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    Fri 24th May 2013Nude girl Sofia M (Stills) | Solo

    Pushing her finger past her pubic hair and into her anus Sofia exhales with pleasure.

    On her side Sofia exposes all of her pale nude body, reaching over with her hands she pulls at her round bum, feeling her soft labia with her other hand she inserts a finger inside herself. The shoot is also beautifully punctuated with a pee stop.

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    Wed 22nd May 2013Nude girl Sofia M (Video) | Solo

    Sofia's fingers stroke down soft pubic hair, each tug pulling on sensitive nerve endings making her vagina ache for more.

    Sitting on the floor Sofia unpacks her suit case telling us about her life. Her fingers tease at her clothing, burrowing into a small hole at the crotch of thread bare jeans. Once naked her fingers explore her openings, the sweet clicking of vaginal moistness the only sound. Face down ass up, fingers pleasuring her vagina, she gives in to anal pleasure as well.

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    Tue 12th Mar 2013Video Masturbation: Lewa & Sofia M | Intimate Moments

    Dark skinned, bubbly Lewa is paired with mature English Sofia M and they have lots to talk about! Relaxed on the sofa hands soon start to stroke the soft bare skin avaliable on their partner and slowly the ladies draw closer.

    Lewa is quick to find an excuse to see Sofia's underwear and is delighted to see the dark pubic hair visible from the sides. Sofia is equally thrilled as she gets Lewa's large breasts out of her bra exclaiming that she has 'never had an orgasm with a girls boob in her hand before!'

    Hands soon start to masturbate to a thrilling climax that see's lots of nipple sucking and the ladies helping each other to orgasm!

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    Sat 08th Dec 2012Video masturbation: Daisey & Sofia M | Intimate Moments

    Curvy, Portuguese Daisey is sat next to cheeky, mature, English Sofia M and they have lots to talk about! So much so that we thought we would film what happened before and after their video as well!

    Having talked about a shared passion for linguistics it's not long before all eyes (and hands) are on Daisey's large breasts. 'Do you hold those with one hand or two' Sofia asks just before Daisey drop her right breast onto her hand with a pleasing smack sound.

    As well as breasts the ladies also discover they each have soft fluffy pubic hair and they have a feel of their partners.

    Having helped each other out of their clothing, stoked their hair and estimated the weight of their breasts it is time! With hands still seeking their partners nipples the ladies lay back, share a look and seek out their orgasms as one.

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    Sun 02nd Dec 2012Video Masturbation: Sofia M | Intimate Moments

    Standing in the kitchen we join slender, Mature, English Sofia M as she waits for her lunch to cook. In these busy times it is increasingly difficult to find time for ones self but being a modern woman of the world, Sofia shows us how we can have it all!

    Her dinner is not the only thing heating up in the kitchen, as she makes the most of the other wise wasted time. Her hands soon work their way into her top and find her small breasts, her fingers seeking out her hard nipples. Sitting on the side she starts to rub her hairy pussy through her trousers, letting her body warm up slowly. Needing more room she slowly peels off her trousers and slides her pants to the side, so she has room to pleasure her clitoris properly.

    Naked on the kitchen top, her breath starts to quicken, as she nears her orgasm...

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    Wed 03rd Oct 2012Nude girl Sofia M (Video) | Solo

    Mature, English woman Sofia M is here to show that she is in her prime! With a knowing smile and a sophisticated dress Sofia sits in a chair ready for her first abbywinters solo. You can hear the initial shyness in her voice as she tells us about her current home base of Scotland and her love of history.

    As her hands tease at her clothing and finally pull down the zip of the dress, you can see her body relax. Her hands find her small, still pert boobs and the look in her eyes as she plays with them is that of a woman who has learned what her body enjoys. Forgetting her camera shyness, she looks into the camera and savours the sensation of her hands running over her body, stroking her pubic hair and finally disappearing inside her.

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    Mon 01st Oct 2012Nude girl Sofia M (Stills) | Solo

    Gorgeous new mature model Sofia shows off her youthful body, seductive British smile and full bush as she undresses for her debut shoot.

    A stunningly simple shoot which focuses solely on Sofia's great body and personality, she even treats us to a little pee and some great teasing anal insertion!

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