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  • Mon 10th Sep 2007Tricha & Carlee | Behind the Scenes

    How many photographers does it take to change a lightbulb? I don't know, but it took two to do an awesome shoot in the parklands today. Toby battled the wind with the fleccy, keeping the light perfect on new model Tricha, and I shot from a distance with our awesome 85 mm lens. Three girls having fun in the sun. Love it.

  • Sun 09th Sep 2007Jacki & Petria | Behind the Scenes

    Here are Jacki and Petria, just hanging round the office. No funny business going on here!

  • Behind the scenes: Indiana & Carlee

    Sat 08th Sep 2007Indiana & Carlee | Behind the Scenes

    Patience and I were on our own yesterday shooting Indiana and everything went sooo smoothly. I got the lights up quickly and didn't have to move them once because it looked good on Indiana from every angle. Then we ate lunch (spuds!) and Patience knocked out the video in under two hours. As Abby says, a quick shoot is a good shoot.

  • Behind the scenes: Phoenix & Sahara

    Fri 07th Sep 2007Phoenix & Sahara | Behind the Scenes

    This shoot looks divine with the beautiful light coming through the big windows and the hot ladies rolling around on a plush rug. Sahara and Phoenix set the shoot a light with their sexy hot moves. In the video they really let them selves go. great day

  • Behind the scenes: Violet, Petria and the Leech

    Thu 06th Sep 2007Violet, Petria and the Leech | Behind the Scenes

    Here's a great shot of The very brave Violet letting a leech suck some blood from her elbow (dont worry, she is ok), and the curious Petria trying to pry it off.

  • Behind the scenes: Phoenix & Jamie-Lee

    Tue 04th Sep 2007Phoenix & Jamie-Lee | Behind the Scenes

    The return of Phoenix!!! Its so great to see her back! These two did a fantastic job today, really great! They got into some interesting positions simply because Phoenix is so damn flexible. I usually try to keep my input out of Tier 3's... The girls do such a good job on their own, but today I couldn't help adding a (little) input, I just wanted to try all these positions that less flexible girls cant get into. We did them, they were great to shoot! and then we took a big break for some great chicken wraps... mmm.

  • Behind the scenes: Sahara & Sky

    Mon 03rd Sep 2007Sahara & Sky | Behind the Scenes

    well my day started off with a hop and a jump over a wall!! We had accidentally locked ourselves out of the beautiful house we shot in today. So I tackled the wall and got some exercise in before an interesting shoot. Sahara spoke about her views on sexuality and then thrilled us with a few squirting does she do!

  • Sun 02nd Sep 2007Fotina in the Shower | Behind the Scenes

    Here's another pic from the Tier 3 on Friday... It's not every girl who can pull off a shower cap!!!

  • Sat 01st Sep 2007Melita & Marigold | Behind the Scenes

    Aww look at these two... This is the kind of riff raff that wanders into AWHQ during the week!

  • Behind the scenes: Toby & Fotina

    Fri 31st Aug 2007Toby & Fotina | Behind the Scenes

    I had a very solid idea all sorted for this shoot, but I wasn't sure we were going to be able to make it work until shortly after we got to the house and the clouds rolled in. Fotina hid behind the curtain and looked like a bit of a ghost while Julia B crept up from behind. The girls looked amazing, and for Fotina's frist job at a T3 she was incredible. Charli and Kiya were watching from the sidelines. Charli is yet to shoot a T3, so I really hope she enjoyed seeing me do one!

  • Behind the scenes: Charli & Sahara

    Thu 30th Aug 2007Charli & Sahara | Behind the Scenes

    Wow I am down in Melbourne at the moment with Kiya doing some training with the team down here, it's been so inspiring to spend time with Toby and Carlee the stills photographer's. We all went outside down to the River and did some training shoots with silver reflectors, it was my first time shooting outside for Abby and everyone was awesome including the gorgeous Sahara who bravely modelled for us all. Thanks Sahra you sweetpea.

  • Behind the scenes: Team Bellydance

    Wed 29th Aug 2007Team Bellydance | Behind the Scenes

    Here's some more from yesterdays massive shoot! Geez, belly dancing is exhausting! I worked up a sweat and I didn't even have to dance. Today's eight-girl belly dancing shoot has been in the works for months and it came off beautifully. I was really impressed by how well everyone danced, how good the lighting was, and how fantastic the set looked. The photos rock and I can't wait to see the video. Fotina, Maddy, Monica J, Dominica, Julietta, Brany, Janel and Sahara were all awesome!

  • Behind the scenes: Amelie and Charli

    Wed 29th Aug 2007Amelie and Charli | Behind the Scenes

    What great weather we had today. It was warm and sunny, a perfect day to get naked...and our lovely Amelie did just that! Sweet, shy and incredibly sexy, Amelie was a pleasure to work with.

  • Behind the scenes: Carlee, Brandy & Maddy

    Tue 28th Aug 2007Carlee, Brandy & Maddy | Behind the Scenes

    Wow it finally happened i have put so much time and energy into getting this one up and happening! And turned out so well with so much help from the whole team and the wonderful belly dancing ladies. The wonderful Fotina was a leading lady with the other dancing beauties - Monica J, Janel, Brandy, Maddy, Dominica, Julietta and Sahara. It was lit so beautifully coated all over their lush bodies. Great job every body!!:)

  • Behind the scenes: Patience  & Indiana

    Mon 27th Aug 2007Patience & Indiana | Behind the Scenes

    Today all went a little too smoothly, I was waiting for something to stuff up but it didn't. Carlee and I were running the show and Indiana was a great Abby model. I want to tell more but I don't want to give away too much. I can say that insertion shoots raise the intensity, I was sweating and my pulse was speeding like a crazy person.

  • Sun 26th Aug 2007The Team | Behind the Scenes

    Here is a shot I snapped during the week, in the late hours of the day, when we are still all in the office, working hard to bring you what you want! From the left, Sky, Penny, Carlee, Prue, Patience and Althea

  • Behind the scenes: Bela & Bianca T

    Sat 25th Aug 2007Bela & Bianca T | Behind the Scenes

    Bianca is a little angel. She is hot, fun and a joy to shoot. A backpacker visiting Australia, Bianca has the sexiest combination of French and German accents that makes you laugh at her pronunciation. Today was a great day at abbywinters.

  • Behind the scenes: Patience in Strife!

    Sat 25th Aug 2007Patience in Strife! | Behind the Scenes

    Here's a great shot by Carlee of Patience having a bit of a struggle with the video camera!

  • Fri 24th Aug 2007Nessa and Charli | Behind the Scenes

    I had some lighting challenges today while lighting Nessa, the tall pale-skinned redhead. We were in a tiny room together and it was tricky to light her pale, beautiful skin and not have it overexposed. She was an absolute charmer while I fiddled around with gear and got it sorted out. Thanks Nessa, you are a champion.

  • Behind the scenes: Em and Jamie-Lee in the Shower

    Fri 24th Aug 2007Em and Jamie-Lee in the Shower | Behind the Scenes

    A bit of a rushed start to this shoot, But when we we got everything set up, things seemed to flow quite a bit easier. Today was possibly Em's last shoot for a while, so we wanted to make it a good one! Jamie-lee wore her fave pair of shorts again, being a traveler we had to double up this time, you might recognize them for one her her other shoots!! They are such a great green. The shoot went well, The lighting was a tricky one, but in the end I think it came together quite well.

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