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  • Behind the scenes: Fist Girl Girl shoot for Jada

    Thu 04th Sep 2014Fist Girl Girl shoot for Jada | Behind the Scenes

    Jada is super excited her just before her first Girl Girl Sex shoot...and can you see who her partner was? The shoot ended up being mind blowing!

  • Wed 03rd Sep 2014First Girl Girl shoot ever for... | Behind the Scenes

    Just before the shoot started Jada was super excited...the shoot it self..was mind blowing!

  • Behind the scenes: Sexy Shooter

    Tue 02nd Sep 2014Sexy Shooter | Behind the Scenes

    While our models are doing their before video before their Girl Girl shoot, Masie and I are waiting in the kitchen playing with the cat at the location. As you can see Masie knows very well all the sexy positions our models go through many times :)

  • Behind the scenes: Sexy Connections

    Sun 31st Aug 2014Sexy Connections | Behind the Scenes

    lovely models having a great connection, lot's of passion and beautiful kissing...Enjoy your Sunday

  • Behind the scenes: Covered by only one towel

    Sat 30th Aug 2014Covered by only one towel | Behind the Scenes

    Just after their shower before they started their video, they were excited. 

  • Behind the scenes: Sexy ladies

    Fri 29th Aug 2014Sexy ladies | Behind the Scenes

    Look at this two beautiful ladies! This picture is taken half way there amazing sex experiance :)

  • Behind the scenes: Girls Girls Girls

    Thu 28th Aug 2014Girls Girls Girls | Behind the Scenes

    Today we shot a Girl Girl shoot of Yara and Kenji. They have impressed us a lot and made us very happy! I am sure some of you will love to see what this two models have been up to.. Let me give you a hint:  models + feet + sex ;)

  • Behind the scenes:  Mastrubating Kenji

    Wed 27th Aug 2014 Mastrubating Kenji | Behind the Scenes

    Our beautiful model made out day again, lovely to have around and sooo beautiful!! What do you think what makes Kenji so pretty?

  • Behind the scenes: Shooter in action

    Wed 27th Aug 2014Shooter in action | Behind the Scenes

    Today I was a happy shooter..guess where the camera was pointing at... :)

  • Behind the scenes: Delightful!

    Tue 26th Aug 2014Delightful! | Behind the Scenes

    I can not decide what I like best about today's backstage snap - the cheeky look on her face or the curve of her spine, that some how is screaming out to be licked!

  • Behind the scenes: Surprise It's Monday!

    Mon 25th Aug 2014Surprise It's Monday! | Behind the Scenes

    What a great way to start the week - I challenge anyone to look at this image and not smile!

  • Behind the scenes: Enjoy your Sunday

    Sun 24th Aug 2014Enjoy your Sunday | Behind the Scenes

    Shooters in between 4 nude models after a day of shooting with a toy of Sabrina, lot's of kissing, touching, smiling, hugging and orgasms! Thanks you Sabrina!

  • Behind the scenes: What happened next

    Sat 23rd Aug 2014What happened next | Behind the Scenes

    A toy that Sabrina gave to us has been used in the set...and not only by two all 4! :) :)

  • Behind the scenes: 4 Models to be shot today

    Fri 22nd Aug 20144 Models to be shot today | Behind the Scenes

    Today was an exciting day, we had 4 lovely models on set, 2 pairings for a Girl Girl shoot. Guess what happened next? 

  • Behind the scenes: Lady Fingers!

    Thu 21st Aug 2014Lady Fingers! | Behind the Scenes

    Gretchen, Yara and Me - if you like bras, breast, glasses and extremely intense orgasms I suggest keeping an eye out for this shoot !

  • Behind the scenes: Happy Shooter

    Wed 20th Aug 2014Happy Shooter | Behind the Scenes

    Masie is having a lovely time having lunch in between stills and video. But something is wrung...where is the chocolate?

  • Behind the scenes: Selecting Clothes

    Tue 19th Aug 2014Selecting Clothes | Behind the Scenes

    Models bring lot's and lot's of clothes to the shoot and together we make a selection for the shoot. which bra would you pic from this selection?

  • Behind the scenes: Waiting for the rain

    Mon 18th Aug 2014Waiting for the rain | Behind the Scenes

    While the rest of the country was out looking for sunshine we headed out with umbrellas in search of rain!

  • Behind the scenes: Hello

    Sun 17th Aug 2014Hello | Behind the Scenes

    Glasses, wonderful smile and a lovely bum, we are proud of our new models :) Soon her shoot will be released on the website. Any idea what she will be doing in her shoot?

  • Behind the scenes: New Model's Bum in shot

    Sat 16th Aug 2014New Model's Bum in shot | Behind the Scenes

    A new model and here you can see her bum...she is super lovely and has an amazing body! Wane see more?

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