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  • Behind the scenes: Sky, Cleo & Carlee

    Sat 21st Jul 2007Sky, Cleo & Carlee | Behind the Scenes

    Another picture from yesterday's shoot... Cleo was really nervous at the beginning of the shoot and I was worried it wouldn't turn out well. But she surprised herself and me by relaxing and really enjoying herself. The light coming through the window was beautiful, and I would have done the whole shoot with only window light, but Abby likes shoots to be bright bright bright. So I put up two strobes on low power and used a slower shutter speed to keep in some of the light from the window. It was a good compromise because Cleo looked great.

  • Fri 20th Jul 2007Sky & Cleo Freeze! | Behind the Scenes

    Cleo did well today. She looked very pretty laying on the couch. She has lovely brown skin that looks like a fake tan. I must admit I am very jealous! My skin has gone so white this winter, I am looking forward to summer. We had a lovely day in Footscray and as always its quite a cultural experience!

  • Thu 19th Jul 2007Sue-Ann & Em | Behind the Scenes

    All I can say is wow these ladies are horny as! Even before we had the camera's rolling they were getting into these girls had a hard time keeping their hands off one another. I also got in on the action....filming I mean I played second camera today and it was tops! So easy to shoot to ladies that were hot for one another. Sue-Ann with her finger licking directions and Em's face cuming expressions are to die for!! So hot paint was pealing off the walls.....HOT!

  • Behind the scenes: Jerry and Charli

    Wed 18th Jul 2007Jerry and Charli | Behind the Scenes

    Wow...I had issues with lighting today. I am still learning, and every day creates a new challenge! The models are always wonderful, and Jerry today was no exception - she was fantastic! Very cute and smart (you can tell because she wears some very gorgeous glasses).

  • Wed 18th Jul 2007Giselle & Theresa | Behind the Scenes

    Never say never eh Susie? Well it was Susie, Giselle and myself back together again, even though Susie keep saying she will never shoot another tier 3, and Giselle is running out of clothes! Woah. Theresa and I were just fine today starting the day with a chocolate bar and chatting about doctors and nurses. The girls did a great job, and I stayed to take backstage pics for the video, I love taking backstage pics, all the lights are set up and I can really take my time with each shot.

  • Behind the scenes: Kate S and Charli

    Tue 17th Jul 2007Kate S and Charli | Behind the Scenes

    Today I shot Kate, a contemporary dancer with great legs. The sun was shining so brightly in Sydney today that I kept having trouble with the daylight coming through the window. On the other hand, I really like the striped shadow across her body.

  • Behind the scenes: Bela and Marleen

    Fri 13th Jul 2007Bela and Marleen | Behind the Scenes

    Marleen is so hot and French! She is a belly dancing, salsa dancing goddess, and we had to scramble to keep up with her. Her body is gorgeous, and she is fit and flexible. You definitely want to watch out for this; we all had a blast shooting her today... I love my job.

  • Behind the scenes: Krystin

    Thu 12th Jul 2007Krystin | Behind the Scenes

    Check out the divine Krystin, working with us on our Video Newsletter, she is such a natural and she was fantastic! Watch out for her solo set she is definitely a heart breaker.

  • Behind the scenes: Violet and Bela

    Wed 11th Jul 2007Violet and Bela | Behind the Scenes

    Hello everyone, today I shot Violet. She is a cheeky classical singer. Violet warmed up her voice and sang us bits and pieces of classic music. So look out for her shoot.

  • Tue 10th Jul 2007Kiya | Behind the Scenes

    Yay this was Sydney's first Video Newsletter shoot and Krystin did a fantastic job. I love how easy it was for Krystin to speak so smoothly and sexily. It was a rainy day and we wanted an outdoor shoot but it was not possible today.

