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  • Behind the scenes: Sue-ann, Gabrielle & Althea playing around!

    Tue 16th Oct 2007Sue-ann, Gabrielle & Althea playing around! | Behind the Scenes

    It's awesome when models drop by Abby HQ and luckily for you I always have my camera in hand!! Sue-ann, Gabrielle and I got up to some fun taking silly snapshots in the office.

  • Behind the scenes: Sammie gets her knickers on!

    Mon 15th Oct 2007Sammie gets her knickers on! | Behind the Scenes

    Today was Massive! Its a shame we got off to such a slow start because it would have been fantastic to shoot everyone twice! Sammie was just hilarious to be around she did a fantastic shoot and then made out with Patience! She just kept going all day long, she had so many stories and was so funny. We both nearly fell into the water too! Go Sammie! You are one in a million!

  • Behind the scenes: Prue is not just a pretty face!

    Sun 14th Oct 2007Prue is not just a pretty face! | Behind the Scenes

    Prue is a gorgeous gal with a great personality but she's much more than just a pretty face! Prue's talent is really starting to shine behind the camera. We all look forward to more videos shot by Prue. If you're a fellow fan of Prue make sure you drop by her thread on the discussion boards!

  • Behind the scenes: Ever wanted to meet AW models?

    Sun 14th Oct 2007Ever wanted to meet AW models? | Behind the Scenes

    You might have heard the rumblings on the boards, the models flirting, seen interesting pairings... well, in early January 2008, we're attending the Adult Entertainment Expo for four days in Las Vegas, USA! We're taking 10 models, and you guys are all invited to party with us!

    For the last six months, Susie has been working on this project full time. It's far and away the biggest thing we've ever done (and the most expensive, and the most exciting, and the most strenuous). The audition process was open to all our models, and went for a week. The models are in this pic top left (unfortunately, Jilly cannot make it, but Gabrielle can!). We whittled it down from 25, to 17, to 12, and now to the final 10: Anneke, Chloe B, Gabrielle, Jacki, Julietta, Marigold, Melita, Petria, Sue-Ann, and Violet!

    A few weeks ago, we took our models to a small town called Mossman in Far North Queensland, and did a bunch of amazing shoots in rainforests, sugar cane fields, an island, and a sand cay. We shot solos, T3's, T2's, and gorgeous T1's (some of the T2's were shot by the models to great effect!).

    We will have a large, unique custom-built stand at the show and expect to make quite a splash (It's our first time attending, and our style is quite different to most other attendees). All our competition will be tarted up in their highest heels, shortest skirts, and the thickest makeup possible...

    As always, our girls will fresh, healthy, new, real.

    Right now, we're doing regular training sessions with the models, so they learn more about us and how the industry works. Our models are smart and will be interacting with our business partners in a serious way. They won't just be standing around smiling like on other stands, nor giggling brainlessly. They'll be having a bunch of fun with each other (there's no nudity allowed at the show, but we intend to push that to the limit!).

    Our models will be doing a bunch of really exciting activities on the stand (some involve interacting with members), telling newbies about us, and working on some business-to-business stuff as well. There will be stacks of giveaways, and of course our models will be signing things, and meeting and greeting fans.

    Staff attending will be sisters Susie and Patience, and Toby (they'll be working with the models). Rainbow will be there to work with our affiliates, and Customer Support rep Leprechaun will be working with him. Luxman (our discussion boards moderator) will be joining us as well. Joanne and Garion will be managing the boring business aspect. They are trying to convince me to come, but I hate these things with a passion.

    All in all, it's going to be amazing! Susie and I will be updating the boards with more info as it comes to hand.

  • Behind the scenes: Indiana & Cleo check out some of their stills

    Sat 13th Oct 2007Indiana & Cleo check out some of their stills | Behind the Scenes

    We had so many awesome stills from the Tier 3 I shot yesterday I thought I'd post another one! It was an amazing shoot. Fantastic models and a stunning room with a great view over St Kilda. Cleo and Indiana really hit it off which was a big relief for us (as it is everyday we shoot tier 3s). Its a big ask to get two girls to just straight off the bat get into each other. These guys were great though chatting and snapping pictures all the way. We chose to shoot them in pastel colors and Jeans, I think the jeans really relaxed the shoot in a location that might otherwise have been a bit too pristine... (if there is such a thing, maybe I just need to clean my kitchen a bit more often!).

  • Behind the scenes: Petria gets a new pet Vibrator!

    Fri 12th Oct 2007Petria gets a new pet Vibrator! | Behind the Scenes

    Melita took Petria shopping in an adult sex shop today so she could buy a vibrator for her upcoming Intimate Moment. After testing ten plus vibrators she finally found the one that hit the spot.

  • Behind the scenes: Indiana & Cleo snuggle up after their GGT3

    Fri 12th Oct 2007Indiana & Cleo snuggle up after their GGT3 | Behind the Scenes

    Hot ladies! Today we shot Indiana and Cleo in a white room on a white couch. It looked pure and beautiful all in white. These two really came to life in the stills and in the video they nearly exploded! Three orgasms each....nice!

  • Behind the scenes: Patience & Althea demonstrating the finer points of Tribbing

    Fri 12th Oct 2007Patience & Althea demonstrating the finer points of Tribbing | Behind the Scenes

    Whilst trying to discover what the best position for Tribbing is I had to refer to my sexual guidance counsellor, Patience. As you can imagine this ended in quite a few hilarious demonstrations!

  • Behind the scenes: Dominica gives us a flash before her IM!

