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  • Behind the scenes: Gemma K, MIlly the Horse & Toby

    Tue 14th Aug 2007Gemma K, MIlly the Horse & Toby | Behind the Scenes

    After today I think I might just move out to the country! Although some technical issues held us back somewhat, Gemma did an awesome shoot with Sky's horse Milly. Gemma is great, and I would have loved to shoot her some more, but it was getting late and we had to head home... we drove an hour and a half out today to get this shoot and risked life and limb! so I really hope Abby digs it! Girls love horses right!? so theres two backstage pics from today!

  • Tue 14th Aug 2007Sky & Gemma K and Milly the Horse | Behind the Scenes

    Gemma K did a really fun shoot with Toby today and since I was the shoot manager today, I got to watch the whole thing. Gemma came straight from horseback riding lessons to the shoot, which was on a paddock waaay out in the boondocks. Toby shot Gemma riding a horse, and even though the horse wasn't cooperative the whole time, the shoot looked great. Fun model for a fun shoot.

  • Behind the scenes: Charli and Ariane

    Tue 14th Aug 2007Charli and Ariane | Behind the Scenes

    Artist Ariane kept us all entertained today with a very raunchy and yet somehow still sweet (butter wouldn't melt) shoot. Baby blue eyes, beautiful milky skin and she is a very talented artist, watch out for the video and stills sets of this beauty.

  • Mon 13th Aug 2007Kara-Lee & the camera | Behind the Scenes

    Kara-Lee was eager to begin her shoot as she was quiet excited though you never would of known because she is so peaceful and quiet. We did a great shoot with her on a cream couch.

  • Sun 12th Aug 2007Secret Project | Behind the Scenes

    Here's the lovely Petria's bum.

  • Sun 12th Aug 2007Secret Project | Behind the Scenes

    Chloe B, Julietta and Petria. Wooo, secret!

  • Behind the scenes: Secret Project...

    Sat 11th Aug 2007Secret Project... | Behind the Scenes

    ...and another pic.

  • Behind the scenes: Secret Project...

    Sat 11th Aug 2007Secret Project... | Behind the Scenes

    Well here's a bit of a sneak preview of our Secret Project from during the week, I'll post a few more pics over the weekend!

  • Behind the scenes: Toby, Jemima and Emmalee

    Fri 10th Aug 2007Toby, Jemima and Emmalee | Behind the Scenes

    Wind swept and feeling good! We did a shoot with Jemima today, down on the beach. She was up for the adventure and did a quick nudie run in the freezing wind! I nearly lost the wind-sock a few times too. The shoot looked great and I think the results will be well worth it. She looked as stunning as ever... and now she's heading OS! All the best Jemima. Its been awesome working with you.

  • Behind the scenes: Jade L and Charli

    Wed 08th Aug 2007Jade L and Charli | Behind the Scenes

    Today we shot a lotion video of spunky Jade. We shot in her lounge room, where she had this huge plant beside her couch that I just had to use! So I pumped up an Arri 300 as my backlight through the plant, which cast lots a funky shadows on Jade's divine body.

  • Behind the scenes: Jemima & Emmalee

    Wed 08th Aug 2007Jemima & Emmalee | Behind the Scenes

    Jemima is a trooper! We did a lotion shoot today and even though she was feeling unwell, with a cold, she pushed through and willingly gave us her best. Such an awesome body and a really sexy woman. Nice to work with her again in lush Abby style.

  • Behind the scenes: Krystelle and Bela

    Tue 07th Aug 2007Krystelle and Bela | Behind the Scenes

    We had a fun day with Krystelle today who is just a sweetie. She is from Queensland, has piercing blue eyes and a divine body...very tanned and very fit! It's her first shoot with us and she did a superb job.

  • Behind the scenes: Carlee & Sue-Ann

    Tue 07th Aug 2007Carlee & Sue-Ann | Behind the Scenes

    Sue-Ann has just been added to my list of favorite models to shoot. Not only was she willing to climb barefoot up and down a metal frame for me, but she did it over a gaping hole in the floor so I could shine a light up from below. The shoot looks beautiful and could only have been done with such a willing and fantastic model. I knew the shoot had gone well when Sue-Ann licked my cheek for a photo afterwards.

  • Behind the scenes: Asha and Bela

    Mon 06th Aug 2007Asha and Bela | Behind the Scenes

    Charli: We shot Asha today. She and I have stacks in common! We went to the same university and she is right into photography as well. We had some gorgeous sunlight streaming through a window, which made Asha look (even more) sublime. A brilliant shoot.

  • Sat 04th Aug 2007Mandie and Charli | Behind the Scenes

    I had an interesting problem today shooting Mandie, she is 5"11, I was having difficulty trying to fit her in the frame. This gorgeous Canadian was shy to start off with but warmed up and we had an awesome day.

  • Fri 03rd Aug 2007Sky & Maddy | Behind the Scenes

    What a smooth Friday!! Everything went according to plan. I just love it when that happens!! Two fabulous models and a very unique location. It was so great working with Maddy again. This is her third solo shoot for Abby because we just love her!! Maddy has a lot of fans around the office and I myself am one of them. This is the second time I have shot Maddy and both times it has been an absolute pleasure! Every angle, every second of the video this girl looks fine. She inspires me to do great work which to me is the best! Especially when I have a Friday brain freeze. The results are always awesome with Maddy, stills and video. She is great to direct, a lovely person and so hot and this lady just knows how to be subtley sexy.

  • Behind the scenes: Talie and Charli

    Fri 03rd Aug 2007Talie and Charli | Behind the Scenes

    We had an unbelievable day with Talie - she is so much fun! Talie just keeps on smiling and laughing, her energy was high all day. She is a great model to have out on a shoot with us (and she is DROP DEAD gorgeous!!).

  • Thu 02nd Aug 2007Carlee & Julietta | Behind the Scenes

    Julietta and I spent the day lounging around, chatting about bands and boys and boobs. Actually, Julietta did most of the lounging. And most of the chatting. I just photographed her hanging out in a big red chair. She kept getting distracted by the wall of CDs behind her, telling me about her favorite bands. I had to keep reminding her to smile at the camera, not at the CDs. She looked beautiful anyway, of course.

  • Behind the scenes: Emelie, Toby and Jemima

    Wed 01st Aug 2007Emelie, Toby and Jemima | Behind the Scenes

    Wow! What an Amazing day. I think today's shoot was the best I have ever done at Abby Winters. It just went so smoothly. Abby even helped me get a flashhead mounted on a big boom stand about 2 and half meters off the ground, that was an effort and a half! We had 6 flash heads set up in total, we had to hire extra lights and packs! But it was totally worth it, Jemima is incredible, and her talents really made the shoot. Emelie and I were so tired after the shoot, but nothing compared to Jemima. She jumped into the shower right after the shoot, and then had to run off to teach a dance class... if all goes to plan, we may see a bit more of Jemima!!!

  • Tue 31st Jul 2007Bela, Ceecee and Charli | Behind the Scenes

    Today we shot the video newsletter! I got to take the backseat and just assist, hold reflectors, microphones, carry gear and keep an eye out for roaming hikers. Ceecee is fantastic as our host, eloquent and saucy.

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