  • Mon 09th Jul 2007Scary Giselle | Behind the Scenes

    Heres another pic from Thursdays shoot, What a day this was! I was shooting with Susie again, (for a limited time only, dont get too excited) and shooting with my best buddy, Giselle! We had her paired with the lovely Julia B, they got along really well and in a brief naked break they discussed Giselle's third nipple. Julia was saying, "I'm sure its a skin tag" and Giselle was explaining how it HAD to be a nipple because it followed in a line down her body, like a cats.

  • Sun 08th Jul 2007Giselle and Julia B | Behind the Scenes

    Well here's you last little sneak preview of Thursdays shoot with Julia B and Giselle... have a great weekend!

  • Sat 07th Jul 2007Giselle & Sue-Ann | Behind the Scenes

    Some more from yesterdays shoot, Giselle two days in a row, woo! She was on fire with our spunky Sue-Ann today in a hot bedroom Tier 3. Admittedly, we had a bit of a slow start, but once these two got going, they really got going. Even I was sweating! I don't even know how long we shot for, I was so distracted with all the action. It was Sue-Ann's first Tier 3, and she tells me she can't wait for more. Good luck shooting the next one, Sky!

  • Behind the scenes: Bela and Aylan

    Fri 06th Jul 2007Bela and Aylan | Behind the Scenes

    Today we shot the divine Aylan, she is so beautiful, super brainy and an artist, she has the whole package!!!! Some girls just have it all. We were shooting in her apartment and it is pretty tiny, I had to squeeze into some crazy poses just to fit her into the frame.

  • Fri 06th Jul 2007Toby, Sue-Ann & Giselle | Behind the Scenes

    Susie and I were a little out of sorts yesterday, forgetting things like cameras and money (not great), today was much better. We were shooting Sue-Ann and Giselle, and we knew it would be a great shoot. The two of them have a bit of a kinky streak and we were hoping that they would bring it out in eachother. They did, It was incredibly hot. I got stacks of great shots in the stills section and then hung around during the video to take some backstage shots, I couldn't tear myself away!

  • Behind the scenes: Charli and Tash

    Thu 05th Jul 2007Charli and Tash | Behind the Scenes

    It was blowing a gale in Sydney today but the shoot team stayed warm and snug inside, we were rugged up with the lovely Tash who did a great set for us today. Tash is very easy going and it was a pleasure to work with her today.

  • Behind the scenes: Giselle checks out her shoot!

    Thu 05th Jul 2007Giselle checks out her shoot! | Behind the Scenes

    Abby promised me that I would never be shooting again...but here I am! I am now back working at AWHQ in a new and exciting role (mystery role!) but today allll the videographers were injured so I had the pleasure of shooting one of my fave models Julia B and Toby's buddy Giselle. They did a tops job, especially seeing as it was Julia's first real go and being with a girl, good work little lady! Orgasms all round and a fun day for all. I also hear a rumour Giselle has lined up another GG already...

  • Behind the scenes: Charli and Phoebie

    Wed 04th Jul 2007Charli and Phoebie | Behind the Scenes

    I can't express enough how cool Phoebie is. She is a British backpacker who loves to surf Australia's beautiful coastal beaches, and she has a thing for chillies. Hot, hot, hot! She is so tanned that I had to keep checking my white balance.

  • Wed 04th Jul 2007Krista & Sky | Behind the Scenes

    Krista did a fine job today. She came 3 times in this video. Patience was a great help again today. I am loving my trusty side kick! After cute Krista lathered herself in orgasms it was time to check out some backstage pictures over a yummy lunch.

  • Behind the scenes: Carlee, Monica and Nyree

    Tue 03rd Jul 2007Carlee, Monica and Nyree | Behind the Scenes

    I shot Monica outside today against an old wooden door. The white paint on the door was a nice contrast to Monica's dark skin, even though the paint flaked off on her bum a few times. Monica stood in the shade lit by flash head through a softbox while I stood a bit away (using Abby's 85mm lens) in the sun with a homemade lens hood to keep out the flare. The result was a soft, even light across Monica's body and good framing against the door. I'm quite happy with it, and so was Monica when I showed her the pics.

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