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  • Behind the scenes: Is Mayla wearing her undies on the Outside?!

    Fri 15th Feb 2008Is Mayla wearing her undies on the Outside?! | Behind the Scenes

    Mayla had a great time goofing around in the downtime of her Double IM... She's such a sweety pie and I'm sure her Double IM with Juanita is going to be delicious!

  • Behind the scenes: Juanita and Mayla dressing.

    Fri 15th Feb 2008Juanita and Mayla dressing. | Behind the Scenes

    These two lovelies love being out of their clothes more than being in them! Luckily for members!

  • Behind the scenes: Noelle, Chandel & Toby

    Fri 15th Feb 2008Noelle, Chandel & Toby | Behind the Scenes

    Someone is happy to be shooting sexy ladies today!

  • Behind the scenes: Emmalee and the Jelly Wrestlers!

    Fri 15th Feb 2008Emmalee and the Jelly Wrestlers! | Behind the Scenes

    We had a MASSIVE day today! A bunch of us went and shot the epic Jelly Wrestling Girls shoot, and it was everything we expected and more. Everyone worked so hard and we got some fantastic shots. The girls weren't being gentle either they were really going for it! We were impressed and I'm sure you guys will be too!

  • Behind the scenes: Chandel shows about safety first!

    Fri 15th Feb 2008Chandel shows about safety first! | Behind the Scenes

    Because we are a very professional bunch here at AWHQ we always take a first aid kit out on shoots to ensure to safety and wellbeing of our sexy models, as you can see.

  • Behind the scenes: Toby with new model Noelle

    Fri 15th Feb 2008Toby with new model Noelle | Behind the Scenes

    We all know I love redheads and Noelle was no exception let me tell you! It was a wonderful day, with Toby and Chandel.

  • Behind the scenes: Olay drinking tea just before her IM

    Thu 14th Feb 2008Olay drinking tea just before her IM | Behind the Scenes

    I had a short and sweet day with Olay shooting Intimate Moments. She is wonderful and so sweet! I also have to mention that she has great orgasms!

  • Behind the scenes: Submissive Patience

    Thu 14th Feb 2008Submissive Patience | Behind the Scenes

    Now now now....i know it looks like I am having my with Patience (hmmm maybe just a little) but if you look very closely at her eyes you can see that she's LOVING IT!! And my stockings...well I can tell you that by the end of the day they weren't so "in tact". Mmmmm...

  • Behind the scenes: Wet willy

    Thu 14th Feb 2008Wet willy | Behind the Scenes

    Awwww Patience! Get out of it! Toby looks far from impressed by the near approaching tongue of Patience. We are a very close bunch here at AWHQ, however ear licking seems not on Toby's agenda this day.

  • Behind the scenes: Charli stretching towards Isla to get the shot

    Wed 13th Feb 2008Charli stretching towards Isla to get the shot | Behind the Scenes

    Another shot from yesterday I thought you might enjoy. As usual I am rolling around in the dirt whilst stunning Isla looks cool, calm and sexy.

  • Behind the scenes: Lucky Patience...

    Wed 13th Feb 2008Lucky Patience... | Behind the Scenes

    Patience gets molested by guess who? Somehow I don't think she really minds.

  • Behind the scenes: Brandy gets cheeky!

    Tue 12th Feb 2008Brandy gets cheeky! | Behind the Scenes

    Spunky Brandy lets us know exactly how she likes it...OOh naughty!

  • Behind the scenes: Sue-Ann & Kristal enjoy the sunset

    Tue 12th Feb 2008Sue-Ann & Kristal enjoy the sunset | Behind the Scenes

    What a stunning afternoon! Yesterday we headed out to a farm for a late afternoon shoot, the views and light were amazing. I was shooting Kristal on the porch, the light was a bit touch-and-go because of cloud cover. At one point, there was a break in the clouds and this beautiful orange light streamed in. Sue-Ann was standing by assisting me, so I asked her to jump in and in the few seconds we had before it clouded over again, we got this lovely shot!

  • Behind the scenes: Bella taking a close-up of Isla's breasts

    Tue 12th Feb 2008Bella taking a close-up of Isla's breasts | Behind the Scenes

    Isla, Charli and I had a great day out in the Aussie bush. Isla was so wonderful to work with. She is so cute that I wanted to keep her in my pocket!

  • Behind the scenes: Oooohhh Belladonna!

    Mon 11th Feb 2008Oooohhh Belladonna! | Behind the Scenes

    Well there's not much need for explaining here! It's as simple as...WE LOVE BELLADONNA! This gorgeous lady was such a sweetie to hang out with us in Vegas. As you can see we were all verrrrry thankful of her time.

  • Behind the scenes: Toby's boo boo!

    Mon 11th Feb 2008Toby's boo boo! | Behind the Scenes

    Awwww....poor little muppet Toby had a spill on her bike on the way to work this morning! I thought it was only right that "team stills" stick together during such a tragedy, so i put my nurse's hat on and jumped to Toby's aid! She's all patched up and feeling much better. (I'm guessing that teeny weeny near invisible scratch on her hand shouldn't be fatal..hehe)

  • Behind the scenes: Mareesha lighting up the world with her smile

    Sun 10th Feb 2008Mareesha lighting up the world with her smile | Behind the Scenes

    Mareesha is so gorgeous we thought you could have another sneak peek.

  • Behind the scenes: Sneaky peek through the view finder!

    Sat 09th Feb 2008Sneaky peek through the view finder! | Behind the Scenes

    Am i seeing double? No's just the gorgeous Luca in Patience's viewfinder. This sweetie got in touch with the outdoors in this old greenhouse. By the looks of things though, I'm not sure that much gardening got done!

  • Behind the scenes: Charli shooting Anessa in the great outdoors

    Sat 09th Feb 2008Charli shooting Anessa in the great outdoors | Behind the Scenes

    We shot today in beautiful Sydney bushland. Anessa came back for her second solo shoot. She is such a happy, sweet person and a complete sexbomb! It was so fantastic to work with her today. Thanks Anessa, you are the best!

  • Behind the scenes: Jacki and Violet share Melita's special day.

    Sat 09th Feb 2008Jacki and Violet share Melita's special day. | Behind the Scenes

    There's a question to be asked of these three beauties at Melita's Wedding. Who's going next? (ooops, this should have been let through several weeks ago, sorry!)

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