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  • Behind the scenes: Patience whoops ass!

    Fri 28th Sep 2007Patience whoops ass! | Behind the Scenes

    So sometimes it isn't just all work and no play around AWHQ! Abby brought us a ping pong table so we decided it was game on! Patience shows us here moves! But unfortunately she doesn't cut the mustard and Althea's team WON!!

  • Behind the scenes: Althea & Jilly

    Fri 28th Sep 2007Althea & Jilly | Behind the Scenes

    Jilly drops in to AWHQ after doing a steamy and very sensual double intimate moment. Cannot wait to see this one! It's always a good day for Althea when the earth goddess herself pops in for a visit! Check out Jilly's thread on the forums to see pics of her visit and drop her a line. You can even chat to me on the boards as well!

  • Behind the scenes: Petria

    Thu 27th Sep 2007Petria | Behind the Scenes

    The gorgeous and delectable Petria lights up our screens with some beautiful candid shots on the forums tonight. Make sure you drop by her thread to check out this gorgeous frolic in the garden!

  • Behind the scenes: Melinda

    Thu 27th Sep 2007Melinda | Behind the Scenes

    Check out Melinda's fine assests! Melinda shows off her tshirt and a little more on the forums this week. Now that her first Intimate moments are in the can with the lovely Cleo, we can look forward to the possibility of GG shoots with Melinda. You can check out the latest photos of Melinda or even chat with her on the forums!

  • Behind the scenes: Violet & Greta Take a Shower

    Thu 27th Sep 2007Violet & Greta Take a Shower | Behind the Scenes

    Oh my goodness!!! The shoot today was amazing! Even I was flinging my clothes off from the heat that these two were putting out! This may be Greta's last shoot with us for a while, she is off overseas for a working holiday, I'm going to miss her, its nice having another Perth girl here in Melbourne to stir things up! Violet really made Greta's last shoot a good one and although the room was tiny, I got some amazing pictures. We even got off to an interesting romantic beginning... Awww.

  • Behind the scenes: Melita & Violet

    Thu 27th Sep 2007Melita & Violet | Behind the Scenes

    Aww check these two out! Violet and Melita were posing for some pictures outside on the street for me, when Violet picked Melita up around her waist and swung her round and round! It was hilarious! Just thought you guys might dig a little up-to-the-minute catchup of everyday life here at AWHQ.

  • Behind the scenes: Carey, Bela and  Charli (in the background)

    Wed 26th Sep 2007Carey, Bela and Charli (in the background) | Behind the Scenes

    Today was all about the cute Carey. We were in a tiny little room at her place and we all got squashed in! Carey took it in her stride, flashed those baby blues at me and it all came together fantastically. I was hoping to shoot it all with daylight but I shot in the afternoon and there just wasn't enough of the sun left by then so I used my trusty flashpack.

  • Behind the scenes: Toby, Melita and Greta

    Wed 26th Sep 2007Toby, Melita and Greta | Behind the Scenes

    I think it's time for me to stop saying "I'm never shooting again!" cos it just ain't true. Was great to see lovely Greta today (she's one of my faves!) and of course she got to pop Melita's GG cherry with a hot scene on a leather couch...sweaty! Good work ladies!

  • Behind the scenes: Astrid and Bela

    Tue 25th Sep 2007Astrid and Bela | Behind the Scenes

    I am so excited to be back on a shoot again! Here in Sydney we've had a little break from shooting, but now we're back into action and loving it. Astrid was the perfect model for our first day back - smart, charismatic and beautiful. Long legs and a sexy, toned body are just a few of her assets. An absolute delight!

  • Behind the scenes: Violet Stops Traffic

    Tue 25th Sep 2007Violet Stops Traffic | Behind the Scenes

    Well what an afternoon, it seems we have been seeing a lot of Violet recently!

    Today she stopped by for some help with a special project. We had no shoots today so I was happy to help out, any excuse to yank out the camera, I'm there. She was hilarious! I was laughing she was laughing, everyone down the street was looking!

