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  • 2014 In Review: July 2014
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    Tue 30th Dec 20142014 In Review: July 2014 | News

    Roos climbed up into a tree and proudly let her pee rain down on the grass bellow!

    Equally happy in their actions, Roxanne M bared her impressive L cup breasts to Twyla in their intimate moment shoot, Iva bared her body nude on camera for the very first time and Charlotte E took us on an after dark bath time adventure.

  • Image of Behind the scenes  raunchy all girl fun
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    Mon 29th Dec 2014Backstage 455 (Stills) | Behind the scenes

    "Firey!" Masie says about Carmina & Uma J's lesbian sex shoot. The backstage lens captures wholesome and sexy models being silly while nude or in their panties. This behind the scenes image set features Gloria, Tallulah, Sicilia and 5 more models. 

  • Video capture of Nude Girls  camel toe
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    Mon 29th Dec 2014Nude girl: Catherine B (Video) | Solo

    Catherine's big eyes stare out from behind her glasses as her fingers tease down the straps of her laced under top, the delicate fabric which holds her ripe young breasts all day, now barley hiding them from view. The white bows sit over her nipples, the pink areola just visible behind them and the spill of her pert breasts leaking from the bottom. 

    "This is as cool as I am!" Catherine's legs slowly open allowing us to gaze at her tight shorts, the fabric pulled up into the warmth of her crotch in a light camel toe. Hugging her knees to her chest, Catherine reveals even more of her crotch, the tiny hole at the center of the worn fabric, the spill of pubic hair to the sides. Standing up, she shows off her flexibility, raising her leg high over her head while holding her foot. The fabric of Catherine's shorts drive ever deeper up around her crotch till the outline of her labia is clearly visible beneath her tight clothing.

  • 2014 In Review: June 2014
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    Mon 29th Dec 20142014 In Review: June 2014 | News

    Blanca and Gala had possibly the best language lesson going in their bilingual girl girl shoot!

    Iskra got intimate with herself and a large mirror in her intimate moment shoot and Tahlia J nibbled on Bisera’s breasts when they were paired together for their intimate moment.

    Finally Flora hung from the roof beams while Thais eagerly licked into her from bellow in an explosive first girl-girl appearance for Flora.

  • Image of Nude Girls  camel toe
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    Sun 28th Dec 2014Nude girl: Catherine B (Stills) | Solo

    Peeking suggestively through her glasses, Catherine starts to slowly pull down her bra, her small dark nipples peeking out of the top of the material.

    Revealing her pert breasts, she smiles gripping them, filling herself with the urge to expose more of herself. Slipping out of all her clothes, she stands tall on her long legs, all of her slender body and full bush visible. 

  • 2014 In Review: May 2014
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    Sun 28th Dec 20142014 In Review: May 2014 | News

    That bathroom shoot – Gloria and Sicilia and that huge bath were the cherry on top of a very good May shaped cake!

    We also met Demi and her amazing bottom, Jada came to play for the first time and Logan undressed her slender body in the Australian sunshine.  

    Lets not forget our visitors from across the Atlantic, Mila and Dannah paired up with Thais and Uma J for two passionate sexual girl girl encounters.

  • Video capture of Girl Girl  rimming
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    Sat 27th Dec 2014Lesbian sex: Anjali & Flora (Video) | Girl-Girl

    "It's like a conversation between our bodies!" Flora eagerly laps into Anjali's neat anus, her tongue swirling around her most sensitive areas before slipping back down to her excited labia. Gently, Flora slides her finger deep into the vagina of a moaning Anjali, putting her tongue back on her sensitive anus to bring her to orgasm in doggy position, with both vaginal and anal pleasure. 

    "I felt very wet afterwards." Lying together on the bed, Anjali and Flora's breasts are both visible downblouse, Flora's pert bosom swelling out of her top. As they play their game, their eyes both dart constantly to each other's faces and soon their lips are dancing tantalizingly close to each other, each woman anticipating that first magical kiss. Wriggling down Flora's body, Anjali pulls her clothing aside so she can access her beautiful breasts with her mouth, eagerly licking and sucking. Dropping lower still, Anjali locks her mouth around Flora's vulva, giving full mouth slurping oral sex. Flora opens up her labia so her pink clit pops out and Anjali sucks expertly on it while inserting her fingers till Flora is lost in her pleasure, her hand grasping at the wall.

  • 2014 In Review: April 2014
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    Sat 27th Dec 20142014 In Review: April 2014 | News

    Was the month of the return solo with, Immie, Alyssa R and Claudia S all returning to shine again in intimate solo shoots.

    April also brought us one of my all time favorite double intimate moment shoots when Marietta shared her yoga skills with Rosa M in an incredibly intimate private lesson!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  finger insertions
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    Fri 26th Dec 2014Video masturbation: Nela | Intimate Moments

    Using her hand mirror, Nela watches her finger sliding over her moist vulva. Opening up her full bush, her finger teases around her clit and vulva, before sliding deep inside herself, to intensify herself created pleasure. 

    Leaning back in her chair, Nela shuts out the bustle of the city to unwind. Her hands reach up to rub the daily strains from her shoulders, her fingers opening the straps of her dress from behind her neck and letting them fall. Easing off her shoes, Nela flashes her bright pink knickers momentarily between her legs, her hands continuing to run over smooth, now relaxed skin. Gently, her hands explore her exposed chest, her red finger nails gently teasing over her sensitive nipples.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls  small breasts
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    Fri 26th Dec 2014Nude girl: Caisa (Video) | Solo

    "I'm very sensitive." Pressing her toy to her clitoris, Caisa leans back, the muscles in her body involuntarily dancing below her skin as she writhes on the table. The vibrations of her toy run up through her labia making her intimate lips visibly tremor, the waves of electricity running right the way up into her pubic hair.

