out with one another. Nice work ladies.

  • Behind the scenes: Check out the pink!

    Thu 03rd Apr 2008Check out the pink! | Behind the Scenes

    Ok, I know this is a big call but Chessie is possibly the nicest person I've ever met. She is a seasoned traveler and an intelligent sexy woman. We shot her against a bright pink background in a cute little white dress.

  • Behind the scenes: Teen dream...

    Wed 02nd Apr 2008Teen dream... | Behind the Scenes

    Sachi let us into her bedroom today and showed us what German girls are all about.

  • Behind the scenes: Sachi enjoys her first video with Patience

    Wed 02nd Apr 2008Sachi enjoys her first video with Patience | Behind the Scenes

    Sachi was so wonderful and sweet and naughty I nearly wet myself over her! will too I'm sure!

  • Behind the scenes: Emm's Intimate Moments

    Tue 01st Apr 2008Emm's Intimate Moments | Behind the Scenes

    Here Emm is looking well chuffed to be on set of her first solo Intimate Moments shoot. This is one lady who really knows her sexuality inside out. She oozes raunchy energy and loves to tease and play. I'm sure there will be no nerves in this shoot.

  • Behind the scenes: Emm + Becky T = HOT masturbation!

    Tue 01st Apr 2008Emm + Becky T = HOT masturbation! | Behind the Scenes

    Love hearing women talk dirty? check Love watching desire mount? check Love double check

    Then don't miss this double Intimate Moment with Becky T and Emm.

  • Behind the scenes: Emm and Becky T

    Tue 01st Apr 2008Emm and Becky T | Behind the Scenes

    Here Emm and Becky T play up to the camera before playing up to each other. The energy on set for their double Intimate Moments shoot, was electric and saucy. I have a feeling Emm was going to take charge in this one, as she so loves to do, and really show Becky a sweet time.

  • Behind the scenes: Alice P is divine!

    Mon 31st Mar 2008Alice P is divine! | Behind the Scenes

    I don't know how she does it, but AW videographer Patience always has beautiful women lolling, naked, prone at her feet.

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