    Thu 11th Oct 2007Dominica gives us a flash before her IM! | Behind the Scenes

    Dominica is a trooper, after having 3 orgasms and a massive sandwich she was ready for her second Intimate Moment - though 5 minutes through one of the red heads blew a globe and she came scurrying out to find me. I fixed the globe and she went on to do another awesome IM with no complaints. Thanks Dominica you're a star!

  • Behind the scenes: Sue-Ann & Cleo on the set of their GGT3

    Thu 11th Oct 2007Sue-Ann & Cleo on the set of their GGT3 | Behind the Scenes

    Today I got to light Sue-Ann and Cleo's Tier 3 with some new lights called Kinos, we hired them to test out how they go, and to see if we dug using them. They were fantastic lights but it was a real effort trying to keep the girls well lit all the time, and I had to have my ISO set to about 800, which is not ideal. One of the big benefits to shooting with the kinos was the fact that we can use them for both stills and video, which cuts down set up times enormously.

  • Behind the scenes: Violet makes one cheeky bike messenger!

    Wed 10th Oct 2007Violet makes one cheeky bike messenger! | Behind the Scenes

    Violet sure is a sport! She's no stranger to hard work and a bit of cheeky fun. Without a car in sight Violet made use of the abbywinters bicycle to get things done. To see a few more pics of Violet having fun with her bike check out her Model's Speak thread on the discussion boards!

  • Behind the scenes: Bridgette and Bela at the fence

    Wed 10th Oct 2007Bridgette and Bela at the fence | Behind the Scenes

    Check out our little horticulturist today performing her own AW gardening show. She shows some interesting native Aussie plants, and then drags us to the bedroom to reveal her own interesting flower.

  • Behind the scenes: Sue-Ann smiles for the camera!

    Wed 10th Oct 2007Sue-Ann smiles for the camera! | Behind the Scenes

    This is a great little behind the scenes shot of Sue-Ann that Prue snapped of her while she was getting ready and changing into her pretty dress to host the Video Newletter.

  • Behind the scenes: Lilana has a play before her shoot

    Wed 10th Oct 2007Lilana has a play before her shoot | Behind the Scenes

    An art studio... Shooting here really made me itch to get back into my own! Liliana was great in this moody set I just got back from shooting. Liliana herself was cheery and charming, but the lighting and the serene look on her face gives the shoot an edgy kind feel to it. The studios were in the top of a bar, and we nearly stopped behind for a beer, but Liliana had to head off home. Great day, lovely model!

  • Behind the scenes: Sue-Ann & Violet mucking around before their GGT3 together

    Tue 09th Oct 2007Sue-Ann & Violet mucking around before their GGT3 together | Behind the Scenes

    These creative T3's keep coming! I happen to think it's Violet bringing them on... This shoot was dynamite, the girls pulled out a few trademark moves each. They had an interesting dynamic, both are used to being in control, and struggling a bit with sharing today. My lighting was interesting too, I chose to ditch the fill light all together and concentrate on highlights from the window and a strong key light... It was harder to keep all the interesting bits well lit, but I think the result is well worth it.

  • Behind the scenes: Althea & Julietta up close and personal

    Tue 09th Oct 2007Althea & Julietta up close and personal | Behind the Scenes

    The gorgeous Julietta dropped by to do some posting and check out the Bellydancing Girls shoot today. I couldn't wait to snap a picture with this beauty. We had a good laugh and talked about our love of rock n' roll...and butt cheeks. Don't ask. If you want to chat to Julietta you can swing past her thread on the Model's Speak section of the discussion boards.

  • Behind the scenes: Alisha, Sue-Ann & Keira hang in the bush

    Mon 08th Oct 2007Alisha, Sue-Ann & Keira hang in the bush | Behind the Scenes

    The joys of shooting in the scrub again! It's the first time this spring we have shot out in a park and now I totally remember why I was so thrilled to get the day wound up! It's hard work, not only do we have to watch the sun and the exposure and the model! But we also have to watch out for prying eyes! Today we had one guy who just wouldn't go away. Luckily Keira and I were waiting for a cloud to come back over, so any spies had a long wait on their hands. Patience had a lucky break though, with Sue-Ann coming out to help in the video, exciting stuff to look forward to.

  • Behind the scenes: Althea welcomes two newbies to AW!

    Mon 08th Oct 2007Althea welcomes two newbies to AW! | Behind the Scenes

    Today we welcomed two brand new models to AW. Kiera and Alisha both did their first solo shoots today with Toby and Patience behind the lenses. Afterwards they popped by for a little introduction to the discussion boards with yours truly.

  • Behind the scenes: Jody, Charli, Kiya, Elyse and Bela

    Sun 07th Oct 2007Jody, Charli, Kiya, Elyse and Bela | Behind the Scenes

    Abbyland has turned into Hippieland today, as sexy models Jody and Elyse try to show aw's shooting crew how to shake it! As you can see our booty shakin' is nowhere near as amazing as the models'.

  • Behind the scenes: Greta & Jamie-lee looking hot

    Sun 07th Oct 2007Greta & Jamie-lee looking hot | Behind the Scenes

    Well I think it is good bye Greta...she went out with a big bang... a sea of orgasms. This pic is from Friday, when we shot Jamie-Lee and Greta. She was happy to see that she had been paired with another Irish girl. It started off soft and sweet and then the fiery Irish Jamie-Lee gave many orgasms to the lovely then slowed done to a sensual mood with lots of kissing. HOT!

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