  • Behind the scenes: Melita, Violet & Patience

    Mon 24th Sep 2007Melita, Violet & Patience | Behind the Scenes

    There were no shoots at AWHQ today, so Violet provided some much needed stimulation when she dropped by the office. Violet has such an infectious laugh, so we cant help but join in, even when we don't know what she's laughing about.

  • Behind the scenes: Emmalee & Sahara

    Sun 23rd Sep 2007Emmalee & Sahara | Behind the Scenes

    Ahh Sahara, I'll miss you. Today was Sahara's last shoot, she has such a great attitude and did such a great job while she was here that it was sad to say goodbye. She went out with a bang though, doing such a good job. It was a good thing too, because after such a long week, I'm pretty spent. I lit with the video lights today, something that I haven't actually done before, but it was quite a nice effect that I'm sure I'll reuse. Thanks Sahara!!!

  • Behind the scenes: Carlee cleaning cameras

    Sat 22nd Sep 2007Carlee cleaning cameras | Behind the Scenes

    On days we're doing lots of shoots, and changing lenses, we need to clean the cameras sensors each evening. This is Carlee taking care of business late one night during a production meeting.

  • Behind the scenes: Cleo & Melinda

    Fri 21st Sep 2007Cleo & Melinda | Behind the Scenes

    The word on the street was that these two ladies had been flirting on the boards of late, so we here at Abby land decided to get them together for an intimate moments shoot. They got a long like old buddies and did really well today. It was a pleasure.

  • Thu 20th Sep 2007Julia B & Sahara | Behind the Scenes

    Today I shot my first T3. I thought the girls performance was very sensual and they both had good energy. Especially Julia B as she really knows what she is doing. The room was quite small and my hand got stressed from holding the camera steady for nearly an hour. It was nice to just focus on shooting rather than directing as well.

  • Wed 19th Sep 2007Claire M & Rosalind | Behind the Scenes

    Claire is a very bubbly and alive person and it was fun shooting her. It was her first time doing nude video and photography, and she handled it really well, got the jist quickly and had an enjoyable day. I found her to be very expressive and the process was good for her. All in all she was great!

  • Behind the scenes: Mandy M Sunbathes

    Tue 18th Sep 2007Mandy M Sunbathes | Behind the Scenes

    When I first saw the yard out the back I was very excited, its your perfectly typical Aussie backyard. Mandy was such a cutie, she brought some great clothes and we ended up shooting her out by the hills hoist (clothes line). The sun was blaring down and creating some pretty harsh shadows, so we set up a white sheet between two light stands to bounce in some fill light. It would have been perfect but the wind kept on blowing the stands over and I nearly got hit a few times by falling stands! Thanks to Mandy I didn't though, she kept on leaping over and grabbing them before they got my head! Great shoot, fantastic model!

  • Mon 17th Sep 2007Melita | Behind the Scenes

    Poor Melita slipped on a rock when we were shooting her yesterday, and hurt her wrist. We strapped it right away of course, and she bravely powered on, but this morning it was more painful and more sore, so we tok her to the hospital. We knew she was a trooper, but geeze, a fracture! She'll be on light duties for the next few weeks - we'll have to reschedule those T3's. :(

  • Behind the scenes: Got milk? (Anneke, Julietta, Sue Ann go shopping)

    Mon 17th Sep 2007Got milk? (Anneke, Julietta, Sue Ann go shopping) | Behind the Scenes

    What more can I say? Three babes in a supermarket!

  • Behind the scenes: Shooting a T2.9

    Sun 16th Sep 2007Shooting a T2.9 | Behind the Scenes

    We're working with some models who are learning how to shoot, as well as be in shoots - Sue Ann operating the video camera here, and of course that's Anneke attending to Jilly.

    Bonus points for identifying the person in the bikini holding the silver reflector board! You know her well!

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