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  • Behind the scenes: Look mum, it's an ash tray!

    Fri 14th Mar 2008Look mum, it's an ash tray! | Behind the Scenes

    Set amongst kilns, clay and pottery wheels Sue, Caitlyn and Annalisa take a quick break from shooting as Toby offers encouragement for a job really well done! What a great shoot. I love Abby.. Ditto..

  • Behind the scenes: Toby and Noelle

    Fri 14th Mar 2008Toby and Noelle | Behind the Scenes

    Ah hows the serenity? It was hot, we drove for ages, we walked for ages and eventually found the perfect spot for my personal fave Noelle. Here is Toby working her magic.

  • Behind the scenes: Bath Time!

    Fri 14th Mar 2008Bath Time! | Behind the Scenes

    Well, here it is, minimalist living as good as it gets. This week we visited a friend's weekend property in the Aussie bush. There's a caravan, an outdoor bath, solar power, Toby, Indiana, and a surprise friend who joins in for an awesome Tier 3. Our shooters and models at their very, very best; watch out for this one!

  • Thu 13th Mar 2008A quick plunge down under! | Behind the Scenes

    This is the lovely Immie and equally divine Toby emerging after cooling off in the icy waters of the Southern Ocean. The warm summer months have given us the chance to shoot in some amazing places of late; beautiful natural girls in some of Australia's best landscapes. Wait for this set everybody, you're going to need an icy plunge too!

  • Behind the scenes: Sun smart

    Thu 13th Mar 2008Sun smart | Behind the Scenes

    Janina was a clever gal popping on her sun hat for her first time shoot today. The weather was crazy hot and standing in front of a reflector board would have made it even hotter. She was a trooper all day!

  • Behind the scenes: Sexy lingerie shoot!!

    Wed 12th Mar 2008Sexy lingerie shoot!! | Behind the Scenes

    What do you get when you have a blonde, brunette, and a redhead dressing each other in sexy lingerie? Our very first Girl-Girl shoot here in Sydney! Wow, what a day. Hope to have many more like this coming up!

  • Behind the scenes: Angie is a little confused!

    Wed 12th Mar 2008Angie is a little confused! | Behind the Scenes

    Beautiful Angie was at AWHQ today with a huge selection of her Bras! But Angie, they look so much better on your boobs than they do on your head!

  • Behind the scenes: Stretch and bend it!

    Wed 12th Mar 2008Stretch and bend it! | Behind the Scenes

    Today was my first stint at shooting guerrilla stills. Gets your heart racing when your shooting such exposed nudity. Julia B was so chilled about it all. That's what I like to see...a girl who doesn't mind rolling around in the grass and doing naughties in the park!

  • Behind the scenes: Karate kid!

    Wed 12th Mar 2008Karate kid! | Behind the Scenes

    Ah, the lovely Julietta was at AWHQ playing the host next week's video newsletter. She looks too cute to be dangerous in this ninja getup. Keep an eye out for her running through alleyways and showing us her karate styles in a few weeks.

  • Behind the scenes: Brittany and Jenessa!

    Tue 11th Mar 2008Brittany and Jenessa! | Behind the Scenes

    Brittany and Janessa became good friends today while shooting one of our special Intimate Moments. They are awesome girls who know how to keep on coming and coming...

  • Behind the scenes: Indiana and Angie playing pool?

    Tue 11th Mar 2008Indiana and Angie playing pool? | Behind the Scenes

    Toby makes sure she is on the right track, while Indiana and Angie continue making sweet sweet love. At one point during the video Angie got so excited she grabbed my leg (and I almost fell off the table, because she scared the life out of me). I will never look at pool tables the same again.

  • Behind the scenes: Odette Boop!

    Sun 09th Mar 2008Odette Boop! | Behind the Scenes

    This sexy buxom beauty was like a cross between Betty Boop and a 60's pin up. Her incredible puppy dog eyes and little pout really does steal your gaze. Was really beautiful having the sunset as a backdrop and having her get naked in nature.

  • Behind the scenes: Carpet party!

    Sat 08th Mar 2008Carpet party! | Behind the Scenes

    Patience looking a little chuffed to be this close to the action. It's a shame this is just a girl-girl shoot and not a girl-girl-girl shoot! I think these girls could help make an awesome Patience sandwich!

  • Behind the scenes: Practise

    Fri 07th Mar 2008Practise | Behind the Scenes

    These ladies were keen as mustard! The shoot hadn't even started and the gorgeous dark skinned beauties were already lips on lips. Kiki and Shee-ra were inseparable the whole day so you can imagine how hot the girl-girl shoot was.

  • Behind the scenes: Kiki and Shee-Ra post sex

    Fri 07th Mar 2008Kiki and Shee-Ra post sex | Behind the Scenes

    Not sure what Kiki is doing here, and Shee-Ra looks exhausted which is a good sign considering they just had an awesome sex session!

  • Behind the scenes: A night's gathering

    Fri 07th Mar 2008A night's gathering | Behind the Scenes

    We had a beautiful gathering of models here in Sydney. It was a night full of pizza, champagne and a whole lot of dirty talk.

  • Behind the scenes: Sue ann and Pattie get cosy

    Thu 06th Mar 2008Sue ann and Pattie get cosy | Behind the Scenes

    Another big day today. We shot spunky new model Pattie (featured here with Sue-Ann) plus a Girl Girl with Kiki and Shee Ra

  • Behind the scenes: Truckstop hick!

    Wed 05th Mar 2008Truckstop hick! | Behind the Scenes

    On the way back from a farm shoot yesterday, we thought we'd better fuel up. Little did i realise i looked more like a truck stop worker than the customer! Ha...ah well i guess i just know how to dress to suit my environment. Ha!

  • Behind the scenes: Emmalee and Emm

    Wed 05th Mar 2008Emmalee and Emm | Behind the Scenes

    Hows the serenity? Emmalee shoots goddess Emm on a porch.

  • Behind the scenes: Jelena and Bela shooting a video

    Wed 05th Mar 2008Jelena and Bela shooting a video | Behind the Scenes

    We spent a great day by the beach shooting Jelena. She has wonderful big breasts and lots of freckles. We were shooting in a really tight spot but it looks amazing. We also had an unexpected visit from a cheeky Magpie who stole our bag of tissues.

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