    "My bum is probably my favorite part of my body!" Crawling across the table, the late afternoon sun streaming through onto her skin, Caisa's firm buttocks wiggle around in green pantyhose. Her knickers are visible through the thin fabric, buried between the warmth of her peachy bum cheeks. Standing, Caisa peals down her tights so we can admire the heart shape of her perfect ass. Back on the table she leans forwards with an inviting smile on her face, so we can also take in her neat pink labia as they peep out between her fingers. "My favorite sex position would definitely be doggy!"

  • Peace & Love
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    Fri 26th Dec 2014Peace & Love | News

    Boxing day... Hope you all had a sweet Christmas, eat lot's of food. Now we're preparing our self for the new year. xx

  • Image of Girl Girl  rimming
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    Thu 25th Dec 2014Lesbian sex: Anjali & Flora (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Bending over on all fours, Anjali spreads her pert bum, inviting Flora's tongue to delve deep into her open, wet vulva.

    Pressing deeper inside her, Flora looks over Anjali's back to see her mouth gasp open with the pleasure. Both naked, they press their slender, feminine bodies against one another. Anjali revels in Flora's beautiful pert breasts as she grips onto them. Pleasuring each other in a multitude of positions, they hold each other close to feel their partner orgasm

  • Video capture of Girls and Their Boys  creampie
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    Thu 25th Dec 2014Real life couple: Yara & Ian (Video) | Girl-Boy

    Warm semen oozes out between Yara's long labia as she pushes a finger deep inside herself, seeking out the sticky cream pie her boyfriend pushed into her excited vulva. The evidence of their passion dribbles down into the curls of her pubic hair as she moves to snuggle into his waiting arms. 

    "Yara can be pretty wild!" The soft mounds of Yara's breasts are visible downblouse as she tunes her guitar before her skilled fingers dance across the stings. Slipping her hand between her legs, her fingers prove to be just as skilled at other tasks so she is already wet by the time her boyfriend finds her. Squirming with pleasure under Ian's touch, Yara wriggles up so she can kiss him while his hands explore the delightful curves of her round ass by slipping up the bottom of her skirt. Rubbing her breasts over his face, Yara slides up to sit on his outstretched tongue before lying on her back, she welcomes his erection between her bosom, sliding it between the intimate flesh.

  • Merry Christmas!
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    Thu 25th Dec 2014Merry Christmas! | News

    Wonder full models have made our hart's worm this year by sharing their sexy moments with us  <3

  • Video capture of Learn How to Get Women  kissing
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    Wed 24th Dec 2014How can I tell if she just wants to make-out, not have sex? (Video) | AW Education

    AW Ed is a series of videos where we ask 15 to 20 models questions on what it's like to be a young woman in today's society, and edit their responses together, providing an interesting look in to how some ladies think.

    In this edition of AW Ed, we ask how a man can tell if a woman wants to make-out, but maybe not want sex.

    If you have a burning question to be answered, post on the AW Ed question suggestions thread, to be considered for the next round of AW Ed.

  • Image of Nude Girls  small breasts
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    Wed 24th Dec 2014Nude girl: Caisa (Stills) | Solo

    On the top of the table Caisa undresses her petite body, revealing her smooth pale skin and svelte feminine curves.

    Lifting off her top, she exposes her small breasts, her hands running down her body she pulls at the rim of her leggings before slowly rolling them off her legs. Laying with her legs wide apart she presses her fingers against her labia, spreading them wide she opens up her vulva and feels her wetness.

  • Christmas Eve
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    Wed 24th Dec 2014Christmas Eve | News

  • Image of Girls and Their Boys  creampie
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    Tue 23rd Dec 2014Real life couple: Yara & Ian (Stills) | Girl-Boy

    Climbing on top of her boyfriend, Yara takes control! Gripping his hard penis in her hand, she pushes it inside her open, wet vulva.

    Holding each other close they passionately kiss, their eyes locked, suggesting at what they both want. Bending over, Yara pushes her pert bum up as her boyfriend holds onto her soft thighs and starts to lick her labia, moving towards her anus as she gasps. Exploring many positions, they bring each other to an intimate and lustful orgasm.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  squirting orgasm
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    Tue 23rd Dec 2014Video masturbation: Lulu & Maylin | Intimate Moments

    A twitching pile of panting woman lie hugging together on the floor in a pool of Maylin's orgasm, which squirted all over the floor when she came. Lulu's hand is still gently rubbing into her own vagina, her body continuing to convulse as waves of pleasure flow through her body. 

    "I love all kinds of boobs!" Lulu shows Maylin her new book and together they study the naked bodies inside. As they turn their eyes to each other they begin to undress, Lulu wiggling her bottom out of her tight jean shorts, her long transparent t-shirt revealing the strawberry knickers hugging to the cheek of her round bottom. Bending over the sofa they compare bottoms, lightly spanking each other till they are hot and excited. Maylin reaches across and pulls at the string of Lulu's knickers, the half fallen material revealing the dark pubic hair beneath. Hugging tightly they masturbate, each reaching across to squeeze their partner's breast, Maylin's puffy nipples standing tall off her quivering chest.

  • 2014 In Review: March 2014
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    Tue 23rd Dec 20142014 In Review: March 2014 | News

    March gave us a chance to celebrate several of our models with Asian heritage!

    Janee made a surprise return after four years and as well as a naughty outdoor solo, she also hooked up with European girl girl legend Lulu!

    Twyla teamed up with Adelle for a very intimate moment and  we met Maylin for the very first time and were dazzled by her intimate squirting powers! 

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